Scandinavian Outdoor News Magazine 2011 #1


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Magazine #1 2011 from Scandinavian Outdoor Group – the leading Outdoor Brands of Scandinavia.

Including exclusive stories about:
- Scandinavian Outdoor Summit
- ISPO 2011
- Scandinavian Outdoor Award
- Scandinavian Village
- Nordic Highlights

Welcome to Scandinavia!

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Scandinavian Outdoor News Magazine 2011 #1

  1. 1. NewsMagazine #1 2011 from Scandinavian Outdoor Group – the top Nordic outdoor companies
  2. 2. revealing the future WOR K DAY For a decade , SoG has provided great venues for business and com- petence development through the Scandinavian Village at trade shows, Outdoor Academies for retail staff, as well as other projects. Now that SOG has turned 10, we feel the time is right to challenge ourselves further by Is it any wonder that sometimes, people just want to get away from it all? Away from addressing the future of the Outdoor business. the daily routines, away from the monotonous repetitions. But freedom for one person, The world is facing huge changes. Just one example: Soon masses of like wide-open spaces and new experiences, can be the everyday work for another. The people will rise into the middle class in Asia – how will this affect consump- most important thing, no matter what you work with, is that you have the right tools tion? What will the consequences be for our supply chains? How (and for the job. And for some, clothing and footwear can be a vital tool. Take our Polar where) will consumers make their purchase decisions? How will we man- Quest boots for example. They keep guide’s and search and rescue team member’s feet age our business’ impact on the environment? warm in some of the most rugged and chilly workplaces. They will also keep your feet To address these and other future challenges, SOG is organizing warm when you set out into the cold, for example, in Anjan, Sweden this winter. Read Europe’s largest and most visionary meeting place for the future of outdoor more about our boots and download our new winter catalog at business – the Scandinavian Outdoor Summit – in Åre, Sweden, March 31st – April 1st, 2011. Read more about the summit, as well as news and stories about our great member companies in this magazine. Welcome to Scandinavia! Martin Kössler, General Secretary Staffan rönn, Chairman of the board Happy Hours! For further questions aS SoG celebr ateS the 10-year an- niversary of the Scandinavian Village, new records are being broken both in size and presence. This year at ispo in Munich, 25 04 What´S up at SoG? Summits, academies and awards. SOG members are participating and can be found in Hall A6! Also, at OR in Salt 08 Nordic KNoW-hoW News from Woolpower and Bergans. Lake City, 8 brands will join forces, as well as 14 at ispo China. And as always, mem- bers, their clients and friends will gather to 11 a briGht Future Silva advances with the headlamps on. meet and socialize around the Scandina- vian Bar located in the center of the village. The birthplace of the Scandinavian Village 12 iNNovative & GreeN Material awareness at Isbjörn and Devold. was at ispo in Munich and this year, the celebration will be especially exciting. “We 13 75 yearS oF Glove MaKiNG The family company Hestra got its start in 1936. have upgraded with a special anniversary gourmet-menu of Scandinavian delica- cies,” explains a proud Caroline Felder, 14 a rich heritaGe Fjällräven learns from the Sami people. Scandinavian Bar Manager and Bar Crew Leader since the beginning 10 years ago, 16 WiNNiNG braNd and still with the same feeling for customer Klättermusen is collecting prizes and awards. service in her team. 18 icelaNdic coolNeSS Meet Jan Davidsson, Chief Designer at 66°NORTH. “ We Will repe at l aSt year’s success with a Scandinavian fashion show on the bar during happy hour every day between 20 WarM iNSide Primaloft´s Jochen Lagemann gives inside information. 17:00 – 18:30. Then, beer and Scandina- vian snacks will be handed out by students 22 Gear Guide from the Nordic Design School and Mid 14 top products from Scandinavia. Sweden University,” explains Felder with a big smile. Presenting partner Also, the ever more popular material Scandinavian Outdoor News is made for the SOG by wool will be highlighted on the new “Wool- POLA R QU E S T Scandinavian NORR street”, where all Scandinavian specialist w inter 2010 Full-grain leather shaft.Vibram® Traction sole. Our Publishing AB. in wool will team up. They will present the absolute warmest boot. Perfect if you regularly best of more than 1000 years of outdoor work or find yourself in severe cold. Removable cover photo by iStockphoto wool heritage in Scandinavia. wool felt liner with built in heel grip through Heel Fit Control ™, easy to remove and dry.2 Sca Nd i Na via N Outd OOr Ne wS 3
