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Saw security awareness part v

  1. 1. Security Awar y reness – Par V s rt Millions of people travel abroad each year and use their passports. W s e u p When you travel abr road, the odds a in your favor tha you willl have a safe and incident-fre trip. Ho are at s ee owever, cri ime and violenc ce, as w well as un nexpected difficultie es, do befall trave elers in all parts of the world. Fortunate ely, most problems can be solved ove the tele s er ephone or by a visit to the lar n aveler's ne earest emb bassy or consulate. But there are less fo c fortunate Consul Section of the tra occasio ons when consular officers ar called on to mee travelers at foreig police s re o et s gn stations, hospita prisons and even at morg ues. In the cases, the assis als, s ese stance that consular officers r can off is specific but limited. fer In the h hope of he elping you avoid unh appy meet tings with consular o officers when you go abroad; we hav prepared the follow ve wing travell tips. Plea have a safe and secure tr abroad ase d rip d!        As much a possible avoid the appearan of afflu as e, e nce uence. Always try to travel light. If you do, you can move more quick and will be more likely to y l u c kly have a free hand. Carry the minimum amount o valuable necessary for yo trip and plan a p of es our d place or places to c conceal the em. Your pass sport, cash and credit cards are most secure when llocked in a hotel safe When t e e. you have t carry them on you person, you may wish to con to ur w nceal them in severa places m al rather than putting th n hem all in o wallet or pouch. one To avoid problems when pas ssing throu ugh customs, keep medicines in their original, s labeled co ontainers. Bring a co opy of you prescrip ur ptions and the gene names for the d eric s drugs. If a medicatio is unus on sual or contains narcotics, car a letter from you doctor rry r ur attesting t your ne to eed to tak the drug If you have any doubt abo the legality of ke g. out carrying a certain dr into a country, consult the embassy or consula of that country rug c ate first. Bring travelers checks and one or tw major credit cards instead of cash. c d wo c s o Pack an extra set of passport p photos along with a photocopy of your pa p assport info ormation page to make replac cement of y your passp easier in the eve it is lost or stolen. port ent t Put your n name, add dress and telephone numbers inside an outside of each piece of e s nd e luggage. Use cover red luggag tags to avoid ca ge o asual obse ervation of your ide o entity or nationality and if pos y ssible, lock your luggage. k Don't b bring anyth hing you wo ould hate t lose. Lea at hom to ave me:    valuable o expensiv or ve-looking jjewelry, irreplaceable family objects, all unnece essary cred cards. dit Leave a copy of y your itinera with fa mily or frie ary ends at hom in case they need to contac you in me e d ct By: Capt SB Tyagi, CO B OAS’CC*, FISM, CSC, CSP P
  2. 2. an eme ergency.   As much a possible plan to s as e, stay in larger hotels th have m hat more elaborated secu urity. Because t take-off an landing are the most dange nd m erous time of a flig es ght, book n non-stop flights whe possible en e.        If you leave a current willl, insuranc docume c ce ents, and p power of attorney w your a with family or a friend, you can feel secu about traveling a n ure and will be prepared for any e d gency that may arise while you are away. emerg If you have mino children, consider making guardianship arrangem or , p ments for th hem. Make a no of the credit limiit on each credit car that you bring. Make certain not to ote rd u charge ove that amount on yo trip. er our Ask your c credit card company how to rep the los of your c port ss card from abroad. a Find out if your perso onal prope insuran covers you for lo or theft abroad. erty nce s oss More impo ortantly, ch heck if your health ins r surance co overs you a abroad. Even if your health in nsurance w reimburse you for medical c will care that you pay for abroad, normal health insura ance does not pay for medical evacuation from a re e n emote area or from a a country w where med dical facilit ties are ina adequate. Use th same c he common sense trav s veling overseas that you wou at hom Be es t uld me. specially cautiou in or a us avoid area where y as you are li ikely to be victimize These include c e ed. e crowded subway train st ys, tations, ele evators, to ourist sites, market places, fest p tivals and marginal a areas of cities.      