Scandinavian Outdoor News Magazine 2010 #2


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Magazine #2 2010 from Scandinavian Outdoor Group – the leading Outdoor Brands of Scandinavia.

Welcome to Scandinavia!

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Scandinavian Outdoor News Magazine 2010 #2

  1. 1. NewsMagazine #2 2010 from Scandinavian Outdoor Group – the top Nordic outdoor companies
  2. 2. K at j a L e h m a n nMy favorite place.About as far as you can get away 22from baristas and mobile hot spots. the test arena In June, European outdoor journal- ists tried out the best Scandinavian outdoor products for 2011. What’S up? 4 a perfect 10 News from the Scandinavian Outdoor Group. braNd NeW Wool 7 For the ScaNdiNaviaN outdoor Group (SoG), the 2010 OutDoor Aclima takes merino wool one step further. trade show in Friedrichshafen is a milestone. SOG is turning ten years Give your vote 8 old and has never been bigger, more diverse nor brought more experi- Which eco-projects should receive money? ence to the outdoor community than today. SOG is now composed of 36 member companies, all producing eco cooKiNG 9 high quality outdoor gear developed in the world’s best R&D lab – the Primus has the recipes for sustainability. Scandinavian Wilderness. Within SOG, the members have nearly 1900 years of combined GreeN jacKetS 10 Award winning new shell material from Fjällräven. experience in making outdoor gear that really works. We use this experience not only to offer great products, but also to make life easier the top Five 12 and business more fun for retailers and the media. Our cooperation The best Nordic summer adventures from NORR. model builds on the simple equation that 1+1=3, and it really works. For instance, the Scandinavian Village is not only one of the busiest SucceSS StorieS 14 areas of the trade show. It is also the place with the best atmosphere High quality tents and gloves sell more and more. and the friendliest bar. In addition, it’s a one-stop-shop for retailers the Shoe GiaNt 15 looking for new innovative products to sell and for the media to tell Ecco’s wide range of shoes is getting even bigger. their readers about. For all visitors, we provide an efficient venue to facilitate their jobs. export WiNNer 16 So don’t forget to visit the Scandinavian village in hall A5 and share Meet Sweden’s fastest growing outdoor company. the experience – It’s more fun to do business with Scandinavians. And read more about different SOG projects in this magazine, as well as touGh coNditioNS 18 The Icelandic 66°NORTH knows how to survive. all the hot news, innovative solutions and business stories from our members. WiGlo’S SibliNG 20 The successful tent comes in a new version. Martin Kössler, General Secretary SportS SpeciFic 21 Presenting partner Staffan rönn, Chairman of the board The R&D team at Craft continues to push limits. For further questions the beSt SeatS 24 The Walkstool brings comfort out in the wild. Gear Guide 26 Nine product highlights for hot days and cool evenings in Scandinavia. Scandinavian Outdoor News is made for the SOG by cover photo by CH / Innovation Norway Scandinavian NORR Publishing AB. Trekking in Jotunheimen, 2 Keeping Iceland warm since 1926 Sca Nd i Na via N Outd OOr Ne wS 3
  3. 3. news clinics in the wild What do you learn at the oaS? this year, a journey to Rondane – We have plenty of time to experience, discuss and test products, materials, learn how to in Norway, was very cold and very beautiful, while the Swedish Jämtland offered both sunshine Visit us in hall A7, 202 keep warm, navigation and much and bad weather – good from more. Since we divide ourselves a pedagogical perspective. We into smaller groups, participants have also arranged the OAS in the get to know each other closely, Swedish Värmland in cooperation and even the leadership in the with Visit Sweden. group becomes an element in the education. There are different levels Why is it such a success? of knowledge for all involved, but – I think the fact that instructors everyone learns something. There come from SOG-businesses, and are those who “hated the cold” are not hired guides, does a lot for before attending OAS, but have the atmosphere. All offer them- learned if not to love it, then to at selves and you make friends for the outdoor acadeMy of Scan- least appreciate it. life. It is also valuable to meet with dinavia (OAS) is a chance for retail several suppliers at one time. sales associates to test products, how has this year’s oaS gone experience the Scandinavian so far? outdoors and learn more about – They have been very success- there will be two additional outdoor life. Sara Wänseth from ful. To read the evaluations has oaS in the autumn of 2010. Woolpower is the project manager. been incredibly