  3. 3. SOG News New Summit in Åre For the FirSt tiMe , a Scandinavian Outdoor Summit will be organized. Senior representatives from the outdoor industry, as well as other experts will meet up and discuss future issues. contribute new, broad expertise,” explains Jonas Hellentin, SOG’s Summit General. Spe aKerS Will iNclude people like Mark Held, General Secretary of the European Out- SNÆFELL Jacket The Scandinavian Outdoor Summit will door Group (EOG), Mats Andersson, Supply be held March 31 – April 1 in Åre, Sweden, Director for the Hultafors Group, as well as at the design hotel Copperhill Mountain Thomas Lipke, Managing Director and stock- Hood gives excellent Lodge. Behind the event is SOG, as well as holder of Globetrotter Ausrüstung. Topics to shelter and follows the regional development foundation, Peak be discussed include the environment, brand- your head movement Innovation. Participants will include supp- ing, production, trends, product development Adjustable draw Visor on hood that liers and stores that cater to the outdoor and ownership in the outdoor business. strings in hood shelters from rain industry, but also the media, representa- “That we chose the town of Åre is no around the face tives from the capital market, environmental coincidence. Åre is increasingly emerging as and back of head researchers, as well as many others. a central location within the Scandinavian outdoor industry and is one of Scandinavia’s Dual slider “ We Will hold par allel sessions to most active regions for innovative business,” Jonas Hellentin, waterproof zipper enable companies to bring key people from concludes Hellentin. Summit General different parts of their business, and thus Seamless shoulders Stretch And the winners are… Articulated for active comfort SiNce 2 0 0 8 , SOG has gathered journal- and South East Asia joining the team. elbows ists from the leading outdoor magazines Winter products for the 2011-2012 season in Europe to award the best Scandinavian will be tested in the end of March, and outdoor products. Hence, the competition summer products for 2012 in June; both in is called the Scandinavian Outdoor Award. three categories: overall winner, sustaina- Last summer, the jury met in Bohuslän, bility and apparel. All of the winners will be High on the west coast of Sweden, where they presented at the OutDoor-fair in Friedrichs- reach tested the products hands on while trekking hafen, Germany. sleeves and kayaking. the NoMiNated productS and winners “ We WaNt the jury not only to look and for this season are on display in the Scandi- feel the different products, but to actually navian Village. Pocket test them in a real, tough environment,” “The exhibition has been made together on sleeve says Matthias Assmann, project manager with our new sponsoring partner Rudholm & for small for the Scandinavian Outdoor Award. Haak and it is really worth a visit when you keeps For 2011, the jury is growing even more are at ispo,” says Assmann. international with journalists from the US Adjustable WiNter 2010-2011 WiNNerS draw string Waterproof and blocks in hem Highly breathable 99,9% of wind two way air exchange Soa overall winner Soa Sustainability award Soa apparel award EXA, the innovative skate for Expedition Shell Jacket / Isbjörn Trollveggen Pro Shell Jacket / Nordic skating from Lundhags of Sweden Norrøna 4 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S Keeping Iceland warm since 1926
  4. 4. SOG News DEVOLD® HERITAGE Devold® has made high Sara Wänseth, quality wool apparels OAS Project Manager since 1853. Our first customers were fisher- men and workers facing the harsh climate along the Norwegian coast. The durable wool garments became very popular, and renowned Arctic explorers, including Ellsworth, Amundsen and Nansen choose Devold® knitted products for their expeditions. oaS experieNce WiNter JämtlaNd, SwedeN activities: snowshoeing, ski touring SoG companies: hilleberg, haglöfs, Klättermusen, Wool-Learning by doing power, primus, Silva March 14-21 oaS explore WiNter Worn by ÖSterSuNd/Åre, SwedeN e veN thouGh iN-Store cliNic S “Our goal is to provide the and workshops bring valuable best outdoor education program activities: skiing, snow- shoeing, dog sledging, product know-how to many retail- for retailers, and our approach is nordic skating ers, nothing can beat the real thing. very simple – learn by doing in the SoG companies: hilleberg, Since 2003, Scandinavian Outdoor classroom of the Scandinavian out- lundhags, tenson, Klätter- Norwegians Group has been arranging the doors,” says Sara Wänseth, project musen, Gränsfors Outdoor Academies of Scandinavia manager of the OAS. March 25-29 (OAS) in cooperation with partners like Visit Sweden, Visit Norway For 2 011, retailerS aNd Media oaS explore treKKiNG and SAS. Staff SOG-members from the US and Asia have been aaleSuNd/FJOrd NOrway since 1853 participate with their products and invited. activities: trekking, climbing, knowledge and so far, more than “We have two main categories mountain biking, kayaking, 1000 retailers and outdoor journal- of academies. OAS Experience deep sea fishing ists have participated. is for the more experienced, and SoG companies: aclima, The OAS takes place three to here we spend five nights in tents devold of Norway, ecco, five times every year in different and bivouacs. The less demanding Nanok, 66 North, tentipi outdoor locations throughout Scan- academies, where we explore diffe- june 16-21 dinavia. Approximately 40 retailers rent outdoor activities and where and outdoor journalists are invited press and tour operators are also oaS experieNce autuMN for every event. The typical acad- invited, are called OAS Explore,” JämtlaNd, SwedeN emy participant is an outdoor store explains Wänseth. activities: trekking tour or dept manager or sales person. Retailers can find more informa- SoG companies: Fjällräven, The training aims at helping them tion at www.scandinavianoutdoor- primus, aclima support and advise their customers or just ask for informa- September 5-12 back home in their store. tion at the Scandinavian Bar. 6 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S
