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Don't Be Shy, Give SI a Try
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Don't Be Shy, Give SI a Try

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SI- Supplemental Instruction

SI- Supplemental Instruction

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  • 1. Don’t Be ShyGive SI a Try
    Samantha Carpenter
    CIS 100/ Cullum
  • 2. Let Me Spell it Out
    SI Stands for Supplemental Instruction
    An Academic Assistance Program
  • 3. A Little Background Information Never Hurts
    Developed by Dr. Deanna Martin in1973 at the University of Kansas City.
    Targets traditionally difficult academic subjects. Those with high fail rates and withdrawals.
    Targets historically hard courses rather then high risk students.
    SI starts the first day of class and runs till finals. Offering an out of class, peer facilitated study session.
  • 4. If Your Class Offers it, Get Involved!
    SI participants are proven to earn as much as, but not limited to, a grade point higher. Provided they want it.
    Participants learn valuable study skills they can apply to their current and future classes.
    In a strong encouraging environment students develop a stronger sense of belief that they can do the things they are doubting.
  • 5. A lot of Fun Goes Down in SI!
  • 6. Don’t Just Take My Word, Hear What Others Say
    SI Promotes Team Work.
    SI is a Great Place to Met New Friends.
    SI has Taught me Studying Techniques I’ll be able to Use the Rest of my Life.
  • 7. We Have Fun. An We Get the Problems Solved
  • 8. Maybe You Should Sign Up to be A SI Leader
    SI leaders have already completed the course. They Know what it takes.
    Leaders aren’t tutors, they are peers, who attend classes, and host study sessions.
    Their there to encourage and support their fellow students.
    Their there to say “Yes you can” when they hear “I can’t”.
    SI leaders attend weekly training sessions, which is like having a built in support group.
  • 9. As Leaders We Have Fun Too!
  • 10. Take a Look At the Commercial
    Or open through the hyperlink attached to the clapboard.
  • 11. It’s Time To Get Involved
    Remember SI is a free fun way to learn and make new friends.
    Skills you learn in SI will apply to other areas of your life.
    SI could improve your grade, with study skills, group exercises, and an encouraging atmosphere.
    Being a SI leader let’s you help others with classes and difficulties you can relate to.
    Being An SI leader means learning new skills yourself. As well as comforting support from your fellow leaders.
  • 12. If You Would like More Information or To Be Come a Leader
    Visit the Web Site for fully detailed information, the guidelines and Requirements
    (Link is Hyperlinked to image.)
  • 13. Always Remember
    You Can Not Knock it Till you Try it!
    So Don’t be Shy, Give SI a Try!
  • 14. SI Motto:
    Tell me, and I forget,
    Show me, and I remember,
    Involve me, and I understand.
    -Chinese Proverb