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 Don’t cover crac
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 Don’t dare to ex
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Ou home is our com
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Windows are often left unlock and op at a much higher rate than doors. An open win
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use good lighting along the pathway and at your door
use light timers to turn on/off lights automatically
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RDX, HMX, Tetril as well as mixed sub
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HBX, Min 2, Ama

Pla your jou
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dvance and start you journey with sufficiient time fo reaching at a
The law e
enforceme departm
ments usu
ually work closely with the tellephone companies, who
have a s
special sec
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News letter nov 13


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Monthly newsletter of International Council of Security and Safety Management.
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News letter nov 13

  1. 1. New wslette Nov er: vember 2013 r Let’s profe ’s ession nalize the pro t ofessio onals… … http://w /sbtyagi/iciss s Hap Dip ppy pawali! Ma it be Safe & Secu to A ay e ure All!! The seas son of gaie and fe ety estivity has already begun sta s arting with Ganesh Puja, Id-ul-fitr and Durg Puja and Dussahara! ga Children have been anxious and exite over the year for this n ed r period on nly. Dipaw wali is round the co orner. Man families will ny s travel to t their native places leaving be l ehind their homes lo ocked and unde the care of security person er e nnel who have to prove p themselve once a es again wort thy of trus and con st nfidence which w families h have in th hem. Let all securit personn rise to this a ty nel o moment a discharge the duties more d and diligently and careful a lly! However as it has o often been said, secu urity is not the duty of the o personnel a alone. Eve eryone has to be sec s curity consc cious security p and mus discharg the basic resp onsibility to start living st ge securely. In this dir rection, the least ev e very one of us has to do is to secure the doors and o t o windows w while leav ving the ho ouse. We k keep lots of valuable items in the home and trust the o e security w a chea lock! Th doors s with ap he sturdiness as much as heavy d a duty locks and bolts will add to the security o every residence. e of Children n need to be advised for safety precautio with fire cracker Parenta guidance is e y ons rs. al always es ssential and keeping first aid bo is not a bad idea at all!! d ox a Cap S B T pt Tyagi For IC CISS W ish all our read o ders a ver Happ and ry py He ealthy D Diwali! Hope it b brings p prosper rity, pleasure and poise all year p ound!! ro May it be s y safe & secure to all! s C:Userssb btyagiDocum mentsICISSNews Letter Nov 13.docx r x Page 1  P
  2. 2. Pre ecauti ions in Hand n dling Cracke C ers Light is the sym t mbol of pr rosperity a nd joy. In the Indian subn conti nent a great traditio coming down fro centuries is on g om Dipaw wali i.e. fe estival of lights. It is celebrated after tw s wenty days from Dussahara on Amava s o asya - 15t Day of dark th fortniight of Kar rtika month of Indian calendar. The festiv of h n val lights is celebr s rated in different wa ays in diffe erent regio of ons India sub-con an ntinent. On this pious occasion feasting, m s merry maki ng and joy get-tog yful gethers are main feat e tures. Dipaw wali is a time of ce t elebration for the wh hole family and y friend There is lot of thrill involv ds. ved, as on gets to burst ne many crackers and firewo y orks. Howe ever one needs to be very n e caref while handling fireworks. Y ful h You don’t want to turn a celeb bration into a mishap There a some Do’s and D o p. are D Don’ts which if followe carefully will ensu you an your fam a h ed y, ure nd mily safe and joyous celebration. Culture e Firecracke are com ers mmonly us in cele sed ebration of holidays or festivals , such as Shab-e-Ba In o S arat Pakistan, Halloween Indepen n, ndence Da also kno ay own as the 4th of Ju in the United Stat of e uly U tes America, Dipawali i India, Hari Raya in Malaysi and especially th celebration of Chinese in H ia, he New Year by Chines communities arou the world and Sp r se und panish Falla as. What to Do o  Buy Firework from a licensed sh op y ks  Keep the firew works in a closed bo ox  Sto cracker away fro source of fire or ignition; also keep t ore rs om es r a them away from the reach y of t toddlers.  