  5. 5. www.ispo.comr&d woolpower goes lite SWediSh WoolpoWer has decided to get even closer to the skin of its users. For over 40 years, the company has manufactured insulating underwear, socks and accessories from their own wool terry cloth. Now, a series in a plain knit fabric is being released, Woolpower Lite. Many have been asking for cooler garments that can be used even in the summertime, explains Woolpower’s CEO Adam Brånby. Therefore, Woolpower developed a ribbed knit made from 80 percent merino wool and 20 percent polyamide. “Functionality is important, and just like the rest of our clothing, we decided to mix the wool with synthetics to achieve a stronger, more durable material,” explains Brånby. WoolpoWer lite Still provide some warmth, but above all, the Merino wool adapts to the temperature and activity level, so that they work both during summer treks, as well as when used as a base layer in the wintertime. The first collection will offer shirts, short and long underwear, as well as hats. All come with a minimal number of seams, but with a great fit thanks to the stretchy rib characteristics. Furthermore, the new garments can be washed at ispo – the international 60 degrees, and they are manufactured entirely in Sweden. sports business network Breathe easier! aNyoNe Who SpeNdS tiMe out in the harsh Norwegian pics: salewa, hansi heckmair, michael müller winter needs a fabric that not only protects against the weather, but that is also comfortable to wear. And the benchmark for measuring comfort is a fabric’s breath- ability. This is how Bergans of Norway is raising the bar even higher – by using the brand new Dermizax® NX membrane. With a change to the molecular structure, the Dermi- zax® NX membrane’s permeability value for water vapor has been increased, meaning a new level of breathability. As an added bonus, there is also an approximately 90% reduction in the amount of CO2 produced during the manufacturing process. aNd to Keep you FaShioNable , as well as comfortable, Bergans has wrapped this high-performance material with its well-known sense of style and is bringing back a classic: the Isogaisa Jacket. The previous version helped the Norwegian company break into the European market some years ago and quickly became Bergans’ trademark. The new Isogaisa Jacket utilizes the same asymmetrical design, but in terms of technology, belongs to an entire new generation. Thanks to Dermizax® NX, the Isogaisa jacket not only satisfies aesthetic demands, but also sets a new standard in terms of breathability, while still maintaining the famous Dermizax stretch factor. The result is all-round weather protection with increased comfort. 8 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S Messe München GmbH, Messegelände, 81823 München, Germany, phone +49 (0)89 949-11 3 88, fax +49 (0)89 949-11 3 89,,, for trade visitors only
  6. 6. r&d a bright future in headlamps Come to Europe’s largest and most visionary meeting place for the future in Outdoor business the well-known compass brand Silva has a The demand for light function varies for each type of use. For high speed sports like XC skiing and running, long history of producing products for navi- you need to be able to plan your route with strong long- gation. However, their extensive experience distance light, but you also need flood light in order to in the headlamp product category is lesser see the terrain close to you, without having to move your head. For running, the weight of the headlamp and bat- known to most people. tery is crucial. For long distance exercising like adventure> SUSTAINABILITY racing or ultra running, there is an increased importance> E-COMMERCE in battery-life. An outdoor user who enjoys kayaking bacK iN 19 3 9, the first headlamp appeared in a Silva would probably like a headlamp that can be dropped> SUPPLY CHAIN product catalog and since then, many orienteers have into water. Adapting light to every individual user is MANAGEMENT used their halogen headlamps for night time training what Silva likes to call Intelligent Light.> IP-STRATEGIES sessions and competitions. Now in 2011, Silva’s range of Organizer Hosting Partner headlamps includes several award winning models, such the t Wo NeW productS for fall 2011> BUSINESS as the X-Trail and Ninox. are positioned at the top and bottom of INTELLIGENCE During the last few years, the focus on headlamps the price spectrum. Silva Sprint is a high- has increased and it is now the most important product powered headlamp, which produces a light> FINANCIAL category for Silva. Consumer demand for headlamps of 750 Lumen up to 140 meters for orienteer- OWNERSHIP is increasing, as more and more people understand the ing, trail running, running, multisport and XC-skiing. One> TREND & DESIGN benefits of better vision in the dark, as well as the safety version will include both a helmet and a bike attachment, aspects of increased visibility. With the change from for use while biking and backcountry skiing. The Silva> RESEARCH & Supporting partners Creative Partner halogen to LED light technology, there are endless pos- Tyto is a small, ultra-lightweight and small safety light for INNOVATION sibilities for adapting light to every user, while making it improved visibility. It comes in either a white or red light, optimal for every type of activity. Currently, Silva’s range and with a strobe mode for even better visibility. Put it on of headlamps is focused on sports and the outdoors, with the backside of a headlamp, for instance, or on a bag or a future goal of finding new channels for rugged, water- bike helmet to be safer in the dark. Together, they provide proof utility headlamps for professional users. great vision combined with safety. Sca Nd i Na via N Outd OOr Ne wS 11
