Matt Hall Racing 2014 Red Bull Air Race Team Guide


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The Matt Hall Racing 2014 Red Bull Air Race Team Guide is the official guide to Matt Hall and Matt Hall Racing for the 2014 Red Bull Air Race World Championships.

Find Matt's Welcome, Fast Facts, Flying History, Timeline, Team bios, Aircraft info, Matt's Red Bull Air Race history, 2014 Race Schedule and contact details.

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Matt Hall Racing 2014 Red Bull Air Race Team Guide

  1. 1. MATT HALL RACING Team Guide 2014 Red Bull Air Race< h<p://
  2. 2. CONTENTS [10-­‐11] The Team [12] Ma.’s RBAR History [13] 2014 RBAR Schedule [14] 2014 MHR Results [15] 2014 RBAR Standings [16-­‐19] How It Works [20] Contact Details [03] Ma.’s Welcome [4] Fast Facts [5-­‐6] Flying History [7-­‐8] Timeline [9] The AircraO
  3. 3. WELCOME Welcome to the Ma. Hall Racing Team Guide for the 2014 Red Bull Air Race! It’s been more than three years but I am over the moon to be in the posiVon to return to racing and what a privilege it will be…… Travelling the globe to fly my race plane against some of my best mates -­‐ the planet’s best race pilots -­‐ in Abu Dhabi, Rovinj, Putrajaya, Gydnia, Ascot, Dallas / Fort Worth, Las Vegas and China.......what an honour. In 2009, the year I made my Red Bull Air Race debut, I was lucky enough to finish the season in third place, a record for a rookie. The next year, the last RBAR season, I made it onto the podium twice, including a second placed finish in front of a pulsaVng Aussie crowd in Perth, Western Australia. It was a moment I will never forget. And that’s what I am hoping to create in 2014 – another season of lifelong memories built on enjoying what I think is the best job in the world. What are my chances of gecng on a podium or two? I don’t know but I’ve always focussed on learning, fun and safety and I know if my team and I keep that in mind in 2014 we are in for another wonderful year. Thanks for the support and I look forward to catching up during 2014. Ma.
  4. 4. MATT HALL FAST FACTS Full name: Ma.hew David Hall Date / Place of Birth: 16 September 1971 / Scone, NSW, Australia Current residence: Newcastle, NSW, Australia Family: Wife Pedita, son Mitchell, stepson Cameron and stepdaughter Amelia Usual race weight / Height: 69 kgs / 173cm Years flying as at 2013: 39 since first flight with father, 27 since beginning training in gliders and 26 since gecng glider license Previous jobs: RAAF Fighter Pilot, Fighter Combat Instructor Military rank: Wing Commander Role models: Nigel Lamb AviaWon mentors: Bob Hoover, Sean Tucker, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith Favourite place to race: Australia Favourite place to vacaWon: Australia (home!!) Favourite food: Curry Favourite drink: Water, White Wine and Red Bull Favourite music: 80's Rock What’s on your ipod right before you fly: Black Eyed Peas Three people i’d like to meet: Jon Bon Jovi, John Glenn, The Queen In three words describe the Red Bull Air Race: Spectacular, ExciVng, Professional
  5. 5. FLYING HISTORY The Pilot Ma. Hall is a third generaVon pilot, a former RAAF Fighter Combat (Top Gun) Instructor, internaVonal unlimited aerobaVc compeVtor and in 2009 became not only the first Australian to ever compete in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship but also the first Rookie to finish a Red Bull Race and indeed the enVre season on the podium. Flying History Ma. has a long history in the air, beginning flying with his Dad from an early age, making his first solo flight at age 15 in a glider, before gaining his aircraO pilot's licence at the age of 18. Now licensed in gliders, ultralights, hang gliders, powered aircraO, helicopters and Military Jets, Ma. has over 5500 hours in various aircraO types. He is passionate about general aviaVon and light aircraO, having owned nine aircraO -­‐ a Mustang P-­‐51D, a Vans RV-­‐4, an Acrosport II bi-­‐plane, a Cherokee 180C, a Giles 202, a Debonair, a Super Cub, and Extra 300L and his 2014 Race Plane – the MXS-­‐R.
