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  • Grant Wallace –Trevor Goodyear –Mitch Miller –Paul Walker –
  • The 2010’s will see a major rise of smartphones; users are flocking to Android and iPhone systemsCurrent adopters are excited about newest and best apps featured in store or suggested by friendsMany of the most popular apps are camera-based like Fat Booth, 360 Camera, etcNot only do people like to share with friends, but people like to share with the world of users based on topic(s) of interest.People love feedback on their ideas, experiences, and situations from people they do not even know personally.Mobile phones allow people to take photos and upload to the internet, but “Reel” allows the user to get comments, up/down votes, and feedback on these photo submissions.
  • Reddit.com exists on the web for text, photo, or link submissions; creating revenue from advertising and amazon affiliate systemPhoto sharing utilities exist for web and mobile; like flickr, monetizing from advertisingThere is no app for mobile smart phones that “anonymous” users can participate in sharing and commenting on mobile photo and text submissions
  • 1st Gen: All submissions are entered into the “Global Reel”2nd Gen: Submissions are entered into “Global Reel” and “Sub-Reels”Core Monetization: Partner with online stores based on popular “Sub-Reels” and get paid commission based on sales to our customers.


  • 1. REEL
    Real-time mobile photo community
  • 2. The “Reel” Team
  • 3. Problem and Definition
    • Problem:
    • 4. Difficult to share and participate in a global community with mobile
    • 5. Solution:
    • 6. Broadcast mobile photos to a global community of like-minded people
  • Our Solution from 5,000 Feet
    Innovate Mobile Technology and Web Experience
    Create a reddit-styled mobile app that engages users into relevant conversations
    Grow user identity and brand awareness
    Grow submission pool and pair content with affiliate systems and other revenue streams
    Offer in-content advertising into the Reel
  • 7. Monetization
    • Sponsored Links (Advertisers)
    • 8. Affiliate Programs (Amazon)
    • 9. Official Merchandise
  • 10. Featured Comparison
  • 11. Progress to Date
    August 2011- Project Conceived
    Developers recruited by Grant
    September 2011- Development
    Android prototype started
    Website started
  • 12. Market Size
    Smartphones – 2010’s Rapid Adoption
    Instagram – 5 Million downloads in 8 months
    Twitter – Reel x-post to Twitter and others
    Reddit – Growing community, similar space
  • 13. Initial Financial Projections
    Users joined by 2013:
    • 10 Million Users
    Revenue for 2012:
    • Advertisers -$175,000
    • 14. Affiliate Commissions - $75,000
    • 15. Merch Sales: $100,000
    • 16. Subscriptions: $450,000
    • 17. Total: $800,000
  • Funding Needs for Launch
    Salaries - $90,000
    Startup Costs - $10,000
    Advertising and Promotion - $25,000
    Operating Costs - $10,000
    Travel and Entertainment - $5,000
    Unforeseen - $10,000
    May 2012
  • 18. Potential Exits
    Publishing Network
  • 19. Appendix 1: Expansion Plans
  • 20. Appendix 2: Global Reel Mockup
  • 21. Appendix 3: Technology
    Mobile app with built in camera
    User-content paired with amazon links
    Sub-reel community structure
    Mobile Photo Search Engine
  • 22. Appendix 4: Sub-Reel Technology
    Sub-Reel Finder
    Sub-Reel Viewer