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    Zoo Zoo Presentation Transcript

    • CIRCOLO DIDATTICO S.G. BOSCO- BIANCAVILLA - CT PROGETTO COMENIUS Partenariato Scolastico Multilaterale My European Hero” Polish hero: Jan Brzechwa (real name Jan Wiktor Lesman). Partner: Italia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turchia, Polonia Anno 2010/2012Il presente progetto è finanziato con il sostegno della Commissione europea. Lautore è il solo responsabile di questapubblicazione (comunicazione) e la Commissione declina ogni responsabilità sulluso che potrà essere fatto delleinformazioni in essa contenute.This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects theviews only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of theinformation contained therein.
    • An elephant, Isuppose.He would liketo play on his nose.Dont ask him why,Because he is veryshy.
    • The wolf is dangerous,It can eat you up!But not this one hereIt just makes you laugh!
    • A lady visited areindeer,The reindeer looks ather politely and says:"Im so delighted mydear,That youll be wearingsoft gloves from me".
    • My delittle parrot"whisper something in myear"."I dont trust you my dear""I promise to keep it safeAnd not to give it away."
    • FOXVOLPE Red-haired grandpa, red-haired dad Red-haired tail is my pride And here I am - a red- haired fox And you better just run off.
    • "Ladies andgentlemenMay I introduceMr. Bison, justin front of you""Try to bepolite!Smile! Oh, yes!Thats justright!"
    • "Mr. Kanga-Kangaroo,Why have you gotsuch a big shoe?""That is why thekangaroos,Make holes intheir shoes."
    • Look at Mrs.Giraffe,She always pullsher neck up,I envy Mrs. Giraffe,I cant do like that.
    • “Where are youfrom? Crocodile!""I am from theriver Nile,Let me go out fora while,Ill take you tothe Nile."
    • The ostrich alwayshides his head in thesandBecause hes scaredof everythingaround.Everybody calls hima cowardBut he doesnt careHe just lays big eggsevery hour.
    • Boys and girlsMeet a bearHe has lots of fluffy furAsk him to touch youHis paw is prettyHe doesnt wantto? What a pitty!
    • A tortoise wanted tomake a trip,But the trains arentcheap,A tortoise is amizer,"On foot would bemuch wizer."
    • Monkeys are funnyand gay,Monkeys - just likemonkeys - play,Please, look at thechimpanzeeWhat a monkey!Can you see!
    • A zebra has many stripes, All of them black on white. But dont you think its“ strange? Maybe just for a change Someone painted an ox instead
    • The wolf is dangerous,It can eat you up!But not this one hereIt just makes you laugh!
    • ZOO