Security Awareness Part I


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Tips for women secruity

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Security Awareness Part I

  1. 1. Se ecurity Awa y areness - Pa rt I Wo omen Secur rity While t entire n the nation still reeled und the sho of hein der ock nous crime against a young girl on Dec e l 16, 2012, one th hing that every India applau e an uded was the timely submissio of Just y on tice J S Verma Committee Repor Justice Verma Committee took ju rt. e e ust 30 da ays to submit its recomm mendations for stre engthening laws to curb sexual offenc g ces. Those who ha been e ad demandin capital punishm ng ment for rapists a are clearly disappointed as y the com mmittee ruled out death r t penalty but ins stead ad dvocates increasin g the sen ntence ter rm. The as ed cope of panel ha widene the sc sexual o offenses including but not limited t to touch, advance es, and disrobing, stalkin voyeur ng, rism and h has sugge ested vario jail ter ous rms for su uch offense This es. indeed is a welco ome sugge estion as it will force the culprits to think twice befo committing the t ore so calle “not so serious” crime. ed Justice Verma C e Committee has also recomme ended som amendm me ments to the “Prote ection of Woman against S n Sexual Ha arassment at Workplace (Preve ention, Pro ohibition an Redres nd ssal) Bill, 2012”. This bill is a leg gislative a act in India that se eeks to p protect wo omen from sexual m harass sment at th heir place of work. It was passed by the Lok S p Sabha (the lower house of e dian Parliament) on 3 Septem mber 2012. It was pa assed by t Rajya Sabha (the upper the the Ind house of the Indian Parliam ment) on 2 Februar 2013. The Bill got the assen of the P 26 ry t nt President on 23 A April 2013 As alw ways and more so, in the cu rrent scen nario, business orga anizations increasing keen gly towards safety a and securit of emplloyees, pa ty articularly women. Th shamef inciden has in w he ful nt fact, fo orced corp porates to relook H policie & guidelines on safe and secure working o HR es d environ nment for women. However, with refer H rence to the sugges stions sub bmitted by Justice Verma Committ tee to bill, there are mix xed reactio from co ons orporates. The m most con ntroversial suggest ion is the t amend dment of Section 14 of the Sexu ual Harass sment Bill, 2012. Se ection 14 a advocates to penaliz a woma for filing a false co ze an omplaint. The T commit ttee howe ever favors removing the clause s g and su uggests no action ag o gainst a w woman, if the t compla is later found to be false. aint r b Howev ver, not ma HR he any eads would appreciat this clau d te use. A mec chanism to keep a c o check on false a allegations is necess sary. There could be various reasons fo such a malafide in e e r or m ntention. Various nuances to corpor s s rate dynam mics – jea alousy, per rsonal riva lry, denial of promotion etc. can trig gger such accusation. If the co omplainant is assure that she will not face action for her ed e f n false a allegations, the perso may be encourag to take this step This will result not only in , on e ged e p. l t wastag of time and resources but w also lea to unne ge will ad ecessary ta arnishing of the imag of the o ge By: Capt SB Tyagi, CO B OAS’CC*, FISM, CSC, CSP P
  2. 2. accuse ed. Accord ding to a re eport in the Econom Times, to ensure women e mic employees feel secur India re, Inc. is doing all it can like organizin escorts to take them home safe, ho e ng s e olding self-defence worksh hops and e even allowing them to leave ear o rly. The De gang r elhi rape has le the ent ire nation in shock, including c eft i corporate India which is now h beefing up safety for women employ g y yees with more mas pepper spray sup ss pply, gizmo 24×7 os, helpline etc. C es Companies are also giving ka arate clas sses to fe emale staf as part of the ff, t empow werment drive. As part of ann p nual traini ing schedu ules, both HCL Tec and Ae ch egis are conduc cting works shops in self-defence while ad e, dministrativ teams h ve have open shops in office ned premis ses to facilitate the sale of p pepper spray. While ICICI Ba e ank has conducted several c meetings to figure out ways of assurin the safe of their women, fe s ng ety emale emp ployees at Maruti’s Gurgao office ha