Advanced Link Building Part 1


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Advanced Link Building Part 1

  1. 1. Preparation for Reaching Out Advanced Link Building: Part 1 By Cody Barrus
  2. 2. Pre-Linkbuilding Techniques Using: Social Networks Comments Email
  3. 3. Long-term Goals● Use your social platform to build relationships with quality sites● Use blog comments to encourage future link building● Improve your link building rate of success
  4. 4. Building The Relationship ● While relationship building is not always necessary to build a link, it is an option that should always be considered ● It will build trust with other sites ● It will build a network of professionals and bloggers around your website
  5. 5. Social Networks
  6. 6. Your Social Networks Create● Constant stream of contact with customers● Encouragement for repeat business● A platform for reaching out to other sites
  7. 7. Who Should I Use This Technique With?● Webmasters who have very active social accounts – They post around 5 or more times a day – They respond to other users posts or tweets● Always reach out on the network they use most
  8. 8. Finding a Webmaster on Social● When looking at sites to build relationships with keep an eye out for these symbols● These will point you to a websites social accounts
  9. 9. What to do?● Twitter: – Follow them – Re-tweet interesting posts – Send one or two @ messages● Facebook & Google+: – Friend them – Comment on their posts – Share their posts – Post on their wall
  10. 10. Be Patient● Wait at least a week before you reach out to build a link● Reach out using email or a privet message● If they dont respond: – Continue to be active – Wait two or three weeks – Reach out again using email
  11. 11. Rules● Never keep an empty social account
  12. 12. Be Consistent● You dont need to post, tweet or message frequently but you do need to consistently● Set aside at least 15 min, 2-3 times per week for social networking
  13. 13. Respond● When someone messages you always respond
  14. 14. Why Update Social Networks● Evidence of active presence online● No updates says, “I dont care”● Without consistent updates, reaching will appear to be spamIf you dont how to use your social network schedule a 30 min trainingappointment with your social tech
  15. 15. Comments
  16. 16. Building a Relationship● An alternative approach to using social media● Commenting is simple and effective
  17. 17. Who Should I Use This Technique With?● Bloggers who write quality content● Bloggers who dont actively use social media● Bloggers who dont post contact info
  18. 18. How to Comment● Always comment on the topic they have written● Share your opinion or your point of view● Never put a link inside a comment● Dont ask for anything with these comments – Except as a last resort when no contact info or social network is available.
  19. 19. Your Goal ● Make them aware of you as a reader first and a website owner second
  20. 20. Reaching Out● After posting 3-5 relevant comments to their blog over the course of 2+ weeks its time to reach out● Send them the link building email using one of the tactics discussed in future parts of this series
  21. 21. The Email
  22. 22. Keep is Short, Simple and to the Point
  23. 23. Whichever Method You Choose, ItAll Comes Down to Communication● When reaching for the final link building email, be clear and direct● Dont try to cloak the fact that you are building links, instead make it look mutually beneficial● You dont need to “sell” them on the link
  24. 24. Which Method Should You Use?● All these different forms of contact are at your disposal● Its up to you to figure out the best tactic when reaching out● If they have a nice contact page use email● If they have active social networks use those● If they interact with their commenters then leave comments
  25. 25. Gook Luck● Slide show by Cody Barrus- ●