Re the inst ead tructions and follow a safety precautions instructed with rega to the u of all p s d ard use eworks. fire  Burst cracker in open spaces like playgrou rs e unds and fields.  Tak care an light crackers at ar ke nd rm’s length using a ta h aper.  Wh lighting the crack hile g kers, stand at an arm’s length, away from the Crack a ker.  Dis scard used fireworks in a bu d ucket of water. This way you can avoid people from w s u ste epping on t and hurt to ting their fe from us firewor which a thrown on the gro eet sed rks are ound.  Keep buckets of water and blanke ready, in case a firebreaks out s ets f  We thick co ear otton clothes while b bursting cra ackers, so as to ens ure maxim mum safety from y fire e  If y your clothes happen to catch fir do not panic just drop down on the gro t re, p d ound and r roll. What n to Do not  Don’t burn crack kers in cro owded, con ngested pla aces, narro lanes, near sourc of ow ces fire or inside the house. r e n  Don’t let childre burst c en crackers un naccompanied by an adult. Keep an ey on K ye them constantly y. r  Don’t put fireworks in your pocket. C:Userssb btyagiDocum mentsICISSNews Letter Nov 13.docx r x Page 2  P
  3. 3.  Don’t cover crac ckers with tin contain ners or glas bottles f extra so ss for ound effect t.  Don’t dare to ex xamine un-burst crackers…leav it!! Light a new cra ve t acker  Don’t show the Dare-devillry of lighting cracker on own hands. On tends to light rs ne o bombs, by bring ging them close to th candle or incense rather th bringin the he e, han ng incens close to the bom b. Avoid doing such feats, as there are chances o the se o d of firewo falling on someon passing by. ork o ne  Avoid long loose clothes, a they are fast in ca e as e atching fire e.  Don’t remove burnt clothiing (unless it comes off easily but do ensure tha the b s s y), at m ontact wit smolde th ering victim is not still in co mater rials.  Don’t try to burs the bliste st ers. f  Avoid lighting of rockets. What to do in case of Injurie o f es  If you happen to suffer fro m any burns splash tap o t w he d t g water (not ice water), on th affected area. Repeat the pr rocess till the burning sensa ation reduc ces.  Rush the victim to the hos spital imme ediately.  Make sure the burned vict is breat b tim thing. If the victim’s a e airway is blocked ope en the airway, and if necessa begin re ary escue brea athing  Avoid any kind of friction o pressure on the bu area. o or e urnt  Cover the area of the burn with mois plastic sh r o n st heet as it w not stic to burns (do will ck not us blanket or towel fo covering the burns Do not u any oin se or g s). use ntment on burnt area w without doc ctor’s advic ce. Consult the doctor as soon as possib for pro ble oper medic cation. Co onsult an ophthalmo o ologist immediate in case of eye inju ely e uries. There is a need to be extra alert durin the fes ng stival time Few tip will def es. ps finitely he all elp ollowed ju udiciously and religi iously: of us if fo          Keep at least one light on during night. Never disclos your vacation p e se v plans. rustworthy neighb bors abou your vacations. Instruct them no to ut v . ot Inform tr disclose your plan to comm ns mon housemaid, ga ardener etc in your absence. c. Intimate n neighbors to watch your hou in your absence s h use e. Don’t lea ave valua ables and jewelry at home Ensure proper locking o all d e. e of cupboard and inn doors of room, outer doo and wi ds, ner s ors indows. Arrange placemen of heav items li nt vy ike cupbo oards, sofa set etc. on back door fa and door of upsta r airs situat ted on fir floor. These are proven technique and rst T e e help to de forced entry. eny d Volume o phone may be k of kept at minimum. Continuous loud rin C s nging will belie your pres sence in the house. . Drive saf fely. Don’t guess ev if you are driving on wellt ven -known ro oad. Before le eaving hom remov all elect me, ve trical appl liances to avoid sho circuit. ort Don’t leave bicycle empty LPG cylin es, nders and other valu uables in open. Avoid co omplacenc that “it can’t hap cy ppen to me, and if it going to happen it’s t’s n, going to happen.” C:Userssb btyagiDocum mentsICISSNews Letter Nov 13.docx r x Page 3  P
