Scam types and its avoidance


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Scam types and its avoidance

  1. 1. SCAM TYPES <br />AND<br />TIPS TO AVOID SCAMS<br />By<br />SCAM RIPPER<br />
  2. 2. CONTEnts<br />Scams<br />Types Of Scams<br /><ul><li>Acaiberry Scams</li></ul>Tips to avoid Acai berry scams<br /><ul><li>Mystery shopping scams</li></ul> Tips to avoid Mystery shopping scams<br /><ul><li>Advance-Fee Loan scams</li></ul> Tips to avoid Advance-Fee Loan scams<br /><ul><li>Identify theft Scam</li></ul> Tips to avoid Identify theft Scams<br />
  3. 3. Scam <br /><ul><li>A scam is trying to get your money, identity, all your personal information.
  4. 4. Obtaining money by means of deception including fake personalities, fake photos, fake template letters, non-existent addresses and phone numbers, forged documents. </li></ul>TYPES :Acaiberry Scams<br /> Mystery shopping scams<br /> Advance-Fee Loan scams<br /> Identify theft Scam<br />
  5. 5. acai berry scams<br /><ul><li>Acaiberry has gained group of attractiveness in the recent years due to its wonderful relating to diet value.
  6. 6. But due to this excitement, there are plenty of bogus products are also offered in the market.
  7. 7. People should be careful of this scam before buying acai berry products.
  8. 8. As far as the pure acai berry is troubled, it is 100% natural and original product developed from ice over dried acai berry.</li></li></ul><li>Tips to avoid acai berry scam<br /><ul><li>Constantly purchase pure acai berry from a certified website
  9. 9. Notice the manufacture and expiry date before purchasing the goods.
  10. 10. Verify the ingredients and whether it contains </li></ul>any chemicals or preservatives on brand of the <br />product.<br /><ul><li> Always purchase the goods made from </li></ul>freeze dried out acai. You can see on the label stating pure, natural or freeze-dried form. <br />
  11. 11. MYSTERY SHOPPING SCAMS<br /><ul><li>Mystery shopping also known as secret shopping can be a capable way of earning money, particularly for housewives, retired people and students.
  12. 12. The work requires that you pose yourself as a normal customer, to estimate a company’s goods or services.
  13. 13. Beautiful tag lines such as “Become Rich Soon without Effort!” and are frequently put out to attract people for enrolling in mystery shopping programs.
  14. 14. You will be asked to do certain tasks and report the findings of those tasks in online forms or questionnaires, for that you will be paid compensation. </li></li></ul><li>TIPS TO AVOID MYSTERY SHOPPING SCAMS<br /><ul><li> Don’t pay a registration fee to a mystery shopping company.
  15. 15. Don’t pay for “documentation”, “training materials”, or “</li></ul> secret lists”.<br /><ul><li> Don’t offer a debit or credit card, in case if </li></ul> they say they would not charge it.<br /><ul><li> Don’t react to mystery shopping </li></ul> advertisement in the classifieds or ones<br /> you hear on the radio. <br /><ul><li> Don’t believe a cashier’s cheque as payment, these are </li></ul> frequently fakes.<br />
  16. 16. Advance-Fee Loan Scams<br /><ul><li>Advance-fee loan scams frequently target customers with bad credit problems or persons with no credit.
  17. 17. In swap over for an up-front fee, these companies "guarantee" that applicants will acquire the credit they want typically a credit card or a personal loan.</li></li></ul><li>TIPS TO AVOID Advance-Fee Loan Scams<br /><ul><li> Most rightful lenders will not "guarantee" that you will get a loan or a credit card earlier than you apply, particularly if you have bad credit, or insolvency.
  18. 18. It is an established and common practice </li></ul>for highly regarded lenders to need payment <br />for a credit report or assessment. <br /><ul><li> Never give your credit card details like account number, Social Security number out over the phone except you are familiar with the company and know why the information is essential. </li></li></ul><li>Identify theft Scam<br /><ul><li>An identity thief is somebody who acquires some part of your susceptible information, like your Social Security number, date of birth, address, and phone number, and make use of it without your knowledge to commit fraud or theft.</li></li></ul><li>TIPS TO AVOID IDENTIFY THEFT SCAM<br /><ul><li> Keep a look at your purse or wallet, and stay them in a safe place at all times.
  19. 19. Don't share your personal information </li></ul>with casual people you don't know.<br /><ul><li> Identity thieves are actually good liars, </li></ul>and might make believe to be from banks, Internet service providers, or even government agencies to get you to make known identifying information. <br />
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  21. 21. Thanks for your patience on visiting my slide. Please feel free to post your valuable comments.<br />