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W:W Brands Info dropship

  1. 1. WORLD WILD BRANDS<br /> <br />The World's ONLY Complete Product Sourcing Solution!<br />Dropship Wholesalers<br />Demand Research<br />Easy Account Setup<br />Light Bulk Wholesalers<br />Competition Research<br />Print/Export Enabled<br />Instant Import Buys<br />Advertising Research<br />Real-Time Research<br />Liquidations<br />Pricing Research<br />Wholesalers added daily<br />Large Volume Wholesalers<br />Instant Product Analysis<br />Instant Updates<br />The Only Source for Wholesale Products You'll Ever Need<br />Drop-Ship Wholesalers:Thousands of Genuine, pre-verified Drop Ship Wholesalers who have already agreed to work with your Home-Based EBiz! Dropshippers send products one at a time directly to your customer from their warehouse. Use Drop Shipping to get started, and identify the products that sell well for you in your market without investing in inventory. Millions of brand name products. Light Bulk Wholesalers:Thousands of pre-verified Light Bulk Wholesalers who are willing to sell at real Bulk Wholesale pricing for minimum orders under $500. Once you identify products that sell well using Drop Shippers, break into Bulk Wholesale of those products for a fraction of the usual cost, and increase your profits by cutting your drop shipping product costs! Millions of Brand Name products. Volume Wholesalers:Thousands of pre-verified Large Volume Wholesalers who sell in larger volume orders at deeper-discount prices. Once your business begins to earn serious profits by progressing from Drop Ship to Light Bulk Sourcing, move into even deeper product cost discounts through Large Volume Wholesalers! Millions of Brand Name Products.Liquidation Wholesalers:Fully pre-verified Liquidation Wholesalers who sell Brand Name products at rock bottom, below wholesale prices. Supplement your Drop Shipping, Light Bulk and Large Volume Product Sourcing by using Liquidation items to draw customers to your business at bargain-basement prices, then show your customers your higher-priced regular product line. This is called using a "Loss Leader", and Liquidation products are perfect for this time-tested method! Instant Import Buys:Instant Wholesale Purchases of thousands of the hottest-selling products just imported into the US from overseas factories! Keep your EBiz on top of the "Hot List" products online by instantly Sourcing these highly popular products in small, affordable case lots. Built-in, INSTANT Market Research:The Successful EBiz Owners all know that Market Research is the Key to Product Sourcing Success! Learn whether the products you're searching for will SELL online BEFORE you buy them. Every time you search for a wholesale product, the Worldwide Brands database INSTANTLY tells you...<br />On a 0% to 100% Scale, how well each product you search for will sell.<br />How many people are searching the Internet for your products.<br />How many other people are selling your products.<br />Who your competitors are, and what their Advertising says.<br />What other variations of your product searches are selling well online.<br />Which Search Engine Keywords are the most popular for the products you want to sell. <br />Save, Print and Export your Product Sourcing Research:Worldwide Brands allows you to...<br />Save Suppliers to your Preferred Suppliers List for quick access<br />Save Notes on your Preferred Suppliers as you work with them<br />Save your Product Searches, including Suppliers and all Market Research, and refer <br />back to it whenever you wish<br />Sort your Product Searches Alphabetically, by Search Term, by Date, and by Best <br />Market Research Percentage<br />Print reports on your Preferred Suppliers, Market Research, and much more<br />Export your Market Research and Supplier Information to Microsoft Excel<br />Updated DAILY: The Worldwide Brands Product Sourcing Database is updated EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS DAY OF THE YEAR with new Wholesale Suppliers and Instant Wholesale Buys, by our full-time Research Team. One Time Price, LIFETIME Ownership!No monthly 'membership fees'. No renewal fees. Your Worldwide Brands Membership literally means putting our entire Product Sourcing and Market Research staff to work for your business, full time, forever, for a single low one time price!<br />You wouldn’t get behind the wheel of a car if you didn’t know how to drive, would you?You wouldn’t jump in a lake if you didn’t know how to swim. You wouldn’t walk into a Final Exam on Technical Physics if you’d never taken the course.So, why would you risk your time and your savings starting an eCommerce business if you didn’t know how to earn real profits? <br />Sadly, though, this is how most eBiz owners experience eCommerce. Even with the right tools in hand, eCommerce can be so confusing that we feeling like we're trying to drive an out-of-control car on an icy highway. Thrashing around in deep water with no handhold in sight. Filling out the answers to a test by sheer guesswork. If you really want to build a secure future for yourself online, you need a safe haven you can trust. A group of experts whose knowledge and experience you can take for granted and never doubt. For more than 8 years, Worldwide Brands has been that group of experts that no one doubts. That group of people who really do care enough to work all year long, every year, to bring only 100% genuine, verified wholesale information to our Members.