  4. 4. Ou home is our com ur s mfort zone after a e hec day at work. Ho ctic t owever, the comfort e com mes with the feeling that our home is g saf fe. So, the safety of our home once we leave for work or g out e f e, e r go and protecting your home and family fro m criminal intrusion should be high on ou priorities d s ur s. Home Burglary is th most co he ommon th reat to our homes. The crime of burgla is actually a e ary non-confr rontational property crime th at occurs when we away f w from hom me. To pr revent burglaries it is impo s, ortant to firs understa as to who comm burglarie and wh The ma st and w mit es; hy? ajority of home and apartm ment burglaries occu during the daytim when m ur me, most peop are aw at ple way work or ou of home for any ot ut e ther reaso n. Burglari are com ies mmitted mo often by young m ost b males, looking fo items tha are sma expensiive, and ca easily be converte to cash e.g. cash itself, or at all, an ed jewelry, w watches, laptop com mputers, V VCRs, vide players CDs an other small elec eo s, nd s ctronic devices. The burglars like to use minim mum possi ible force to enter a house and prefer to gain t d o easy acce ess throug an ope door or window. Ordinary household tools like screwdr gh en r d rivers, channel-lo pliers, small pry bars, and small ham ock mmers are most often used by burglars. H n Home burglaries actually in s nvolve a se election pr rocess. The burglars choose un e noccupied homes wit the th easiest ac ccess, the greatest amount of c cover, and the best escape rout e tes. wing steps may min s nimize the risks of burglary, by making y y your home unattractive to e The follow the potent burglar tial rs:• • • • • • • • Harden the target or make yo home more diffic r our cult to ent (a bur ter rglar will s simply by ypass your home, if it requires too much effort or sk and too than th posses r kills ols hey ss) M Most burgla enter via the fr ars ront, back (or garage doors – especially in we k estern co ountries). The garag and bac doors als provide good cove ge ck so er. Use a solid core or me door fo all entry points etal or Use a quali heavyity, -duty, dead dbolt lock with a thro bolt an knob-in-lock set w a ow nd with de ead-latch m mechanism m Use a wide-angle peephole, mou unted no higher than 58 inches h n s M Most common way us to force entry thr sed e rough a wo ooden doo is to simply kick it o or open. Th weakes point is almost alw he st a ways the lo strike plate that h ock p holds the la atch or loc bolt ck in place follo n owed by a glass pan eled door. Th average door stri plate is secured only by the soft-woo door molding, wh he ike s od hich is of ften tacked on to th door fra d he ame and can be tor away w c rn with a firm kick. As such, pr referably u a heavy use y-duty, fou ur-screw, strike plate with screw which should pene ws etrate in a woode door fra nto en ame. Use at least one long screw in e t each door hinge. h C:Userssb btyagiDocum mentsICISSNews Letter Nov 13.docx r x Page 4  P
  5. 5. Windows are often left unlock and op at a much higher rate than doors. An open win ked pen m n n ndow, visible fro the stre may be the sole attraction for a burglar. Groun d floor win om eet, e ndows are more susceptible to break k-ins for ob bvious reas sons. Uppe floor win er ndows bec come attractive if they can be access from a stairway, tree, fenc or by climbing on balconies Window have lat sed ce, c n s. ws tches, not locks and theref fore, should have sec d condary blo ocking dev vices such as:• • • • Sec cure all accessible windows e s with seconda blockin devices ary ng s like iron “grills e s” Ma ake sure n one cannot reach no h thro ough an open window and d unlock the do oor Ma ake sure no one can reach h inside the win ndow and remove the e blo ocking device s Use alarms devices, as far as e pos ssible, on o grou und floo or acc cessible wi indows. Good Nei ighbor sho ould look out for eac other. Get to kno your ne o ch G ow eighbors. Invite them into I m your hom commu me, unicate often, and e establish tr rust. Good neighbor will watch out for your d rs r home or a apartment when you are away if you ask them. Th can re y, hey eport suspicious activ to vity the police or to you Good ne e u. eighbors c can pick up your ma newspa ail, apers, han ndbills, and can d inspect th outside or inside of your ho he ome period dically (if you desire / choose to). Allow y e wing a neighbor to have a key solv ves the pr roblem of hiding a key outsid the doo Experie k de or. enced know to loo for hidde keys in planters, under door ok en u rmats etc. burglars k • • • • • kno all your adjacent neighbors / return the favors an commu ow r nd unicate ofte en Inv them in your ho vite nto ome and es stablish tru ust Agree to watc out for each other home ch e r's Do small task for each other to im o ks h mprove de ependability y Off occasio fer onally to pa their ca in your driveway/ga ark