Mail Fraud Jeb Bush to me and over 500 counts three mortgages remade w john honaker by jeb b ush w wire fraud through w bu...
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Mail Fraud Jeb Bush to me and over 500 counts three mortgages remade w john honaker by jeb b ush w wire fraud through w bush attorney firm


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Currently 500 counts mortgage three arrangements and one recently w John honaker purposely calling him at work during his emergencies and having dementia planned from 1996 lab corp weekly taken by William bush billed and from 2006, during five more emergencies and affidavits w Credit Bureau and to Joe BIdens office Certified in files they Wo;;oa,a Bisdj Keb Bush Jr From FL felonies Felony mortgage with affidavits, set up with J Honaker putting the original in arrears and already setting up loans on the new mortgage 06 with thousands in HSBC loans cash cards citi cards CAP Payday loans to Joh Honaker Bush, esq. 20 yrs felony AMCA emergencies lab corp through his attorney firm 500 counts mortgage fraud set up w G Bush and wire fraud w J Honaker (changing the original mortgae) during 10 emergencies 500 counts set up mortgage fraud with thousands in lending on it and hSBC citi csdh cards mail and already set upfake note by W Bush Jeb Bush in 2006 timing w Robert Bush G Bush family listed atempted fraud embezzlement and billing his lab corp by W Bush esq, timed to take already cover his retirmenet and thrand his pay with other lans threas to mself and son to carry out theft fraud assualt and assault on us while paying off his other collections by the same G BUs is charged with 15 yrearfs felonies billing for crimes on my son and myself 11 yrs violent crimes daily and child crimes at all places incl Nemours as DOJ libel slander threas assault battery to 2011 and presently timing wire fraud daily w R Bush for J Honaker 43,000 while calling police a about Wes Bush and three Bushes illegally op as FBi William Bush esq the 16,000 and crimes cahrges and billing from while we're in our home timing 7,000 overdraft fees with Wes Bush R Bush taking the loans and op comcast electric John Honaker on no day able to even remember all loans from him and to him daily forced each month by phoen calls R Bush Wes Bush William Bush from 2006 taking my work again in 2010 during his dismissal impersonating the court and G Bush in child crimes R BUsh with each place and state crimes embezzlement arrested and embezzled state money Tim Bush each state as OIG VDV HHD HUD and FBI to FL in child crimes and housing fraud w William Bush esq

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