How To Sketch Project

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  • 1. How To Sketch...By: Nikkah Eugenio
  • 2. Index Card:5 W’s and How● Who: Nikkah● What: Essential drawing and sketching techniques.● Where: Everywhere (at home, school, etc.)● When: Anytime (during lunch, after school, free time)● Why: To make a project about informational text, to earn good grade, and to practice my drawing skills.● How: Follow the steps and information about sketching
  • 3. Brainstorm (Project Plan)● Find out how much money needed for the cost of materials.● Prepare all the materials needed to be able to do work continuously.● Make a rubric for grading the project.● Follow the procedures / steps carefully and give credit to the book / author.● Think and make a plan about on how to document the project.
  • 4. Materials● Sketch pad / Sketch paper● Sketching pencils● Eraser● Blending stump● Visual / image / picture● Ruler (optional)
  • 5. Steps On How To Sketch● Draw a pattern using the thinner sketch pencil.(dont put too much pressure on the pencil )● Draw the outline an image of your object.(use the ruler for the straight lines)● Try to erase any stray lines that could have come out.● Darken the outlines using a darker sketching pencil so that it can show the image better.● Use the sketching pencil that produce a shadowy image to make the shadows of your drawing.● Then, use the blending stump to blend the shadows very well to make your drawing looked realistic.● After that, make sure that your drawing is clean, then organize and put back your materials on where it belongs.
  • 6. RubricTypes Mistakes Costs Ratings Eye One -0 BetterRose Two -0 BestGuitar Five -0 Good
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