fun. The first OAS read more at the SoG website. a warm welcome New at outdoor, three new members of SOG are taking part. The Nor- on board wegian merino wool-experts at aclima (read more at page 23), point 65 Sweden, one of the fastest growing kayak companies in the world and thule, with their wide range of racks, cargo carriers and hitch solutions for different vehicles. Read more about these companies and the other Scandinavian brands at OutDoor on the last page of this magazine. peter car ati FroM berGaNS is a new member of the SOG board of directors. Get updated Peter has held posi- tions in several SOG member companies. beFore iSpo, SOG re-launched it’s website. Here, He is replacing Göran visitors can get news and press releases from Andersson who is SOG and from the 36 member companies. Anoth- retiring after a long er option is to subscribe to these via RSS Feeds. career with Silva. Hats Also, visitors can read about upcoming projects. off to Göran, who has It’s the perfect place for an overview of what is contributed to the going on in the Scandinavian outdoor community! development of SOG since day one. 4 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S 5 P :L D
  4. 4. news Norwegian aclima is a new member of the SOG, but the company is based on old Norse tradition. their warm thermal underwear and mid layers have received much praise, including the Scandinavian Outdoor award. award winning wool the NorWeGiaNS have always used wool to stay emma Simonsson on tour. warm and the traditional knitted sweater, the lusekofta, is almost a national symbol. It is from this tradition that Aclima operates. For over 80 years they have developed underwear specifically for cold climates and have even supplied products to the Swedish and Norwegian armed forces, among others. The Aclima factory can be found at the foot of the Norefjell alpine ski center, where prod- uct development also takes place. – We work constantly to renew ourselves and want to show that it is possible to make sports underwear that is warm and soft, while still being breathable, says LarsEXPLORE THE Eivind Johansen, Sales Manager and third generation family member running the business.GLOBAL SHOW dren. For the 2011 collection there are several new items, acliMa iS oNe of the many companies who sing the including some products that are specifically designed benefits of merino wool and an example of successful for alpine skiing. The hood sweater has a hood that can product development is Aclima’s WoolNet, a net-un- be pulled over the head, which keeps out snow while derwear made from merino wool. It works well on long taking up very little space inside of a helmet. And newThe annual summit of the outdoor industry. mountain trips and hunting expeditions, and is perfect for knee-length long underwear is convenient when you areWith innovative side events for the business community. varying levels of activeness. wearing long ski socks and boots. – The holes in the material allow you to let out the For those who refuse to freeze, there is another wool sweat, while at the same time, a warm layer of air is cre- creation: a one-piece, full body base layer made fromJuly 15 – 18, 2010 ated between the garments, says Lars Eivind. iN receNt ye arS, the company has been nominated for wool. With this all-in-one garment, you get wool from head to toe – including the Superhero-look, if you like. – You get a long johns top and bottom in one gar-Friedrichshafen, Germany several awards. An example is when the Aclima Woolnet ment, while eliminating the waist gap where snow can was voted Product of the Year 2009 in the Base Layer enter into the trousers. Wearing the one piece guarantees category by Swedish Utemagasinet. to keep you warm and comfortable, says Lars Eivind. The company produces clothing for both adults and chil- For trade visitors only Sca Nd i Na via N Outd OOr Ne wS 7
  5. 5. environment environment SiNce 2 0 07, Swedish Klättermusen has been donating one Swedish company Primus has been a part priMuS 10 tipS For eco cooKiNG percent of their turnover to selected environmental projects. of people’s adventures since 1892, with eco-euros Orangutans in Borneo high quality products for cooking, light- 1. Use a lid. A lid makes boiling quicker. and schools in Nepal ing, and heating. annika Öhberg, Mar- 2. It is best to use an aluminium cooking pot with a heat have both benefited exchanger. Used together, they reduce boiling times and keting Manager of Primus, tells about the up for grabs from the donations. fuel consumption by around one third. For 2010, the sum amounts to a remark- strong history, the present and the future. 