<br />Recently, when we surveyed our Product Sourcing Members and asked what else we could do to insure their success, their answer came back with one overwhelming voice:<br />Education<br />There's an old saying: "Knowledge is Power". That's absolutely true.On our web site, and in our free "Beat the Recession" Video Series, you've been seeing success stories over and over again. People who have used their Worldwide Brands Product Sourcing Membership to climb to incredible heights of success. These are real people. They actually exist. There are a lot of them. They really are living the American Dream of self-made success, they are beating the current economic Recession, and they've done it all using their Worldwide Brands Membership. So, we wanted to know what the common factor was in all these success stories. Why does one eBiz owner succeed where another doesn't, using the same Product Sourcing tools? In getting to know these successful people, we found the answer. We found that every one of our MOST successful (really over-the-top!) Members all took the time to LEARN HOW AND WHY Product Sourcing really works. Every single one. What we didn't realize was the amount of time it actually took to locate, watch, read, listen to and understand all that information in many places on our web site. So, we decided to make that process a WHOLE LOT EASIER, and at the same time, create and provide a WHOLE LOT MORE Education.<br />We’ve spent the past year developing the Internet’s ONLY full-blown Education that teachesWhat to Sell Online, Where to Get it, and EXACTLY HOW TO DO IT.<br />Welcome to "The Whole $ale!"Our new product, Worldwide Brands' "The Whole Sale", is the culmination of more than eight years of being the number one Product Sourcing information provider on the Internet. It's the result of decades of combined Retail and Wholesale Marketing experience straight from members of the Worldwide Brands Education Team and dozens of industry experts. It teaches you how to drive the eCommerce car, swim across the eCommerce lake, and ace the eCommerce Final Exam so that YOU can become the next over-the-top eBiz success story in our video testimonials! Don't ever again feel like you don't know what you're doing in your eBiz. <br />The Whole Sale contains:<br />19 different eBiz/Product Sourcing Video Courses<br />19 comprehensive Online Workbooks that EXPAND on each Video Course<br />Interactive Self-testing modules that show you what you’ve learned, and what you need to review to insure your success.<br />Real-world Exercises that teach you in understandable terms what each Course means and how it applies to your business.<br />Specifically targeted Resources for each course that tell you how to expand your knowledge even further, and find the <br />TRUSTED places to go when you need information on other subjects. <br />Everything you need in order to truly UNDERSTAND what you need to do to be a REAL eCommerce success story.<br />Have you ever wondered :<br />Why some of your competitors’ prices seem to be the same as your wholesale prices?<br />How to tell when you should be starting to buy a product line in bulk instead of using drop shipping?<br />How to vary your individual product prices so that your overall profit margin grows consistently?<br />What products you should be selling now, and which ones you should be selling later in the year?<br />How to get people to come to your store for an incredible bargain, and leave spending a lot more than they planned?<br />How to make sure you get a Wholesale Account with a Supplier every time you apply for one? <br />Wouldn't you like to know:<br />How to combine Product Sourcing Methods like the big guys do, to skyrocket your profits?<br />How Wholesalers set their prices, so that you can make deals with them that aren’t available to most retailers?<br />How to use 3PL’s to warehouse, inventory, quality check, pack, bundle and ship your bulk wholesale products so that you can play in the big-time profit markets without ever having to rent warehouse space? <br />How to take advantage of Import prices and products WITHOUT having to import the products?<br />How you can sell products at HIGHER PRICES than your competition, and STILL sell MORE than they do?<br />These questions just represent a tiny fraction of the Education that’s jam-packed into The Whole Sale. The answers to these questions, and a LOT more, are something that the really successful online sellers already know. That’s why they succeed. You can join them NOW, and be on your way to a real online income in no time!<br />But, that's not all!As part of our FREE "How to Beat the Recession With eCommerce" video series, we created a Free Webinar with Forrester Research. They are the source that the biggest companies in the world talk to when they want facts about business and the economy. That Webinar was packed with a huge amount of information that our Members found extremely valuable. However, the info in that Webinar was just a tiny drop in the bucket compared to all the ongoing Business and eCommerce information that Forrester Research collects every day. So, we've teamed with Forrester Research permanently, to bring you Worldwide Brands' "eCommerce Insider Report". <br />Our “eCommerce Insider Report”<br />This is a regular report jam-packed with laser-targeted information YOU can use to help you understand exactly what you should be doing in your eBiz, and when you should be doing it, to make the absolute most of the current eCommerce market every single day. Information like this is NOT available to most small businesses. However, it IS available to Worldwide Brands, and WE are making it available to YOU, as part of The Whole Sale.