Co-Chair NASA/GSA Presentation to Moffett RAB May 10, 2012

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  • 1. Moffett Restoration Advisory Board May 10, 2012Proposed GSA Evaluation of Moffett Federal Air Field and Hangar OneBackground Summation to Initiate Discussions William Berry Moffett RAB Community Co-Chair
  • 2. NASA MFA & Hangar One Issue Background• Wednesday 5/9/12 - Request to RAB From Representative Anna Eshoo: – “I encourage you to be an active participant in this stakeholder process and follow-up with Administrators Bolden and Tangherlini”.• Chronological Summary of Key Previous Communications: – January – March 2011 - Loral, LMSC and USAF express importance of airfield access – Fall - Winter 2011 – H211 proposal to NASA HQ for restoration and reuse of Hangar One – 12/9/11 – Hangar One Subcommittee letter of support to Eshoo for H211 proposal; followed by other letters of support from community/stakeholders. – 3/29/12 – Eshoo to Bolden letter asking NASA to use Enhanced Use Lease authority to negotiate on H211 proposal for Hangar One – 3/6/12 – Bolden to Eshoo letter declaring that Moffett Federal Airfield and Hangar One “no longer have a mission need and therefore excess to the Agency, NASA’s Enhanced Use Lease authorities are not available for these properties”. Further proposes a process under GSA’s expertise. – 4/26-27/12 – Eshoo informs Feinstein, Boxer, White House, Sunnyvale and Mountain View of NASA’s intention to “excess Moffett Federal Airfield and Hangar One”, expresses her opposition to excessing, and asks for them to help prevent that from happening.
  • 3. NASA MFA & Hangar One Issue Background - Continued• 5/3/12 – NASA with support of the GSA informs Eshoo of their intent “to engage the services of GSA to evaluate the appropriate stewardship of the property” stating: – GSA would follow a clear and thorough process that involves the community to determine stakeholders interests – No significant changes to the immediate operation at Moffett – with NASA continuing to manage the property and airfield operations – Identifying national security and other important government needs Committing to moving forward under the principles of: – Consulting with Federal, state and local authorities of future use of the airfield – Assuring that airfield safety issues are addressed in future reuse planning – Coordinating to minimize negative impacts on the surrounding communities – Maintaining environmental stewardship of the site Note: Letter is essentially silent on Hangar One• 5/9/12 - Eshoo express concerns about how “your proposed excess meets the federal interest” and is troubled by a new duplicative, lengthy and expensive review.• 5/9/12 – Eshoo requests our involvement• 5/9/12 – National Trust for Historic Preservation letter to Bolden in support of H211 proposal. Additional similar letters expected from State Historic Preservation Office and Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
  • 4. NASA MFA & Hangar One Issue Background - Continued• Note from Lenny Siegel, Chair RAB Hangar One Subcommittee – I suggest that the RAB ask the cities of Mountain View and Sunnyvale to convene a Community Advisory Committee, in consultation with NASA Ames, on the model of the 1997 committee. Since support for Hangar One is very broad, we represent people with a variety of perspectives on the future of the rest of Moffett Field. A locally led advisory group is the best way to evaluate options for the future use of the federal property, including Hangar One. We cannot leave such a review to unresponsive federal agencies.