Designer Social: a cross-channel marketing case study with Dukky


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With Dukky as their secret sauce, Designer Social, has run multiple campaigns over the past year to engage, motivate and incentivize their customers. This case study shows their most recent cross-channel marketing strategy and results.

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Designer Social: a cross-channel marketing case study with Dukky

  1. 1. Your Marketing Strategya cross-channel marketing case study
  2. 2. HELLO my name is “The one stop shop for the fashion and accessory-obsessed. Yourvery own marketplace and forum to see and shop the best designers of the season, and sell the stuff that no longer suits your style.”
  3. 3. Like many web-based companies, Designer Social depends on their marketing to establish and grow their customer database as well as serve as the primary means of interaction with their customer. “Your customers and prospects move from channel to channel when interacting with you, and so must your marketing efforts” - AMA** American Marketing Association,
  4. 4. the strategy:Utilizing a cross-channel marketing strategy,Designer Social launched a sweepstakes campaignfeaturing a Dukky microsite as the portal to engage,motivate and incentivize their customers.
  5. 5. the strategy:Customers were directed to www.dsocialpromo.comfrom multiple marketing mediums to enter for achance to win a vintage Chanel handbag. the channels: Company Company Company Company website facebook twitter blog
  6. 6. the wishlist: ☐ engage current customers ☐ leverage current customers to grow database ☐ increase “likes” to company Facebook pages
  7. 7. the campaign site:Customers walked through a quick four stepprocess to enter the sweepstakes including: 1.  Inputting customer data 2.  Answering poll questions 3.  Sharing the sweepstakes with friends 4.  Likeing Designer Social’s Facebook page *not required for eligibility
  8. 8. the share:Customers were given the opportunity to share thesweepstakes with friends across 330+ socialnetworks.
  9. 9. the response:During the first 3 weeks of the campaign over 15,000responders came into the microsite. 19.09% of response came from the marketing strategy 81.91% of response came from social sharingOverall, 12,725 responders came in to the microsite throughsocial shares alone to enter the sweepstakes..
  10. 10. the power of the share: • From 607 shares on Facebook an additional 10,710 users responded - a 1:17 response rate. • Of the 2,870 users who shared, 285 users (or 10%) carried influence within their social networks. • The average user who shared brought in an additional 6 peers into the campaign. • The top influencer, an affiliate online fashion magazine, was responsible for over 500 entries into the system.
  11. 11. facebook page likes: During the three week campaign, Designer Social increased theirFacebook fan page followers with over 1,000 new likes.
  12. 12. the end result: Designer Social’s cross channel marketing campaign reached customersfrom various entry points driving them to one location, their campaignmicrosite. The interactive and motivating user experience resulted in  An engaging experience for current customers   Growth to their customer database through social sharing & marketing ads  1,000 new likes to their Facebook business page
  13. 13. Dukky For more information about adding Dukky to your next cross-channel marketing strategy Email: