Using Your Blog to Build Links Through Interviews


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Using Your Blog to Build Links Through Interviews

  1. 1. Using Your Blog to Build Links Through Interviews By Cody Barrus
  2. 2. We Will CoverWhat your blog needs to be effectiveHow to find quality websites to build linksCollecting emails and infoUsing interviews to reach out, create a rela-tionship and solicit a linkFollowing Through
  3. 3. Long-term goalsBuild a strong backlink profileImprove SERP resultsRaise Page RankCreate engaging and quality contentIncrease referral traffic
  4. 4. Before you beginIn order to use your blog to build links, yourblog will need to already have quality blogposts5-10 posts minimumThe reason: Nobody wants to link to an ugly,unprofessional, spammy or empty website
  5. 5. Tools you will needDownload and install - Google Chrome: Install these Google Chrome extensions SEO Site Tools Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar
  6. 6. Finding A SiteThere are many ways to search for qualitysites to reach out to. One useful method is ablog search in Google. Simply search for“blog:search term”For example: Blog:self defense Blog:fashion Blog:school issues
  7. 7. Blog Search Example
  8. 8. Heres the blogFirst lets ask, “Will it make a good link?”Read content to make sure the posts are relevant to your niche and good quality
  9. 9. Lets Check Our ToolsCheck the page rank (PR)The higher the PR, the better the linkOnly reach out to sites with a PR of 2 or more
  10. 10. Make Sure the Site is ReputableYou can do this by checking the blogs backlinks using the Alexa ToolbarMake sure they are linked to by good sources
  11. 11. This is a good sourceWeve checked on this site, and it will make a good link. It has a PR 3 and doesnt look like it has suspicious back links.Now its time to gather the bloggers email and store it in a spread sheet.Emails are sometimes hard to find. Look in About and Contact pages.If you cant find an email, check what social networks they use and copy a link to their profile into the spread sheet instead.
  12. 12. Example spread sheetCollect between 15-20+ for each link building campaign
  13. 13. Send an Interview ProposalWe are going to ask each blog if we can interview them via emailPeople love to talk about themselves so the response rate is very high for interviewsPeople who are interviewed usually link back to the interview without even needing to be reminded
  14. 14. An example interview proposalEmail is short and directMentions them by name and mentions their nicheGives a link to an example blog post or interview
  15. 15. Their Response
  16. 16. The InterviewNow its time to write a 5 question interviewLook at their site and ask thoughtful questions which they will be interested in answeringAlso make sure the questions will create good contentRemember, they still may not respond if they think you are trying to use them or take advantageWe are constantly building a relationship
  17. 17. Example Interview
  18. 18. The Follow ThroughAfter they respond with their answers, simply copy and paste them into a blog post in a Q&A format.Q: Tell me about yourself. A: Well, my name is Alice and I am an artist...Or be as creative as you would like to be.Make sure to add a link to their website at the bottom of the article
  19. 19. After you post the interviewFollow up with another email mentioning that the post is upGive them the linkLet them know, “I would appreciate it if you could share a link to this interview on your blog and social networks.”Remember to thank them
  20. 20. RulesSend out Interview Proposal emails in bulk to manage timeDo not post interviews back to back on your site, instead keep them spread out between regular blog postsAfter the interview process, keep their email. A relationship has been created, if you have something you would like the world to know about, email past interviewees
  21. 21. Win WinWhile what you are doing is building links and promoting your online business, you are also promoting the people you are interviewingThis is good for everyone involved, as long as the work you do is well done
  22. 22. Good LuckSlide show by Cody Barrus –