3. Choose food that cooks quickly. Food like spaghetti or able 30 000 Euros. other thin pastas. – We invite our 4. Small pieces are better. It is faster to cook food that customer’s to suggest environmental projects and vote for has been divided into small pieces. where they think the money should go, says Klättermusen’s Eva Askulv. 5. Do not cook the food completely. Let the food finish cooking in the after-heat, which can be done in an insula- Klättermusen has received a number of prestigious tion bag. awards for its eco-conscious products, and the donations are just another example of the company’s environmental 6. Reduce the output. Use a maximum of around ¾ concern. of the stove’s output, as this will make best use of the The nomination of projects is open until August 1st 2010, energy. and is done by filling out a form on the Klättermusen web 7. Protect the stove from the wind. Shelter it from the site. A jury will then nominate between two and five projects wind and use a windscreen. to receive the grant. Starting in September, Klättermusen customers can log on to the web site and vote for their 8. Gas is good. Gas does not need any preheating and is When buying the lodur Shirt or any other Klätter- recipes for favourite project. The projects awarded the grant will be pre- musen product, you can decide on which environ- more efficient than liquid fuel. sented in the beginning of 2011. mental project your eco-percent will be spent. 9. Save heat. If you have any hot water left over, save it in a thermos for your next meal. sustainability 10. The right combination gives the best effect. Do not use a small pot on a large burner. It is best to make sure that you have the right burner for the right size pot. priMuS haS beeN arouNd for almost 120 years. How new tools like YouTube, does this long history link to what Primus is doing now, Facebook, and Twitter, we with innovative, environmentally friendly products? can communicate directly – We are well aware and very proud of our company’s with our customers in a history – a history of innovation. Reliability and efficiency new way. We launched the are also closely linked with the name Primus. So for us, it Primus Facebook website is not a new direction, rather new steps on the same road. last autumn and it is be- Today, we make sure that a lot of our R&D goes into sus- coming more popular day tainability, resulting in ‘green products’ like our Eta stoves. by day. We see this as an interactive communication For a Stove that haS aN aver aGe use and life of to invite people to share annika Öhberg, primus ten years, production only represents ten percent of the their outdoor adventures Fire drill, volunteer fire department from stove’s total energy consumption. How can Primus affect and ideas for product devel- Gäddede, Jämtland, Sweden the environmental impact of the individual users? opment. Highly appreciated by our R&D! – With our new concept called ‘Eco Cooking‘, we share our knowledge about efficiency and ecological use What iS the Major NeWS for Primus in 2011? of outdoor stoves. Primus is also contributing to a tree- – We will show some more high-end outdoor productsThere is something about the loops. Professionals who work outdoors know how to dress to stay warm when planting project via BaumInvest, to compensate for the made from Titanium. Our line of fashion colour acces-it’s cold. Woolpower garments are made with Argentinean merino wool, a very fine and highly crimped wool that offers exceptional benefits.Woolpower’s unique knit material, Ullfrotté Original, is made in Östersund, Sweden, and consists of a myriad of small, terry knit C02-emissions our Eta stoves do cause. sories will grow. We are also redesigning the packagingloops that trap body heat. The combination of the merino wool’s natural properties and the knit loops make Woolpower garments of our outdoor products, so that retailers and consumerscomfortably warm, itch free and moisture managing. Of course, you don’t have to be a fire fighter to wear Woolpower base priMuS iS alSo active within Social Media. How impor- can distinguish them. And we have just finished workinglayers; you just have to prefer staying warm over being cold. tant are they for you? on our new brand manual. This work made us even more The secret is in our loops – Social Media is getting increasingly important. With aware of our strong heritage. 8 Sca Nd i Na via N Outd OOr Ne wS
  6. 6. environment environment “For us it’s not just about making an environmen- tally friendly solution, but also about doing some- thing that works and will last for many years. ” a new green trek Martin axelhed, General Manager, Fjällräven. it’s no secret: environmentally friendly environmental debate in recent years have seen a growing skepticism about certain chemical substances, so-called - During the Fjällräven Classic race we have seen, among other things, that many people use our base layers, – We have worked with Teijin for 30 years and they came to us when they launched its recycling program shell materials have often been less fluorocarbons, in the membrane and impregnation, which but choose jackets from other suppliers. We have simply four years ago. We knew that we wanted to do more than are common in the market. Fluorocarbons are believed to been too weak when it comes to waterproof shell jackets, that, and pushed them to develop this fluorocarbon-free functional than those with fluorocar- affect the cell function and fertility in mammals and have explains Martin Axelhed. impregnation that works with a shell material, says Bruns bons. Now, Fjällräven has confronted been traced all the way to polar bears up in the arctic. and also take the opportunity to highlight the “green” ver- Another problem with these garments is that they are dif- there will be a difference, he says. sion of Fjällräven’s classic fabric, G-1000 Eco, as another this “green” challenge. For the summer ficult to recycle. With eco -Shell - You should know that with Eco-Shell we environmental achievement. of 2011, the company is launching the - We are proud to present the Eco-Shell, which in have made a very big decision. For 15 years Things that are good for the environment terms of performance, is comparable to existing high-tech we have developed our Hydratic, invested are often a real challenge for production. Fjällräven eco-Shell with performance membranes on the market, says Fjällräven’s General in marketing and more. Now we have As an example, Bruns explains how they equal to those of less environmentally Manager Martin Axelhed and reveals that it has been a decided to leave it. In the future, all of our now have developed an environmentally long journey. waterproof garments will be made from friendly treatment that is water resistant, friendly alternatives. With Eco-Shell, you get a water- and windproof gar- Eco-Shell. but is not resistant to oil and greasy dirt in ment with great breathability combined with a material that Is Eco-Shell, the most important the same way that the traditional treat- can be completely recycled in a closed system. The fabric environmental initiative the company has ments are. iN 5 0 ye arS , Fjällräven has achieved global recognition is made of already recycled polyester, and there are no ever taken? However, it should be added, that the for their classic Scandinavian designs and durable materi- fluorocarbons in either the membrane or impregnation. In – It is one of the larger ones. Of course, we development is progressing. als. Their environmental philosophy has always been to addition, Fjällräven climate-compensates for the produc- made the largest decision when the company was – With new technologies and processes, I believe make timeless products that are so tough that they do not tion and transportation of the garments. founded and we decided to make products that would last we can continue to improve our share of environmentally need to be replaced as often. Now, they are turning up a long time, but this is really big, says Donna Bruns, who is friendly materials and methods of production. These their ambitions. In five years, the majority of their collec- iN the SuMMer oF 2 011 the first collection will be Purchasing Manager at Fjällräven and has worked with the improvements will be visible during a five-year period tions will be made from environmentally friendly materials. released. Three men’s jackets, two women’s jackets and company for seven years. where step by step, we will make our collection even Today, Fjällräven uses organic cotton and recycled a trouser in unisex sizes. Prices will be in line with other The development of Eco-Shell has taken place in close greener without sacrificing our quality and durability, says polyester in many of its products. The challenge has been high-tech shell garments. The models have been designed cooperation with Japanese Teijin who with the Eco-Circle Fjällräven’s General Manager Martin Axelhed. in waterproof garments. Those who have followed the to fit like the company’s best selling models. system is the world leader within the recycling of polyester. 10 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S Sca Nd i Na via N Outd OOr Ne wS 11
  7. 7. environment environment S ö r e n a n d e r S S o n w w w. 2 S e e . S e NOrr Magazin is the leading magazine NorWay philosophical hiking for environmentally friendly outdoor recrea- Hardangervidda is one of Norway’s most extensive tion and travel in Scandinavia. in the latest mountain areas. Those who want help finding the best trails can hire the eco-certified guiding company issue, NOrr has listed this summer’s 55 Hardangervidda Fjellguiding. Trekking over the beautiful best eco-adventures. we asked the team mountain Hallingskarvet is combined with philosophical behind NORR to pick their five favorites. discussions about life and nature. “They include a hiking tour in the footsteps of the famous Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess. He was a pioneer who early on became involved in several environ- mental issues, and gained many followers.” SWedeN Nordic penguins The island of Stora Karlsö lies six kilometers off the west deNMarK coast of Sweden’s Gotland. It is the world’s second- the island without co2 oldest natural protected area, after Yellowstone National For friends of the environment, the Danish island of Samsø Park in the United States. On Stora Karlsö there is a is an ideal destination. In addition to locally grown vegeta- huge abundance of birds. Over 250 species have been bles, long beaches and biking on narrow country roads in a spotted over the years. Most famous are the Guillemots, lush landscape, the island is completely CO2 neutral. Here, also called the Nordic penguin. Many visitors travel here the wind has been utilized for a long time. Today’s wind by boat for the day, but there are also opportunities to turbines on land and at sea, along with other environmental stay overnight, for example, in the old lighthouse. Here, initiatives, have supplied the island’s energy without any humans are clearly a minority compared to the thousands emissions. Samsø also sells its “green” electricity to other of birds! regions, thereby reducing CO2 emissions even more. The “The most unique experience is to be there in June island has been called the cleanest place on Earth in several when the young Guillemot chicks learn to fly. Every night, newspapers. hundreds of them throw themselves out of their nests up “Visit Samsø. It will give you new hope for the future.” in the cliffs and make a hard landing about ten feet fur- ther down. This is when volunteers take the opportunity to place tracking bands on them while they are stunned. icel aNd The chicks soon recover and then learn to fly.” Natural horsepower Much of Iceland is better 5 Nordic eco- suited for horses than FiNl aNd cars. One favorite trip is Wilderness paddling in inari to the Lake Mývatn area, One of the most beautiful areas in the Finnish Lapland is with its volcanic features, Lake Inari, located north of the town of Ivalo. The lake of- green hills and beautiful fers magnificent scenery with crystal clear water, a small waterfalls. And don’t miss archipelago of beautiful small islands and abundance of a relaxing bath in the out- adventures wildlife, both on land and in the water. Lapland-adven- door bathing facility with tures is a small outfitter that specializes in customized its hot geothermal waters kayak and hiking trips to the region of Inari near the in Jarðböð. Russian-Norwegian border. “This tour was NORR Magazin is pub- “There are plenty of pristine environments, where nominated by The Sunday lished in German four there are no visible traces of humans. Make sure the Times as one of the 10 times a year. Read more same is true when you leave the area.” best in the world. And we at completely agree.” 12 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S Sca Nd i Na via N Outd OOr Ne wS 13
  8. 8. Business BusinessÅge andré KLefSÅSvoLd adam hagLund celebrate good times A winning Ne x t ye ar, Hilleberg the Tentmaker turns 40. But there will be no 40- year-old crisis in the form of drastic On the contrary, we continue to grow in most markets, and we have recently increased the number of employees at MTB-team the Sport oF cycliNG is growing ecco’s landmark ‘the foot’ changes to appearance. “We will con- the headquarters from 13 to 17 people. stands outside the danish tinue doing what we do best – make Even the subsidiary in the U.S. is do- and more and more cyclists are com- headquarter in tønder. really good tents,” says Rolf Hilleberg, ing well, which is quite unique among plementing their personal protection President of Hilleberg. European outdoor companies. with biking gloves, in addition to hel- One step ahead The company is in a stable growth Many who turn 40 take one last op- mets. This Hestra has noticed, as its phase, as during the last two years sales portunity to change their lives in a more broadened range of MTB gloves has have increased by 40 percent. Such youthful direction in the form of tattoos been received very positively. Sales success draws eyes. Rolf Hilleberg or a Harley Davidsson. Hilleberg on the have grown by 30 percent during the says that people outside the company other hand, will celebrate its 40th an- first half of 2010. Even on the racing front, Hestra often wonder why the strong brand niversary, without any drama. The tents gloves thrive. Hestra cooperates with Healthy feet are the red threads