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News letter jan 13
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News letter jan 13


Published on

Monthly newsletter of International Council of Security and Safety Management . …

Monthly newsletter of International Council of Security and Safety Management .
The ICISSM web-site (, the ICISSM Goggle group (!forum/icissm), and the ICISSM LinkedIn Group (

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Market com physical a autonomo owards ac most impo At first ma data and other syst for busine complianc outside th versions o Now most o data and rends inc mproveme However t systems a more of process ca Mpat m Adof c ov Ntti Hsi s p With Let’ mpetition as well as us and bu ccess to p ortant feat any vendo soon the tems and ess data n ce’ to allo e plant en of protoco industrie d personn cluding da ents and this increa nd is putt f a nuisan an mean a the fo ewslett ession nd hop A Mak Ne ’s profe in indust network uilt upon p personal, ture was a ors built t automati protocols networks. ow for c nvironmen ls that wo s with con nel and to ata access advanced asing nee ting many nce than a serious s ter: Ja nalize t nuary the pro /sbtyagi/iciss aditionally ual! Over a ry vendor cessing s data. protocols cape beca to this w 2000, vend cation bet ver, in the the purpos ems are fa hem. There ble busine exercises ess is furt control en but for m eat. pe and Happ py and ke Se From http://w try has tra and virtu proprietar data, pro access to d their own on landsc s. Parallel In early 2 communic nt. Howev orked for t ntrol syste secure th s to enab d control d for acce process c anything, safety thre 2013 ofessio s y driven th decade technolog speed, and onals… he evolutio ago, mos gy and the d function s or langu ame very was the de dors saw tween se rush to m se at hand acing man e are man ess decisi s like loop ther diluti nvironmen most indus firm re … on of con st control e solution nality (or r uages to a proprieta evelopmen advantag curity sy market ma d but did n ny pressur ny forces p ions, vend p tuning a ng the se nts at risk. stries a lo esolve Prosp curity m Janu perous y a thi uary t ntrol syste systems ns were ge reliability) allow for ary and in nt of Ethe ges to incl ystems in ny vendo not includ res to bot pushing th dor acces and alarm ecurity of . In some oss of con that th the transf ndepende ernet netw lude ‘Ethe cluding t rs built ad e security h allow ac hese oppo ss for pro m managem many of t industries ntrol over pt S B T he com New Y ing to ill Dec Year! o reme cemb Cap ming ye embe ber! For IC r, ems – were eared ). The fer of ent of works ernet-those d-hoc y. ccess osing ocess ment. these s this your Tyagi CISS ear
  • 2. of data an systems a data netw for comm However, the purpo Now mos data and including and adva increasing putting ma than anyt safety thre As one n industry is dies”. Reg control sy overtime, confidenc The new Security. A that most downtime experts w means m staff to ma nd soon th and protoc works. In ea munication in the rus se at hand st industrie personnel data acce anced con g need for any proces hing, but f eat. noted secu s one such gardless of ystem will environm ce and pote push for c And the p t industries e. This mea who may n any indus anage & o The scope concern t he automat cols. Parall arly 2000, between s h to marke d but did no es with con and to se ess to enab ntrol exerc r access i ss control e for most in urity profe h that a los f the poten at least l mental rele entially the control sys ressure is s are ‘pus ans more o ot be phys tries are a ptimize mo e of the te this may r rm ‘securit represent Market evolutio virtual! autono the sol process importa built th t competit on of contr Over a omous and lutions we sing spee ant feature eir own pr cape beca was the de aw advant ystems inc endors bui security. ms are fac . There are ss decisio loop tuni diluting the ents at risk loss of co tion landsc el to this w vendors sa security sy et many ve ot include s ntrol system cure them ble busine cises like s further d environme ndustries a ssional wh ss of acces ntial harm, lose produ ase, and ability to s stems is to coming fro shing the e outside ‘tun sically at th automating ore resourc ion in ind rol system decade a built upon re geared d, and fun e was acc rotocols or me very p evelopmen ages to inc cluding tho lt ad-hoc v dustry has s – physic ago, mos n proprieta towards a nctionality ess to dat r language roprietary nt of Ethern clude ‘Ethe ose outsid versions of cing many e many for ns, vendo ing and a e security . In some i ontrol ove ho works ss or cont any indus uction for other inta stay in bus o try to ba om many envelope’ ning’ and b he site. Th g more con ces thereb ty’ often se can be ov y pressures rces