<br />Wait, there's still MORE!Special BonusesWhen our existing Members said they wanted more education, we not only spent an entire year building the definitive online profit-growing Education, we began to add a series of Special Bonuses to that Education. The Worldwide Brands' eCommerce Insider Report, as powerful as it is, is just ONE of those ongoing bonuses.Along with The Whole $ale, you get regular editions of The Worldwide Brands' eCommerce Insider Report, AND: <br />Cliff Ennico's EBook, "A Collection of Articles". Cliff Ennico is an Attorney and highly successful eCommerce expert whose eCommerce books are legendary. Worldwide Brands works with Cliff on a regular basis, and he's provided this fantastic EBook to owners of The Whole $ale as a Special Bonus. It covers a tremendous number of the legal situations you'll encounter on your journey to true eBiz success. Forewarned is Forearmed! You can avoid those sticky legal situations by learning the information contained in this EBook.<br />Import Products from China Video. This exclusive video presentation shows you what Worldwide Brands does best: we go to the SOURCE! In order to answer the questions our Product Sourcing Members have about Importing from overseas, Worldwide Brands' Rob Cowie took one of our Video crews, and actually WENT to China to get the real answers! In this video, available to The Whole $ale Owners ONLY, Rob takes you on a tour of Hong Kong Trade Fairs, interviews the people who are actually importing from China today, and answers the five top questions everybody has about making profits through Importing.<br />"Product Trending Categories for 2008 " by Lisa Suttora. The Founder of WhatDoISell.com, Lisa Suttora, has given The Whole $ale owners exclusive access to this fantastic presentation. It includes an incredible EBook, a one hour video webinar, and a highly targeted eBay Workshop in which Lisa (and our own Marketing Director, Colette Marshall) give you the inside scoop on the things that will sell best throughout 2008. Lisa is the absolute best trend forecaster in eCommerce, and having this exclusive package will allow your eBiz to BOOM throughout the recession and beyond by getting a huge competitive jump on the products that will make you the most money online this year. This is an absolute must-have, and it's only for owners of The Whole $ale!<br />Finding your Niche! by SimpleMarketResearch.com. Everybody talks about "niche marketing" online, but how do you decide what niche market is right for YOU? Worldwide Brands has teamed up with SimpleMarketResearch.com to bring The Whole $ale owners this terrifically insightful eBook that walks you through how YOU can find the product niche that works best for you and your business! <br />Using Market Research with Product Sourcing. Andy Jenkins, creator of the tremendously successful private online business community "StomperNet", sat down with Chris Malta, CEO of Worldwide Brands, to discuss the insider secrets that he and StomperNet Members use to research which products they should sell online. Andy works with Worldwide Brands on a regular basis, and the insights he shares in this video are priceless! This exclusive video is available to The Whole $ale owners only.<br />Amazon Services Discount! Worldwide Brands is recognized by many large Internet markets as the best at what we do. Because of that, we have opportunities to bring you the benefits of our partnership with huge companies like eBay, Entrepreneur.com, and more. Now, we have partnered with Amazon to bring The Whole $ale owners a very special promotional discount. Amazon is fast emerging as a fantastic place for small eBiz owners to sell online. Their built-in traffic, huge exposure and excellent tools mean that you can greatly increase the reach of your eBiz, without spending much time or money to do it! You can give your products visibility and exposure to millions of buyers by selling on Amazon.com. Amazon Services is currently making available to The Whole $ale owners, two months of subscription fees waived, a $79.98 value, for its Selling on Amazon program. There are no item listing fees, and Amazon will handle the payment processing. You just receive orders; ship them to the buyers and Amazon deposits net proceeds in your account every two weeks. This is another exclusive Bonus for The Whole $ale owners. <br />Okay, are you ready to stop reading and start DOING? Well, this STILL isn't all you get with The Whole Sale, but it's certainly more than enough to digest for now! Suffice it to say that with The Whole Sale, you will also be getting new, ongoing updates and new Educational material that we produce well into the future. This truly is a no-brainer. This kind of real-world Education simply hasn't existed in eCommerce yet, until now. If you're ready to take your eBiz over the top, if you're ready to beat the recession, if you're ready to finally understand all those elusive, mysterious things that have made eCommerce a bewildering place to be, WE are ready to teach you, and to clear it all up for you. The smart money is always on the people who make the effort to really learn what they're doing. Our most successful Members have PROVEN that. Get started NOW, save a bunch of money, and JOIN our safe-haven community of successful Members as a truly profitable eCommerceBusiness Owner!