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Animal Mating
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Animal Mating


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Published in: Education

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  • 2.  
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  • 4.
    • Males produce sperm
    • Females produce eggs
    • Most reproduce sexually
    • Some asexual- growth and development occurs in unfertilized eggs
    • Some alternate between sexual and asexual
    • Find mates by:
    • pheromones
    • same food source
    • sound
    • flashing lights and colors
  • 5.
    • Queen and Prince both have wings
    • Fly up to 100 feet in the air to mate
    • When done- male wings fall off and it dies
    • Queen lays eggs for up to 15 years from one sexual encounter
  • 6.
    • Males mate with orchids
    • Orchids send out scents that mimic
    • female wasp scents
    • Young males cannot distinguish between
    • female wasps and orchids
    • Females can produce asexually
  • 7.
    • Males do not like ‘vagina’
    • Penetrate through female’s
    • abdomen
    • Semen fertilizes eggs through
    • the blood stream
    • Female adaptation- spongy layer
    • on abdomen to cushion
    • painful penetration
    • Males penetrate abdomens of other
    • males
  • 8.
    • During mating, male genitalia explodes inside the Queen
    • Becomes ‘plug’ to block
    • out other male sperm
  • 9. Domestic Animals Exotic Animals
    • Dogs
    • Cats
    • Hamsters
    • Bonobo Monkeys
    • Frigate birds
    • Hyenas
    • Giraffes
  • 10.
    • Female in heat sends out scent/emits chemical
    • Male dogs recognize scent as far as 3 miles away
    • Male ‘receives’ message & becomes sexually aroused
    • Male can get stressed/ aggressive after smelling scent
    • If male cannot seek out female, stress may make him howl and bark all night
  • 11.
    • Female kitten becomes queen (mature enough to mate) around 6 months old
    • When old enough to mate, she goes into heat – lasts between 3 days and 2 weeks
    • All they want to do is mate!
    • When queen rubs on furniture, becomes restless, and moans a lot the male will pick up on her cues
    • Male cat has barbed penis that stimulates ovulation
  • 12.
    • Solitary animals- can be difficult to breed
    • Male and female placed in cage together sniff one another
    • Female will not accept male right away
    • May take several introductions before mating begins
    • When female is ready, a white discharge comes out of her vulva
    • Discharge lets male know she is ready
  • 13.
    • Whole society revolves around sex
    • Use sex for greeting, solving disputes,
    • making up for fights, and favors for exchanging food
    • Tongue kiss, engage in oral sex, mutual
      • masturbation, and have face-to-face sex
    • “ Penis-fencing” ritual- two males hang from tree and rub erect penises together
    • Can have sex dozens times a day
  • 14.
    • Male has red throat sac he puffs up with hard work
    • 20 minutes to inflate red, heart- shaped sac
    • With sac inflated, male waggles head side to side, shakes wings, and calls female
    • Female mates with male with biggest and shiniest red balloon sac
    • During sex male bird covers female’s eyes with his wing so she is not distracted by other males
  • 15.
    • Female hyenas are bigger stronger, and more aggressive than males
    • Females even have balls (Really)
    • A female hyena has a pseudopenis which is pretty much an enlarged clitoris. The girls can erect it at will
    • The meeker (male) has to insert his penis into her pseudopenis. That’s difficult for the males but nothing compares to the female giving to give birth through the pseudopenis.
  • 16.
    • Mating hard work for males
    • Perform “fleshman” sequence to see if female is in estrus
    • First, he nudges her rump to induce urination
    • Then he tastes the urine, if it tastes good, he begins courting her
    • “ Courting” too strong of a word- he follows her around until she gives in
  • 18. Photos of a Killer Whale penis Blue Whale penis = 8 feet long! Testicles weigh ½ ton!
    • Accurate measurements difficult to get
    • Measurements can only be taken during mating
  • 19.
    • Retractable penis
    • Prehensile penis = grabs onto things; like a monkey tail holding onto a branch
    • Only animal reported to have raped
    • a human
  • 20.
    • Penis is 17 inches long
    • Except ostrich, most birds have no penis (only 3% of bird species have a penis)
    • Flaccid penis is coiled up; fully erect is twice as long as the bird
    • Promiscuous species
    • Biologists believe remarkable penis size evolved from competitive pressure
    • Penis scrapes out sperm from other birds- similar to a bottle brush
  • 21.
    • Like many marsupials, they have a forked penis
    • Scrotum and testes are in the front
    • Matches the dual vagina/uteri of females
    4-headed Echidna penis
  • 22.
    • Can use penis with no physical contact with a female
    • Penis = tentacle called hectocotylus
    • Detaches and swims to mate
    • Embeds into female and impregnates her
  • 23. Raccoon Penis Bone Dog Baculum Walrus Baculum Fossil 22 inches long
    • Most animals have a penis bone
    • Baculum = name for penis bone
    • Primates have one even though humans do not
    • Humans, dolphins, whales, equids (horse family), marsupials, lagomorphs (rabbits and hares), and hyenas have no baculum
  • 24. Lions Geese Porcupines
  • 25.
    • Rubbing and presenting leads to copulation
    • During sex, male bites female’s neck
    • Before and after ejaculation, male roars loudly
    • Mating lasts 4 days
    • Copulation last 30-70 seconds and repeated every 25 minutes
  • 26.
    • Homosexual and bisexual behaviors common in animal world
    • Often male geese mate with other males = no impregnation
    • Female slips between males, gets fertilized, and flies off
    • All 3 will take care of goslings
  • 27.
    • Females rub genitals on things to stimulate themselves
    • When female is ready, both male and female stand up straight
    • Male squirts urine on female