pushi r access fo alarm man of many industries t r your proc for a maj rol over ou try with litt some time angibles su siness. alance the angles. Inc to run fas better visib he advanc ntrol of the y increasin eems vagu verwhelmin jor refinery ur systems tle or no se e. This ca uch as co e two oppo creasing m ster, more ility into pr ing age of eir assets ng their rel sheer volu ver, this n ue and the ng. Howev s tradition cal as well st control ary vendor access to (or reliab ta. At first es to allow and indep net networ ernet-comp de the plan f protocols ally driven as networ systems technology personal, ility). The t many ve for the tra pendent of rks for bus pliance’ to nt environ that worke s to both a ing these o for process nagement. of these s this is mor cess can m n the k and were y and data, most ndors ansfer other siness allow ment. ed for allow acce opposing t s improvem . However systems a re of a nuis mean a se y once po s usually m ecurity in a an translat ompetitive ess to rends ments r this and is sance erious ointed out, means som and around te into re-edge, osing trend market com e efficiently roduction f f the workf and expe iance on c ume of effo need not b , “our meone d their -work, vestor inv ds: Access mpetition m y and with from specia force in ge ecting the computers. s and means h less alized eneral same ort and are be the cas eas of se. In
  • 3. looking at quickly be efforts an initiatives but in the Processes essence w Before be philosoph which it is have. Underpinn always wo be lost. introspect t a numbe eing adopte d initiative offer diffe e end, all s and Tec which will i eginning an y. A secur s created er of secu ed as a ho es that go f rent sectio efforts can chnology. n turn fost ny security rity philoso but there ning all ef ork toward What we tions’! Suc What are the ow well are What issues What require Where do w ow will we •W •Ho •W •W •W •Ho There is n far as sec and indus industry, b which sets setting th undertake Knowing w key first s security s gadgets, done with technolog maintaina years with means th problem! rity framew olistic and far beyond ons, headin n usually The prior er a secur y program ophy will so are some fforts withi ds creating e call sec h exercise e policies a e they imp s / problem ements ap e need to change / i no "standa curity syste stry itself ha broadcasti s standard he training en by ASIS which stan step in man standards security pr h it includin gy – which able / repa h on-site hat either ! The first p decision m works or s effective a d the purch ngs and n be summe rity of dev ity culture. or initiative ound differ basic req in organiza and main curity surv s are requ and standa lemented? s do we ha ply to our i be from a s mprove the ard" standa ems and ga as failed to ng and me ds for secu g and edu S in USA. ndard to ch naging com establishe rofessiona ng its limita h is chang airable in a repair con you do n premise is makers, th standards approach to hase and d ames for e ed into thr veloping a a commo o security. deploymen each of the ree (3) fou security e your org rent for ea uirements ations one ntaining a s veys and uired to foc ards we cu ? ave? industry? security pe e situation ard. It is no adgets are o develop i edia indust rity guards ucation sta n theme e . This appr nt of techn eir areas o undational philosophy anization m ch compa that all se e must firs strong sec security us on follo rrently hav emerges th roach com nology. Diff of concent areas: Pe y is need must first a ny, industr ecurity phi st have a urity cultur audits ar wing areas ve? erspective? ? ot a cliché. e concerne its own sel try or the IT s, supervis andards fo hoose and mpliance. S ed by laws ls need to ations. The ing very fa very sho ndition. Th not unders quite sim he owners ? In fact the ed. There a f-regulator T Educatio ors, pub b or security d what you Some indu s or regula o first unde e shelf life ast. Today ort time. A inking tha stand the ply that se and opera hat is mbines ferent ration eople, ed in adopt a se ry and reg ilosophies security re or your re basica s - ere are no are no gov ry mechan n Industry ouncers, fr y personne ur obligatio ustries and ations. Wh erstand the of a syste y what is c system m at techno technolog ecurity is i ators of the ecurity ion in must philosophy momentum ally ‘outso o set stand verning / re ism as dev . In UK BI ront man e el. Similar ns are as d organizat hile buying e technolo m or gadg current an must have logy can gy or you mportant t e systems y and m will urced ards in Ind egulatory b veloped by SA is watc etc. BISA is r initiatives a result o tions are re g the secu ogy and als get is direc d ‘the thin longevity o solve all u do not u to the orga s, the supp dia so bodies y films chdog s also s are f that choi equired to urity system so what ca ctly related ng’, may n of at least l the prob understan anization. T port staff, t ce, is meet ms or an be to its not be t 6-10 blems d the This mean the consul ns the tants,
