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JCDecaux Outdoor showcase no_25

  1. 1. Outdoor Issue 25 - February 2011showcase Produced by JCDecaux OneWorldDigital AirportOut-of-Home ContractsA New Era Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, USA, FranceInternational JCDecauxSales News RetailVans, Google, Group SnapshotCuba Tourist Board & Case Studies& Ryanair For more information: JCDecaux OneWorld +44 (0)20 7298 8046 info@jcdecaux-oneworld.com
  2. 2. Heathrow Airport London, UKPage 2 // February 2011
  3. 3. Outdoor Showcase // Contents InsIde thIs Issue04 // Digital Out-Of-Home Gathers Momentum An overview of digital outdoor across the JCDecaux Group15 // Contracts Airport contracts take off in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, USA and France.19 // Latest Adspend Forecast Summary A roundup of the latest adspend forecasts20 // International Sales News Latest campaigns from Vans, Google, Cuba Tourist Board and Ryanair22 // JCDecaux Retail An overview of the retail offer across the JCDecaux Group including Top Advertisers in key markets and case studies27 // JCDecaux Innovate International Discover the latest JCDecaux Innovate International campaigns34 // Airport Lounge The latest news and developments in airports worldwide 37 // News in Brief • U snap • Media Snippets • iMage photolibrary update • New faces at JCDecaux OneWorld • Latest publications February 2011 // Page 3 November 2010 // Page 3
  4. 4. Digital gathersDigit a l momentum across the Group As the only global company focused exclusively on outdoor advertising, JCDecaux leads development in Out-of-Home with advances in technology, new product concepts and innovative formats. This position has ensured that Digital Out-Of-Home has rapidly grown within the Group with the number of digital screens more than tripling in 2 years. Digital Revenue Global UK Digital Out-of-Home is experiencing ever In the UK, Digital Out-of-Home accounted growing revenues across the globe. PQ Media for 11.4% of all outdoor advertising spend in estimate 2009 global revenues to be around 2010, according to the UK Outdoor Media $6.69billion, driven by Asia-Pacific and Latin Centre (OMC). Screens in the Transport America. PQ Media forecast a compound platform currently account for the largest annual growth rate of 10.1% for digital OOH share of revenue but Roadside and Retail over the next five years. platforms are quickly gaining ground. According to the UK’s Screen Digest, Western Europe’s digital out-of-home revenue will USA reach €211m in 2010, with the UK, France and In the US, Digital Out-of-Home revenues Germany taking the lion’s share. By 2014, it is were estimated to be some $2.47 bn in predicted that digital revenues in this region will 2009. Digital billboards were the fastest enjoy a two-fold increase to €468m. growing platform in 2009, with revenues estimated at $502m, with an expected China growth of 13.2% in 2010. In China, the first two quarters of 2010 have (source: PQ Media, Digital OOH Forecast) seen digital out-of-home revenues reach €219.5m (Source: Analysys International). Page 4 // February 2011
  5. 5. Outdoor Showcase // Digital Gathers MomentumJCDecaux & DigitalJCDecaux’s initial investment in digital was within enclosed environments such as metro stations and airports where screens would not be subjected to harsh exterior environmental conditions. As Digit a ltechnology & design advanced, roadside panels became more viable both in terms of performanceand investment. Landmark structures, such as the Torch in the UK, were installed alongside large format networks such as PrimeTime in London and digital Seniors in Cannes, France.New NetworksJCDecaux investment continued in 2010 with new networks being launched in Italy in both airport andmetro, in Finland on the tram and metro, in Germany in metro and airport, in China in airport and metroand in the UK, on roadside with upgraded screens for the Torch. In 2011, the launch of a new joint venture between JCDecaux and Aéroports deParis (ADP) is due to start in July with a view to commercialising advertising space and operatinga televisual medium at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget airports. M4 Torch, London, UKRecent Upgrades in China & UKKeeping up with the latest technology, the digital screens of the iconic M4 Torch were upgraded in 2010. The upgrade provided two (6.75m x 4.5m) screens with a 10mm pitch, delivering an image 3 times the quality of the previous screens.In China, the new Mega 103” TV Network, covering 48 MTR stations in Hong Kong, provides powerful visual impact with high-quality panels. The network comprises 105 Trackside 103” Plasma TVs in 26 prime locations and 51 concourse LCD TVs at 48 MTR stations’ key entrances. The original TV Network, with screens measuring 63’’, was launched back in 2003 and this latest upgrade brings advertisers the very best in screen quality on a much larger scale.JCDecaux’s continued investment in Digital Out-of-Home has given advertisers the opportunity for greater engagement. Not only does digital provide flexibility, time-based targeting and real-time information, but it also creates greater creative opportunities with the potential for eye-catching, clever and appealing ads. Digital Out-of-Home continues to ensure Outdoor remains one of the most viable channels of mass communication and that JCDecaux remains the undisputed leader in Out-of-Home advertising. February 2011 // Page 5