<br />How REAL Wholesale Product Sourcing Research Is Done<br />The Biggest Question in ECommerce:All the experts agree that the most-asked, and most important question in ECommerce is:"Where do I find products to sell online?"The answer is simple: RESEARCH. However, while the answer may be simple, the actual research is not. It's extremely important to work with only Genuine, Factory-Authorized Wholesalers of the products you want to sell. If you don't, you'll pay too much for your products, and your competition will beat you every time. Finding those GENUINE Wholesalers is a lot harder than it may seem.The Scammers know where you Search:<br />The major Search Engines contain literally thousands of web sites run by Scam Artists who CLAIM to be real Wholesalers, but are NOT. They simply get in between you and the real Wholesaler, and raise your wholesale prices. They're very good at looking like real Wholesalers, and they fool a lot of people. They know they're cheating you, and they don't care.<br />There are also dozens of "wholesale lists" and "wholesale directories" in the Search Engines. Their sites look very convincing as well. They make outrageous promises and sell junk "lists and directories" full of useless and outdated information at cheap prices. However, ALL THEY REALLY WANT is your personal contact information, so they can SELL your personal information to thousands of other internet marketers and "coaching" programs that will rip you off for thousands of dollars.<br />REAL Factory Authorized Wholesalers generally do not advertise in the Search Engines. These are large Wholesale companies, and they don't believe it's worth their time and effort to advertise to small home-based business owners. They WILL work with you if you can find them, though.<br />For these reasons, looking for Wholesale Suppliers in the Search Engines is a waste of time. The Scammers know you're searching there, and that's where they focus their efforts. The real Wholesalers aren't there to begin with. <br />REAL Product Sourcing Research:We are in the Wholesale Research and Verification business. Product Sourcing is what we do, full time. We do the Product Sourcing Research, so you don't have to.Over the past decade, we have Researched tens of thousands of companies that claim to be Wholesalers.Some companies we've Researched are real Wholesalers, and some are not. When we find Wholesale Suppliers that are real Wholesalers, we Research them even further. Our Full-Time Research Team talks personally with each and every one of them, to determine whether they are a good fit for our database. We have very high standards, and even many companies who are real wholesalers don't "make the cut" to get listed in our database. Our Researchers' ONLY job is to qualify more and more legitimate Wholesale Suppliers who will agree to work with Home-based Internet Business Owners like you. Our staff works on that Research five days a week, all year 'round.<br />Here's How We Do It:Step 1: Raw Materials<br />We buy specialized raw contact lists of thousands of manufacturers and wholesale suppliers from large Lead Generation companies like Dunn & Bradstreet and InfoUSA. These raw data lists cost thousands of dollars each. The raw data is new and different each time. Each time we purchase raw leads, we choose 6 product markets to research, such as Sporting Goods, Baby Products, Electronics, etc. Each time after that, we choose 6 new categories. When we buy this raw data, there is no way to know which of these companies is willing to Drop Ship, Light Bulk Wholesale, Liquidate, provide Instant Wholesale Buys, or even work with Home-based Internet Businesses at all. It is simply a huge amount of RAW CONTACT DATA on companies who make and wholesale products.<br />We also attend the largest and most diverse Wholesale Trade Shows across the entire United States. Wholesale Trade shows are a great place to interact personally with large numbers of companies who may be willing to Drop Ship and/or Light Bulk Wholesale for your Home-based Internet Business. There are hundreds of these shows every year, but only a few of the really big ones matter. The small ones are little more than glorified flea markets, which are not suitable places to find Manufacturers and Wholesalers for a continuous source of products to sell online. Because of that, we don't waste our time sitting around our local area waiting for dozens of cheap "gift and trinket" shows to come to us. We travel the country, from Atlanta to New York to Las Vegas to Los Angeles and more, meeting the REAL Players in this business at the REAL Wholesale Trade Shows. As a result, we bring back thousands of leads for our Research Team to follow up on.