9 24 09 Notary Complaint for Susan Cameron Honaker Vs. Arpino


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William Bush, makes 'dismissals, from his scanlon wire fraud attorney firm for J Honaker, for assault already on me around police orders during another induced emergencies lab corp weekly for John billed by Wililam Bush esq. for assaulting myself at the same time s for 'suing' 7,000 in lending w Wes Bush, R BUsh WSFS taken from J HOnaker, after felonies of continued assualt during his 7,000 American General loans in 2008 to present 112 yrs threats to myself and son assault and all felonies; Arrest warrant for from 1990 to 2000 William Bush on file op as labor fraud attorney collections for over 18 loans medical and lab corp weekly from his attorney firm with David C Weiss faxing for arrests for wire fraud lab corp while he assaultied myself made dismissals on this case NOT filed to him or hiw name on it William Bush, op from and as DOJ Nemours as POlice Communications EMS narcotics w Bill Hayward Bush as police computers impersonating a judge 11 yrs threats, assault, 500 counts destruction of police affidavits, felonies impersonating a judge, and wire fraud from his attorney firm felonies 06 , 07, 08 daily on myself 'transferred' felonies and destruction of police affidavits impersonating court records herein made dismissal from his "Scanlon" attorney firm, threats to Miriam from his scanlon attorey firm and operating obstructions microwave surveillance and threats to carry out the crimes w G Bush Wes Bush op the loans wire fraud for J Honaker from his attorney firm made dismissals with Susan Cameron Honaker VS. Arpion while he served also R Chapman by Fax and cont 11 yrs to present libel emails threats assaulted me three more months billing federal healthcare, libel and 'sghes suing' a posoisonous injection at the time and adding to wire fraud from his attorney firm w R bush as WSFS embezzlement also oprating as five agencies each and FBi 20 yrs felonies op loans WEs Bush Bill Bush op as Policce w Two at comcast services directly with the loansd at his work each month and NO loans my own by 43,000 just after speaking to detectives DOJ Prosecutors office; G Bush, has over 6500 counts felony firing of employees to cover up his crimes also. 11 yrs daily with HSBC defrfaud mortgage (20 yrs paid off) for J Honaker and felonies of mkaing a HSBC mortagge 500 counts felony lending CAP padya loans and 11 yrs thrats libel assault on myself and son, and in child crimes, state money embezzlement all schools, paving under Bush, electric, comcast w J Honaker using micrfwoave and surveillance daily no ability to even add his money or expenses in any totla from 1996 and threats assault during timed 20 more emergencies William Bush arrest with Two at comcsat wes Bush American General he doesnt own or any money arrests for each one op as attorneys each one arrest not one owns any bank and only theft and each charged with wire fraud

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9 24 09 Notary Complaint for Susan Cameron Honaker Vs. Arpino

  1. 1. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for the < > DISTRICT OF DELAWARE < >Susan Cameron-HonakerPlaintiff(s) v.Defendant(s)Dorothy (Dee) Arpino ) Civil Action No.1 :09-CV-442(SD)Eleana Meyers, HHS )Larry Meyers, U.S. Dept. of Energy )Robert J. Meyers, U.S. Dept. of Energy )Bay Health Medical Center )National Security Agency )CIAGenovese, et al, unknown addressesUHS of Dover, The Corporation Trust CoState of DelawareDelaware State PoliceHealthNet Federal ServicesDonald Rumsfeld, Dept. of DefenseNemours, Delaware Corp. Registry -t.;~Ctq~ (..~Affidavit of Statement of Service )1 l.;)e.v"~That enclosed are copies of complaintss8F9Qto each of the above named defendants,along with waiver of service and 2 copies of return forms for each. Verified anddocumented. 4- 0 cl iM.y S ~Sr~~ ~ - J J.,()oC{. . Signature of NotaryNo. cPO()& Y ~/lfl//) -