  • 4. vendors, everyone’ More ofte awarenes contractor needs to team mem your site, remains th security b effective site staff, ’s best inte en than no ss and trie r and visito happen fo mbers who you will n hat your in breach inte as your le More ofte have a de on-going due to the changing! but the ne drives’ we storage ca using them only as e in short erest. This ot, an indu ed to educ or onsite n r security, o understa not succee nternal, trus entionally o east inform en than no efined star security ef e fact that ! What was ext threat c ere an eme apacities a m. This wa effective as This topic mentioned install sec disaster re of those e need to e implemen lives are m find ways school co because t die based everyone is no differ ustrial facil cate every needs to ha and can b and their ro d in secur sted emplo or otherwis med emplo ot, many o rt, finish an fforts, but security c s a threat y coming wi erging fad. and require as not a co s it is curr c is the b d earlier, y curity progr ecovery pl efforts caus explain to nted withou most affect around th mputer lab they do no d on how The last a balance. return. In decide as to your c money, or that you w , understa rent from t lity has a yone as to ave safety be integrate ole and th ring your fa oyees have se. In othe loyee. rganization nd cost. Th true, lastin oncerns ar yesterday o ll not be a Today the e little or no oncern a fe rent. basic prem your weake rams, risk lan you are se a chang them why ut the prop ted? In the he new sys b where stu ot understa well your and perhap In this sen order for s an organi current env r access to will still hav ands that he importa long histo o why saf orientatio ed into saf he importa acility. It is e the great er words, y ns see se his may be ng security re brought or last wee as deterred ey are sold o knowled ew years a mise on w est link and managem e well on y ge in the da y these ch per awaren ese cases i stems you udents are and or care employee ps most im nse the ba your organ ization wha vironment o your data ve some so keeping y ance place ory of alwa fety is imp n and upd fety progra nce of the s a harsh r test opport your secu curity prog e the case y is an on-t about by ek may be d. Less tha d more che ge of spec ago. Unfor which your d biggest t ment proces your way t ay-to-day b hanges are ness traini it is only a u just put in e some of t e about se es receive mportant th alance is b nization to at level of towards s a. And no m ort of incide your facilit ed on safety ays trying portant. Ev ated each ams. Witho eir actions reality but tunity to ca urity progr grams or i e for a part -going initia technolog fixed by yo an 5 years eaply than cialized ap tunately y r security threat is yo sses and a o securing business fl e necessa ng and ed short time n place thu the most c ecurity. Yo e and embr ing a prop between ris o move tow risk you a security is matter how ent at som ty secure y. to raise s very empl year. This out rank an (or inactio the simple ause or cre ram is on nitiatives a ticular com ative. This y - and tec our curren ago USB ever, are c pplications your secur philosoph our least e healthy b g your envi ow for you ary. Too m ducation fo before the us negatin reative peo our securi race it. per security sk and rew ward a pro re willing t going to w you do p e point in t as projects mponent of s is quite s chnology k t security p keys or ‘t capable of or program rity progra hy needs educated e business co ironment. ur employe many times or the peop e day-to-da ng your eff ople at byp ity program y philosoph ward as w per securi o live with cost some roceed, the time. to be buil employee. ontinuity pl However, ees then yo s are prog ple whose ay users st forts. Think passing se m will live hy needs i well as betw ty program . Every ch ething whe ere is a ve s the attitu ween effor m you mus ange you ether it is ery good ch is in safety oyee, s also nd file on) at e fact eate a nly as s that f your simply keeps plans, humb huge ms for am is lt. As If you lan or if any ou will grams daily tart to k of a ecurity e and ude of rt and st first make time, hance