<br />There is NO other source of information in this business that can honestly claim to use both these methods to their full potential as extensively and effectively as we do! Step 2: Initial ContactWe have our own in-house Research Team and Call Center. Our own Researchers know exactly the kind of Wholesale Suppliers you need for your Home-based Internet Business. Those Researchers telephone each and every Wholesale Supplier we find on our purchased Contact Lists and at Wholesale Trade Shows, over and over if necessary, until they speak to someone at each Wholesale Supplier. Then they ask a series of questions that determines whether each company might be a good fit for our database. Each day, our Researchers review information with each other on those Suppliers. <br />Step 3: QualificationOur in-house Research Staff then places a return call to each of those potential Suppliers who are approved by our Research Supervisor, and talks to those companies at length. If a Wholesale Supplier meets with our Researchers' initial approval process, they must fill out an extensive questionnaire. Then the Researchers verify the answers to those questions. If that verification meets our approval, our Researcher will call them again with a final round of questions. Then the Researcher will do a final check into the company's background. Once we decide that a Wholesale Supplier passes all of our more than twenty qualifications, they must submit and certify that they information they provided to us was accurate. Then, the suppliers are passed through one final verification process by the Research Manager to ensure final compliance for our database. Step 4: Final Processing Finally, we load all of the verified Wholesale Supplier's product line, brand name information and contact details into our database and make the new supplier LIVE in our database. As you can see, we are VERY serious about the quality of the information our company provides. We are NOT just some guy sitting in his basement, selling a worthless list of Search Engine Returns that took him an hour to put together. This full time Research is WHAT WE DO FOR A LIVING every day. It's our business. Our families, and the families of our employees depend on the quality we put into our work. We do not compromise that quality for any reason, ever! <br />This is why our Founder, Chris Malta, is eBay Radio's choice as their Product Sourcing Editor.<br />This is why we are the most trusted, respected and popular Product Sourcing experts for Home-based Internet Business on the Internet.<br />This is why we are invited to speak at eBay's National Convention every year, and invited on to teach about Product Sourcing at many national seminars and events.<br />This is why we write and Host Product Sourcing Radio every week.<br />This is why everyone from USA Today to Yahoo Finance is talking about us.<br />Because we do it right. Worldwide Brands Product Sourcing Tools will save you a tremendous amount of time and money, and give you millions of product choices for your EBiz. We do all that tremendously time-consuming Product Sourcing Research, so you don't have to! <br />But That's Not All...Knowing WHAT to sell is just as important as knowing WHERE to source it. If you don't know what people are BUYING online, you won't be successful in SELLING online. Worldwide Brands' Product Sourcing Tool does a complete Market Research Analysis every time you search on a product. Our tool INSTANTLY tells you:<br />On a 0% to 100% Scale, how well each product you search for will sell.<br />How many people are searching the Internet for your products.<br />How many other people are selling your products.<br />Who your competitors are, and what their Advertising says.<br />What other variations of your product searches are selling well online.<br />Which Search Engine Keywords are the most popular for the products you want to sell. <br />Worldwide Brands hosts the World's ONLY Complete Solution... There is nothing else like the Worldwide Brands Product Sourcing solution anywhere in the Product Sourcing market. We pioneered legitimate Home EBiz Product Sourcing research and information in 1999, and we continue to be the indisputable top choice in the market today. There is no other wholesale information on the Internet that even begins to come close to what Worldwide Brands offers.<br />From Suppliers<br />          EXPERT TESTIMONIALS<br />These are just a few of the thousands and thousands of positive emails we've received at Worldwide Brands since 1999...<br />The starting point of all successful selling...<br />...is understanding demand and supply. And it's a very delicate balance. If there's no demand, it doesn't matter what you're selling or how great your merchandise because nobody will buy. But if there is too much supply, you will be one of a herd, competing only by continuously reducing your price - a depressing scenario to be strenuously avoided. Yet, sadly, most would-be sellers avoid this all-important step, either because the analysis is too time consuming or they don't know how to do it. Therein lies one of the greatest values of Worldwide Brands. All you have to do is decide what product you want to research and Worldwide Brands does the work for you - instantly and efficiently. You don't have to understand the "how-to" because [their product sourcing tool] already knows. It gathers data from multiple sources in seconds. Computers excel at tedious and repetitious tasks. Let Worldwide Brands do the boring work while you use your time and brain for the creative work that computers cannot do. This fabulous tool is a permanent and indispensable part of my marketing from now on!Sydney JohnstonCreator, "The Auction Genius Courses"<br />Dear Chris,<br />As a serious eBay seller and the author of a popular book about how to succeed on eBay, I am often asked my opinion on how to prosper on eBay. After reviewing what you offer I can say with confidence that your product is hands down the best available ANYWHERE, and a 'MUST-HAVE' for any serious eBay or online auction seller. You are making success with online auctions almost too easy!"Jim Cockrum Author- "The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay"<br />Mr. Malta,<br />I've just proofread your latest column and want to tell you how much I enjoy the way you write and the information you offer. You're a tremendous asset for Workz.com. I just noticed how much I like your direct writing style and thought I should mention it. And the info is terrific. Thank you for taking your time to write for us.(Ms.) J.K. ThompsonManaging Editorwww.Workz.com<br />Hey Chris,<br />I wanted to take a minute to thank you for such a GREAT service. Using your product has been a KEY part in my being able to sell $20,000 - $30,000 EACH month on eBay! Each of the distributors that I have met through your listings has been honest, professional, and excellent to deal with. When any of my students ask me where can they find product to sell on eBay, I immediately tell them that they MUST MUST MUST sign up for your service! Keep up the great work, and again thanks!Mike EnoseBay Platinum Power Seller<br />Chris,<br />As an online auction enthusiast and mentor to many, I'm always on the lookout for sites to recommend to members of my auction related site as well as my newsletter subscribers. I was a bit skeptical when I first found your site but once I gained access and saw the excellent sources you have put together, I was impressed. As far as I'm concerned, your site is THE definitive resource for finding drop shippers. I have referred hundreds of people who have joined your site and I have never heard anything but good from them. I will continue to refer people to your site.Thank you for putting together such an excellent resource!Robbin K. Tungett Owner, AuctionRiches.com<br />MEMBER TESTIMONIALS<br />These are just a few of the thousands and thousands of positive emails we've received at Worldwide Brands since 1999...<br />Hello Chris, <br />My name is Andreas Georgiou. I started a company called Andreas, Inc. back in 1997. It was primarily a corporation that was formed in order for me to save money on my taxes. I was a full time musician of 18 years and a starving one at that. I had decided it was time to get out into the "real world" and get myself a "real job." Though the idea of working for someone else really was a turn off for me. It's just not me, it never has been. I guess that was one of the reasons I had loved being a pro musician for so many years, it certainly wasn't for the money. My point is, I was looking for something else. I was hungry for an opportunity to create something of my own that would eventually dwarf my musician's salary.I one day got the crazy idea that I would start a home based business selling products online. The thing of it was, where would I find products to sell and also, what would I sell? While searching on the internet for answers to those questions I came across a website with information about a book called "Starting your internet business right" by Chris Malta. Best of all, it was free. What a deal. I immediately downloaded it, read it and re-read it. That book changed my life. I now have seven websites with www.andreasinc.com being the primary. I am a platinum power seller on eBay and sell just as much on Amazon.com. I am not an I.T expert, nor do I have any technical knowledge when it comes to creating websites or even any experience when it comes to selling online. If it were not for World Wide Brands and the information within their website along with the knowledge that they provided, I'd be singing the blues right now...literally.I started off my business by selling primarily on eBay but quickly came to realize that there was another 800 pound gorilla product selling market place that many other sellers didn't think was as good as eBay. That 800 pound gorilla was Amazon. Amazon is great for books but not for selling something like martial arts equipment or musical instruments, right? Wrong. Amazon accounts for 50% of my sales and at the moment, is growing at a faster pace than eBay. It would be foolish to overlook them. Amazon has one major, distinct advantage for sellers over eBay, its fees. You can list as many products as you like on Amazon for one flat $50.00 monthly fee. Only when you sell a product do you then actually pay a percentage of the final price of that product. Ebay is quickly coming to realize that this is a very effective business model that is both beneficial to the seller as well as the company. In fact, as recently as September 16th , eBay changed their fee structure to more effectively compete with Amazon using a similar business model. Getting set up with Amazon is relatively easy and once you feed your products through a data file, which they show you how to do, you will find that the sales will start coming in relatively quickly.One thing to be sure you take care of when selling on Amazon is to make sure that you provide tracking numbers for the orders within the specified time that you have set for your products. Amazon is a much stricter market place than eBay