that hold of Bredebro to begin making shoes. With the combina- doesn’t sell more products, everything will retain the classic Hilleberg-colors tion of a high innovative pace, traditional craftsmanship from backpacks to clothes. But Rolf, his of dark green and red, and the product the Danish MTB Club, Team Holte, together the shoe manufacturer ecco. and a deep interest in the human foot and how it works, sister Petra, who operates the subsidi- range will stay basically the same. whose elite riders have won numerous venturing into the outdoor segment and Ecco shoes began to conquer the world. The company prestigious events. Best of all, has ary in the United States, and founder – However, that doesn’t mean that been for cross country cyclist, Annika making footwear for demanding uses, was produced remarkable best sellers – like the model Joke and father Bo all agree: Hilleberg will we don’t want to renew ourselves. in 1978 – and continued to develop its direct-injection continue to be a family business and will Product development is a major part of Langvad, who has the 14th place on a natural step forward for the company. method for creating flexible, durable soles. Ecco also continue to only manufacture tents. The our business and we have ideas for the the world rankings. Annika is now decided on a different approach than most footwear com- financial crisis that started in 2008 is future. But our philosophy will be the aiming to win the German Bundesliga, panies and chose not to outsource production. proof that the strategy is correct. same, even when we turn 40, says Rolf. which she leads with only one race a Shoe Should follow to the foot - not vice versa. With – By owning and controlling the full value chain, we “We have not noticed the recession. remaining. this principle in mind, the almost 50-year-old Danish can ensure high quality products and excellent working Ecco has become a worldwide name for its unusu- conditions, says Lüttig. ally comfortable shoes. Three years ago the company Gloves on fairs and many of our skiing partners released their first shoe collection made from yak-leather. yaK-le ather becaMe the logical continuation of this are located here, says Claes Magnus- The durable material - three times stronger than cowhide pioneering spirit. To refine the skins, Ecco’s tanning team son, owner of Hestra togehter with - has proven to fit perfectly for use in the outdoors. had to develop a new way of handling the leather - with display his brother Svante Magnusson. In Innsbruck, Hestra has moved into the ABC Business Park, a business hotel – We were the first company to launch yak in a com- mercial way. Yak has helped us to significantly grow our sales and break into major outdoor accounts in Europe, excellent results. The first yak series was called X-Pedition and included sturdy boots for high altitude trekking and climbing, and aS oF thiS WiNter , Swedish glove- hosting many prestigious sporting says Frank Lüttig, Head of Global Sales at Ecco Sport. others followed it. This year for OutDoor, a wide range of maker Hestra has new showrooms in brands and serving as a hub for sport- sandals for different uses will be presented. Åre and Innsbruck. The establishments ing goods buyers. The Åre showroom teStiNG NeW MaterialS and new production tech- – The top of the line sandal is called Terra VG. It comes are a natural step in Hestra’s desire to lies only 500 meters from the ski niques is part of the company’s culture. Ecco was with yak leather and our own EPR 4.0 outsole. It is a work closely with customers. slopes, in the centre of the village. founded in 1963 when Birte and Karl Toosbuy sold every- phenomenal sandal with a great fit for outdoor adventures, – Both towns have important trade thing they owned and moved to the small Danish village explains Lüttig. 14 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S Sca Nd i Na via N Outd OOr Ne wS 15
  9. 9. Business Sweden’s KALL. fastest The Valley of Kall, just northeast of the village of Åre, in northern Sweden is the perfect destination for those who are tired of the comfortable life. Here you will find rugged mountain wilderness, impenetrable forests and an extremely variable climate. But sometimes it’s nice to have to struggle a bit. With a pair of durable pants already a classic on the hiking trails, you can be sure of a good start to your adventure. Download our new catalog at arch Flex System and be inspired! Three different heights in each size creates a perfect fit. The dynamic support for the arches strengthens the foot’s own shock ab- sorption, without locking natural movements. in 2009, icebug had the largest export is reflected in our clean and functional approach to design and the love and respect for nature.” sales increase of any Swedish sport brand, a staggering 143 percent. it’s time at thiS poiNt, Icebug is evolving from being a favourite to discover this (no longer such well kept) among only a few people. As the first choice in the orien- teering community, more and more trail runners around secret of Scandinavian outdoors. the world are discovering that what works for the authentic Scandinavian form of off-trail running, is also excellent for them. it’S touGh to Start a new brand, particularly if you’re “We are the leader in traction technologies, and once small and independent and the competitors are the global real grip is experienced, there is no way of going back to footwear giants. But this is exactly what Icebug decided to slipping again,” says David Ekelund. do, equipped with what they claim to be the best traction technology available on the market and the determination What’S the MoSt e xcitiNG thing with being back at to make staying active in slippery conditions fun. OutDoor? Since its inception in 2001, this innovative company “For Icebug, it’s to see if the central European custom- from Gothenburg, Sweden has established itself in fifteen ers will like our new trail running line as much as they do in countries. The company is strongest in Scandinavia, our own back yard.” but is steadily growing in Central Europe, North America and Japan. When Sportfack, the leading Swedish trade alSo, icebuG iS stepping into a new product category. publication in the sports and outdoor industry, ranked the “Arch Flex System is our new brand for footbeds. fastest growing Swedish companies in 2009, Icebug found We have worked together with the leading Scandinavian itself on top of the podium. orthopedic lab, and have been able to make their supreme According to Icebug’s CEO David Ekelund, the recipe functionality available over the counter. Arch Flex System 2010 TRAVE RSE PA N T S T H E VA L L E Y O F K A L L S U M M E R for success has been as simple as it has been unglamor- has been on the market in Sweden and Norway since last ous: the right people, hard work and constant development. November, and the feedback is really strong. Now the next Towards the Valley of Kall in a pair of durable pants awarded for their comfort and fit. The fast-drying outer “Being Scandinavian is also an important part of it. This step is export.” fabric is a blend of polyester and organic cotton that is both wind and water resistant. Stretch panels from Schoeller ® Dynamic Extreme and reinforcements from 16 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S Cordura ® provide maximum freedom and durability.
  10. 10. Business Business Surviving at 66°NOrtH Icelandic 66°North sees the financial crises and recent volcanic eruption as appropriate tests for a brand that can survive just about anything. halldór eyjólfsson, ceo of 66°North icel aNdic 6 6°North sees the financial crises and returned home from a three-day tour in the mountains jallajökull started we saw this as an opportunity since recent volcanic eruption as appropriate tests for a brand with customers and members of the press. many reporters and camera crews came to Iceland. The This is Dýrafjörður. that can survive just about anything. In recent years the company has been expanding ability to see the potential in every situation and adapt to The sea temperature is 5°C. The outdoor company 66°NORTH is one of Ice- in every sector; work wear, domestic market and in changing environment is a part of the Icelandic culture. On a good day. land’s most well known brands – in every category. The export. The emphasis in export has been building a good Over the past five years 66°NORTH has increased its company has been around since 1926 and during its first foundation and we have done that with agents that we sales by 25-30 percent annually, and for those wonder- 50 years, specialized in producing clothing for the harsh have good connection with and know the brand. Building ing, neither Iceland´s economic crises nor recent volcanic working conditions found aboard Icelandic fishing boats. strong relationships takes time but we are sure that this eruptions have been able to halt the positive growth. Today, 66°NORTH products can be found not only in the is the right approach for our company, explains Halldór. We were able to survive the Icelandic financial crisis European markets but also in the USA and Canada. When increasing awareness of the brand we haven’t thanks to our exports and continuous focus on the inter- Many of the performance demands of fisherman have spent much money on advertising. Rather, we try to use national market, says Halldór. been kept over the years, but the company now works every opportunity to get the brand out and we use the And we have already put the volcanic eruption and primarily with a more