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Biceps - an Extbase enterprise application
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Biceps - an Extbase enterprise application


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The Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services Group's corporate structure comprises geographically aligned divisions which specialise in industrial services - and the cross-regional Plant Technologies …

The Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services Group's corporate structure comprises geographically aligned divisions which specialise in industrial services - and the cross-regional Plant Technologies division, which is active in the areas of engineering, piping and plant assembly. BIS GmbH is organised as an independent subgroup within the Bilfinger Berger Multi Service Group and, with its roughly 28,000 employees, generated total revenues of EUR 2.9 billion in 2010. Many tasks of colleagues and employees require examinations and checks to conform to governmental restrictions and regulations. In 2010 in2code developed the TYPO3 application "Biceps", based on extBase and Fluid. In our presentation we will demonstrate the functions integrated into the application and go into detail regarding the technical implementation. We will also examine all traps and barriers caused by the early implementation with the young framework. Finally we will show the solutions used by the current framework.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Wir leben TYPO3 BICEPS Jobsite Requirement Management for Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services GroupWir leben TYPO3
  • 2. AgendaWir leben TYPO3
  • 3. Agenda• Introduction• Problem & Solution• Demonstration• Technical Aspects• Lessons LearnedWir leben TYPO3
  • 4. IntroductionWir leben TYPO3
  • 5. Stakeholders: in2code Stefan Busemann David Richter Markus Rodler Workshops Tina Gasteiger TYPO3 Alex Kellner Security ConsultingWe live TYPO3We support TYPO3- , Internet- andFull-Service-Agencies as well assmall and middle-sizedcompanies, which need specialTYPO3 knowledge Entwicklung Performance Michael Cannon Martin HuberExtensions FLOW3 Marcus Schwemer FluidWir leben TYPO3
  • 6. Stakeholders:Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services Group• Munich, Germany• Multi-national• 2010 2,900,000,000 EurosWir leben TYPO3
  • 7. Problem & SolutionWir leben TYPO3
  • 8. Problem• Many certification and safety training types• No easy tracking requirements• Everyone has own solution• Inconsistencies• Potential to fail inspections• Microsoft AccessWir leben TYPO3
  • 9. BICEPS Solution• Single-point tracking for multiple- organizations• 5 months development• Extbase and Fluid based• Deployed December 2010Wir leben TYPO3
  • 10. BICEPS FEATURES• Profiles• Groups• Automated reminders• Role-based permissions• Safety logsWir leben TYPO3
  • 11. BICEPS Benefits• Regulation and restriction conformation• Hard questions, easily answeredWir leben TYPO3
  • 12. DemonstrationWir leben TYPO3
  • 13. BICEPS Demonstration• Create profile• Create job site• Update training• Expiration report• Print safety logsWir leben TYPO3
  • 14. BICEPS Future Development• Extbase 1.3• Usability improvements• Performance enhancements• Being famousWir leben TYPO3
  • 15. Technical AspectsWir leben TYPO3
  • 16. Technical Aspects• Cronjob-based data crunching• SQL query optimization• Missing Extbase documentation• Missing view helpersWir leben TYPO3
  • 17. Lessons LearnedWir leben TYPO3
  • 18. Lessons Learned• No design by committee• Spend time concept planning• Stable foundation• Release early and often• Get sign-offWir leben TYPO3
  • 19. Thank you! Any questions? Michael Cannon Tina Gasteiger Wir leben TYPO3 In2code.