SCALEit program 2011
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SCALEit program 2011



The SCALEit program for 2011

The SCALEit program for 2011



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SCALEit program 2011 SCALEit program 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • 20 danish IT startups in Silicon Valley
  • InspirationTHIS PROGRAM IS FROM 2011! A similar program will be offered in 2012 June 6th - 10th, 2011
  • SCALEit program, 2011 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday June 6th June 7th June 8th June 9th June 10th Intro / get started! Pitching Meet the Ecosystem Silicon Valley insights Setup in SV! Equity? Business setup? The EXIT - time to pull Incubator visit, The Hub,Slot 1 Contracts? The role of the out and pass your business Downtown San Francisco Introduction to the SV lawyer, DLA Piper on! program, Innovation Center Denmark and Session and discussion on L The bank in SV - your Silicon Valley Partnering! HOW to make it hereSlot 2 A financial partner! With U Scaling together (Q&A). With Torsten Silicon Valley Bank N Kolind,YouNoodle C Eat & meet entrepreneur Startup Visit: Zendesk, withLunch Eat & meet each other H Martin Friid Nielsen, Soonr Company visit: Google CEO Mikkel Svane S V Venture Capital!Slot 3 Time to meet an Sand Hill Pitch preparations and Road investor Startup visit general business Meet a web-startup in San touching upon the lingo of Stanford University Francisco Free time Silicon Valley Campus trip with aSlot 4 Plan meetings for this time discussion on or enjoy San Francisco entrepreneurship Feedback sessions San Francisco meetup Visit Steve Blank at hisEvening personal ranch We will bring in 12 At I/O Ventures you will extraordinary advisors pitch to +200 people. Please note that all events and meetings are not finally confirmed and are based on availability of the speakers
  • MO ND AY 6Introduc?on"to"Innova.on$Center$Denmarkand"the"SCALEit$program Jeff$Snider,"Progression"Partners Using"Silicon"Valley"to"globalize"your"startup"7"proven"models" and"how"they"workPitch$prepera?ons."Get"ready"to"go"down"the"elevator!Bill$Jose,"Go"To"Market"Consul?ng
  • MO ND AY 6Visit the ranch of Silicon Valley legend, Steve BlankSteve Blank is a Silicon Valley-based retired serial entrepreneur,founding and/or part of 8 startup companies in California’s SiliconValley after dropping out of the University of Michigan. A prolificeducator, thought leader and writer on Customer Development forStartups, Blank teaches, refines, writes and blogs on “CustomerDevelopment,” a rigorous methodology he developed to bring the“scientific method” to the typically chaotic, seemingly disorganizedstartup process.
  • TU E SDA Y 7Launch$Silicon$Valley$("are"aIending"the"launch"of"30$$startups."In"front"of"an"audience"of"VCs,"Angels,"Corporate"Execu?ves,"Bloggers,"Press"&"TV"Cameras,"there"will"also"be"a"wide"range"of"lively,"informa?ve"discussions,"fireside"chats"and"keynotes"to"bring"you"up"to"date"perspec?ves"on"hot"topics.Plenty"of"networking"opportuni?es"at"this"full"day"eventEvening"event:"Experienced$Advice$MaGers!We$have$brought$in$12$of$the$most$experienced$advisors$in$Silicon$Valley,$to$work$and$discuss$with$the$group.$Each$company$will$do$a$5$min.$pitch$of$their$product$and$business$model,$and$receive$feedback$from$up$to$3$advisors.$The$event$will$be$closed$off$with$drinks$and$$is$the$venue$sponsor$for$this$event
  • WE DN ESD 8 AYThe"role"of"the"lawyer,"Bradley$Gersich,"DLA"Piper$"7"Recent"funding"trends"in"terms"of"types"of"companies"being"funded"and"valua?ons."7"A"handful"of"the"key"terms"of"a"typical"term"sheet"that"emphasize"sharing"of"control"and"economics. Banking$in$Silicon$Valley"7"an"ac?ve"partner!"Mar.n$Kan," Entrepreneur"Banking"Services,"Silicon"Valley"BankMeet$secret$successful$danish$entrepreneur!Hint:$serial"entrepreneur,"2"exits,"new"startup Open$discussion$on$entrepreneurship"with$Jesper$ Sørensen,"professor"at"Stanford"University"Graduate"school
  • WE DN ESD 8 AY Evening specialAt"the"Blackbox$Startup$House"we"are"invi?ng"20"Silicon"Valley"early"stage"investors"to"an"invite&only"pitching"event."In"the"casual"seWng"of"this"Palo"Alto"startup"mansion,"each"startup"will"explain"their"vision"in"a"1"minute"elevator"pitch.Style:$Cosy"and"informalAXerparty:"Yes Organizers Partner Sponsor
  • TH URS DAY 9Dancing"with"the"elefants,"Patrina$Mack$and"Gary$Mandel"Topic"of"discussion:"How"do"you"play"with"the"big$guys"in"Silicon"Valley!"Input"and"exit"opportuni?es"in"Silicon"Valley,"Mark$Grossman,"Pagemill"PartnersVisit"Google$HQ$in"Mountain"ViewLearn"from"a"successful"investor,"entrepreneur"and"Venture"Partner"in"Sunstone"Capital,"Juha$Christensen
  • TH URS DAY Share those business cards! 9At"I/O$Ventures"in"San"Francisco,"we"open"the"doors"for"the"Silicon"Valley"startup"community,"to"a"evening"event"of"pitching"and"networking."We"will"serve"drinks"and"snacks,"so"arrive"early"7"we"expect"a"full"house"this"evening"(100"people).The"top"20"danish"startups"will"perform"the"famous"1"minute"elevator"pitch"7"so"be"ready!""Place:$I/O"Ventures.....Organizer Partner
  • FRI DAY 10Visit"The"Hub,"A"startup"incubatorHow"to"setup"in"Silicon"Valley,"discussion"with"CEO"of"ZenDesk,"Mikkel"SvaneWhat"did"SCALEit"do"to"your"business?"What"will"you"do"now?An"informal"and"open"discussion"with"Torsten"Kolind,"CTO"at"Younoodle
  • So how did it really go in 2011?We"surveyed"the"20"par?cipa?ng"companies
  • 100%
  • Overall, how satisfied are you with the week of SCALEit?
  • How would you rate the performance of ICDK in organizing SCALEit?
  • Will you improve or optimize your business because of SCALEit (product tweak, target group, business model etc…)
  • How likely is it that the network/contacts you established during SCALEit will lead to valuablebusiness opportunities for you or your company?