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Degrafa Beta 3 - 360|MAX



This presentation was given at 360|MAX during the Adobe MAX conference. The presentation outlines new features in Degrafa Beta 3.

This presentation was given at 360|MAX during the Adobe MAX conference. The presentation outlines new features in Degrafa Beta 3.



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Degrafa Beta 3 - 360|MAX Degrafa Beta 3 - 360|MAX Presentation Transcript

  • What are talking about? introduction to Degrafa some of the basics features & bene ts demos more demos
  • What is Degrafa?
  • Degrafa is: a declarative graphics framework open source licensed under MIT works with Flex 2, 3 and Flex 4* community driven for designers & developers View slide
  • Declarative Graphics Framework? View slide
  • graphics.beginFill(#666666,.5); ActionScript graphics.drawCircle(0,0,100); graphics.endFill();
  • graphics.beginFill(#666666,.5); ActionScript graphics.drawCircle(0,0,100); graphics.endFill(); <Circle radius=quot;100quot;> <fill> <SolidFill Degrafa MXML color=quot;#666quot; alpha=quot;.5quot;/> </fill> </Circle>
  • How do you work with it? What does it offer?
  • But, before we do... Degrafa Beta 3
  • Draw to Anything* Surface
  • Base & Custom Shapes SVG T
  • Transforms (From multiple registration points.) Rotate Scale Skew Matrix
  • Layout Percent Constraints 100%
  • States Success! FAIL!
  • Fills & Strokes </>
  • Filters Drop Shadow Glow Etc.
  • Masking
  • Bindable Properties
  • Contributions by Jim Armstrong (aka The Algorithmist) Splines, Text on a Path and More...
  • Demo: Composition & Binding
  • Complex Compositions
  • Dynamic Graphics
  • Skinning
  • Demo: Dynamic Graphics & Skinning
  • More with Less
  • Repeaters
  • Derive from other geometry
  • Demo: Repeaters
  • Do very complex things much more easily.
  • Decorators
  • Palettes hot/cool grey interpolated ...
  • Stencils
  • Load From Remote URL
  • Demo: Decorators
  • Don’t forget, Advanced CSS
  • Advanced CSS
  • Demo: Advanced CSS
  • What’s Next?
  • What’s Next: feature set is de ned time to re ne and nish these features x bugs and optimize VectorText Text on a Path union, punch, join, etc.
  • So what does this mean?
  • Drawing is easy! <Surface> <GeometryGroup> <Circle radius=quot;100quot;> <fill> <SolidFill alpha=quot;.5quot; color=quot;#62ABCDquot;/> </fill> </Circle> </GeometryGroup> </Surface>
  • Less External Assets
  • Dynamic Graphics for any Situation User Interface Complex Designs Data Visualization Or whatever...
  • Thanks!