Don't use short cuts, narrow allleys or poo , orly-lit streets. Try no to travel alone at n ot night. Avoid public demons strations an other ci disturba nd ivil ances. Keep a lo profile and avoid loud conv ow versations or argum ments. Do not discus travel ss plans or ot ther personal matters with strangers. s Avoid scam artists. Beware o f strangers who app s proach you offering bargains or to be u, your guide e. Beware of pickpocke They o f ets. often have an accomplice who w will:   jostle you, ask you fo direction s or the tim or me, By: Capt SB Tyagi, CO B OAS’CC*, FISM, CSC, CSP P
  3. 3.             point to so omething s spilled on your clothin y ng, distract yo by creat ou ting a distu urbance. A child or even a woman car r w rrying a ba can be a pickp ocket. Bew aby b ware of gr roups of vagrant ch hildren who create a distraction while pick o n king your p pocket. Wear the shoulder strap of you bag acr s ur ross your chest and w c walk with the bag aw from t way the curb t avoid drive-by pu to d urse snatc chers. Try to seem purposeful when yo move ou about. Eve if you are lost, ac as if you know whe you are going. When possi en a ct ere e W ible, ask directions only from individuals in authori s ity. Know how to use a pay teleph w hone and have the proper chan h nge, calling card or t g token on hand. Learn a fe phrase in the lo ew es ocal langu uage so yo can sig ou gnal your need for h n help, the police, or a doctor. Make a not of emerg M te gency telephone num mbers you may need police, d: fire, your h hotel, and your neare embass or consu y est sy ulate. If you are confronted don't figh back. Give up you valuables Your mo d, ht ur s. oney and p passport can be rep placed, but you cann ot. t Keep your hotel door locked at all times. Meet visito in the llobby. r t ors Do not lea money and othe valuable in your hotel room while you are out. Use the ave y er es h m u hotel safe. . Let someo know when you e one w expect to return if you are out la at nigh r ate ht. If you are alone, do not get on an elevato if there is a suspiciious-lookin person inside. n or ng Read the fire safety instruction in your hotel room Know h y ns m. how to rep port a fire. Be sure you know where the nearest fire-exit and alternate exits ar located. Count th doors e re he between y your room and the n earest exit This cou be a lif t. uld fe-saver if you have to crawl through a smoke-fille corridor ed r. If a co ountry has a pattern of touris being targeted by crimina on pub transport, that s n sts b als blic informa ation is me entioned in the US C n Consular In nformation Sheets un nder the "C Crime Information" section n.   Only take tax clearly id xis dentified with official markings. Beware of unmarke cabs. w o ed o If yo see you way bei ng blocked by a stra ou ur d anger and a another pe erson is ve close ery to y from behind, mov away. This can happen in t corridor of the tra or on you ve T the ain the platform or station. o s may s ping gas o Do not accept food or d rink from strangers. Criminals m also spray sleep in tr rain compa artments. o Where possib lock yo compar ble, our rtment. If it cannot be locked se t e ecurely, ta turns ake eping in shifts with your traveling companions. I that is not possib s If n ble, stay slee awa ake. If you must slee unprotec ep cted, tie do own your lu uggage, strap your va aluables to y and sle on top of them as much as possible. you eep o Do not be afraid to aler authoritie if you fe threaten in any way. Extr police rt es eel ned y ra are often assigned to rid trains on routes where crime is a serio problem de w e ous m. he ype minal activity found on trains ca be foun on publi buses o an nd ic Th same ty of crim By: Capt SB Tyagi, CO B OAS’CC*, FISM, CSC, CSP P
