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Chakravyuh orientation quiz prelims slides
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Chakravyuh orientation quiz prelims slides


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  • 1. Chakravyuh
    The exclusive quiz for first years
  • 2. Rules
    • 25Questions
    • 3. 9 - Questions serve as in Built Tie Breaker...
    • 4. There are no negatives feel free to answer all questions !
    • 5. Switch off your Mobiles  - Not even Silent Mode ..
    • Copy or Malpractice if any found by the organisers shall lead to disqualification of the person from the Event and the person that is showing the answers will also be disqualified
    • 6. Quiz Master's Decision is Final and all teams should abide by it...
                  *************** Good Luck **************
                      Give Some Work to your Brains :)
  • 7. Precautions
    Number the questions from 0.) to 29.)
    Make sure you number them all properly !
  • 8. The quiz
  • 9. 0.) Connect these two hospitals
  • 10. 1.) id this eminent person in the world of business
  • 11. 2.) who the X is ?
    X was born under the name Agnes Gonxha
    X was a Catholic nun of Albanian ethnicity and has an Indian citizenship
    X founded the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India in 1950.
    For over 45 years X did great service to the society.
    Following X’s death , X was beatified by Pope John Paul II
    Who is the X ?
  • 12. 3.)
    With which American party does BahujanSamaj Party share its election Symbol ?
  • 13. 4.) who’s on the right ?
  • 14. 5.) Name it !
    Vayu wanted to blow away Mt. Meru.
    However, Garuda guarded Mt. Meru.
    Once whilst Garuda was away, Vayu blew away the top of Mt. Meru, which became a land mass / geographical entity.
    Name the land mass.
  • 15. 6.) which company ad was this ?
    Clue : company in news and ceo who’s resignation caused such a sorrow to the world !
  • 16. 7.) Name ??
    This soft drink was first introduced by Charles C Grigg in Oct 1929.
    It was originally called Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda.
    How is it known now/today ??
  • 17. 8.)
    X (born July 9, 1930) is an Indian film director, screenwriter and producer.
    X is known for his distinct film-making style
    X owns a production house called Kavithalya
    X recently got a prestigious national award for his contribution to the cine industry so far
    Some of his hits are Major Chandrakanth, Server Sundaram,Neerkumizhi, Mezhuguvarthi, Naanal and Navagraham.
  • 18. 9.)
    How do we know " Montague " & " Capulet " better as ….
  • 19. 10.)
    Charlie Chaplin belonged to the great era of silent movies.
    In which movie did he speak for the first time .. ????
    Clue : hitler !
  • 20. 11.)
    #-This term was first used in speech in 1873. It was first used in print in 1876, in Putnam's Magazine.
    #-One of the earliest books to use the word was The Home and Farm Manual, written by Jonathan Periam in 1883. In that work, Periam used the term several times to denote an ill-bred and ignorant, but ostentatious, man from the city. 
    #-The term is generally used to denote an individual, typically male, particularly somebody well dressed or who has never lived outside a big city.Which term..??
  • 21. 12.) id this young girl in picture
  • 22. 13.)
    In 1958, Dan Carney & Frank Carey of Wichita, Kansas did something To pay for their college fees.
    Clue : some thing that resembles the game of pacman !
  • 23. 14.) movie pls ..
  • 24. 15.) what is this breed of dog known as ?
  • 25. 16.) Find X
    X is a multi-purpose sail boat with a motor that is used in the Maldives.
    It is handcrafted and its use within the multi-island nation has been very important. A X resembles a dhow, a traditional Arab sailing vessel
    ID X
    Clue : name is very famous in the world of indian cricket !
  • 26. 17.) what occasions where these doodles realear ?
  • 27. 18.) for what was this amul ad released ?
  • 28. 19.) for what again ?
  • 29. 20.) what is this landmark called as ?
  • 30. 21.) which movie this dialogue comes ??
  • 31. 22.) which movie is it ?
  • 32. 23.) find the movie ?
  • 33. 24.) movie again !!