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Makinglink Version Yarrareporter Ppt


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Published in: News & Politics, Business

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  • 1. yarraReporter Project
    • Making Links Conference
    • November 16, 2009
  • 2. Civic Journalism
    • “ Thinking they have to tell smart people how to behave and always knowing the best action for them to take is why so many media have such a poor image with the public today. The people’s interest must come first” (Ed Mullins, professor and chair of the journalism department in University of Alabama College).
  • 3.
    • Aim of yarraReporter:
    • To build skills, capacity and create change for socially disadvantaged communities in public housing estates in Richmond, Collingwood and Atherton Gardens through journalism training.
  • 4.
    • Objectives
    • To train public housing estate residents in civic journalism;
    • Increase communities’ awareness on social issues through internet access;
    • Bridge communication, share local news via intranet and blogs with use of multimedia (video, audio productions)
  • 5. Project goals
    • Break social isolation.
    • Increase access to information and communication technology.
    • Improve residents’ literacy.
    • Increase residents’ capacity and confidence to participate in community activities.
  • 6. Strategies
    • Build “high rise” media production
    • Train participants in media production, content publishing and distribution.
    • Train participants in news production and story gathering techniques.
    • Develop good media marketing skills.
    • Publish weekly content on e-ACE and WiredC@C intranets and Yarra Reporter website,
    • Network content produced across media outlets.
  • 7. Journalism
    • The role of journalist is to mediate the rulers and citizens; they serve all citizens in a democratic society.
  • 8. In reality..
    • Mainstream media may isolate and neglect socially disadvantaged communities – treat them as not newsworthy (see Roshco, 1975).
    • Consequences: social isolation, low self esteem, harder to have better future.
  • 9. First batch of yarraReporters..
  • 10. Infoxchange Australia Principles
    • The underpinning project principles:
    • Make information widely available to all, including those who are socially disadvantaged.
    • Broaden the benefit of ICT use to all; digital inclusion.
    • Encourage cooperative partnership and information sharing within community, government and private sectors.
  • 11. Outputs
    • Up to 10 professional civic journalists already produced.
    • News stories are regularly updated on Infoxchange intranets.
    • Published stories in independent media.
  • 12. Project indicators and measurements
    • Journalism content published or broadcast on intranets and on mainstream media.
    • Participants involved.
    • Audiences’ access to the journalism content.
    • Audiences’ comments.
    • Audiences’ postings to intranets.
    • Site hits.
  • 13. Social Media and yarraReporter
    • Utilise social media networks Facebook and Twitter as a strategic method to promote yarraReporter to the wider community.
    • Using the Infoxchange networks to expand the awareness of the initiative.
    • Content: yarraReporter implements Hyperlocal Journalism, focusing primarily on the issues affecting government housing residents in the City of Yarra.
  • 14. Where to next?
    • Replication of the yarraReporter model in other housing estates around Melbourne (Youthbeat).
    • Attract local business to use yarraReporter to advertise, creating revenue and eventually payment to the yarraReporters for their content.
    • Constantly developing content for the website in order to create consistent interest and, as it is updated, so too are the social network sites leading to community awareness.
  • 15. Partnerships
    • Swinburne University Media and Communications Department,
    • 3ZZZ,
    • The Age,
    • Mentoring process.
  • 16. Funding
    • The project receives funding from Portland House Foundation and the City of Yarra Council.
    • We thank them for their generous support.
  • 17. Thank you.
            • Contacts:
            • Setyo Budi
    • Telephone 0406 381 873
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Web: /