  6. 6. JCDecaux GlObal Digital OfferDigit a l Audit at June 2010 Present in % Panels by Activity 17 c0untries Large Format 0.4% Malls 2% Airport 36% 6,246 screens R0adside Train Malls Tram Campus Bus Airp0rt Metr0 Street Furniture 7% Transport 55% Page 6 // February 2011
  7. 7. Outdoor Showcase // Digital Gathers Momentum% Group Panels by Orientation 63% 37% portrait Digit a l landscape Street Furniture Portrait 4% Landscape 96% Birmingham, UK Large Format Portrait 14% Landscape 86% Cannes, France Transport Portrait 46% Hong Kong, China Landscape 54% Airport Portrait 9% Landscape 91% Los Angeles, USA February 2011 // Page 7
  8. 8. JCDecaux Recent Digital Campaigns Digital’s appeal lies in its potential for eye-catching, timely and targeted advertising. The medium Digit a l offers the benefits of flexibility (both in terms timing and content), impact and real-time response as demonstrated by this selection of recent JCDecaux campaigns: Live Wimbledon Updates Digital Interactive Expo. UK: London, Heathrow USA: New York, JFK IBM Accenture, ExxonMobil, IBM, Sprint more... more... Sleek Product Promotion PrimeTime Real-Time Booking China: Shanghai, Hongqiao UK: London BMW Hello! Magazine more... more... Page 8 // February 2011
  9. 9. Animated Spectacles Live Art Show StreamUAE: Dubai UK: LondonRay-Ban Suzuki Swift Digit a l more... more...Panel Pairs Clever Combination of Flash and VideoChina: Hong Kong China: ShanghaiCanon AXA more... more...Moving Models Turn Heads Animated Adverts Perfectly PlacedChina: Beijing UK: NationalWatsons American Express more... more... February 2011 // Page 9
  10. 10. Newly Launched Digital Netw0rks 2010 has seen the launch of new networks within the JCDecaux Group offering time-based Digit a l targeting, flexibility and new creative opportunities. Germany Berlin Friedrichstrasse underground station became the first station in which the advertising offer is exclusively digital. Click here to view: Launched in July by Wall AG, the digital-only station offers 26 digital advertising sites, comprised of 14 digital CityLight Poster showcases located near the platforms, 12 digital CityLight Boards as projections on the walls behind the tracks and two bluespot terminals on the platforms. Intel, who was the first client to appear at the newly digitalised station, created a real buzz with its eye-catching ‘We make tomorrow happen’ campaign. Italy IGPDecaux has installed 67 digital panels in the most frequented underground stations in Milan. The 57 inch LCD screens will enable advertisers to communicate more effectively and in a more focused way, thanks to their high-traffic locations and the time-targeted technology available within the panels. The new offer is split into three segments: Non Stop, ensuring maximum exposure Fun & Shop, communicating to throughout the day shoppers and passengers travelling for leisure purposes, including going out Commuters, to reach the passengers who in the evening use the underground in the morning and evening to get to and from work Page 10 // February 2011
  11. 11. Outdoor Showcase // Newly Launched Digital NetworksAustralia Digit a lJCDecaux was recently awarded a 7-year contract with Metro Trains Melbournefor the provision of small format advertisingsignage. The contract, which starts on 1st December 2010, includes the roll-out of a Digital OOH Concourse Network.Hong KongA brand new Digital Boarding Gatenetwork has been launched at Hong KongInternational Airport. Positioned instrategic locations to target departing andtransit passengers, the network compriseseleven 70 inch HD LCD displays, with more to be launched soon.ItalyIGPDecaux recently expanded its digitaloffering to Milan Malpensa airport,which came after the successful installationof digital panels at Milan Linate airport in 2008. The forty 57 inch LCD screens offer high visibility in high traffic areas (carparks, departure and arrivals areas andafter passport control). To ensure maximum exposure, only four advertisers can bebooked on the network at any one timeduring a 14-day campaign period. February 2011 // Page 11
  12. 12. Germany A brand new digital network launchedDigit a l in December at Frankfurt Airport in Germany. Sixteen state-of-the-art 70” flatscreens are located in strategic areas of the airport and display ads from 4am to midnight. China In China, there are 16 new Digital Panels at Xinjiekou station in Nanjing and in the Shanghai metro, there are new 65’’ LCD screens and 32’’ escalator panels. Nanjing Finland 750 new Digiscreens were launched on the tram and metro in Helsinki, Finland. The screens deliver a mixture of news, weather, information and ads. Sold in dayparts, the Digiscreens can reach up to 200,000 people daily. Page 12 // February 2011