and expects a lot more from its merchants. If you are a 100% drop shipper like myself, be sure that you have distributors that you can trust and that will ship out in a timely manor or else you will be left in a rough spot with Amazon. That's where World Wide Brands comes in. Their list of distributors is nothing but reputable. They are screened before they are accepted by them. Follow the proven path of success. There is no need to blaze your own path. Although that can sometimes be very rewarding, that is also fraught with risk. World Wide Brands and One Source is the only source I use to find real distributors with real wholesale prices. Don't fall into the middle man scam or be taken for your hard earned money by companies that are less than reputable. I have personally been to Word Wide Brands offices and met the people behind the operation. They are all good people that are part of an honest business that are helping others like myself become successful. What can be better than that?Andreas Georgiou<br />Hello Chris, <br />I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for all of the resources and information you have provided me with over the past couple of weeks. I did take your advice and purchased [your product]. As most people are I was of course skeptical of something that promises so much and is sold over the internet. I have been burned before but after researching your product for weeks and doing my homework I decided to take a chance and laid out my cash. I am happy to say that it was a great investment. Without this product I quite frankly would have given up trying to source and research legitimate suppliers with legitimate products long ago. I am taking this venture slow and have only held a couple of auctions and made one small liquidation purchase for some toys that I think I will be able to make a nice profit on. As I learn more and do more and more research I do tend to become a bit overwhelmed with all of the information and choices out there. I have found your newsletters, videos, resource centre and e books immensely helpful in getting me through the reams and reams of information. It can be a bit discouraging at times but your plethora of free material and obvious experience in this area has helped me maintain my focus. Working full time and raising two young kids does not leave a lot of time or energy left for trial and error. If I am going to make this thing work I need to learn from those that have gone before and avoid as many of the mistakes that are lurking out there as possible. You have made this endeavor immensely more possible with your wonderful product and amazing support and advice that you offer so freely. I do get the impression that you actually care about your customers and do want to see them succeed. Obviously this is one of the keys to your success.Thanks againSigned A very happy (but freezing, I need to come down there to Florida...)Canadian customer.Glenn F.<br />Dear Worldwide Brands Inc.<br />We have forged an alliance with several of the drop ship companies on the site and are extremely pleased with the results. We highly encourage the small and medium size internet or brick-and-mortar establishments to seriously consider a subscription to [Worldwide Brands Product Sourcing Membership.J. D. McGill, Inc<br />Hello,<br />I want to thank all of you. If it wasn't for your web site I would still be working in my dead end job. Thanks to Chris's e-book and the directory I am fully self-employed now with my own web store and selling products like a mad-man. Thank you all for everythingTodd Levick<br />Hello,,<br />I have subscribed to your directory for a few months now and have been very pleased with the information given. Thank you for your time and continued efforts. The new store I am building wouldn't have been possible without your guide. I owe a lot of my success to your product. It gave me the info I would have never found without it. I still continue to search for wholesale suppliers on a regular basis but the ones I use from your product don't show up on searches and would have otherwise gone unseen.Thanks! Brent Hall <br />Hi!<br />I just want to say that I am amazingly impressed by your site. I have spent more hours than you can possibly imagine (well maybe you could) searching for sources of wholesale, surplus, drop shippers, etc., researching and buying money-making schemes and directories, and basically wading through monstrous piles of BS to find a few useful pieces of information. I have found a few other sites or programs with a decent amount of good information, but there's always a lot of scandal and junk thrown in with the good stuff. I have been doing this for years and your site is the first and only one I have ever found is completely 100% legit, extremely helpful, professionally designed & maintained, and with quick & courteous customer service. Keep up the excellent work and know that you have made the miracle of ECommerce even more miraculous than it was already."Craig Gross<br />Dear Worldwide Brands,<br />I just want to say THANK YOU! Your directory is amazing. I purchased several other directories this week - before I was fortunate enough to stumble upon your site - and without exception, all of them have turned out to be scams. After reading through the information on your web site, I decided to purchase your product. Of course, having been misled several times this week, I was a little nervous. Not to worry. I was thrilled when I accessed the site for the first time. There was much smiling and squealing involved. I am extremely impressed; it is every bit as fabulous as you claim. Thanks again.Sincerely,Kristin Frederking<br />Hello!!