ar d arage Interior lig ghting is n necessary to show s signs of lif and activity inside a residence at nig fe e ght. A darken home nigh ht-after-nigh sends the mess ht sage that you are away. Light timers are s inexpensiv and ca be foun everywh ve an nd here and should be used on a daily bas to set up a s sis, routine that your ne eighbors ca observe and will allow them to becom suspicious when your an e m me n normally lighted hom become dark. me es Typically, you want to use ligh ht-timers ne the front and bac windows with the curtains closed. ear ck s The pattern of lights turning on and off s s n should simulate actua occupan al ncy. The sa ame light t timers can also be used to turn on radios or televis o sion sets to further enhance the illusio of on occupanc Exterior lighting is also ve importa to allow seeing if a threa or suspi cy. ery ant at icious person is lurking around. Goo lighting is definitely a deterr od rent to crim minals bec cause they don't want to be seen or identified. e ore:Therefo • • use interior lig timers to establis a pattern of occupancy e ght sh n ext terior lighting should allow at le east 100- fe of visibility eet C:Userssb btyagiDocum mentsICISSNews Letter Nov 13.docx r x Page 5  P
  6. 6. • • • use good lighting along the pathway and at your door use light timers to turn on/off lights automatically in addition, can also use infra-red motion sensor lights on the rear of the homes Alarm systems definitely have an important place in a home security plan and can be very effective in preventing burglaries. The alarm systems increase the potential and fear of being caught. The burglars will usually bypass a property with visible alarm signs. Some people having installed alarm systems do not display them and risk uninformed burglars to break a window or door and grab a few quick items before being caught / chased. Alarms systems can monitor for fire as well as burglary for almost the same price. All systems should have an audible horn or bell. These audible alarms should be programmed to reset automatically after one or two minutes. Therefore:• • • • • alarm systems may be installed since they are effective deterrents with visible signage alarm systems should be properly installed, programmed, and maintained alarm systems should have an audible horn or bell to be effective keep the alarm response call list updated Instruct your neighbor how to respond to an alarm bell Having a ‘Safe’ in your home is a wise investment. Home safes can prevent grab-burglars, dishonest maids or other visitors (like plumbers, electricians, mechanics etc.) from gaining access to important documents and personal property. Home safes need to be anchored into the floor or permanent shelving and should be used on daily basis so it becomes routine. It is a good idea to engrave (or permanently ink) your own identity marks on television sets, music systems, computers and small electronic appliances and other such items, so that the same can be identified and you can be approached, if something is stolen from your home and recovered later on. It is also important to photograph your valuables in their locations around your home and make a list of the make, model, and serial numbers. This can come handy a proof when filing insurance claims. A copy of such list should be kept in the bank locker or with a relative. Keep receipts of the larger items in case you need to prove the value of the items for insurance purposes. Important documents and the contents of your wallet can also be photocopied for reference in case your home is ever destroyed by fire or flood, is ransacked by burglars or if your wallet is lost or stolen. Contraband consists of items such as unauthorized weapons, explosives, and tools. Because they can be used to steal or gain access to or damage vital equipment, weapons and explosives are considered contraband. Where these items are a part of the threat definition, all personnel, materials, and vehicles should be examined for contraband before entry is allowed. Vehicles are difficult to search. If possible, it is advantageous to allow only required vehicles into the secured area. Large or high-security sites may not allow vehicles to leave the secured area routinely. Methods of contraband detection include metal detectors, package searches, and explosive detectors. Metal Detectors - A metal detector is a device which responds to metal that may not be readily apparent. The simplest form of a metal detector consists of an oscillator producing an alternating current that passes through a coil producing an alternating magnetic field. If a piece C:UserssbtyagiDocumentsICISSNews Letter Nov 13.docx   Page 6 