  13. 13. Outdoor Showcase // Digital ResearchResearching Digital Out-0f-H0me Digit a lProject Eyetracker: UK AirportResearch Objective JCDecaux Airport UK manages one of the largest digital estates of any airport worldwide. In order to investigate how people view digital advertising in the airport environment, JCDecaux Airport UK commissioned a study using ‘Eyetracker’, a special pair of spectacles fitted with a device that records what people see in their field of vision, as well as the precise spots on which their eyes focus. Respondents were fitted with these Eyetracker glasses and asked to browse around the International Departure Lounge of Heathrow Terminal 5.Research Findings Visual breaks work: the visual break In total, the screens in the International created by inserting a blank screen into Departure Lounge received close to 100 a sequence of ads was effective at re- impacts per respondent per passenger engaging attention to the following ad, journey especially if it was brightly coloured On average, each screen was seen at Count-down trigger: a visual least once per passenger journey countdown seems to trigger an almost 94% of respondents thought that instinctive reaction in us to pay attention. moving ads were more striking than Using a visual count-down before each static digital ads loop of an ad reel may increase attraction 87% stated that an animated digital ad High attraction colours: bright blues, would definitely grab their attention greens and reds elicited the highest attractionCreative Applications Conclusion Flicker animation works: animating This research provides a greater small parts of a creative can draw understanding of how passengers attention to important elements and can are drawn to digital advertising in the airport environment. By providing visual be more eye-catching than full creative information in the same way that the animation – the ‘Flicker’ effect. information is sought, advertisers are able to maximise the communicative power of their digital airport advertising. February 2011 // Page 13
  14. 14. Project Primetime: UK Roadside Research ObjectiveDigit a l In May 2008, JCDecaux UK launched a network of 18m2 high-resolution LED screens across key locations in central London named ‘Primetime’. To investigate the power of these digital billboards, JCDecaux UK commissioned a study to understand consumer’s reactions to the new screens, as well as to gain some measure of levels of engagement and attraction to the advertising shown. Research Findings The study was split into 2 parts. Part 1: Perceptions, Opinions & Interest Part 2: Attraction, Engagement & Impact Focus Groups were used to probe people’s Mobile eye-tracking was used to gain opinions, feelings and reactions to both empirical measures of attraction and the LED screens themselves and also the engagement with the LED displays. These advertising shown on the new displays. measures of attraction and engagement were compared with scrolling billboards. The study revealed that consumers had a very positive reaction to digital displays. The study revealed that both digital and They thought that advertisements shown scrolling boards were eye-catching and on the digital displays had a great ‘WOW’ generated good levels of recall. However factor as well as greater clarity and digital displays attracted more eye-contact definition. Consumers believed that these and held peoples attention for longer. screens would confer high prestige on the brands displayed. Digital Displays Outperform Scrolling Boards +78% Hit rate +138% Dwell time +62% Recall Conclusion The overall findings from the 2 studies revealed that people are genuinely impressed by the quality and impact of the LED screens. They find them both attractive and engaging. The combination of high attraction, longer dwell times and visual impact leads to greater recall of both brand and creative content. Page 14 // February 2011
  15. 15. Outdoor Showcase // ContractsNew ContractsSaudi Arabia Dubai USA Singapore France10 years 10 years 9 years 7 years 91/2 years JCDecaux wins advertising contract for 26 airports in Saudi Arabia JCDecaux ATA, a subsidiary of JCDecaux and a joint venture with Saudi Arabian company ATA, has won a 10-year contract for advertising concessions across Saudi Arabia’s 26 airports. The deal covers Saudi Arabia’s four international airports in Jeddah, Riyadh, 39.4 million people travelled Key Facts Dammam, and Madinah, as well as 22 through the 4 international airports in domestic airports across the country. Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, and Madinah in 2009. The country’s international airports have (source: GACA) undergone expansion and the main airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Nas Air, will be Saudi Arabia’s total increasing domestic and international routes. advertising expenditure is predicted to reach $US1,050m in 2010 with Outdoor Jean-Charles Decaux, chairman of the executive board and co-chief executive forecast to take a 12% share. (source: ZenithOptimedia of JCDecaux said: Adspend Forecast Oct. 2010) “This is a strategic move that will strengthen JCDecaux’s position as the leading player in Saudi Arabia is the most the Middle East and North Africa region, thriving economy in the region with an introducing a unique premium outdoor estimated quarter of the world’s total advertising platform. Our prime location petroleum reserves fuelling its networks will target high-profile audiences in hundred-billion-dollar infrastructure the fast growing markets of Saudi Arabia, the and investment projects. UAE, Qatar and Algeria” February 2011 // Page 15