  7. 7. r&d Business eco award for the newcomer iSbjörN oF SWedeN , makers of outdoor garments for the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts, is one of the newest members of the SOG. The company has already made a big impression and was recently awarded the winter 2010/2011 SOA Sustainability Award for its children’s Expedition Shell Jacket. Maria Frykman Forsberg and Camilla Schmidt founded Isbjörn, or Nanook as it was first called, when they both had children. They didn’t think that the children’s clothing on the market passed the test. “Children are outside and active every day. This is why we have consistently invested in the best materials, with the best water resistance and breathability,” says Frykman Forsberg, who notices that an increasing number of outdoor parents are placing high demands on equipment for their children. dressed for rain the eNviroNMeNtal FocuS goes hand in hand with the com- or shine. tough pany’s quality policy, of which Frykman Forsberg states: “Use, dermizaxev ™ then throw away is not a modern practice today. “Although is the material double used in the chil- Isbjörn lies within the premium segment in terms of price, dren’s expedition consumers can win in the long run with products that can be Shell jacket. handed down to not only two children, but often three. celebration “This award is very important and shows that our thinking has reached an international audience,” says Frykman Forsberg. aN e x aMple oF thiS iS the Fourth GeN- Hestra has two reasons to celebrate. er atioN of Magnussons – Anton, Jonas, the glove manufacturer from Småland, Niklas and Jacob – that are also active in the company. Right now, Anton and Niklas are completing an Sweden, has just finished off yet another education in glove making, with the aim of receiving their record year. and this year also marks 75 apprentice certificates before the end of the summer. As years since the family business was founded. graduated glove makers, Anton and Niklas will be able to make gloves from exclusive peccary leather, for the Hestra Classics collection, among others. Ne ver beFore haS heStr a Sold aS MaNy GloveS as they did last year, a total of 1,8 million pairs. The iN receNt ye arS, Hestra has also developed strongly in company, which operates in over 20 markets, is run German speaking markets. by brothers Svante and Claes Magnusson. Svante “Now, we are taking the plunge and opening a sub- Magnusson explains: sidiary in Germany. It will be run by Bengt-Ole Tallbom, “Of course, the cold winter in Sweden and abroad who has been responsible for Hestra in these markets helps, but the positive growth is also a result of sticking for years. The office is located in the town of Nierstein, in to our core values – thinking long-term, craftsmanship southwest Germany,” explains Claes. Wool without seams and quality.” Even other parts of the business are developing in order to keep up with the rapid growth. a FeW yearS aGo, wool was con- wool. The garments are soft, elastic, has become a part of Norway’s the SecoNd re aSoN to celebrate is an anniversary. This “Within Hestra we want to control the entire process, sidered outcompeted by synthetic fit snugly, and move with your body identity. Famous explorers, both year marks 75 years since Svante and Claes’ grandfather, from design and development until the gloves are sent materials. Today, it is modern again, regardless of the activity level. historical like Amundsen and Martin Magnusson, started the family business that would out to stores. Therefore, since 1993, we have manu- thanks to its function and environ- Devold ® Pulse provides users with Nansen, and from recent times, become Hestra. He began making gloves for lumber- factured the gloves in our own factory in China. To meet mental characteristics. Norwegian the benefits of a broad temperature such as Cecilie Skog and Borge jacks in 1936. At the same time, ski tourism came to the the growing demand we have now acquired another Devold is now taking wool one step regulation, natural odor-resistance, Ousland, all prefer Devold ® on their region of Småland, and the slopes in the village of Hestra factory in Pinghu, China. Even at home, in the town of further with its new Pulse-collection. support, and overall comfort. expeditions. With Pulse, adventur- became extremely popular. Martin Magnusson realized Hestra, we are expanding the business with new offi­ This new wool wonder from ers are equipped with seamless that skiers also needed durable gloves that could stand ces, a warehouse, as well as a new testing laboratory,” Devold of Norway is seamless SiNce ole aNdre aS de vold thermal underwear that follows the up to the cold. explains Svante. underwear, and one of the first on started the company in 1853, they body regardless of the activity level “We’ve continue working based on this tradition, while Scandinavian Outdoor News predicts that Hestra will the market to be made from merino have produced wool clothing that or time of year. also looking ahead,” says Claes. have more reasons to celebrate in the future. 12 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S Sca Nd i Na via N Outd OOr Ne wS 13
