Pushing Maritime Innovation


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Roberta Weisbord

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  • VesselsOvercrowdingSudden hazardous weatherTrainingRescue
  • Addresses problems in developing world – with the developing worldCooper Hewitt, MIT, Stanford – now other institutions
  • Up the ante:Reverse Innovation: Create Far From Home, Win Everywhere by Vijay Govindarajan Chris Trimble and Indra K. Nooyi
  • Weather – NOAA device – but could be appTraining – just got funding – downloadable from websiteOverloading –Social network just developed in Tanzania --– but recognize economic issue – hope to commission a studyRescue –lot could be done -- finding people in big waterwayVessels –Problem -- big, lots of moving parts, difficult milieu – can understand why conservative design – if redesign in this way were feasible or profitable =-- someone would have done it.
  • ApproachHow & why build for poor?By definition can’t affordDesign 90 – true innovationNot more microprocessors so need a user manual for simple devices like toastersUSNOAAVirginia TechPhilippinesTanzaniaUgandaNigeriaEBDG
  • Simple – not adding buttons to a dashboardIT should not be hard wired
  • The How question: How to make it happen Implementation strategy to solicit new designs and implement them
  • How – two modelsEither
  • How do we get the kind of vessels needed
  • Pushing Maritime Innovation

    1. 1. Pushing Maritime Innovation: To solve problems in thedeveloping (& developed) worlds Roberta Weisbrod Sustainable Ports Midyear TRB Meeting August 14, 2012
    2. 2. Background: Ferry Safety in the Developing World• Developing world – ferry fatalities• Interferry – Ferry Safety project with IMO• With Bangladesh Identified issues & made demonstration projects• Information sharing forum• Major outstanding issues remain
    3. 3. Design for the 90% of Us• Criteria and goals – Affordable (build, operate, repair) – Safe – Appropriate to situation• Arenas – Housing and urban planning – Drinking water transport, pumping, purification – Land transport – Health care delivery – NOT Maritime
    4. 4. Reverse Innovation• Commercialization – Deliberate design – Scale up – Impact on local economy considered• Huge market – Developing world – US
    5. 5. Ferry sector: Innovation needs• Weather notification• Training• Overloading• Rescue devices• Vessels
    6. 6. Why build for developing nations?Arguments against:• They lack financial resources• Social problems are complex – can’t just solve one problem• Maritime systems are complex – conservatism rules• If good idea, someone would have done it already
    7. 7. What advances could be applied?• Commitment to Jobs-like simplicity• Can use iOs Platform• New Materials• New Forms• Advanced Methods of Construction
    8. 8. Implementation strategy• Information sharing for ferry safety nations• Design competition• Allies: Media, academia, & trade associations• International Finance Corporation• Private sector/public sector
    9. 9. Design competition• Ferry must suit local conditions (Waterways & Demographics)• Safe• Affordable to build, own, and operate• Is sustainable environmentally• And can improve local economy*
    10. 10. About Design Competition• Site specific vessels – not generic• Nations prepare RFPs for teams to address• Multinational multidisciplinary teams
    11. 11. IFC role• The International Finance Corporation invests in private sector projects in developing world• But not ferries, until now• Confidence based on Interferry findings• Their funding gives credibility to private sector lenders and investors
    12. 12. Allies• Media partner: conference in February 2013 on ferry safety & business opportunities (TBA)• Academic institutions• Trade Associations
    13. 13. Anticipated outcomes• Safer ferries in developing world• Safer ferry operations in developing world• Improved economy in developing world• Technological advances in US and elsewhere• Improved ability for US maritime transport