  4. 4. on popular tourist routes.           Keep car d doors locke at all tim ed mes. Wear seat belts r s. As much a possible avoid driiving at nig as e, ght. Don't leave valuable in the ca If you must carry things with you, keep them out of sight es ar. m t h p t locked in t trunk. the Don't park your car on the str k reet overnight. If the hotel or m municipality does not have a y t parking ga arage or ot ther secure area, sele a well-lit area. e ect Never pick up hitchh k hikers. Don't get o of the car if there are suspic out c e cious looking individu uals nearby. Drive aw way. To avoid c carrying lar amoun of cash, change your travele checks only as y need rge nts y er’s s you currency. Countersig traveler checks only in fron of the pe gn r’s o nt erson who will cash them. Do not flash large amounts of money when paying a bill. M a f w Make sure your credit card is y t returned to you after each tran o r nsaction. Deal only with auth horized ag gents when you exc change mo oney, buy airline tic y ckets or purchase s souvenirs. Do not ch hange mon on the black mark ney ket. If your po ossessions are lost o stolen, report the loss imm or e mediately to the loca police. o al Keep a co opy of the police re e eport for in nsurance claims and as an ex c d xplanation of your plight. Afte reporting missing i tems to the police, re er g eport the lo or thef of: oss ft     trav velers chec to the n cks nearest ag gent of the issuing co ompany, cred cards to the issuin compan dit o ng ny, airli tickets to the airli ne or trave agent, ine el Pas ssport to th nearest Indian em he mbassy or consulate. c When y are in a foreign country, yo are subj you c ou ject to its laws and a under it jurisdicti NOT are ts ion the pro otection of your home country la e aws. You can be arre c ested over rseas for actions that may be t either legal or considered minor infrac m ctions in yo own co our ountry. Be aware of what is con w nsidered al ountry whe you are US Con ere e. nsular Information Sh heets inclu information on ude crimina in the co unusua patterns of arrests in various countries when appropriate. al Some o the offen of nses for which travel ers have been arrested abroad are: b d Some co ountries do not distinguish betw o ween poss session and trafficking. Many d countries have m mandatory sentences - even fo possession of a sm amou of marij s or mall unt juana or cocaine A num e. mber of tr ravelers h have been arrested for poss n d sessing prescription drugs, n particularly tranq quilizers and amph etamines that they purchase legally in certain Asian a ed n en t ddle East w where they are illega Other y al. countries and the brought to some countries in the Mid travele have be ers een arrest ted for pur rchasing prescription drugs ab p n broad in qu uantities th local hat authori ities suspe ected were for comm e mercial use If in dou about foreign dru laws, a local e. ubt ug ask authori ities or you nearest embassy o consulat ur or te. The places where tra T s avelers mo often co ost ome into difficulties fo illegal or By: Capt SB Tyagi, CO B OAS’CC*, FISM, CSC, CSP P
  5. 5. posses ssion of fir rearms are Mexico, Canada and the Ca e aribbean. S Sentences for posse ession of firearm in Mexic can be up to 30 y ms co years. In ge eneral, fire earms, eve those le en egally regis stered in India c cannot be b brought int a count unless a permit is first obta to try s ained from the embassy or a consula of that country an the firea is registered with foreign a uthorities on arrival. ate nd arm h o ed In man countries you can be harasse or detained for ph ny s hotographin such th ng hings as po olice and military installatio y ons, govern nment builldings, bor rder areas and transp portation facilities. If you are in doub ask permission be bt, efore taking photogra g aphs. Travel lers have b been arres sted for pu urchasing souvenirs that were, or looked like; antiques and s t which local cust toms autho orities beliieved were national treasures This is especially true in s. y Turkey Egypt a y, and Mexic co. In co ountries where antiq ques are important docume t, ent your purcha ases as rep production if that is the case or if they are auth ns s e, y hentic, secure the ne ecessary export permit (us sually from the nation museum nal m). Terrorist acts oc ccur at random and unpredic d ctably, ma aking it im mpossible to protect oneself t absolut tely. The first and be protectiion is to av est void travel to unsafe areas whe there has been ere a persi istent reco of terro ord orist attack or kidna ks apping. The vast ma ajority of fo oreign stat have tes good r records of maintaini f ing public order and protectin residen and visitors with their ng nts hin borders from terr s rorism.       