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Degrafa Top 5 Features
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Degrafa Top 5 Features


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Presentation given at Flex Camp Orange County discussing the "Top 5" features of Degrafa.

Presentation given at Flex Camp Orange County discussing the "Top 5" features of Degrafa.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. What are we talking about? introduction to Degrafa some of the basics top 5 features samples future stuff?
  • 2. What is Degrafa?
  • 3. Degrafa is: a declarative graphics framework open source licensed under MIT works with Flex 2, 3 and Flex 4* community driven for designers & developers at version Beta 3.1
  • 4. Declarative Graphics Framework?
  • 5. graphics.beginFill(#666666,.5); ActionScript graphics.drawCircle(0,0,100); graphics.endFill(); <Circle radius=quot;100quot;> <fill> <SolidFill Degrafa MXML color=quot;#666quot; alpha=quot;.5quot;/> </fill> </Circle>
  • 6. Geometry T SVG
  • 7. Geometry: draw to anything* bindable properties base shapes auto shapes svg path data raster & vector text contributions by jim armstrong
  • 8. Beyond Geometry states lls & strokes transforms layout masks lters extending
  • 9. Demo: Degrafa Basics
  • 10. Top 5 Features of Degrafa (debatable)
  • 11. VectorFill
  • 12. What’s VectorFill? create a ll using Degrafa markup treat it just like a BitmapFill no external assets easy to make changes
  • 13. Demo: VectorFill
  • 14. IGraphicSkin Button
  • 15. What’s IGraphicSkin do? create skins for components uses the new Degrafa states skin charts completely customize your UI
  • 16. Demo: IGraphicSkin
  • 17. Repeaters
  • 18. What are Repeaters? repeat any geometry modify any property on each repetition do complex things with minimal code
  • 19. Repeaters are great for: patterns data visualization artistic explorations skinning
  • 20. Demo: Repeaters
  • 21. Advanced CSS
  • 22. Advanced CSS do much more via CSS gradient backgrounds layer graphics multiple backgrounds rounded corners blends lters?
  • 23. Why Advanced CSS? customize your entire UI using just CSS external access for designers easily repurpose complex styles
  • 24. Demo: Advanced CSS
  • 25. Decorators
  • 26. Decorators externally alters geometry possible because of the Degrafa command stack get to the point-by-point data easy way to extend Degrafa without altering the source
  • 27. Possibilities with Decorators? change angles to curves dashed lines start & end caps multiple & shape borders a ton of possibilities... group them together!
  • 28. Demo: Decorators
  • 29. So what does this mean?
  • 30. Drawing is easy! <Surface> <GeometryGroup> <Circle radius=quot;100quot;> <fill> <SolidFill alpha=quot;.5quot; color=quot;#62ABCDquot;/> </fill> </Circle> </GeometryGroup> </Surface>
  • 31. Less External Assets
  • 32. Do really complex stuff with minimal code.
  • 33. Fine-grained control.
  • 34. Endless Possibilities?
  • 35. What’s Next?
  • 36. What’s Next: feature set is de ned time to re ne and nish these features x bugs and optimize VectorText Text on a Path union, punch, join, etc. AutoShapes extenions
  • 37. Thanks!