Second Life for business, part 1


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Presentation for the City of Littleton, Colorado, on using Second Life and virtual worlds for business, September 2008

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Second Life for business, part 1

  1. 1. City of Littleton 17 September 2008 Scott Brown
  2. 2. Agenda  Introduction, agenda review  Overview of BIS services  Overview of Second Life  Sun Microsystems background and involvement in Second Life  Break  Tour of Sun spaces  Considerations and barriers  Wrap-up and planning for next time
  3. 3. Why virtual worlds?  Long-standing interest  Interactive, social environment  “Next web”?  New and emerging technologies
  4. 4. What is Second Life?  Internet-based 3D virtual environment created by Linden Labs  Users have avatars (called “Residents” within the universe) and can explore, learn, socialize, conduct business, participate in individual and group activities  Linden Labs only provides the infrastructure; the entire contents are created and owned by its residents  Second Life is not a game
  5. 5. How did Sun get here?  Unique corporate characteristics  Executive leadership and mandate
  6. 6. Why virtual worlds for Sun?  Virtual worlds hold great potential  Education, collaboration, eco-responsibility, global reach  These environments are:  Non- threatening  Great ways to enhance and encourage knowledge sharing  Very dynamic and engaging  Sun customers, partners and those interested in Sun are in-world looking for Sun  People are here – it's a high-touch environment  Conversations are more open and honest  Community develops at a more rapid rate
  7. 7. How is Sun currently using Second Life?  Create awareness of our products and solutions  Creation of communities  Leverage ongoing marketing activities  Experimenting with limited in-world support  Sun Museum – showcase Sun's history  Employee usage
  8. 8. Sun Open House in Second Life • Over 600 new Sun employee avatars added •14 Sun executives participated • Several hundred participants in Second Life during the course of the Open House • Over 1700 webstream viewers • Participation from over 40 countries
  9. 9. Pilot for New Hire  Sun Learning Services partnered with internal sales team and HR  Intern New Hire activities in Second Life  Introduce them to Sun in SL  Enable them to learn about Sun as a company  Create a community space for them  Learning games  Bots to help with FAQs  Quest to help learn about Sun as a company – Sun Mission books and team oriented  Phrase Invaders  Interaction and learning
  10. 10. What’s coming?  Second Life and Wonderland learning activities  In-world pre & post sales support  New solutions area and vertical markets area  More events and opportunities for collaboration and communications  More in-world “chats”
  11. 11. Sun’s SL mission statement
  12. 12. Sun conduct guidelines  Be aware of those around you in the Sun areas – they could be customers and prospects  Remain active if you're in the Sun areas  Remember to set your avatar to Busy or Away when you're busy or away (under World menu)  Practice flying in the Sandbox area  Move away from Sun areas to change clothes/appearance  If you're new, before teleporting to the main Sun space, IM the Sun Employee group to see if someone can meet you  Use the Sun mentors in Second Life for help: simply send an IM to the Sun employee group and someone will respond
  13. 13. Break
  14. 14. Tour of Sun spaces
  15. 15. Sun employee areas
  16. 16. How does Second Life work?  Download Second Life's software package onto your computer  Currently clients for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux & Solaris x86  Launch SL software and log in there – not on  Must have a broadband Internet connection of some sort  Cable, DSL, etc. - Dialup will not work  Must have a fairly powerful computer and connection  Windows XP 2000, XP, or Vista  800MHz Pentium III or Athlon, or better; 256MB memory or better; nVidia GeForce 2, GeForce 4mx, or better video card ATI Radeon 8500, 9250, or better  For Mac, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or better; 1 GHz G4 or better; 512MB memory or better  Linux system requirements also available on Second Life site  These are MINIMUM requirements; RECOMMEND even more power than this  See for full requirements
  17. 17. Once you’re in…  Communicate by instant messaging  Voice available, but you need headset for this  Move through Second Life by using your arrow keys, flying and teleporting to different locations
  18. 18. Benefits: discussion  Global audience  Eco-responsible alternative  Leading edge  Serendipity  Others?
  19. 19. Considerations: discussion  Technology barriers  Time commitments and constraints  Shift in thinking about virtual worlds  What kind of space(s) do you want?  Shift and evolution of virtual worlds  Others?
  20. 20. Learnings  Think differently about learning, training, connecting in Second Life – it’s a virtual tool, but not simply a replication of a physical space  Events are a great entry point into Second Life  The technology is still evolving  Effective participation requires a committed team effort
  21. 21. Getting ready to meet in-world  Create your avatar   Launch SL software and log in there – not on  Send me your avatar name:  Get in-world and play around – a lot  Second Life takes getting used to - learn how to move, fly, teleport
  22. 22. Gov 2.0 event in Second Life   Gov 2.0 and Beyond: 19 September 2009 8am - 11:45am ET (6am - 9:45am Mountain)  IRMC Government Center (in Second Life)  Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds website (w/Quicktime streaming video)  IRM College website Government 2.0 page
  23. 23. What’s next?
  24. 24. Resources: Sun and other companies in SL  Virtual Worlds at Sun blog   Search for Sun Microsystems and other companies in SL Search > Places and visit  Cisco Virtual Worlds blog 
  25. 25. Resources: Islands in SL  Real Life Government/Examples in SL   Alliance Virtual Library: Info Island   Sun Microsystems Main Pavilion  8/80/71/
  26. 26. Resources: Groups, listservs, newsletters, etc.  Virtual Worlds News   Clever Zebra: events, news, etc.   Google Groups: Real Life Government in Second Life   Virtual Worlds BusinessCast 
  27. 27. Resources: Groups, listservs, newsletters, etc.  Caleb Booker’s blog    Also, search for “small business” in Second Life
  28. 28. Resources: Second Life  System requirements   Build your own SLURL 
  29. 29. IBM
  30. 30. Cisco
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