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Tran Cam Anh - A Cyber Super Show - Exegesis
Tran Cam Anh - A Cyber Super Show - Exegesis
Tran Cam Anh - A Cyber Super Show - Exegesis
Tran Cam Anh - A Cyber Super Show - Exegesis
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Tran Cam Anh - A Cyber Super Show - Exegesis


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. COMM2383 ASIAN CYBERCULTUREFinal AssessmentTran Cam Anh – s3255253 Super Show 3 Vietnam: A cybercultural experience project is a reflective blog about the online activities happened around Super Show 3Vietnam, a live concert of Korean boy band Super Junior held in May 2011 in Binh Duong.The big music event drew much attention from the media as hundreds of Vietnamese articleswrote about the show, the fans and the artists. Yet what strikes me most about Super Show 3Vietnam is actually the amount and characteristics of online activities happened before, duringand after the concert. As a social media heavy user, particularly on Twitter, I could not ignorethe growing trends that I witnessed on those days. Hence I decided to observe and analyzethese activities in my reflective blog as the final project for Asian Cyberculture class.What is it?The reflective blog contains six blog entries describing and analyzing the online activitieshappened before, during and after Super Show 3 Vietnam that I found most significant. o Entry 1. Together, lets pull off a Super Show! o Entry 2. Fake ticket seller: Who is "Lovefish"? o Entry 3. Creating the buzz o Entry 4. Super Show rumors: Breaking the cluster o Entry 5. Aftershow coverage: Mainstream vs. Alternative media
  • 2. o Entry 6. Twitter in Vietnam: Is there a bigger community?The analysis of these activities refers to three topics that we have mentioned in this course,namely Mass collaboration, Virtual identity and Alternative media. I have labeled, or tagged,my blog entries with these topics accordingly for the readers to follow.Please notice that my blog entries are not put in exact chronological order. The first four entriesare about what happened before the show. The fifth is about media coverage after the showand the last one discusses Twitter usage throughout the event (before, during and after).Apart from the blog entries that I’ve put under Home tab, there are other tabs including About,Trivia, Credits and Discuss.About gives a brief introduction about Super Show 3 and the South Korean boy band SuperJunior. Trivia provides some terminologies that I used in the blog as well as some facts that thereaders might want to know. Credits is the session in which I put all the sources for the imagesthat I’ve used in my blog while Discuss is an open space for readers to give feedbacks andcontributions to make my reflective blog better.The sidebar of the blog includes the links to the six entries (archived under number format), anintroduction about the blog and also external links to important websites and platforms wherethe online activities were taken place.How it’s made?I chose Blogger (Blogspot) to create this blog because I’m most familiar with this bloggingservice and I’ve been using it for my personal blog for years. Blogger also allows me to easilycreate and customize the theme, sidebar as well as different tabs in my blog.As soon as I chose Super Show 3 as my final project, with the help of a Super Junior fan and alsomy classmate, I was introduced to different platforms besides Twitter that the online activitiesbeing taken place to start my observing and analyzing tasks. I picked out the most significantactivities according to the popularity of these stories being discussed on Twitter, Facebook and
  • 3. Sapphire Junior Forum as well as their relevance to the three topics: Mass Collaboration, VirtualIdentity and Alternative Media.In order to illustrate my reflection on the activities, I use a lot of multimedia such as screenshots, photos, Youtube videos and many hyperlinks in my blog entries.Why should you read it?Although the concept of a reflective blog does not refer much to the implication of the subjectsthat we’ve studied in this course yet the content of my blog strongly and practically regards tothose topics.The online activities happened around Super Show 3 reflect many characteristics of thecyberspace as most of the activities happened in open platforms like Twitter, Facebook andforum discussions, which empowered the ability of mass collaboration. Entry 5 of my blog alsoprovides a comparison between these open platforms, also known as alternative media, andtraditional news media regarding media coverage after the show. Some other activities likeonline ticket selling or rumor handling also regard to the notion of virtual identity and itsdifference from our real identity as we’ve discussed in class and in the Google Group.In addition, I would have not chosen this event if it was not happening in Vietnam. While theusage of alternative media and online fandoms have been familiar in more developed countriesin Asia like Korea, Japan or Indonesia, this is a never-before-seen experience to me in Vietnam.For the first time, I was acknowledged about such a big group of Vietnamese youth usingTwitter as their everyday communication tool despite the language obstacle. In my experienceof reading research about Vietnamese netizens, Twitter seems to be non-existent in thiscountry while Facebook and Zing are dominating. My experience this time, as described in thisreflective blog, can give certain opposite arguments to those data.I would love to share this reflective blog as not only an assignment but also a proposal forfuture development of alternative media and particularly Twitter in Vietnam. I believe there is apotential market of Vietnamese youth that would need more studies and research to
  • 4. understand their characteristics. Thus the readers of this project might include also onlinemedia researchers and trend observers in Vietnam. I would also love to have some Super Juniorfans who have experienced these activities to give feedbacks on my reflection.How can you contribute to this project?Under Discuss tab, I have provided an open space for readers to comment and give more ideasto my blog. No comment would be filtered or edited in order to preserve the original ideas ofreaders and also to practice mass collaboration characteristic of this project.Word count: 1,009 words