  6. 6. FLYING HISTORY(cont.) Military Career Following in the footsteps of his grandfather who flew in World War II, Ma. is a former Royal Australian Air Force Fighter Pilot, with over 1800 Hornet hours. He was an elite Fighter Combat (Top Gun) Instructor, and in 2006 completed a tour as the chief instructor for this demanding course. He has received many awards along the way, including Dux of Pilot, Hornet and Fighter Combat Instructor courses, the 1997 Fighter Pilot of the Year and was awarded a Chief of Air Force commendaVon for his performance as the Chief Instructor of the 2006 FCI course. He spent three years in the USA on a USAF exchange program, flying over 500 hours in the F-­‐15E Strike Eagle, including combat. For his efforts, he was awarded combat decoraVons by both the US and Australia. Ma. resigned from the RAAF in 2009 to allow him to become a full Vme Race Pilot. AerobaWc History Ma. has been flying aerobaVcs for many years, becoming more serious about compeVVon and display aerobaVcs whilst on his USAF exchange. He travelled widely to air shows, fly ins and aerobaVc compeVVons and was coached and mentored by many of the top US compeVtors and performers. In his first few years of compeVVon Ma. won the US East Coast AerobaVc Championship at the Sportsman level, the NSW State AerobaVc Championships at Intermediate level and the Australian AerobaVc Championships at the Advanced level, his first NaVonals and Advanced compeVVon. In April 2007 Ma. moved up to Unlimited and competed at the Australian NaVonal AerobaVc Championships, placing second overall, but first in Freestyle.
  7. 7. Sep 1971: Born in Scone, NSW, Australia to TIMELINE parents Rohan and Lesleigh and sister Kerri on 16 September Dec 1973: First flight with father Rohan Dec 1986: First solo flight in a L13 Blanik Glider at age 15 Jan 1989: First Solo in a DriOer Ultralight at age 17 Dec 1989: Completed High School at Morisset High School Apr 1990: Obtained aircraO pilot's licence aged 18 Jan 1991: Joined the Royal Australian Air Force as an Officer Cadet based in Point Cook, Victoria Apr 1991: Undertook 159 Pilots course Jul 1992: Graduated as Dux of 159 Pilots course, posted to Jet Fighters Dec 1997: RAAF Fighter Pilot of the Year Jun 1999: Graduates as Dux of 26 Fighter Combat Instructor Course Jan 2002: Began exchange with US Air Force to fly and instruct on the F-­‐15E Strike Eagle Mar-­‐ Apr 2003: Flew in combat with USAF in the Middle East Oct 2003: Won the US East Coast AerobaVc Championship at the Sportsman level Feb 2004: Engaged to fellow RAAF Officer, Pedita Rowe, on the hill of the site of the first flight in history, Ki.yhawk NC. Jan 2005: Returned to Australia following USAF Exchange Apr 2005: Married fellow RAAF Officer, Pedita Aug 2005: Son Mitchell was born Jun 2006: Awarded a Chief of Air Force commendaVon for work as the Chief Instructor of the 2006 FCI course
  8. 8. TIMELINE Apr 2009: Made his RBAR debut in Abu Dhabi Sep 2009: Became the first Rookie pilot in history to win a place on a RBAR podium when he was third in the race in Porto, Portugal Oct 2009: Made history by ending his Rookie RBAR season in the top three places in the overall standings Apr 2010: Finished second in the Perth round of the RBAR Aug 2010: Finished third in the Lausitz round of the RBAR, ending the season ranked seventh despite missing two rounds Mar 2011: Displayed at the Australian InternaVonal Airshow at Avalon Oct 2011: Displayed at the Bathurst 1000 V8 Supercars event, Australia’s most famous car race Mar 2012: Displayed at the Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix taking off from a makeshiO runway for 'Impossible Airfield' Mar 2013: Displayed at the Australian InternaVonal Airshow at Avalon Jun 2013: AviaVon Director for the Blue Mountains Bicentenary Flyover Feb 2014: Returned to the Red Bull Air Race World Championship Nov 2006: Travelled to Perth to watch his first ever RBAR April 2007: Won Freestyle secVon of Unlimited compeVVon at Australian AerobaVc Championships, placing 2nd Overall Sep 2007: Promoted to Wing Commander Sep 2007: Travelled to USA to compete in US NaVonal AerobaVc CompeVVon in Unlimited Nov 2007: Offered opportunity by Red Bull to parVcipate in a series of elite Training Camps under former world champion Patrick Paris Jun 2008: Finished 8th in the World AerobaVcs Cup in Prague Jul 2008: Finished 23rd in 2008 European AerobaVc Championships, earning a berth at RBAR QualificaVon Camp Sep 2008: Successfully completed the RBAR QualificaVon Camp, becoming the first Australian to be awarded the coveted RBAR Super Licence Nov 2008: Selected to join RBAR World Championship circuit for 2009