general outdoor collection. Shells, connection to Iceland a lot. When the eruption in Eyjaf- ash behind us. We noticed a drop in sales during April, fleece garments and woollen products are all impor- as we did not have as many tourists here in Iceland, but tant parts, but 66°NORTH still supplies work wear and Icelanders are used to tough conditions and bounced functional garments to industries and national agencies “we were able to survive back quickly, he added with a laugh. like the Icelandic Police force and emergency services, to name a few. the Icelandic financial cri- halldór e yjólFSSoN alSo views the fact that the iN the SpriNG of 2006, Halldór Eyjólfsson became the sis thanks to our exports company is based on one of the most weather-exposed location on earth, as one of the biggest advantages. Reykjavík Capital Area: Bankastræti 5, Faxafen 12, and continuous focus on Kringlan, Smáralind, Miðhraun 11 Akureyri: Glerártorg CEO of 66°NORTH. He took the job because he saw a We work in a unique region and the extreme weather Keflavík: Airport and retailers across Iceland great potential for the development of the company and conditions common here in Iceland are really good for us. Keeping Iceland warm since 1926 has since devoted much of his time to strengthening the company’s image. Halldór Eyjólfsson himself also really the international market.” We can build an outdoor brand with great credibility and really test everything to the max, he explains. Our loca- the long running marketing marketing campaign of enjoys the outdoor lifestyle and only a few days ago, tion is optimal. 66° North has been an international success story. 18 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S Sca Nd i Na via N Outd OOr Ne wS 19
  11. 11. r&d r&d the new wiglo Craft goes sport specific Product news for the 2011 season includes a com- it’S biG brother won the famous Outdoor In- Swedish sportswear specialist craft pletely revised range of sports bras with sport specific dustry Award, the Scandinavian Outdoor Award, offers a broad range of functional body pieces adapted to a women’s ergonomics and to different and the Award for Design Excellence by the sports. The Bike Bra, for example, is engineered particu- Norwegian Design Council two years ago. Now wear. with the new collection for the 2011 larly for the cycling motion and position, and also comes Bergans has extended the range of its unique season, athletes can find sports specific un- in a version with Windstopper front panels to protect tent concept with a smaller version. This exciting derwear that does the job 365 days a year. from wind on cooler days. And since foot movement and innovation brings us the large, spacious Wiglo in pressure points vary between different sports, Craft is a lightweight, four person version. launching a new sock collection that meets the specific The tent features the same construction as the demands of runners, bikers and cross-country skiers. larger models, with a traditional middle pole and it’S a SWe at y job to take care of athletes’ body ”Ergonomics is one of the key factors we’re always three poles that push the sides outwards. This moisture, but someone has got to do it – and Craft’s working on. This involves thorough research and detailed, provides more space while still giving the option functional baselayers have been doing so for almost thought-through work,” says Abrahamson. to roll up the outer canvas of all three bows. In four decades now. For 2011, the company continues to Other news for 2011 are additions to the Mesh Super- warm climates this provides perfect ventilation, broaden its assortment with a number of new products. light line, intended for workouts in really hot conditions. comparable to the old tents of the Bedouins. “Sport specific cuts and design elements are a high- For cooler days, CRAFT presents the Zero Extreme range Additionally, the side bows assures great wind light in our new collection. Our aim is to offer the right with tops, bottoms and accessories in a combination stability. The tent can be used with just the outer baselayer for every day of the year,” says Craft Brand of Coolmax and Thermolite fibres and with integrated, canvas or in combination with an inner tent. Manager Erik Abrahamsson. body-mapped Windstopper protection. it WaS bacK in the 1970’s when sports lover and knit- wear engineer Anders Bengtsson developed a material with high-tech fibres in a unique knitting technique. The result was a baselayer that effectively wicks moisture from the skin, thus balancing the body’s temperature while in action. Craft was born. Ever since then, the company has been developing gear that will beat the heat in the summer and offer the right bal- ance between ventilation and insulation in the winter. 20 21