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Outsource Solutions

  1. 1. Outsource Solutions Maximum Return. Minimal Capital Investment. Talent + Technology
  2. 2. Using flexible Outsource Solutions from C.H. Robinson, you can: • Maintain strategic control of your supply chain • Reduce transportation spend • Elevate service levels • Drive efficiency and productivity gains • Measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Outsource Solutions A key investment is trust Wipe away everything you know about outsourcing, because our portfolio of Outsource Solutions is entirely different. For starters, you’ll get return with little to no capital investment. We’ll dedicate experienced transportation experts to your transportation network and apply our consulting services to solve your most difficult challenges. We’ll perform as an extension of your staff, always be on call, and/or will even work onsite for you. There are many flexible options. It’s your choice. Trust us to do the heavy lifting in your freight network and we’ll deliver the savings you want. C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. | Outsource Solutions
  3. 3. Savings are just the beginning Reduce cost, while Profit from our experience We’ll coordinate the day-to-day maintaining strategic control Many people think about outsourcing execution of your transportation Many shippers have passed on the as a subtractive strategy. Jobs or network directed at delivering idea of outsourcing because they manufacturing lines often go outside immediate cost reductions. But that’s don’t feel confident in relinquishing company walls, or even overseas, in just the beginning. We’ll leverage control of their freight network. many cases. Our collaborative model our consulting strategies and tools Maintaining strategic control of adds expertise, technology, and to drive optimization and execute the your freight network is critical. Your best practices to your organization. tactical functions of your program. strategy drives everything we do— You maintain strategic control, reduce As a result, costs will fall and service and the technology we deploy can costs, improve service levels—and levels will rise. We’re confident we give you real-time access to the help your organization develop can deliver great results. We do status of your shipments and stronger and deeper institutional it every day for organizations like the overall performance of your knowledge about transportation yours worldwide. freight network. management. C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. | Outsource Solutions
  4. 4. Highly adaptive solutions We accommodate you, A community of innovation not vice versa We collaborate with you continually We give you the power to choose. to improve your freight network. Our No matter which part of your freight industry symposiums identify new network you want to outsource, we ideas, processes, and best practices offer a solution to match. Want to that we will share to help move your drive down outbound costs? Uncover strategic goals forward. We act hidden savings in your inbound as a training resource as we work network? Integrate an acquired with your team on real projects. We company? Whatever the need, you become your co-branded solution, will find a configurable match in our where we act as your transportation Outsource Solutions portfolio. department. Working together, we’ll raise customer satisfaction levels and bring ongoing improvement to your organization. C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. | Outsource Solutions
  5. 5. Our Outsource Solutions—refined and proven in hundreds of customer engagements worldwide—are highly adaptable. We configure them to meet your needs, strategies, and preferences. 10 characteristics of our Outsource Solutions 01. You can include inbound and/or 06. You can choose a co-branded Single Lead outbound freight coordination in Managed where we act as Inbound solution, your Source Logistics TMS™ Logistics any program. transportation department. 02. You receive fast implementation 07. We communicate the of our transportation management implementation plan to all affected system (TMS)—at low to groups within your organization Single Lead Managed no capital investment—and Inbound your company through and guide Source Logistics TMS™ complete visibility into your global Logistics change. operations. 08. We serve your operation in North 03. We execute the tactical functions America and Europe. of your program with onsite or 09. You improve company stability and Lead Managed Inbound dedicated power users who can obtain better cost control through Logistics TMS™ Logistics make the technology perform at our scalability, information, and its best. business process improvements. 04. We provide unbiased equipment 10. You achieve short- and long- selection, based on your term savings and a stronger requirements and carrier choices. supply chain. Managed Inbound TMS™ Logistics 05. You leverage our industry expertise to solve intractable or time-consuming problems. « Find out which program is right for you Single Lead Managed Inbound Source Logistics TMS™ Logistics
  6. 6. Single Source Lead Logistics Managed TMS™ Outsource specific functions, facilities, You configure your own program, You outsource to optimize all or modes, or select a complete choosing a combination of features aspects of your freight network so transportation outsource. With this from our Single Source and Managed they align with your performance program, you will receive information to TMS™ (see next column) solutions. objectives. You retain control of support your business information and With this program, you can outsource carrier relationships and price control requirements. selected portions of your transportation negotiations. With this program, you network, including operations, and add can save money, improve service Single SingleSingle Payment is built into the freight Lead Lead Lead logistics expertise to your in-house Managed Managed Inboun Managed levels, achieve a smaller carbon Inb Source Source services provided. Source Logistics Logistics Logistics capabilities. You can also leverage TMSTMS TMSa far more Logisti ™ ™ footprint, and obtain ™ Lo We will: our Consulting Services to review, efficient supply chain. • Maintain carrier contracts, negotiate analyze, and re-engineer transportation In most cases, this is a