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News letter dec.03

  1. 1. New wslette Dec er: cember 2013 r Let’s profe ’s ession nalize the pro t ofessio onals… … http://sb btyagi.wix. .com/icissm m Mumbai a attacks on 26/11 were well-p n w planned and coordinated ser a ries of ter rrorist atta acks, as AK47-wielding t terrorists with gren nades in th heir backp packs targ geted a nu umber of highprofile locations fr requented by Weste erners and wealthy Indians. d It appear to have been a massive in rs e m ntelligenc failure as Indian security agencies were ce a caught n napping; t this despite reports that Ind s dian Autho orities had been aw d ware for s some time of ru umors of a impend an ding attack includin even mention of the Taj Mahal Hote k, ng m f M el. Interroga ation of a least one perpe at o etrator reportedly confirmed to India Autho d an orities suspicion of the Pakistanns -related or rigin of th plot. De he espite the repeated failure o the e d of Intelligen nce the a administra ation’s pu ublic resp ponse thu far ap us ppears to be curio ously complace ent. The C Country's Prime M Minister Manmohan Singh an Intellig M nd gence officials pointed f fingers ve cautiously at an 'outside force', an obvious referenc to Pakistanery n e s ce centric te errorist g groups. Manmohan Singh promised tough me p easures to take on the n terrorists includin that of setting up a federal investiga s, ng s p ating agen ncy. To the be of the knowledg of secu est ge urity profe essionals, this was the first terrorist a t attack in recent times tha involved hostage and a direct attac on the police. Th targeting of at d es d ck he high-prof hotels attacks on iconic buildings and foreigners su ggests that at least part file s, o s t of the int tention w was to dam mage Indi a’s image abroad as a coun e ntry open for busin n ness. Going by death tol this is by far the w y ll, b worst sing gle-city terrorist att tack in Ind dia’s history (in terms of sheer num mbers). There are few less e sons learn from th whole 60 hours long oper nt he 6 ration whi ich ended with d more tha 195 ca an asualties and more than 295 injured. Followin article deals the in a e 5 ng em detail. Cap S B T pt Tyagi For IC CISS When you confront a problem you beg to solv it. n gin ve 1
  2. 2. Capt S Tyagi, FISM, CSC SB , C They wer only ten They too nation o 110 crores to rans re n! ok of som for th hree days! Ima agine if the were th ey hirty and tw other cities namely Delhi a wo c and Kolkata w were also their target The sco ts! ope can be widened and one c e can imagine w with shudd down the spine the chilling scenario – the en der t o ntire Nation su urrendering to few terrorists!! No army needed to cripple our g t t nation wh hich is alre eady eaten away from inside by the corrupt politicia m b ans and babus with the help of cr riminals an underw nd world eleme ents. All it will take is few well train w ned, highly motivated and fully armed yo y d, y ouths to ca arry out their p plan to perm manently scar the wo s orld’s large democr est racy. Today after five yea of the Mumbai Ma ars M ayhem, ha things changed? Do ave we have better security? Hav we learn the less ve nt sons? If we care to lo e ook deep and long enou ugh, we will find that there is a lot to be desired so far as reva d amping se ecurity uildings an public places is concerned The US State Department has nd d. S D of cities, iconic bu consistent listed In tly ndia as the country with the second-high e hest numb of terro ber orism casu ualties after Iraq. However Western media has given scan regard to the probllem and th is some m nt o his etimes resented in India. All that has chang ed with te h error attac cks in Mu umbai on 26/11. Mu umbai unwittingly has become the epicenter o India's terrorist pro y e of oblem eve when th en here have been many atta acks in othe key citie er es. The Mu umbai terro orists attac cked on ev very level. They killed middle clas workers when they shot up the m ss s railway station, they killed the elite in the luxury t d e hotels, they killed tourists a d and kids as they ate in a a e café and while attacking ho ospital they killed the sick y e and dying or tho ose trying hard not to. They shot people on the ro oads, in railway st tation, hot or tel resident tial buildin ng. They killed Indians, Br ritons, America ans, Israelis and se everal othe nationa er alities. They killed men, wome n, childre k en, police emen, firemen, d doctors and patients. This was systematic cold blooded slaugh d c hter. al d ervice The saga of persona velour, dedication to duty, se to society and patriotism of common m y c man will be told e and retol ld, but along with it will be tales of une o foolhardin and profession nalism, ness, co owardice corruption It will be prudent to pause for a momen and n. o r nt think wh hether th here are lessons for se ecurity profession nals to learn from this gory incident? Admittedly there ar few les y re ssons we can learn. The Internet s sites, the Blogs an the Co nd ommunities are s overflowin with ide ng eas. Honestly few id deas are picked p up from th here. There are many lessons learnt from th whole incident and some of them are enume e he a a erated below. 2