Schedule direct fligh if possib and av hts ble void stops in high-risk airports or areas. C k o Consider other optio for trav such a trains. ons vel, as Be aware of what yo discuss with strang ou gers or what may be overheard by others d s. Try to min nimize the time spent in the pu t ublic area of an airpo which is a less protected o ort, i area. Mov quickly from the ch ve f heck-in counter to th secured areas. On arrival, le he d n eave the airport as soon as po ossible. As much a possible avoid lug as e, or m y ggage tags, dress and behavio which may identify you as an Americ can. Keep an eye out fo suspicio or ous aband doned pac ckages or briefcases Report them to s. airport sec curity or oth author her rities and le eave the area prompt ptly. Avoid obv vious terrorist targets such as places where Ame s s w ericans and Western ners are known to c congregate e. Norma ally, the mo dangero phase s of a hijac ost ous cking or ho ostage situ uation are the beginning and, t if there is a rescu attempt the end. At the out e ue t, tset, the terrorists typ pically are tense, high-strung and may behave irrationa e ally. It is e extremely important that you remain ca alm and a alert and manag your own behavior ge r.   Avoid resis stance and sudden o threaten d or ning movem ments. Do not strugg or try to escape gle o unless you are certa of being successfu u ain g ul. Make a c concerted effort to relax. Br reathe dee eply and prepare yourself m y mentally, physically and emoti ionally for t possibility of a long ordeal. the By: Capt SB Tyagi, CO B OAS’CC*, FISM, CSC, CSP P
  6. 6.           Try to rem main incons spicuous, avoid direc eye con ct ntact and th appear he rance of ob bserving your capto actions ors' s. Avoid alco oholic beve erages. Co onsume littl food and drink. le d Conscious put yo sly ourself in a mode of passive cooperat o tion. Talk normally. Do not complain, avoid belligerency, a comply with all orders and instruction and y ns. If questio oned, kee your a ep answers short. Do on't volunt teer infor rmation or make unnecessa overtur ary res. Don't try to be a hero endange o o, ering yours and oth self hers. Maintain y your sens of pers se sonal dign nity and gradually iincrease your requests for g y personal c comforts. Make these requests in a reaso M e onable low-key manner. If you are involved in a lengthiier, drawnn -out situation, try to e establish a rapport w your with captors, av voiding political discu ussions or other conf frontationa subjects. al . Establish a daily pr rogram of mental and physica activity. Don't be afraid to ask for al . anything y need or want - m you o medicines, books, pen b ncils, paper rs. Eat what t they give you, even if it does no look or taste appet y f ot t tizing. A lo of appe oss etite and weight is n normal. Think posi itively. Avo a sense of despa Rely on your inne resource Remem oid e air. n er es. mber that you are a valuable commodity to your captors. It is importan to them to keep y alive c y c nt you and well. If you plan to sta more th two we ay han eeks in on place, if you are iin an area experienc ne f cing civil unrest or a natural disaste or if you are plan er u nning trave to a rem el mote area, it is advis sable to registe at the Co er onsular Section of yo nearest embassy or consula This will make it easier if our t ate. w someo one at hom needs to locate y me t you urgently or in th unlikely event tha you nee to be he y at ed evacua ated in an emergenc It will a lso facilitate the issu cy. uance of a new pass sport should yours be los or stole Anothe reason to contac the Consular Se st en. er ct ection is to obtain updated informa ation on the security situation in a country n y. If you r out of money ove run erseas and have no other optio d ons, consu officers can help you get ular s in touch with your family, fri iends, ban k or emplo oyer and in nform them how to wire funds to you. m o Should you find yourself in legal diifficulty, co d i ontact a consular of fficer imme ediately! C Consular officers cannot se s erve as att torneys, giive legal advice, or get you ou t of jail. What they c do is a g W can provide a list of local atto e f orneys wh o speak English an who ma have had experience in E nd ay h represe enting fore eign citizen If you a arreste consula officials will visit you, advise you of ns. are ed, ar s y e your rig ghts under local law and ens ws sure that you are he under humane conditions and are y eld c treated fairly un d nder local law. If you are detained, remembe that under inter l er rnational agreem ments and practice, you have t right to talk to yo consul. If you are denied th right, y the o our . e his be pers sistent. Try to have someone g in touch for you. y s get h By: Capt SB Tyagi, CO B OAS’CC*, FISM, CSC, CSP P