  16. 16. JCDecaux awarded exclusive advertising contract for Dubai World Central-Al Maktoum International JCDecaux has extended its partnership with Dubai Airports by entering into a 10-year contract for the exclusive advertising concession at the brand new airport facility in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates: the DubaiContrac t s World Central-Al Maktoum International (DWC). Citizen Dubai International Airport Upon completion, DWC will have the JCDecaux Dicon, a 75/25 joint Key Facts capacity to be the world’s largest airport in venture between JCDecaux and its local terms of volume and size, offering world- partner Dicon, has exclusively managed class facilities and services. the advertising for Dubai International since 2008. Jean-Charles Decaux, chairman of the Executive Board and Co-Chief Executive DWC will feature five runways, up of JCDecaux said: to four terminal buildings, and have the capacity to handle 160 million passengers “We are delighted to have been awarded this a year1, almost double the 88 million second contract by Dubai Airports, passengers2 of Atlanta International Airport, underlining the success of our existing currently the world’s busiest airport. partnership. DWC is a strategically important project to have secured, strengthening Dubai Duty Free was named the JCDecaux’s product range in the UAE and “Retailer of the Year 2010” at the Retail enabling our clients to communicate with a City Awards in Dubai. Its turnover reached US$1.14 billion in 2009 and the operation was wide range of audiences, from business to once again named as the largest single leisure travellers. This is a remarkable airport retailer in the world. achievement that consolidates JCDecaux’s [1] Source: Dubai Airports leading position in Airport advertising [2] Source: Airports Council International worldwide.” Page 16 // February 2011
  17. 17. Outdoor Showcase // ContractsJCDecaux renews advertising contractfor Washington DC AirportsJCDecaux has been awarded a 9-year contract for the advertising concessions at Washington Reagan National and Washington Dulles International airports. Contrac t sWith more than 40 million annual passengers, Reagan National and Dulles International JCDecaux is present in 28 Key Factsairports are the gateways to the capital of the airports in the U.S.United States, covering both domestic and international passengers. The advertising JCDecaux holds contractsconcessions at the two airports have been for Airports in 6 of the top 10operated by JCDecaux since 1996. The Designated Market Areas.renewed contract also includes marketing andsponsorship development opportunities. Over 551 million passengers pass through JCDecauxJean-Francois Decaux, co-Chief Executive U.S. airports every year.Officer of JCDecaux, commented:“Our selection for this new contract results from JCDecaux has coverageJCDecaux’ strong track record in terms of of the key international gateways of Newadvertising revenue per passenger, our York, LA, Houston and Miami.creativity, and our success with the deploymentof state-of-the-art digital products throughoutour network of 20 airports in the United States,which also includes the three New York airportsand Los Angeles International airport”. ExxonMobil Washington Dulles International Airport February 2011 // Page 17
  18. 18. JCDecaux wins advertising contract for Changi Airport in Singapore JCDecaux has been awarded the advertising contract for Changi Airport in Singapore. The 7-year contract follows a competitive tender and starts in January 2011.Contrac t s Changi Airport is the seventh busiest Changi Airport has won many awards in Key Facts international airport for international travellers, 2010 including: with 37.2 million passengers passing through it in 2009. World’s Best Airport 2010 - Skytrax The contract includes the creation of new Best Airport landmark advertising sites in the departure halls - Business Traveller of Terminals 1, 2 & 3 and the introduction of a 70- inch LCD digital screen network with more than Best Airport in the World 70 sites. - Ultratravel Magazine Asia’s Best Airport Jean-Charles Decaux, Chairman of the - Asiamoney Executive Board and co-CEO of JCDecaux said: JCDecaux’s presence here also includes: “We are delighted that Changi Airport Singapore, the most important airport gateway and a major Dominant Street Furniture coverage international hub in South East Asia, has chosen of Singapore city centre and the JCDecaux. We will redevelop the advertising to leading towns on the island provide our clients with high impact and iconic sites and to enhance the travellers advertising Street Furniture in the premium experience. This contract strengthens our airport shopping street Orchard Road, the advertising network in Asia that includes Hong most significant shopping street on the island Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangalore, Bangkok High profile Large Format sites and Macau. It reinforces JCDecaux as the in key locations across the city N°1 worldwide in airport advertising.” 2011 Latest News New partnership between Aéroports de Click h Paris and JCDecaux to operate static for th ere full s e tory and digital networks in Paris Airports. Page 18 // February 2011