  8. 8. r&d “together with Nils anders, we have developed the Sami model, extended it arctic slightly and put buttons on the side to help keep out the wind.” inspiration Donna Bruns, Development Manager at Fjällräven tradition and innovation are not opposites – at least not at Fjällräven. the native Sami knowledge of the arctic environment has inspired an entirely new garment: the Fjällräven Luhkka cape. e ver SiNce Fjällr äveN was founded, the company has had a tradition of developing equipment for mountain and arctic environments. Each year, Fjällräven employees venture out on a winter adventure to find new solutions and improve existing ones. For example, it was in a reindeer herding in Kiruna, Sweden. Minus Kenth Fjellborg testing bivouac in the northern Sweden ski station of Abisko 26 degrees celsius calls for proper clothing. the Fjällräven polar parka. that the idea for a jacket so warm it would be impossible to freeze in was thought up by Fjällräven’s founder Åke Nordin. Shortly thereafter, the Expedition Down Jacket ‘wow, this is interesting!’ Some time later one of our ers will feel more comfortable with a regular large hood,” As with previous events, Fjällräven has cooperated saw the light of day. The year was 1974 and to this day, product developers and I made a trip up to Lapland to explains Bruns. with seasoned dogsled driver Kenth Fjellborg in the the jacket is a favorite among many Scandinavians. meet Nils Anders and learn more about native-Sami town of Poikkijärvi, in Lapland. Even Fjellborg has been “On our outings, we often discover ‘room for improve- traditions and ways of dressing. It was really exciting,” NeW Start For the Fjällr äveN pol ar involved in developing new products – the latest being ments’, things that are missing, or solutions that can be explains Bruns. For nearly a decade, starting in 1997, Fjällräven organ- the Polar Parka, a down-anorak that is popular with improved,” explains Donna Bruns, Development Manager The result of the collaboration was the Luhkka Cape, ized a dogsled race called the Fjällräven Polar. The idea dogsledders. at Fjällräven. which will hit stores in the autumn of 2011. The idea behind the event was to show how anyone with the right “A jacket that is pulled over the head is the most uni- is that it will act as a covering garment for really cold equipment and the right knowledge could experience this versal garment among indigenous people in the northern a NeW GarMeNt With aNcieNt aNceStorS days on top of normal winter clothing – just as the Sami great outdoor adventure. hemisphere,” says Fjellborg. “The absence of zippers Sometimes the company turns to people with special traditionally used the luhkka when they skied with their In the winter of 2012, the Fjällräven Polar will return in makes it a safer garment, as well as warmer because you skills to develop products for a specific purpose. Other reindeer. The name luhkka means storm collar, which a slightly different form. Instead of racing, the focus will be can have more insulation in the front.” times it’s more of a coincidence. A meeting with native- says a lot about its use. on knowledge about outdoor recreation in the winter cold. When participants in the Fjällräven Polar ride out into Sami Nils Anders Blind, in the town of Kiruna was the “Together with Nils Anders, we have developed the “We want more people to venture out and explore the the Lappish wilderness in February 2012, they will do spark to an idea for a new kind of outdoor clothing – with Sami model, extended it slightly and put buttons on the wilderness. This is partly why we organize the Fjällräven so while wearing the Polar Parka among others. It can ancient ancestors. side to help keep out the wind. And our luhkka does not Classic,” says marketing manager Jerry Engström. “With be said that this is a direct consequence of a day in the “Nils Anders was wearing a traditional Sami luhkka have the pointed hood that the original garment used, so the Fjällräven Polar, we want to show how life outside in 1970s when Åke Nordin decided that he wouldn’t freeze when he met with our CEO, who immediately thought that the snow would slide off. We believe that today’s us- the wintertime can be both pleasant and safe.” any longer. 14 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S Sca Nd i Na via N Outd OOr Ne wS 15
  9. 9. r&d Prized pioneers “in Japan, we have suddenly become highly fashionable and our prod- ucts are sold in boutiques.” it seems that Swedish Klättermusen must subscribe says Eva Askulv, colleague and wife to Peter Askulv, who alone in nagging the textile industry to produce fluorocar- adds that, “Peter never looks at what others in the industry bon-free alternatives, and as a small manufacturer, the to prizes and awards. an active environmental pro- are doing,” and that he has “many headstrong ideas.” response from suppliers was less than enthusiastic. gram is part of their recipe for success. and to always “We design for the mountains, not for the city,” states “Now, fluorocarbon­free has gained wide popularity Peter. “And there I will say that we are pretty much alone across the industry, which is really funny. It feels like we go their own way is another. in doing so. Many others are making things that will work managed to set a track, as we finally managed to get our in town as well. For example, we have completely opted ideas across,” says Peter who is a trained biologist – a out of using waterproof zippers; they do not work when fact that has had a lot of importance to his career as an thiNGS are GoiNG Well for Klättermusen. The Jämt- Outdoor Industry Award Gold there is ice in them.” entrepreneur and designer. land, Sweden based company has recently been appoint- for the Einride jacket, as well Peter gets his ideas from his own time spent outside ed as a fast-growing “Gazelle-Business” by the leading as the Ispo Outdoor Award and – believe it or not - from sailing, which is another FuNctioN iS be autiFul Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri. Qualifying 2010 – for the clothing category. hobby. The combination of disciplines, like sailing and Today, Klättermusen sells its products in 19 countries for this title requires, among other things, growth of at Many of the prices are indicative of the company’s com- outdoor activities, provides new solutions. worldwide. One of the largest markets is Japan, where least 100 percent over three