ARS Ted Grossardt and John Ripy, Kentucky Tranportation Center and Laxmi Ramasubramanian, Hunter College

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  • Participants’ thoughts solicited from the floor and entered next to the items on the left, up to 10 items. Then participants key in the top 3 statements they most agree with, in rank order.
  • Participants’ thoughts solicited from the floor and entered next to the items on the left, up to 10 items. Then participants key in the top 3 statements they most agree with, in rank order.
  • As before, participants supply content, everyone chooses their top three in order


  • 1. Integrating ARS and Visualization to Improve theInclusion, Quality, Clarity, and Efficiency of Public Engagement Processes
    TRB Visualization Workshop
    January 23, 2011
    Dr. LaxmiRamasubramanian,
    Hunter College
    Dr. Ted Grossardt and Mr. John Ripy
    Kentucky Transportation Center
  • 2. My Professional Identity
    Transportation Professional (Private Sector)
    Transportation Professional (Public Sector)
    Planner (not Transportation) e.g., Environment, Land Use (Private Sector)
    Planner (not Transportation) e.g., Environment, Land Use (Public  Sector)
    Academic Teaching and/or Research
    Other Administrator/Manager (Private and Public)
    Elected Official
  • 3. My Familiarity with ARS
    Participated in meetings with it
    Used it myself a few times
    Used it at least a half-dozen times
    Use it very frequently
    I love my keypads!
  • 4. Top Reasons I Don’t Use ARS(choose top three in rank order)
    Too Confusing
    Too Simplistic
    Perceived Cost
    Not Portable Enough
    Lack of Information
    Deterministic outcomes
  • 5. Top Reasons I Don’t Use Visualization Tools(choose top three in rank order)
    All visualization tools are expensive
    Lack of training/skills to use the tools in my agency
    My agency won’t invest in these tools
    It’s just a fad
    These tools mislead ordinary citizens
  • 7. Which breakouts did you attend?
    Visual Communication
    Design Visualization and Animation
    GIS-Based Tools and Methods
    Online Interfaces & Virtual Environments: Second Life, Interactive Tools, MashUps, Portals, Social Networking Tools
  • 8. Two Most Useful Thing I Learned This Morning...
    How to use the tools
    Minority groups using social media through cell phones
    Responsibility of knowing how to use the tool
    Array of technologies
    Flexibility of tools for real-time feedback
    Potential to use virtual worlds to communicate
  • 9. Two Things I’m Going to Lie Awake Wondering About…
    What should my avatar be
    Legitimacy of input
    When do these tools turn into entertainment
    How to tie input to the decision
    Knowledge transfer to local communities for use
    Persuading sponsor to allocate resources/budget
    The resources required to maintain and run these tools
    Educating agencies on value of these tools
    Overcoming agency fear
  • 10. LUNCHTIME!
  • 11. POLLING QUESTION (1:50 - 2:50):   What can we do to make these sites more valuable? Pick Three
    Maintain the sites
    Combine the sites
    More about how to get started with these visualization tools
    More about what software & hardware to use
    More specific information on applying to Public Involvement Practices
  • 12. POLLING QUESTION I (2:50 - 3:30):  In light of the 2005 SAFETEA-LU requirement, how would you rate your organization's (or organizations you've observed) level of compliance.
    Still struggling to have clue how we can implement these requirements effectively
    We don’t have the staff or $
    Can See the Tunnel
    Can See a Glimmer that Might be Light at the End of the Tunnel
    Can Clearly See the Light
    Almost There
  • 13. POLLING QUESTION II (2:50 - 3:30):  What do you need to become more operational with visualization?
    More on research studies and/or Demonstration Projects
    Specific and relevant details regarding Return on Investment (ROI)
    More on the talent and skills required to do visualization in-house
    How to write RFP's for visualization services
    Someone to physically come in and walk us through the process
  • 14. POLLING QUESTION (3:30 - 4:00):  What do your public audiences struggle with most?
    Getting interested in anything going on with regards to the DOT/MPO
    Understanding and actively participating in transportation planning processes
    Specific transportation projects (bridges, interchanges)
    Transportation financial & funding issues
  • 15. What would you like to do at the TRB Visualization Symposium this year? Pick Three
    Traditional presentations
    Our own workshop to discuss progress
    A panel session discussing Visualization
    Panel: Public Involvement
    Panel: The new Reauthorization Bill
    Lightning Talks
    Hands on sessions