<br />Just want to say a quick "Thanks" for providing such a great service! This is the best money I've ever spent. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thanks very much!! Susan<br />Chris,<br />I just wanted to let you know that I am currently using (one of your distributors) for my drop shipping orders. I think they are the best company that I could ever have asked for. They allow you to order online with real time updates. They have lots of different products from such a wide spread. I have contacted my rep for myself here in NY and she is very pleasant. They are nothing but helpful. They don't even charge me for drop shipping because about 100% of my orders are being drop shipped and they also don't charge me a fee for having a low priced order. Again they are great and I just wanted it to be heard. I still cannot remember how I ever stumbled onto your website, but sure glad I did. Keep up the great work!! Thanks again.Scott Hier<br />Dear Chris,<br />I have not found one site yet that gives this much of the right info. that is actually in human language that anyone can understand, and yet, still find a way to make those who read your articles laugh instead Of fall asleep! And one more thing-out of all the people I've ever met, or read their articles/books/etc. you are the only one I have found that is as sarcastic as me! That's a good way to keep the attention of your readers! Thanks!Claudia<br />Hello there<br />I am a subscriber to your 'directory' and I love it. I also loved your ebook, which was unlike anything I've ever read on the internet before. Out of the dozens of so called "internet guru's" etc. that I have seen, you were the ONLY person that I would actually trust. I could tell right off that you weren't a BS'er like the rest of the guys out there. I was amazed with your honesty, along with the fact that what you sell is actually WORTH what you charge for it, in my opinion."Have a good one!Matt Betourney<br />Chris,<br />I stumbled on to your web site by chance, or should I say by an act of God. I am a single mom trying to make ends meet. It's tough out here. I have always wanted to start my own web business but like you talk about I don't have much I can afford to lose. Basically, if I make many mistakes I don't only lose my hard earned, saved, money I lose my chance to ever accomplish my dream of doing this.The biggest thing for me right now is to some day be able to take my sons on a vacation to Disneyland or anywhere for that matter but my eyes on Disneyland. My sons are 13 and 14 and I have never been able to take them anywhere. They are growing so fast and I am running out of time to show them that they can be proud of me. Anyway, I came to your site for help, I'm so glad I did.I'll confess that I have already made one mistake with a false wholesaler. Anyway if you have any tips that would help me that would be great although your web site has been like a dream come true for me. I feel so much more educated on what to do and what not to do. Anyway, the point of my letter was to just tell you Thank you for making this site. Your site will no doubt help me to change my life. I'll keep you posted if Disney ever comes...Thank you so much Kelly Longoria <br />    SUPPLIER TESTIMONIALS<br />These are just a few of the thousands and thousands of positive emails we've received at Worldwide Brands since 1999...<br />Dear Worldwide Brands,<br />Trying to sustain the high growth we've experienced in recent years, we have been doing a lot of advertising and have, at the same time, started listing our company on lots of online directories. None has been, however, even close to yours. We've had dozens of new requests in the first week and a few hundreds in the three months we've been listed and this all translated in new accounts and new sales. Overall experience: EXCELLENT!"Paul C Pantea<br />Hello,<br />Our listing in your Directory has brought over 300 new accounts in less than 2 months and many are now up and running with sites that are producing orders for us. The owners of these sites appreciated the quality of the referrals and we appreciate the new business."Karin EdmondsonSales Manager<br />To Worldwide Brands<br />The response from your directory has been fantastic. To date we have had about 75 inquires and have signed up over 60. Many of the new drop ship partners are sending in orders as fast as we can get them processed in our system. We are very please with the response and the results. Thank you, Michael BondraDirector of Sales<br />Dear Worldwide Brands:<br />I just thought you would like to know from a supplier perspective, the Directory is absolutely excellent for wholesalers. Our company has been in the Directory for only about two weeks. As a result, we have many new retail accounts and are keeping the UPS people busier every day! Thanks. This is a great way to do business.Douglas<br />Need new customers?<br />Enjoy "no-brainers"? This is a true win-win without hidden costs for the manufacturer. No better way to find willing business partners to enhance cash flow.Scott G. Paykel Regional Account Manager<br />