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Twitter Chat presentation made on February 16, 2012 #Eavenar Webinar. The event was hosted by Michael Todd 9@mqtodd). The presentation focused on the benefits of twitter chats the the various roles used (Guest, Participant, Host)

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Steve Cassady twitter chats presentation

  1. 1. Twitter Chat SessionsYour Personal Learning CenterPresented by @SteveCassady
  2. 2. Twitter Chat Basics• What is a Twitter Chat• Why Participate• How do I find one• How does it work• Participant, Moderator, & Guest Tips• Tools and Resources Presented by @SteveCassady 2
  3. 3. What Is A Twitter Chat?• Tweet chats are simply a way to get people together at a determined time to talk about a pre-determined subject via Twitter.• They are organized around a Hash tag #• There are also a few 24 x 7 chat streams like #USGUYS and #SMGirlfriends• Tweet Chats do become trending topics on Twitter
  4. 4. Why Participate in a Twitter Chat?• Building community,• Making new friends,• Learning from others• Discussing interesting topics• Personal Branding• Get more engaged followers and visits to your blog
  5. 5. How Do I Find a Twitter Chat?• Watch your Stream• Google Spreadsheet Document on Internet.••• There are several other sites under development to provide Host and Participant Tools for chats
  6. 6. How Does a Twitter Chat Work• Pre-Determined Time and Length• Moderator Sets Agenda and Guides Discussion• Community Leaders• Content – Topical, Technology, Platform, Segment, etc.• Format: May be fixed or varies – Q&A, Free Flow, Guest Q&A• Guests: Industry Leaders, Community Members, Emerging Companies, etc.• Conversation: Lots of tweets
  7. 7. Participant Tips• Don’t be afraid to luck, but join as soon as comfortable• Ask questions if confused, community well help• Connect with moderator before or after chat• Respect the community. – Don’t spam your links. – Stay on topic – Follow Structure• Follow-up with others after the chat• Learn some of the tools• Use the Hash tag
  8. 8. Moderator Tips• Select Theme/Topic of chat• Select Time and be aware of conflicts.• Coordinate with similar community of chats; i.e. Tuesday Trilogy• What is your format? Some stick to same format while others vary and test. Formal Q1/A1• Communicate Structure• Promote Chat and use other platforms besides twitter• Have an Agenda• Have a Plan that spans multiple weeks
  9. 9. More Moderator Tips• Know your community• Enlist Helpers• Be Flexible• Have a Plan for Side Trackers• Have a back-up moderator• Welcome Newbies• Build Community Outside of the chat• Invite Guests• Measure and Track
  10. 10. Being a Great Guest Tips• Lurk First in prior chat• Set Goals with Moderator, understand community, and confirm format• Prepare and Coordinate question and answer list in advance. Use it to Shine• Plan Answers so they are easily retweetable• Provide your Links to the moderator in advance• Leverage Pre and Post community and encourage other platform connections
  11. 11. What Tools Are Available?• hash tag Search•••• Use a Twitter applications like Tweetdeck, HootSuite, MarketMeSuite, SocialBro, etc. and Set up Hash tag column• Many tools have nice chat features: – Pause – Reply, Reply All, ReTweet, Favorite, Autohashtag, Block• for after chat analytics and transcript• for Branding and adding life to your Tweets
  12. 12. Sample Page of Tweetchat
  13. 13. Other Resources to Note• for after chat analytics and transcript• for Branding your Tweets• @MQtodd and @PamMktgNut have blog posts on Twitter Chats• @PamMktgNut has a demo video on how to do a chat session using Tweetchat