  • 5. A security inappropr in how we benefit fro y incident riate acces ell containe om it. The day prepared Every bus win out o organizati can be c ss to data o ed the inc will come to deal wit siness has over secu ion to: derstand t ocument the ake and do riodically r d whether well-defin that fall ou  Un  Do  Ma  Pe and Having a situations Hand you them – to Business their syst authentica common p such as c approved Remembe of the org procedura same proc come to standard. If your org the proce complianc Auditors h Washingto well to ins catastroph or an IO ro ident is, ho e when a th this situa s different rity best p ic system oom. The t ow quickly business ation will sa needs and practices. the risks be ese risks a ocument an review acc the risk is ned proces utside of th ur business prop up th unit folks w tems and ation to pr platform” is criteria for d security so er, policies ganization. al docume cedural an the same failure, a true meas y you recov need con ave time, m d tolerance You need eing taken and their m n informed cepted risk still accept ss to hand hose antici s manage he short leg want secu premises rotect critic s not helpf deciding w olutions sp s are not in . Specific nts. The k nd policy d conclusio ganization ess of deve ce, and the have the s on or your sure that yo accident in ure of you ver, and if nflicts with money and e for risk. A d to have mitigating fa decision a ks to dete table dle excepti pated whe rs a copy g on the ta rity folks to s secure. cal inform ul. You ne whether info pecifically t nstruction m information ey here is ocuments ons as to has an In eloping me eir experie structured state capi our measu n process ur security f you choo h a securi d aggravati At some po e a proces actors as to wheth rmine whe area or s program w ose to learn ity best p ion. oint, busin ss in plac her to acce ether new ons will a en the polic of typical able in the o provide t Telling a ation" or t ed to prov ormation / tied to polic manuals. P n as to ho s clarity an in front of the secu ternal Aud easurable nce in othe approach tal dictate urements w subtle will be n and practices. B Being ess needs ce to allow ept a risk mitigation s may w the ns are ava organizati written. llow your cies were w standards break room hem with s business to tell them ide your us facility is c cies. Policies are ow to impl d consiste everyone rity measu dit departm actions. A er types of h needed t your exter will hold up s and they m. specific ins unit man m to “use sers with o critical or n ailable on to dea y'll probabl y end up structions o nager to ACS alon organizatio not, and lis e high-leve lement po ency. You in your org ures that ment, these After all, th f audits an to put this rnal standa in court. l with using on how to "use two-f ng with ID on-specific ts of tested el stateme licy should should be ganization are neede e are good hey will be nd standard s practice ards, get yo make factor DS on tools, d and nts of the d be laid o able to pu and have ed to mee people to e doing th ds is a val to work. I our legal fo intent out in ut the them et the o get involv e measuri uable reso f our frien olks involv ved in ing of ource. nds in ed as
  • 6. Industry s legislators managem procedure standards f s and indu ment and se es. Education profession environme journalism officers to This prob meet the that most employers institution review the that allow down train for security ustry group ecurity pro n remains nals with ent and pre m graduate o plan and blem arises ever-chan t security s and gro s of the ne e effective w business ning standa Security is productive are issues budget is misconce atmosphe conducted there are inside the higher pr y are not a ps can tell ofessionals an area army or emises. O e to write w execute go s from a n nging techn profession oups like I eed for can security p to be cond ards for se s treated in e systems s such as allocated t ption. It i ere where d smoothly chances o e premises rofit! At giant c Protecting with expe and live b center wit There are designing that secur ineffectua cure all – us a lot a s in our org of conce police se ne comme with appro ood securi number of nology lan nals rank CISS / IS ndidates w lans as pe ducted with ecurity pers n most bus and plans insurance to security is good s all produ y without f of attack by s or at wor companies g them is a ertise in ph backups in th a pocket e plenty of a secure rity for the al afterthou and this about best ganizations ern for sec ervices ar ent seemed opriate gra ty measure challenge dscape. S low on th SSM / IPS who are we er changing h assuranc sonnle but siness and . Security , legal com departmen security th uction, ope fear or dan y miscrean rk-floor are , data cen job for se hysical sec n the world t knife, a c f complicat data cente new data ught? is a good practices s to come u curity prof re inadequ d to resona ammar, wh es?” es, particul Security is heir hierarc SA / CAPS ell trained i g needs of ce. PSAR A fall short o d organizat is also see mpliances, nt. Mostly s hat guara eration an nger. No o nts, theft o eas. Good nters don't ecurity offic curity and d are a wa amera pho ted docum er-But wha center is thing on th and goals up with the fessionals. uately pre ate with ma y can’t we he