  19. 19. GLOBAL ADSPENDFORECAST UPDATEFor your information: JCDecaux OneWorld brings you a roundup of the latest ad revenue forecasts updates, sourced from themajor adspend forecasters. As usual, the forecasters agree in some areas in their predictions and disagree in others. However thereis usually a broad consensus to the general direction of revenue movements. These general overall trends are highlighted in theManagement Summary.Forecasting is far from an exact science even in the most stable of times, so given the current global turmoil it is even more difficultfor forecasters to accurately reflect the most recent developments in their revenue predictions. These data are provided in orderthat you are informed of information available in the marketplace.However, revenue forecasts should always be tempered with your own knowledge of the market place, particularly during theseturbulent and fast-changing times and should not be accepted without question.Full details of quoted updates are available on request from JCDecaux OneWorld: info@jcdecaux-oneworld.comManagement SummaryThe latest advertising expenditure forecasts indicate that the green shoots of recovery are beginning to show in themajor global markets. In particular, the two major markets of UK and China are predicted to enjoy healthy growththis year. Of particular note, UK Outdoor is forecast to out-perform total media in 2010 and 2011.Global - ZenithOptimedia• ZenithOptimedia’s October forecast for 2010 global ad expenditure has been upgraded to 4.8%, up from 3.5% in July• Adspend in all regions is forecast to grow in 2010 with the highest growth in Latin America (16.8%), followed by Central Eastern Europe (7.2%) and Asia Pacific (6.3%)• By 2011, ZenithOptimedia estimates that global adspend growth will be 4.6%, a minor slowdown after strong growth in 2010. 2012 is expected to be the strongest year of the upturn, with predicted adspend growth rate of 5.4%• Global Outdoor is forecast to grow steadily to 6.8% by 2012. In USA, advertising categories such as communications and entertainment maintained their consistent presence on Outdoor throughout 2010 while spending by banking and financial services is on the increase• The Internet enjoyed a global share of 12.8% last year and continues its steady rise to take up 16.5% of total expenditure by 2012• Press (newspapers) has been losing global share since 1987 and its share is estimated to drop to 19% in 2012UK - Merrill Lynch• Merrill Lynch estimates that the UK adspend will grow by 6.7% this year, falling to 3.9% next year but back up to a healthy 7% in Olympic year.• UK Outdoor is predicted to outperform the market in 2010 and 2011. It is forecast to maintain or grow its share as it benefits from the fragmentation of in-home media, digital innovations and also potential consolidation benefitsChina - GroupM This Year, Next Year Click• GroupM predicts that China’s advertising market will reach RMB 306 billion (€32.7 billion) h this year, a 16% increase over 2009 for th ere full r e• China’s new media is not yet replacing traditional media but advertiser options have epor started to multiply, especially in digital, events, sponsorship and other branded content t February 2011 // Page 19
  20. 20. International Sales News Colourful cuba The Cuba Tourist Board booked a multi-format S a le s News campaign, in key cities in 10 targeted countries, namely Chile, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia and Spain. Street Furniture, Large Format as well as Tram and Bus advertising were all included. The campaign, which started in 2010, will continue to run into 2011. Take flight with Ryanair Ryanair booked a two-month campaign in Sants station in Barcelona from September to November 2010. The corridor wraps were deemed a success and the booking has been renewed from January to March 2011. Further bookings include Düsseldorf CityLights in Germany; a multi-format booking in Milan, Bologna and Pisa in Italy and Senior panels in Oslo, Norway, all of which took place in December. Page 20 // February 2011
  21. 21. Outdoor Showcase // Sales News THE ORIGINALVans had a flurry of marketing activity at the end of2010 with its first CityLight network booking in TelAviv including 3 fully wrapped shelters. Further bookings included fully wrapped busesand bus backs in Florence, Italy; a Montparnasse Metro corridor domination in Paris, France;a station banner in Bern, Switzerland; PlazaCatalunya metro station corridor wraps inBarcelona, Spain and fully wrapped Eurotrams in S a le s NewsRome, Italy.Google It! Google, a brand new JCDecaux OneWorld client, booked a month-long campaign to promote Google Apps at London Heathrow and Paris Charles de Gaulle airports. The campaign at Heathrow, which is focused on digital media, is booked throughout Terminal 5 as well as on the platforms leading from the Heathrow Express train into the terminal building. In Paris, the campaign, booked on 250 faces throughout the airport, is targeted at all departing and arriving passengers for maximum impact. February 2011 // Page 21
  22. 22. JCDecaux Retail Snapshot Present in 21 countries Over 1,500 malls and retail outlets Around 22,000 advertising faces € 25 million in advertising revenue Sweden FinlandJCDec aux Ret a il Norway Estonia UK Latvia Kazakhstan Belgium Germany France Slovenia Portugal Slovakia Spain Croatia Japan USA Qatar Hong Kong Singapore The JCDecaux retail offer now covers 21 countries, including 14 countries in Europe, 3 in Asia Pacific, 2 in the Americas, 1 in Central Asia and 1 in the Middle East. Argentina Page 22 // February 2011