pay-as-you- rates, procure capacity, and monitor processes that need improvement. go, fee-based plan. carrier performance This is a blend of freight service • Provide transportation at one or more We will: payment with a pay-as-you-go plan. facilities—ideal if you’re looking for • Provide complete visibility to your cost reductions We will: underlying carriers and associated • Facilitate one or more freight services • Leverage your carriers and our own costs, based on your routing guide from our comprehensive menu contract carrier network—the largest • Optimize your network to align of services such network in North America—to with your performance metrics • Coordinate transportation at your optimize value and service levels in • Collaborate to develop a contract manufacturing/distribution your freight network. flexible solution that aligns with facilities for cost savings, service • Develop a configurable, scalable your strategies and desired improvements, and the generation of program that matches your performance results highly valuable business intelligence fluctuating capacity requirements • Supply the knowledge and • Communicate with you continually skill of our Six Sigma Belts on your goals, deliver new ideas for and Lean methodologies for a savings, measure performance, and climate of non-stop performance document savings improvement • Offer a fixed price per lane for a period • Offer world class business of time to establish a baseline for intelligence tools documenting your savings • Provide payment to contract carriers, administer claims, and invest in technology Single SingleSingle LeadLead Lead Managed Managed Managed Inboun Inb Source Source Source Logistics Logistics Logistics TMSTMS™ TMS™ ™ Logisti Lo
  7. 7. Inbound Logistics Outsource the inbound transportation of products or raw materials into one facility, several facilities, or all your locations. Inbound freight offers as many cost reduction opportunities as outbound transportation. With an inbound program, you can obtain real-time visibility to ed Inbound pending, complete, and shipped orders. You’ll verify Logistics that your shipments are on time and receive advance notice of late shipments for better production planning. Add this program to any other Outsource Choose any of our Outsource Solutions program, or choose it as a Solutions, and you’re on your standalone program. way to immediate and long-term We will: • Work with your vendors, suppliers, savings. You’ll receive a logistics contract manufacturing/distribution facilities (co-packers), and others to solution that enhances the impact uncover new efficiencies • Assist in identifying freight allowances and value of logistics to your and changing sales terms to your business and your customers’ benefit • Identify freight allowances and work experiences. with you and your suppliers to change sales terms—and save you money • Provide exceptionally skilled shipment consolidation and load and mode optimization • Identify opportunities for cost reduction and service level improvements • Provide custom reports for a deeper understanding of supply chain performance ed Inbound Logistics C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. | Outsource Solutions
  8. 8. Our outsourcing is different Continual accountability Our portfolio of Outsource Solutions is built around measurement and accountability and challenging the status quo. At the beginning of the relationship, we collaborate with you to determine which metrics you think are most important. We track those metrics, we drive improvements against them, and we provide you with real-time visibility to them. C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. | Outsource Solutions
  9. 9. Why C.H. Robinson? • Adaptable and flexible suite of solutions • Proven implementation and change management methodology • Talented and skilled account managers • Best practices and continuous improvement strategies • Outputs of a superior transportation management system Staff development Immediate and Local and global strength opportunities long-term results Choose our Outsource Solutions Choosing us as your outsource You’re under pressure to deliver and we’ll become intimately familiar provider helps your staff in two immediate cost savings even as you with what makes your local and important ways. First, we handle the continually enhance your company’s regional transportation networks labor-intensive tasks in your freight supply chain competitiveness. We successful. And, if you ship globally network, which frees them for more understand those needs—and we now or if you need to do so in the strategic assignments. Second, the know precisely how to deliver. We future, you will be able to draw exposure they get to best practices bring the expertise and technology seamlessly on our international and new TMS technology will elevate you need to drive sustained savings expertise and unmatched global their skill sets and prepare them to and progressively stronger service transportation network. be stronger contributors to your levels, creating a much smarter, more broader supply chain strategies. profitable supply chain. C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. | Outsource Solutions
  10. 10. Single Lead Managed Inbound Source Logistics TMS™ Logistics Single Lead Managed Inbound Source Logistics TMS™ Logistics Lead Managed Inbound Logistics TMS™ Logistics Looking for significant cost reductions in your freight network? Managed Inbound TMS™ Logistics We have the answer. Our portfolio of Outsource Solutions lets you add proven talent and powerful technology to your enterprise—with little to no capital investment. You’ll maintain strategic control Single of your freight network. We’ll adapt an inbound/ Lead Managed Inbound Source Logistics TMS™Logistics, or Managed Logistics outbound Single Source, Lead TMS™ program to your business needs directed at immediate and sustained savings. We’ll also help Single Lead you improve service levelsInbound Managed and provide new business Source Logistics TMS™ Logistics intelligence to energize your broader supply chain. For more information, contact outsource@chrobinson.com, or call 800-323-7587. Lead Managed Inbound Logistics TMS™ Logistics Managed Inbound TMS™ Logistics 14701 Charlson Road, Eden Prairie, MN 55347 | 800.323.7587 | www.chrobinson.com © 2009 C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. All Rights Reserved.