whole. W s, it is up t e processe . The per epared to any: “If it’s e expect e arly the ne also an “e chy of inte SI / SAFE n how to p f varied org Act 2005 a of desired tions as ‘co en as burd pressure security pro ntees sec nd mainte one can w of costly inv d security just hold cers, of co business aste of mo one and ba ments that at should b built into t While to the s and rception is create s s fair to exp ex-army / p eed to adj eat your ve erests. Th E Code to plan, exec ganizations attampts ve details. ost center’ en which i from stake ofessionals cured, has nance or ork; forget ventory or y means g the crown ourse. But j continuity oney if som ad intention can guide be the CSO the design s that ecure pect a police just curricu egetables” e onus fa inform tra ute and re s and indu ery feebly needing b is evil yet e eholders e s are to be ssle-free c marketing t the best law-and – good prod jewels; th just as imp . That's be meone can ns. companie O's high-le s, instead ula to topic alls to aining evise / stries to lay budgets for essential. T etc. that me e blamed fo congenial g activities performan order prob duction, m hey are the portant, it's ecause all n walk righ r non- There eager or this work s are nce, if blems means e crown je s a job for the encry ht into the es through evel goals f of being a ewels. those yption e data the proce for making an expensi ess of g sure ive or
  • 7. Read below to find out how a data center is designed to withstand everything from corporate espionage to terrorists to natural disasters. Sure, the extra precautions can be expensive. But they're simply part of the cost of building a secure facility that also can keep humming through disasters. Build on the right spot. Be sure the building is some distance from headquarters (20 miles is typical) and at least 100 feet from the main road. Bad neighbors: airports, chemical facilities, power plants. Bad news: earthquake fault lines and areas prone to hurricanes and floods. And scrap the "data center" sign. Have redundant utilities. Data centers need two sources for utilities, such as electricity, water, voice and data. Trace electricity sources back to two separate substations and water back to two different main lines. Lines should be underground and should come into different areas of the building, with water separate from other utilities. Use the data center's anticipated power usage as leverage for getting the electric company to accommodate the building's special needs. Pay attention to walls. Foot-thick concrete is a cheap and effective barrier against the elements and explosive devices. Avoid windows. Think warehouse, not office building! If you must have windows, limit them to the break room or administrative area, and use bomb-resistant laminated glass. Use landscaping for protection. Trees, boulders and gulley can hide the building from passing cars, obscure security devices (like fences), and also help keep vehicles from getting too close. Use retractable crash barriers at vehicle entry points. Control access to the parking lot and loading dock with a staffed guard station. Use a raised gate and a green light as visual cues that the bollards are down and the driver can go forward. In situations when extra security is needed, have the barriers lift-up by default, and lowered only when someone has permission to pass through. Plan for bomb detection. For data centers that are especially sensitive or likely targets, have guards use mirrors to check underneath vehicles for explosives, or provide portable bomb-sniffing devices. You can respond to a raised threat by increasing the number of vehicles you check—perhaps by checking employee vehicles as well as visitors and delivery trucks. Limit entry points. Control access to the building by establishing one main entrance, plus a back one for the loading dock. This keeps costs down too. Make fire doors exit only. For exits required by fire codes, install doors that don't have handles on the outside. When any of these doors is opened, a loud alarm should sound and trigger a response from the security command center. Use plenty of cameras. Surveillance cameras should be installed around the perimeter of the building, at all entrances and exits, and at every access point throughout the building. A combination of motion-detection devices, low-light cameras, pan-tilt-zoom cameras and standard fixed cameras is ideal. Footage should be digitally recorded and stored offsite. Protect the building's machinery. Keep the mechanical area of the building, which houses environmental systems and uninterruptible power supplies, strictly off limits. If generators are outside, use concrete walls to secure the area. For both areas, make sure all contractors and repair crews are accompanied by an employee at all times.