  23. 23. Germany Through the acquisition of Wall AG in late 2009, the JCDecaux portfolio was strengthened with the addition of 44 malls. Fact: 72% of mall visitors come to a buying decision at the point of sale.UK Japan © DiskArt™ 1988JCDecaux offers shopping mall and point of MCDecaux, a joint venture between JCDecaux sale advertising in the UK, covering the UK’s and Mitsubishi, introduced the mallscape most important supermarkets (Asda, Waitrose, advertising concept to Japan in 2001. The Morrisons and Tesco) with 953 stores and business expanded rapidly, thoughout Japan’s about 90 shopping malls nationwide. Digital largest and most prestigious cities. By 2009, advertising is on offer in 18 of the top 30 MCDecaux was present in 163 shopping malls, national malls. covering 19 of the 20 largest cities.Fact: The average UK resident visits a mall 30 Fact: MCDecaux Mallscape outlets receive JCDec aux Ret a iltimes a year. about 80 million visitors per month.USA QatarIn the USA, JCDecaux established the Mallscape Qatar became JCDecaux’s first concept in 1998, introducing the idea of stylish mall business in the Midddle East, when its advertising units placed in key locations joint venture q.media Decaux won the thoughout the shopping mall. The Mallscape contract for Villaggio, the largest and mostportfolio offers 36 of the highest quality malls in prestigious mall in Doha, the capital of Qatar in the US. 2009.Fact: 187 million adults - representing 94% of Fact: The Villaggio mall has an estimatedthe adult population in the U.S. - visit a annual footfall in excess of 14m.shopping centre every month. February 2011 // Page 23
  24. 24. JCDecaux mall revenue 2009: €25 million Top 5 categories mall advertisingJCDec aux Ret a il Entertainment/ Personal Care/ Fashion Food/ Telecom/ Leisure/Film Luxury Goods Beverage Technology Trend: Top 10 Categories Mall Advertising Rank ‘09 Rank ‘08 Entertainment/ Leisure/ Film 1 1 Personal Care/ Luxury Goods 2 2 Fashion 3 3 Food & Beverage 4 4 Telecom / Technology (incl. Electrical Appliances) 5 6 Services (incl. Telecoms Service Providers) 6 5 Finance 7 8 Retail 8 9 Government 9 11 Restaurants 10 7 Page 24 // February 2011
  25. 25. Global Top 10 spenders mall advertising 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Local Top 5 spenders mall advertisingUSA Japan UK © DiskArt™ 1988 PortugalWarner Bros Unilever Vodafone VodafoneABC Family Channel Coca-Cola T-Mobile Tempus InternationalLifetime Nissin Foods Chanel OptimusAllergan Panasonic Kenneth Green Ass. SamsungSony McDonald’s Sony Ericsson UnileverGermany Singapore Qatar FinlandWarner Bros Unilever Qtel Teliasonera JCDec aux Ret a ilABC Family Channel Coca-Cola Ali Bin Ali Coca-ColaLifetime Nissin Foods Azdea FS FilmAllergan Panasonic Karamaa SkyCellarSony Smile Dental Surgeons Mercedes-Benz LURetail case studies Click here for the Click here for the Soft Drinks Luxury Case Study Case Study Click here for the Click here for the Utilities Fragrance Case Study Case Study February 2011 // Page 25
  26. 26. NEW! Click here to view! for your own copy of the video, please contact: alexia.calogeropoulos@jcdecaux-oneworld.com
  27. 27. Outdoor Showcase // Innovate InternationalJCDecaux InnovateInternational Campaign of the Month Hong Kong // Samsonite Sept emb Winn er erMoving on up! Client: Samsonite Innovate Innovate Product: Special Build Date: September 2010 Location: Hong KongSamsonite made a great impact at the MTR No. of Specials: 1Central Station in Hong Kong by showcasingits luggage collection on a moving belt. The 3D bags & suitcases travelled along the belt ‘The moving belt is very impressive as it grabsthroughout the day creating a big impact for the our target audience’s attention easily andbrand as well as reaching its business executive reinforces our leading image’ commented Ms target market thanks to the strategic location of Scarlette Chan, Retail Manager, Samsonite Asia the campaign. Limited February 2011 // Page 27
  28. 28. USA // Absolut Vodka Colour Blast Absolut Vodka brightened up the streets of Chicago last October with colourful fully wrapped bus shelters complete with roof decorations. These beautifully executed mini streetside lounges wereInnovate themed after three drinks; Absolut Bloody, Absolut Lemon Drop, and Absolut Twist, and featured actresses Kate Beckinsale Octo be and Ali Larter. Joint r Winn er Client: Absolut Vodka Innovate Product: Fully Wrap & Special build Date: October 2010 Location: Chicago No. of Specials: 3 Page 28 // February 2011
  29. 29. Outdoor Showcase // Innovate InternationalVodafone launched a campaign to promote itslatest tariff in 5 locations in the Rome and Milanmetro. Posters depicting a large Euro cent Italy // Vodafonecoin could be found in the corridors ofthe metro stations. In each location, Octothe poster was covered with ber One Centmagnetised small euro cent coins Jointwhich passers-by could pick up. WinnA great creative execution which erillustrates the client’s new tariff in a simple but effective way. Client: Vodafone Innovate Product: Special Build & Sampling Date: October 2010 Location: Milan & Rome Number of Specials: 2 Innovate February 2011 // Page 29
  30. 30. Netherlands // CelaVita Nove mbe Winn r er Ready, Steady, Cook To promote its latest products, CelaVita fed hungry commuters during rush hour in Amsterdam, Leiden and Almere in the Netherlands. Three fully wrapped bus shelters were turned into kitchens for this innovative and fun event. Between the hours of 4pm and 7pm, Stan, a well know radio and TV chef, served up quick and healthy meals to waiting passers-by thus allowing the advertiser to get its products straight into the hands and stomach of the consumer at street level. Client: CelaVita Innovate Product: Fully wrapped & SamplingInnovate Almere Date: November 2010 Location: Amsterdam, Almere & Leiden Page 30 // February 2011
  31. 31. Outdoor Showcase // Innovate InternationalIreland // Warner Bros.Abracadabra!To mark the release of Harry Potter andthe Deathly Hallows, JCDecaux Ireland, inconjunction with OMD and Kinetic, created a magical campaign with a Luas tram wrapshowing scenes from the movie. Inside the tram, a full domination showing the movie’s favourite characters further enhanced the experience. As the tram made its way through the streets ofDublin it could be seen by Luas commuters androadside audiences across the city.Wrapping the exterior of an entire tram was an ambitious undertaking which created a bigimpact for the client. Innovate Dece mbe Winn r er Client: Warner Bros. Date: December 2010 Number of Specials: 1 Innovate Product: Wrapped tram, ceiling wrap and posters. February 2011 // Page 31
  32. 32. JCDecaux Innovate Winning International Campaigns of 2010 January February UAE March April Netherlands Bloomingdales India USA Samsung IBM IBMInnovate July August May June UK Spain France Hong Kong San Miguel Sony Ericsson, Channel 5 Coca-Cola Lithuania Samsung, HTC, Mezon Watson’s Water, Samsonite December November October Netherlands Ireland September USA Warner Bros. Hong Kong CelaVita Absolut Vodka Samsonite Italy Vodafone Click f full d or etails ! Page 32 // February 2011
  33. 33. q.Media Decaux hosts firstInnovate expo in Dohaq.Media Decaux hosted the very first Innovateexpo in Doha in May 2010. Showcasing thelatest technologies and Innovate products, Click here to view:the event, which lasted a week, providedclients, media agencies and journalists theopportunity to discover, interact and engagewith all the exhibits.Displays of interest included 3D SpecialBuilds, Lenticular technology, Night &Day, Showcase panels, Fully Wrapped busshelters, as well as products showcased in ahollow column. Buses & taxis with clever and Innovateeye-catching creatives were also featured.‘The ideas are just amazing.They engage people andgive much more exposurethan just a brand on abanner.’Zahi Lawand, Exchange Manager, Mindshare February 2011 // Page 33
  34. 34. Airport Lounge The latest news and developments in airports worldwide Dubai Duty Free Named ‘Retailer of the Year’ Dubai Duty Free has been voted ‘Retailer of the Year’ at the Retail City Awards. Named as the largest single airport retailer in the world by Generation Research, Dubai Duty Free’s sales turnover reached an incredible $1.14bn in 2009. Dubai Duty Free looks in a good position to Did You Know? achieve double-digit sales growth in 2010, Dubai Duty Free (DDF) is Kit Kats with total sales to the end of September biggest customer in the world, according already up by 14.5% to an impressive $902m. to Nestlé, selling over one tonne per day! Management said that the world’s number The most expensive wine purchase in duty one duty free airport operation is on track free and travel retail was recorded at Le Clos, for a record-breaking year-end sales total of Dubai’s luxury airport and spirits shop. An $1.25bn. unnamed buyer bought 8 bottles of Bordeaux for $109,000 in August.A ir por t Lounge Dubai Top 5 Retail Categories (Jan-Sept 2010) $127m $123m $96m $68m $53m Perfume Liquor Gold Electronics Watches Page 34 // February 2011
  35. 35. Outdoor Showcase // Airport Lounge London Heathrow Busiest September Ever 6.2m people flew from Heathrow Airport this September, a rise of 7.6% on September 2009, the largest year-on-year monthly increase since July 2004. North Russia America 70,021 1,442,193 +23.7% +6.5% 3 3 China 1 2 58,330 +10.3% 1 South Europe America 2,352,806 47,973 +11.7% 2 +16.4% Brazil 31,546 +27.1%Most Popular RoutesGlobally European A ir por t Lounge1 New York 241,746 1 Frankfurt: 125,2582 Dubai 153,319 2 Amsterdam 123,8083 Dublin 134,500 3 Paris 116,509Latest Contract News more...Saudi Arabia: JCDecaux wins ten-year exclusive contract for all 26 Saudi Arabian airportsUSA: JCDecaux renews advertising contract at Washington DC AirportsSingapore: JCDecaux awarded advertising contract for Changi Airport February 2011 // Page 35
  36. 36. 2010 Top Sellers in Airport Retail Fragrances, Cosmetics and Latest figures published by Generation Research place Luxury Goods as the global top selling categories, accounting for some 67% of the $22,714m airport retail spend. Luxury Goods Global Wines & Spirits 16% $22,714m 31%: Fragrances & Cosmetics Tobacco Goods 36% 9% Confectionary & Fine Food 8% Europe $10,047m 27% 16% 10% 38% Asia Pacific 9% 17% $6,847m 36% 33% 7% 7% Americas 15% 29% $3,033mA ir por t Lounge 42% 10% Middle East 13% 41% $2,314m 4% 26% 11% 9% Africa 19% 21% Click her e $473m 14% more det for aile 3% informatio d 43% n Page 36 // February 2011