  7. 7. of electric cally condu uctive meta is close to the coil, eddy cu al urrents will be induce in the m ed metal, and this p produces a alternating magne tic field of its own. If another co is used to measur the an oil re magnetic field (actin as a ma ng agnetomet ter), the ch hange in th magnetiic field due to the me he e etallic objects ca be detected. an The first industrial m metal detec ctors were develope in the 19 e ed 960s and w were used extensive for d ely mining an other in nd ndustrial ap pplications . Uses inc clude de-m mining (the detection of land mines), the detection of weapons suc as knive and guns, especially in airp ch es port security, geophy ysical prospectin archae ng, eology and treasure h hunting. Metal detec M ctors are a lso used to detect fo o oreign bodies in food, and in the con nstruction industry to detect ste reinforc o eel cing bars in concrete and e pipes and wires buried in walls and floor d s rs. Package Search - Packages may b search be hed for contraband manually or by a y active interrogation. Activ interrog ve gation me ethods us sed to de etect variious objec cts consid dered contraban nd include single-e e energy tr ransmission x-ray, multiple-e energy x-ray, com mputer tomography (CT T) scan, and backscatter x-ray. In genera these al, methods are not safe for use on personnel l; Explosive Detecti es ion – es on odologies Explosive detectio metho ed egories: are divide into two major cate  trac detectio and ce on  bul detection methods (see lk n s Fig gure 1) Vapor De etectors Gas Analy yzer & Exp plosive Va apor Detec ctor (VD) is intended to detect explosive vapors such as s (TNT, nitroglycerin ne, EGDN hexoge N, en, octago on, TEN and the eir compo ositions) d during examination of diffe erent obje ects lookin for explosive dev ng vices. VD may be used to protect u enterprise banks, governmental buildin es, ngs, offices living pre s, emises, dif fferent means of tran nsport (automobile, air, rail lroad, wate er). ines high sensitivity, selectivity and ergon s nomic VD combi factors. VD is easy in opera V y ation; id do oes not re equire high level of operators trainin During operation VD l ng. g n, does not require periodicall adjustme t ent and setup procedure es. VD works we ell in wide range of w environme ental humidity and te emperature e. Explosive Vapor De etector (EV VD) is intended for nonhermetic environme ent and c cavities in nvestigation for nd ves ue on uestioned item surfa ace. It mig be ght explosive scents an explosiv residu detectio on a qu luggage a luggag compartment of v and ge vehicles an carriers, various c nd , containers, hands, clothes and even passports and other docume n s ents of the item ha andler or o other susp pected per rsons. EVD is ca apable to detect trac of exp ces plosives ba ased on TNT, NG & EGDN, PENT & P T P PETN, C:Userssb btyagiDocum mentsICISSNews Letter Nov 13.docx r x Page 7  P
  8. 8. RDX, HMX, Tetril as well as mixed sub m bstances, plastic & elastic com pounds lik Semtex, H-6, p ke HBX, Min 2, Ama nolatol, rimacord, Prima asheet, Tetritol, Tritonal, Corbit N, A-LX- A-LX-20 and t -1, 0 etc. losives de etection Bulk expl Bulk exp plosives d detection involves t the detec ction of a macrosco opic mass of explosives mater (a visib amount rial ble of explosives), usua based on either im ally o maging or on nuclear (molecula proper ar) rties of th explos he sive. Bulk detection n methods are less d dependent than trace detection methods e s on sampl ling techniques (sample colle ection), an are no nd ot affected by the p presence of an explosive ba o ackground. nt a k n However, equipmen costs associated with bulk detection are often higher, and som bulk d n me detection techniques s especially those ba y ased on im maging, su uch as x-ra imaging ay g may have a lower de e egree of specificity th trace detection methods. han d m ce: roducts?page=s shop.product_de etails&category_ _id=9&flypage= =flypage.tpl&pro oduct_id=81 Referenc          o s ts Keep close watch on modus operandi of theft curring in your area and take correctiv action at a e ve a occ you home. ur Use maximum locking device at home. De t elay is important fac ctor in the As muc as eft. ch rdles you w put, mo it will be inconven will ore e nient to thie eves. hur Keep friendsh with yo neighbo Keep them informed about your long absence. Give hip our ors. t g . the the task of watch em hing your h house and give them phone n d m numbers to contact y in o you em mergency. Co ontact regularly your neighbors