come together to share the safety concerns. on ave o eir c After t the infamo ous gang-rape and murder, of Wipro BPO employ yee, Jyotik kumari Choudhary b back in No ovember 2007, 2 the com mpany dev veloped multi-level s m safety mea asures in order o to achieve abso olute prote ection for their fema employ ale yees. nly eduled tim mings. Wipro now runs late night cabs on at sche cab and th routes they take are regis he e stered with the h Each c transpo departm ort ment. A security gu s uard is also hired to sit in o every c to acco cab ompany the female e employee to the door t rstep. The co ompany is also equip pped with a vehicle-t tracking sy ystem that en nables com mpany’s se ecurity offi cials to tra the loc ack cation of v vehicles fe errying emp ployees. Wipro has also in ntroduced a 24X7 tolll-free supp numbe from wh port er hich emplo oyees can report, if at all th here is an e emergency y. Organizations su as Cog uch gnizant, Inf fosys, HCL TCS and Wipro en L, d nforce stric rules wh ct hich also include sacking people wh are cau e ho ught haras ssing wome at the workplace Compan en e. nies now also en nforce rule against, ‘textual h es harassing’, under wh , hich a fem male emplo oyee can r report to authori if a male colleague sends he lewd me ity e er essages. HCL Te echnologie constan monitor all employee cab services fro its bas stations. In case es ntly rs s om se . of any emergenc it’s SPO cy, OCs (single point of contacts) manning th base st e m he tation can connect immediately with local poli station and pat h ice ns trolling units. Each e employee also has o hand on contact details of transport SPOCs, w t f t who can in turn mob bilize nece essary ass sistance in case of emerge encies. "All wo omen employees hav to call t ve the transp port desk to report sa arrival at home. In case o afe they do on’t, the tra ansport de calls up the empl esk p loyee at th estimate time of reaching h he ed home on her mo obile or hom numbe for confi rmation. This is com me er T mpiled as a daily safe arrival rep and e port subject ted to int ternal aud dit," said VP and global he ead - HR busines service R, ss es, HCL Techno ologies. Beside compan es, nies like In nfosys and HCL are conducting self-defe d g ence classes to emp power its women To take the self-d n. defence as spect a notch up, co ompanies l ike HCL have set up shops h within t their office premises to facilitat the sale of pepper spray. H CL also ha a string e s te e as gent perengage ement scre eening pro ocess of its transport vendors by sharing records with the police. The s b w compa has cre any eated a common data abase of blacklisted vendors/d b drivers, whi is upda ich ated and By: Capt SB Tyagi, CO B OAS’CC*, FISM, CSC, CSP P
  3. 3. distributed regularly. Companies across the country have taken stock of the situation and the risks that their female employees can be subject to. The first step has been to collate data on areas the women workforce come from. Many are also looking at drawing up a policy for seasonal tasks that require late hours from women. They could be account staff during annual audits, HR professionals during appraisals, the marketing managers during product launches and the payroll team during tax filing etc. says Kamal Karanth of Kelly Services India. At Hyundai Construction Equipment India Pvt. Ltd, which has 5% women on the rolls, a woman has been included in its ethics committee to ensure that other women are comfortable sharing their problems. “We have made sure that none of the chartered buses ferrying our employees has tinted glasses. The company has also decided not to continue with the practice of calling women staff over the weekend for audit work. They will now attend office only during regular hours from 8.15am to 5.45pm. Also, the employee to be dropped last will be a male and not a female,” says Dixon Jose|, head, HR and administration, adding that women employees have also been given a single-digit emergency number in their mobiles to seek help in case of emergency. Dell India, where employees work 24x7, already has a policy in place to ensure that women travelling from home to office and back, and those travelling on business outside of their usual locations are mandatorily provided a secure form of transportation at night. By: Capt SB Tyagi, COAS’CC*, FISM, CSC, CSP