  37. 37. Outdoor Showcase // U snapNews in BriefJCDecaux launches U snapJCDecaux has launched U snap, an iPhoneapplication based on image recognition technology,which enables advertisers to provide digital contentdirectly to the consumer’s phone from a poster. This integration of mobile marketing into Outdoor advertising is pushing the boundaries of the mediumand opening up new opportunities for advertisers. Click here to see U snap in actionHow does it work?A user can download the application free of charge from the Apple Store and once launched, the usercan take a picture of a poster, which will be immediately recognised by the application. The user is then automatically redirected to the content provided by the advertiser, be it information about a newproduct, discount vouchers or videos.Initially only available on iPhone, U snap will eventually be compatible with other mobile operating systems such as Android or Windows.First advertiser to use U snapLancôme was the first advertiser to utilise U snap with its campaign for L’Absolu Rouge. Users were offered a wide range of high quality digital content: from the introduction of a new collection of lipsticksto advice given by the in-house make-up artist. Click to view Lancôme’s News in B r ief videoU snap official website: http://pro.u-snap.net/ February 2011 // Page 37
  38. 38. JCDecaux Outdoor Showcase February 2011 UK Youth Multi- Chinese & Indian Task while consumers spend Watching TV more time leisure shopping Results from an online survey found that the Chinese go shopping an average of 4.3 times per month “because they feel like it, not because they have to”. Indian consumers follow close behind at 3.9 trips per month. Consumers in developed markets go leisure shopping about twice a month. suggested Research from Forrester Consulting in the UK. Country Average Leisure that TV viewing habits are changing ularly watch Shopping Trips Over 60% of 16-35 year-olds reg rently. This per Month TV and sur f the Internet concur husiasm for UK 2.7 audience also has the greatest ent web and USA streaming broadcast content via the 1.9 wnership. have the lowest levels of television o Germany 1.5 ed as “Social Forrester also found what it describ live TV in the TV” – chatting online while watching time for young traditional way – as a frequent pas half (47%) of consumers under 25 years. AlmostNews in B r ief is behaviour. this age group regularly engage in th t generation These trends suggest that the nex ir attention of TV viewers are likely to have the divided between TV and Internet. Source: nVision Research, November 2010 ember 2010 Source: Cisco & Warc, 19th Nov Page 38 // February 2011
  39. 39. Megatrends shape China; P&G, Nik e& Yahoo to benefit Morgan Stanley identified a varie ty of “megatrends” reshaping the co “Chinese baby boomers”, born aft untry, such as the fact er 1980, will comprise over 50% o first time by 2015. f the population for the Some of these megatrends are : 1. Chinese baby boomers will display higher levels of spending than predecessors, having grown up their during a period of unrivalled fiscal e xpansion. 2. On the other hand, the ageing of the Chinese population will encoura digitisation, mechanisation and ge increase demand for healthcare insurance. and life 3. Urbanisation will rise from 47% to 63% over the next 60 years, and benefit sectors such as consumer is likely to staples, personal care and househ and white” goods. old “black 4. Morgan Stanley predicts consu mer credit could account for 40% spending by 2020, in line with th of consumer e global average. 5. China’s share of global GDP is predicted to rise from 8% to 14% believes localisation (ie. delivering . Morgan Stanley bespoke goods for the market) is k harnessing the potential of China ey to . International brands such as Procte r & Gamble, Nike, Yahoo and Yum the companies best placed to ben ! Brands are among efit from the “megatransition” now underway in China. P&G holds an estimated 13% of reve nue in the Chinese household and segments, and should experience personal care 11% growth in revenue per year. Nike will yield 15% annual grow th in sales to 2015 by tapping lower-tier cities an d enhancing its Converse brand.Yahoo was tipped for success in the increasinglyimportant mobile internet sector, prim arily throughits 44% stake in Alibaba, a major player in theChinese digital space. News in B r iefFast food company Yum! Brands is openingmore than 400 sites a year, and ma y draw 50% of sales from China in the next 15 yea rs.Source: Morgan Stanley & Warc, 16th November 2010Email info@jcdecaux-oneworld.com for futher details. February 2011 // Page 39
  40. 40. New images! Recent additions to iMage include: • Beauté Prestige International (BPI) Street Furniture and Transport campaigns for Jean Paul Gaultier in Germany and Italy. • Street Furniture and Large Format campaigns for the Ferrero Group in Austria, Belgium, France and China. • Unilever and Alpen Gold Street Furniture and Large Format images from Kazakhstan. • A digital campaign for the World Cup at Dubai airport. • Large Format and Street Furniture campaigns for Nestlé in Moscow and Ljubljana.News in B r ief Jean Paul Gaultier // Berlin Click here to go to iMage Page 40 // February 2011
  41. 41. Outdoor Showcase // iMageiMage PhotolibraryJean Paul Gaultier // Milan Ferrero // Austria Unilever // Ferrero // China Kazakhstan News in B r iefWorld Cup // Dubai Nestlé // Moscow February 2011 // Page 41
  42. 42. News in B r ief Page 42 // February 2011
  43. 43. Outdoor Showcase // iMageJCDecaux OneWorldLatest Releases Out Now: Global Adspend Forecast Update: October 2010 Gadget Show: Can Outdoor Advertising Beat New Media? Unilever MediaLab Welcomes JCDecaux Innovate Interactive MUPI Click the icons above to access recent Out Nows News in B r iefSubscribe Now:Not receiving the latest newsletters from JCDecaux OneWorld?Click here to be added to our distribution list. February 2011 // Page 43
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