years, as well as turning a mitment to the environment, such as the sustainability “Sometimes I have to argue for my ideas with the Klättermusen recently received an unexpected boost. Two profit. Klättermusen has grown by 130 percent over the prize Klättermusen received in January this year from the design team,” says Peter with a grin. very popular performers, Montreaux-honored actress Eri past three years. The number of employees has increased fashion magazine Elle. The award winning down sweater, Liv, is an example of Fukatsu and musician Kazunari Ninomiya, independently from five to twenty since 2006. And now, the company has a Klättermusen product that was in a completely different chose to be photographed while wearing Klättermusen just moved into a brand new, more spacious office in the he adStroNG ide aS class when it was launched. Low weight, minimum pack products – Eri with a Frey T-shirt and Kazunari with a Gnå town of Åre. CEO and founder Peter Askulv’s office wall is Function and the environment have long been the com- volume and maximum warmth were the idea for the gar- Backpack. Suddenly, the Gnå pack sold out throughout covered from floor to ceiling with a map of the mountains pany’s motto. “Don’t buy a jacket if you don’t need one” ment that has received a number of followers. Klätter- Japan, after bloggers commented on the idol’s selection. in the Jämtland region. the company declared bluntly in a catalog a few years ago, musen was also the first company in the outdoor industry “In Japan, we have suddenly become highly fashion- “It’s out there, while I’m sitting and belaying on the side which could be considered a bit of an odd thing to say to use recycled nylon in their backpacks, and according to able and our products are sold in boutiques. Our retailers of a cliff, that I get my best ideas,” says Askulv and nods in sales material. But Klättermusen is a bit odd – they do themselves, are still the only company to make garments were buying a lot of Munin-jackets in the fall. The down towards the mountains towering up outside the window. what they think. from polypropylene. And the fact is, that Klättermusen jacket sold out in a month,” says Eva Askulv and notes, In the past five years, the company has received no “We don’t do anything to stand out, it is not a goal that can take quite a bit of credit (and, of course, an award) for “function is beautiful.” less than 14 prestigious honors and awards. we have. On the other hand, we do have a design rule that having ensured that today there are shell materials made The future will tell if more people allow themselves to Some awarded this past summer were the prestigious says ‘if it looks like everyone else’s – Let Them Do It,’” without the use of fluorocarbons. The company long was be enchanted by the beautiful. 16 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S
  10. 10. People designing strength at the 66°NOrtH factory, outdoor clothes are manufactured side by side with fishermens’ garments and other work wear. Meet Chief Designer Jan Davidsson, who has taken the fine art of tailoring to the wilderness of Iceland. today, 66°North iS a SucceSSFul outdoor company background in tailoring, learning at Savile Row, London, and one of Iceland’s most well-known brands. Could where everything was handmade. Having said that, I am you describe the essence of 66°NORTH? obsessed with technology and mechanics.” “What attracted me to the brand was its origins and “The agenda of business is to get to the gold quickly. how it’s intertwined in the Icelandic life-force. Metaphori- Compromise is not necessarily wrong if it is done with cally, I felt the old weather beaten fisherman was calling, the end consumer in mind. But I would say it’s walking sitting on a bench in down town Reykjavik wearing a fine line. I would love it if folks from all spectrums of 66°NORTH rubber clothing long after he had quit the sea. society are able to buy the clothes we create. If that is a Sensing the man’s stride, battling the waves of the Icy compromise, so be it.” North Atlantic – for me this goes a long way in trying to As an outdoor designer you have to balance a describe the 66°NORTH essence.” range of factors – looks, function, material and so “The Icelandic fishermen are still provided with cloth- on. Is it just challenging and fun, or do you feel it is ing produced in our own factories. Therefore it would be limiting? true to say that 66°NORTH outdoor is strongly rooted in “Some new designs are effortless, entrenched by the the very livelihood of this nation and its people. With this love of creation, visualising women and men or our kids in mind, the decision to start designing for the brand was playing around, giving them a hand to protect them and easy. The 66°NORTH outdoor range unfolded and suc- feeling good about themselves. Of course there are also cess was in waiting. No doubt, the Icelandic people had challenges, no fire without friction.” been waiting for it.” “I love to find and sense fabrics, imagining how it will You have lived a long life as a designer in outdoor be shaped and how it drapes over the body, enhanc- clothing. Is it challenging to create something that ing but not restricting. I see garment construction like stands out from the rest as unique and different? sculpturing; I spend a lot of thought and work on the “Ha-ha, please don’t remind me of my age! Every- construction.” thing beautiful derives from a love of the work. Setting a What kind of challenges does an outdoor designer goal to be unique is not productive in my opinion.” have to deal with that the average fashion designer “The love for beautiful things, it’s a mystic calling. How