  9. 9. THE AIRCRAFT Dimensions Length 21.35 O / 6.51 m Wing Span 24.0 O / 7.32 m Wing Area 102.0 sq. O / 9.48 sq. m Height 6.0 O / 1.83 m Empty 1260 lbs / 572 kg Weight Gross Weight 1840 lbs / 835 kg Acro Weight 1600 lbs / 726 kg ‘G’ Loading +/-­‐ 14 G Engine 250-­‐380 Hp COCKPIT Cockpit Width 23 in / 58.42 cm Seat Back To Panel Rear 27 in / 68.58 cm Seat Layback Angle 50 degrees reclined Rudder Pedal Adjustment Rear 7 in / 17.78 cm Pilot Size Range 5’2” / 1.57 m to 6’4” / 1.93 m Pilot Weight Range Up to 290 lbs / 131.5 kg
  10. 10. THE TEAM Name: Eric Cieslar Role: Race Technician Eric started working on and flying aircraO in mid high school and hasn’t stopped since. He has spent a lot of Vme restoring and maintaining vintage and ex-­‐military aircraO types including but not limited to the Tigermoth, Waco, Ryan, Harvard, Trojan, Mustang, Ki.yhawk and Vampire. In the air he has done more hours of flying in tail wheel aircraO types than in tricycle undercarriage aircraO, most of which has been done in Tigermoths, Cubs, Ryans, Harvards and the Ma. Hall Racing Extra 300L. In what li.le spare Vme he has, Eric enjoys playing Ice Hockey, rebuilding Jeeps and riding motorcycles. Name: Dave Lyall Role: Team Coordinator Dave is a sports mad media manager, public relaVons consultant, athlete manager, journalist and researcher who runs his own company – Sports CommunicaVon Australia. Dave was the Ma. Hall Racing team coordinator in 2010 and has worked with some of the most successful sporVng teams and highest profile athletes in Australia including Olympic gold medallists, internaVonal football players (across several codes) and acVon sport stars. Dave was a member of the 2008 and 2012 Australian Olympic Team’s media corps in Beijing and London. Away from work David enjoys spending Vme with his wife Robyn and son Chase, going to the beach, swimming, watching sport and sharing a cold drink with friends and family. Dave’s website:
  11. 11. THE TEAM Name: Peter Wezenbeek Role: Race TacWcian Peter is an expert in data acquisiVon and analysis. His first-­‐hand experience as the Race Team Control Systems Engineer for F1 star Fernando Alonso has given him a unique insight into the power of data collecVon. During his Vme in F1, Peter used test and race data to come up with strategies to improve both vehicle and driver performance, which contributed to the Renault Formula 1 Team and Alonso winning two World Championships. In 2007, Peter moved to Australia and started his own company WINGMATE. The company develops electronic control systems and data recording units used in industrial and automoVve applicaVons. Peter is a keen private pilot and loves to fly his good old Cherokee. Time away from the airplane is spent on making wine and brewing beer and tasVng the results with friends. Peter’s websites: & Name: Shawn Ma<hews Role: Team Advisor Shawn is an experienced aviator having joined the RAAF in 1988 where he built an impressive career over more than two decades before reVring as a SQNLDR in 2009 having served as ExecuVve Officer of 2OCU. Along with his more than 2000 hours in the seat of an F/A 18 where he was rated as an A Cat fighter pilot, Shawn has extensive experience in civillian aircraO having flown (amongst others) an EA300L (Extra), C180 Glider Tug, C172 and C206 float planes, CJ6A Nanchang, Super Decathlon and a Learjet LR35/36. When he is not sicng in the cockpit Shawn enjoys travelling, surfing and most sorts of physical adventure. In recent years he has climbed the Ma.erhorn, ridden a motorcycle from Ryadh to Glasgow and contested a race running over the Alps (Germany, across Austria to Italy).
  12. 12. MATT’S RBAR HISTORY 1 3 5 7 9 2009 3rd Overall 1 3 5 7 9 2010 7th Overall D N S DS Q
  13. 13. 2014 RBAR SCHEDULE
  14. 14. 2014 RBAR RESULTS 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Placing
  15. 15. 2014 RBAR STANDINGS
  16. 16. 2014 RBAR HOW IT WORKS
  17. 17. 2014 RBAR HOW IT WORKS
  18. 18. 2014 RBAR HOW IT WORKS
  19. 19. 2014 RBAR HOW IT WORKS
  20. 20. CONTACT MATT HALL RACING For all enquiries about Ma. Hall Racing, including media requests, please contact To download this team guide on Slide Share, click here For all you need to know about the RBAR go to To download TV and web clips, audio, pics and print stories go to<