during abs n sence and remind the the tas given. em sk Do not disclo exact time or pe o ose eriod of yo absence to serv our vants, new wspaper ve endor, haw wkers etc. Mu not tell milkman or newsp ust l paper vend about your inte nded abse dor ence. Let them gue essing abo your da of retur out ate rn. Pili ing-up of newspaper in front of entranc is telltale sign of your absence. Ask your ce k nei ighbor to re emove the every day. em Do not tell yo children or maids o our n servant exa travel plans. They spread th news fa and act p y he ar wid de. Be sure tha you hav all doc at ve cuments with you while drivin w w ng. It will increase your nfidence. con C:Userssb btyagiDocum mentsICISSNews Letter Nov 13.docx r x Page 8  P
  9. 9.          Pla your jou an urney in ad dvance and start you journey with sufficiient time fo reaching at a d ur w or g des stination. Do not use alcoholic drink. o elt. y st ents is due to non-us of safety belt. e se y Use safety be Majority of live los in accide ould be as sked to sit in rear seats. Or separate th t s hem because they divert Children sho atte ention on p petty issue es. At torch, fan b belt, first ai box, ext wheel, headlamp, toolbox, w id tra , water etc. are some o the a of ess sential item in long Jo m oanne. Do not drive continuously for a lo period. Even five minutes e o ong e engine sto is enoug for op gh res st. If p possible fo ollow a veh hicle of ide speed with ideal distance w eal when road is unknow to d wn you u. Do not talk on interestin issues w o n ng while trave eling with fa amily and f friends. Ins spect vehic after ev cle very 3 to 4 hours of jo ourney. If you find this info d ormation im mportant, y you may send it to your frien s nds. Points are base on s ed common sense but some tim we for t me rget to remember them befor moving out of house. re g Readers m add other essen may ntial points as per the experien eir nce. Any yone of an age or sex can be subject t Nuisanc / threat ny s e to ce tening tele ephone ca alls. Calls of this na ature are both frightening and are d othe erwise mo unwelco ost ome. The can na ere aturally be a perfectly innocent explanatio People may y on. e hav rung the wrong nu ve e umber, And if when you pick up the pho to u one ans swer it, yo u are gree eted by lot of high pitched no ts oises, then it is n alm most certai nly a fax or modem that ha be sent to the w m as wrong number. Unfortunat tely, these tend to ring time after time until the either just give-u or e e ey up m someone stops them - irritating but not a danger. hreatening calls can be a crimin offence and shou be b nal e, uld Depending on where you are, making th treated as such. T There are various w ways of de ealing with such h offenders. These off fences are sometime covered by civil la but ofte are e es d aw en covered b the laws governing telephony by s g y.      No need to give your na o ame or num mber, just say 'Hello' ' Do on't give pr rivate information ov the ph ver hone unles you ss kno and trust the calle ow er Do on't start a conversa ation with t this type of caller, it's a no-w situatio Just pu the o win on. ut rec ceiver to on side and wait a few minutes before hanging up g ne d w gently Shouting and yelling will only mak the situa d ke ation worse Don't be provoked keep calm e. e d, Blo owing whis stles down the phone can result in them doing the sa e t d ame to you u. C:Userssb btyagiDocum mentsICISSNews Letter Nov 13.docx r x Page 9  P
  10. 10. The law e enforceme departm ent ments usu ually work closely with the tellephone companies, who w , have a s special sec ction, to prevent an follow up this ty p nd ype of ca In fact the telep all. phone companie are the f es first to cont tact in such cases. h These cal can be traced, an once the number has been identified, the details are pass to lls nd e s sed the police who investigate the link betw e e ween the number and the perso making the call. If you d on g are receiv ving these types of calls, don't start your own detec ctive agenc and do assume that cy, on't e you know who it is. Instead, co ontact the law enforc cement folk and the te k elephone company. c Upcoming Event For more details, please visit - http://www e w.pcstconsu 2nd-global-e energy-secu urity-confere ence/ Sug ggestions & feedbac may be sent to us on e-ma sbtyag ck e u ail: P.S. - If y you don't li ike to rece eive our ne ewsletter, we apolog w gize for bot thering you Please let us u. know your mail addr ress and we will mov it out from our cont w ve tact list, th hank you! C:Userssb btyagiDocum mentsICISSNews Letter Nov 13.docx r x Pa age 10