  • 8. Plan for s can be se people an spreading chemical, Ensure n sure inter housed. A Use two-sensitive less invas expensive Harden th will have b secure air et to re circ nd equipme g from a n biological nothing ca rnal walls r Also make -factor au areas of d sive than e access ca he core w been authe the outer visitors to the inner neral empl the entra nter. Typic ictest "p ggybacking ve two opt the door t om. This is ainframes cated. Prov possible in he exits to areas of t h building area where rest room t have acce  At for  At gen  At cen stri pig hav  At roo ma loc as Watch th sensitive helps with common a Visitor’s who don't r-handling culate air r ent if there nearby fire or radiolog an hide in run from th sure drop-uthenticati g. Make su rather than e were som . For adde gical conta the walls he slab ce -down ceili on. Biome rs, with ha anning. In data center retinal sca ards. ith securit enticated a door. Don buzz the f r door. Se loyee area ance to th cally, this positive g allowed. ions: to an indiv s for the r or other vide access n order to c oo. Monito he facility evacuation e people c ms. Make s ess to the s ure the hea n drawing i me kind of ed security aminant. and ceilin iling all the ings don't p etric ident and geome other are ty layers. at least thre n't forget y front desk. eparates v . e "data" is the lay control," For impl vidual com oom wher critical I s only on a control and or entrance as well. It n if there's an eat with sure to incl secure par As att yo Str ating, vent n air from biological y, put dev tilating and the outsid or chemic ices in pla ngs. In sec e way to s provide hid ification is etry or finge as, you m Anyone en ee times, i you'll need visitor are part of th yer that h d air-condi de. This co cal attack o ace to mo cure areas sub flooring dden acces becoming erprint sca may be abl ntering the ncluding: a way a from he data has the g no on, you cessing servers, ment is ded basis, cess. t—not only u keep tra rohibit food g food on c ooms for u building. meaning lementatio mputer proc re actual s T equipm an as-need d track acc e and exit 'll help you s a fire. Pr hout gettin lude bathro rts of the b s soon tack an our in rategist n as t nd des nterests the fe stroy it s! - tioning sys uld help p or heavy s nitor the a s of the da g where w ss points. g standard anners usu le to get a most secu stems rotect moke air for ta center, wiring is typ make pically d for acce ually consid away with ure part of and segm ess to dered less-center f the data c ment these y for the m ck of who d in the co computer e use by visit rooms as main facilit was wher omputer ro equipment tors and de ear ap . Secu Chana much more t also vide a ty but for re when. It ooms. Prov t. elivery peo proach re you kya, t ople hes ne u must, the G ear, , all reat
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  • 10. know from our own data that subscribers whose phone do get infected can lose up to 100 Euros a day from MMS being sent from their phone by the virus. Solutions To prevent mobile spam and viruses becoming a problem for their subscribers, Indian network operators must ensure they don't solicit spam. Operators also need to take a leading role in the development of built-in network security to protect mobile phones, and prioritize customer satisfaction above potential ready-money revenue generated as a result of spam and viruses. To ensure protection from mobile spam and viruses, operators must also secure their network. This way, not only known viruses, but also anomalies within the network can be detected, isolated, and disinfected, enabling network immunization. Having security on the network also means that employee-specific policies can be set. For example, an employee may not be allowed to download content which can be considered out of line from their business pursuits, while others may be prohibited from accessing the mobile Internet altogether-a similar approach to the one some organizations are already using for their PC infrastructure. The constant evolution of spammers' techniques, combined with the continually growing mobile telephony industry, means that the battle for consumer trust is only just beginning-and mobile operators have to make sure they are competing effectively. A new walk-through airport lie-detector made in Israel may prove to be the toughest challenge yet for potential hijackers or drugs smugglers. Tested in Russia, the two-stage GK-1 voice analyzer requires that passengers don headphones at a console and answer: ”Yes" or "No" into a microphone to questions about whether they are planning something illicit. The software will almost always pick up uncontrollable tremors in the voice that give away liars or those with something to hide, say its designers at Israeli firm Nemesysco. "In our trial, 500 passengers went through the test, and then each was subjected to full traditional searches," said chief executive officer Amir Liberman. "The one person found to be planning something illegal was the one who failed our test." The GK-1 is expected to cost between $10,000 to - $30,000 when marketed. A spokesman for Moscow's Domodyedevo Airport, which is using a prototype, said "the tester (lie detector) has proved to be effective and we are in principle ready to use it". The September 11, 2001 hijacking attacks have led to a slew of innovations designed to boost airline security. Lieberman said several countries had expressed interest in the GK-l. "Unlike conventional lie detectors .such as the polygraph, this is minimally invasive, requiring hardly any physical contact," Lieberman said, adding that the first stage of the test takes between 30-75 seconds. Those that fail are taken aside for more intensive questioning and, if necessary, are searched. Lieberman said around 12 percent of passengers tend to show stress even when they have nothing to hide. "Some may feel nervous because they have used drugs, while having no intention to smuggle drugs," he said. "The whole thing is performed in a low-key manner to avoid causing anxiety." Reuters
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