long does it take from an idea is born, until “But yes, as people around me would probably tes- doesn’t have? Making the world a nicer place? That sounds pretentious, the item is out on the street? tify, I am more competitive than I will admit.” “We have more in common than we differ. Being but to me it is a humble and introverted pursuit. Touch- “That’s sometimes the drawback in today’s world. Do you have to compromise a lot when it comes indoor or outdoor, driving a car, riding a horse – all ing the finest fabrics, sensing the reverberations of the Some people in our industry often feel the value is lost to moving the product from the “drawing table” to activities present you with some special needs. The only craftsmen’s passion through the ages.” as the product enters the stock-room, or even before, actual production? way to identify with it is to really be doing the things “Still it’s the fisherman that has been wearing our hence respect for the craftsmanship is lost. And in such “Ask the guys around me. When it comes to produc- yourself. Designing ski-wear and not being a skier must clothing since the company was founded that is my a world no one is a winner and our planet suffers. To tion, compromise is not one of my characteristics. My be frustrating.” prime energy source, not the film stars that now find it me the time factor isn’t a deciding issue. Good design basic attitude is everything can be produced. I have my As a Designer, where do you get your inspiration? cool to dress in the label.” matures with time.” 18 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S Sca Nd i Na via N Outd OOr Ne wS 19
  11. 11. People Prima time! Scandinavian Outdoor News talks with Primaloft’s new sales and marketing director Jochen Lagemann about the brand, its plans, products and strategies for 2011. we also hear more about the strong relationship between Primaloft and Scandinavian brands. reGardiNG the deMaNd for warm clothing, you must Compared to down and other synthetic insulation this really be happy about cold winters. Where in the is a clear advantage, which makes Primaloft a reliable world does Primaloft sell best? fabric for all weather conditions. Both our brand clients and retailers in the US and Are Primaloft products sustainable? in Europe told us quite early this winter about sold-out Our products are already Bluesign­certified and stock. North America is currently our strongest market, qualify for Öko-Tex. Our Eco products, for apparel and but Europe and Asia show much stronger growth. shoes, are made from recycled fibers. We deliberately try Many SOG-members such as Hestra, 66° North, to keep prices down in this segment because we really Bergans and Haglöfs have established a successful want to help save the environment. cooperation with Primaloft. What does Primaloft´s Do you have a personal goal as the new Sales & future look like in Scandinavia? Marketing Director for Primaloft? We are very happy about the current growth that we I would like to make Primaloft even more known see in the Scandinavian market – regarding our long- among end-consumers in Europe, as well as to expand term partners, as well as new cooperation. So, the future our network of marketing activities with brand clients and looks good! retailers. And of course, we want to increase our growth What kind of advantages does Primaloft have in in terms of clients, products and markets even more. the rough climate of the Northern countries in com- Where will you show new Primaloft products at ISPO? parison to other insulation materials? Many trends in the area of insulation have their origin We want to be the best insulation – wet and dry. The in Scandinavia, so ISPO visitors will find a lot of new degree of insulation in clothing equipped with Primaloft Primaloft-highlights for fall/winter 2011 at the Scandina- stays almost the same no matter if the material is wet vian Village. At our own booth, we will show our brand or dry. clients already new Primaloft products for Winter 2012. priMaloFt primaloft is a patented synthetic microfiber thermal insulation used primarily in outdoor clothing. it is breathable, water resistant and keeps its insulation capability even when the material gets wet. it has the highest warmth- to-weight ratio of any synthetic insulation currently on the market. 20 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S Sca Nd i Na via N Outd OOr Ne wS 21
  12. 12. Gear Guide Gear Guide Nordic Warm and comfortable the e xpeditioN hoodie is sure to keep you warm in Highlights the extreme cold. A new model and part of the 2011 Devold®Expedition collection, this hoodie makes wool underwear more exciting than ever. With built-in wrist warmers, a snug hood that fits easily under your helmet or cap and an aquaduct treatment that helps effectively transport sweat away from your body, the Expedition Hoodie ensures that you retain more of your body heat. All while staying dry and comfortable. Just ask explorers Cecilie Skog and Børge Ousland. at ispo, 25 SOG-members show their collections. Here are some of the highlights – experience many more in the Scandinavian village. A game changer Wool for the wind the SNaeFell jacKet from 66°NORTH sets a new standard in outdoor For WiNdy dayS when your core could use a little comfort. Made with Polartec® NeoShell®, the Snaefell is lighter, softer extra protection, the Devold® Air vest feels just and more supple than the competition and features a polyurethane right. This fantastic new product is made from membrane with a tightly controlled range of pore sizes. This means two layers of fine merino wool kept together by excellent breathability and total waterproof protection (10.000 mm) in a a Polyurethane membrane that is windproof and jacket designed for optimal performance. An integrated dual adjust- water-resistant. And to keep you regulated, it is also able swivel hood won’t block peripheral vision, while smart venting, highly breathable with great wicking characteristics. pre-shaped elbows and an elongated back keep you comfortable while In addition, the outer layer of merino wool is treated on the move. with Teflon® for extra water repellency. Devold® Air has several pockets, including a chest pocket designed for a mobile phone or mp3-player. Not your average ski jacket For all t ypeS oF activitieS , on snow or dry land, the Hlíðarfjall Ski Jacket keeps you warm, dry and stylish. This jacket from 66°NORTH is insulated with a PrimaLoft microfiber blend that provides soft, light- weight comfort. It comes equipped with two waterproof zip pockets, a detachable hood and a high neck collar. And for ease on the mountain, it features articulated sleeves and adjustable Velcro cuff tabs, while Recco advanced rescue technology may help save you in times of trouble. A shirt with a history Work or play WaNt a leiSure GarMeNt that provides unbeat- able insulation for any season? Then look no further than the Devold® Nature shirt. Based on a design oriGiNally iNSpired from work wear, but just as good for skiing and that dates back to the 1800s, this shirt feels soft other activities, the Vír Jacket from 66°NORTH is a fully taped, comfort- against your skin and features interlock knitting able and easy to wear jacket for work or play. Made from 80% recycled that helps hold its shape. Smooth, comfortable and polyester and 20% organic cotton, it features plenty of pockets to hold fashionable – after all these years – Devold® Nature your belongings and convenient snap adjustments on the cuffs. is a shirt that can be used anywhere. 22 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S Sca Nd i Na via N Outd OOr Ne wS 23
  13. 13. Gear Guide Gear Guide upgraded New model viking shoes from the pro viKiNG Foot We ar iS iNtroduciNG a new, season, Hestra has a greener For the 2 011-2 012 improved version of the successful Viking developed a new Pro Model together with Anaconda II – the Anaconda III. This new shoe is one of the world’s best shell equipped with upgraded Boa® technology where the tightening system is connected to a webbing freeskiers, Henrik Windstedt. Hestra a WiNter verSioN of construction that creates a much better grip on has worked with Fjällräven’s new “greener” the heel. This translates to better stability and Henrik for many three-layer shell garments improved comfort. Furthermore, the GORE-TEX® years and his exist- made from Eco-Shell, where Extended Comfort membrane keeps your feet ing Pro Model has a mesh lining provides dry and happy, while Viking’s UGC™ Trail soles become a modern slightly more warmth and a provide great grip, flex and cushioning when on classic. The new removable powder skirt and the trails. model, Henrik gaiters block cold surprises. Leather Pro Model, The Eco-Tour Jacket and is made from cow- Eco-Tour Trouser are sewn hide. It has a retro, from recycled polyester, square-quilt pattern have been climate compen- on the outside, a short sated and are completely leather cuff and an For your polar quest fluorocarbon­free. The jacket also has a large storm hood internal snow cuff on the wrist that is made de veloped toGether with one of Sweden’s most with a detachable fur brim from Lycra. In parallel, the experienced dogsled drivers, the Polar Parka is obvi- and the pants have full- Henrik Windstedt Pro Model ously perfect for a journey on a dogsled, but is an length ventilation openings will remain in the collection. equally rugged garment for spending long hours in the on the sides. extreme cold. The G-1000 panel in the front protects against rough use and cold winds, as well as covers carry your seat hand warmer pockets and a large kangaroo pocket for tools. Filled with high­quality down with a fillpower of 700 cuin, featuring reflective details, as well as a hefty storm hood, it will keep you warm all the way to the With the StubbeN bacKpacK , a good rest North Pole, and back. is never far away. An integrated aluminum frame provides carrying comfort and the foam- padded seat lets you Sami smartness take a rest when hunting, fishing, the luhKK a provided shelter against snow, sleet and harsh winds bird watching or just enjoying the inside Out when skiing with the reindeers. outdoors. The the SaStruGi doWN jacKet is particularly Inspired by the traditional Sami main compartment sophisticated, as it can be worn inside out. garment, Fjällräven created the holds everything you This is made possible by the light yet robust Luhkka Cape from lightly need for a long daytrip outer materials of Pertex® Endurance and insulated G-1000. The cape and the contents are Pertex® Quantum that protect the lofty goose has a storm hood with easily accessible down inside. Thanks to these lightweight a synthetic fur brim from both the top lid materials, the Sastrugi Jacket weighs a mere and can be used as an and via an opening 730g (Mens L) in spite of its high thermal rat- extra layer of insula- on the front. Heavy ing. With its wavy cut, the Sastrugi is inspired tion over normal winter canvas and leather de- by the arctic deposits of snow with the same clothing – as the Samis use tails make for a robust name that are a beautiful, yet challenging it – or as a sole outer garment pack that will only look obstacle for many polar explorers. on cold autumn days. better with use. 24 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S Sca Nd i Na via N Outd OOr Ne wS 25