Moneytor Vending Machine Telemetry


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Moneytor Vending Machine Telemetry

  1. 1. An introduction to theMONEYTOR telemetry system
  2. 2. 2A bi-directional systemYour Voice SpA - ItalyIS…of Automatic Vending Machinesfor Telemetry and Remote Control
  3. 3. 3What are the main advantages of using MONEYTOR?Your Voice SpA - ItalyOptimize VMmanagementReducecostsIncreaseprofitability
  4. 4. 4Your Voice SpA - ItalyCommercial advantages Real time sales updates in units / value by: Vending machine Geographic area Client Date Choose between different type of sales charts More efficient route / refill planning : no more out ofstocks Assortment optimization based on single VM’sconsumption profile Increased profit and quality of service.
  5. 5. 5Your Voice SpA - ItalyTechnical / maintenance advantages Efficient maintenance : outage time reduction Mileage optimization: Lower vehicle costs Immediate warning in case of failure / power off VM alarm broadcasting (web/e-mail or ERP) Reduction of inbound calls from the customers
  6. 6. 6BITXDatacenterVending machineequipped witha Vending BoxMoneytor WebYour preferred ERP(Moneytor Feed)System architectureYour Voice SpA - Italy
  7. 7. 7The Vending BoxThe moneytor telemetry solution is implemented on a GSM-GPRS terminal expressely developed for the vending industryMajor features Over the air software updates (wireless / OTAP) Backup battery (with built-in sensor and alarm broadcast in case of poweroutages) Double serial port, for connection with both VM and payment system (when inexecutive mode) 2 Programmable buttons, for cash retrieval and refill operationsYour Voice SpA - Italy
  8. 8. 8Web interface for telemetry andcontrol of vending machineswww.moneytor.euPresented atMilan, 9-12 MayA closer look atYour Voice SpA - Italy
  9. 9. 9No software to installAccess to Moneytor can be madefrom anywhere in the world, online:http://moneytor.bitx.comJust a pc and an internet connectionYour Voice SpA - Italy
  10. 10. 10Your business under control, all the timeSales in units and valuein the form of tables or chartsDownloadable in XLS or PDFYour Voice SpA - Italy
  11. 11. 11Be the first to know !Alarms are acquiredfrom your V.M. in real time,and reported before yourcustomer knows there is aproblemalso by e-mailYour Voice SpA - Italy
  12. 12. 12Cash TrackThis function allows you to monitorthe cash status (coins and banknotes)within each of your vending machines,as well as the cash withdrawals madeby your employees.Check your takings in real-time, fromany web-enabled PC
  13. 13. 13Services availableTelemetry data from vending machines can be made available in twodifferent ways by Moneytor:For VM operators who are not running an ERP or aVMS (Vending Management Software), telemetrydata (sales, alarms, cash) and machinemanagement is done via web browser through theMoneytor Web application.For VM operators who already have an ERP or aVMS, telemetry data and all relevant functionalitiesare made available to their favoritesystem, through the Moneytor Feed service.Your Voice SpA - ItalyMONEYTOR WEBMONEYTOR FEED
  14. 14. 14Three pricing solutions, to meet any requirementPREMIUM ADVANCED BASIC
  15. 15. 15Moneytor Web - pricing schemePremium Advanced BasicHome Page SummaryP P PData Management P P PSales data P P PSales Charts P PAlarms Pe-mail routing of alarms PCash track PMoneytor Web is available in “service mode” at a small monthly fee.Your Voice SpA - Italy
  16. 16. 16Moneytor Web – a few example screenshotsMoneytor Web is very simple to use and comes with a very intuitiveand user-friendly graphic interface.Your Voice SpA - Italy
  17. 17. 17Moneytor Feed - pricing schemePremium Advanced BasicControl Panel P P PSales in units and value P P PReal time alarm notification P PCash inventory &Management PRemote price changes PYour Voice SpA - ItalyMoneytor is already integrated with the most diffused VendingManagement SoftwaresMoneytor Feed is also available in “service mode” for a smallmonthly fee, with three different pricing options.
  18. 18. 18Our major clientsYour Voice SpA - Italy
  19. 19. 19International agreements 2012: signed an agreement for the distribution of theMoneytor telemetry system with Telefonica, leadingoperator in Spain and LatAm and fourth global telecomoperator.Your Voice SpA - Italy
  20. 20. 20Compliance certifications One of Moneytor’s strenghts lies in its interoperability betweendifferent VM and payment system manufacturers. Certification process is always in progress and new brands/modelsare constantly added to the listYour Voice SpA - Italy
  21. 21. Your Voice S.p.A.Via Mecenate 76/452038 Milano -