  3. 3. Lessons for Authorities: The neighbor we love to hate! The Rogue Nation! The Terrorist Nation!! The Dangerous Laboratory of Democracy!! Pakistan has been labeled differently though all meaning same – the nation is rudderless for decades and now with nuclear capabilities, the nation is probably the most dangerous nation in the world. Pakistan has been carved out of us and this fact has never let its leader live in peace. Nor has this fact given any comfort to Indians for we know that the feeling of disparity and inferiority in average Pakistani is mainly not due to what they do not have but due to what Indians have! The hard work, grit and toil which Indians have put-in while developing the country is of no consideration to Pakistani leadership, there only point of comparison is that they do not have those resources which India enjoys. This over-jealous neighbor has been thorn in our side and demanding to be removed since long! Indian authorities and commentators point to Pakistan, and especially the secretive InterServices Intelligence, as having a hand in the Indian attacks. After an attack on the parliament in December 2001, India mobilized against Pakistan and the two very nearly slipped into a war a frightening prospect for nuclear-armed powers. It is clear that arms and training have been provided by Pakistani groups, such as Lashkar-e-Toiyaba; that the ISI has been heavily engaged in helping insurgents and terrorists in Indian Kashmir; and that Pakistan has refused to extradite accused terrorists to India. Those who know little Greek mythology will understand that cutting the snakes was never a solution as solution was cutting the head of Medusa! We can eliminate terrorism only by eliminating its breeding and feeding ground which is Pakistan. Intelligence Failure The Mumbai attacks were a well-planned and coordinated series of terrorist attacks, as AK47wielding terrorists with grenades in their backpacks targeted a number of high-profile locations frequented by Westerners and wealthy Indians. It appears to have been a massive intelligence failure as Indian security agencies were caught napping; this despite reports that Indian Authorities had been aware for some time of rumors of an impending attack, including even mention of the Taj Mahal Hotel. Interrogation of at least one perpetrator reportedly confirmed to Indian Authorities suspicions of the Pakistan-related origin of the plot. Despite the repeated failure of the Intelligence the administration’s public response thus far appears to be curiously complacent. The Country's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Intelligence officials pointed fingers very cautiously at an 'outside force', an obvious reference to Pakistan-centric terrorist groups. Manmohan Singh promised tough measures to take on the terrorists, including that of setting up a federal investigating agency. To the best of the knowledge of security professionals, this was the first terrorist attack in recent times that involved hostages and a direct attack on the police. The targeting of high-profile hotels, attacks on iconic buildings and foreigners suggests that at least part of the intention was to damage India’s image abroad as a country open for business. There are reports suggesting that ATS’ preoccupation with the Malegaon blast investigation may have resulted in intelligence failure about plans for this attack. Going by death toll, this is by far the worst single-city terrorist attack in India’s history - although the attacks last month in Assam come close (in terms of sheer numbers). 3
  4. 4. No 8 figure grid ref ference – it is intelli igence, Si illy! World ov ver the autobiograp phies of s sleuths have never even o once mentioned the sing instanc d gle ces when t they could generate cent-perc d e cent accurate intelligenc Those who did - had not lived enou ce. ugh to tell the tale! The business o intelligen collect of nce tion, collati and dis ion sseminatio is on so full of i and buts that by the time it reaches the end-user it has b ifs’ been many time remove of its tim and pla value. It appears to have b es ed me ace been a massive intelligence failure as a result of which Indian security agenc e a t cies were caug napping; this des ght spite report that Indian Authorities had b ts been aware for some tim of rumo of an impending attack, in r me ors g ncluding e even mention o the Taj M of Mahal Hote el. But one h has to rem member that the ope erational in ntelligence leaves lo of ot scope for addition or deletio In ma r on. any cases, the steady stream of , m intelligenc will only help the expert to draw a patte and ma projec ce y e ern ake ction or intellige guesses! It will be really very silly to expect that any agency in the world will ent t n millisecond and location in ‘eiight figure grid refere generate the intellig gence givin time in m ng ds ence’! Even if on nce, some intelligenc is so gat ce thered, by the time it reaches th end-use the variables he er, might cha ange as te errorists ca always change th an heir locatio ons, timing numbe gs, ers, weapo or ons modus-op perandi! Re emember, they too h have Plan Bs! Out of all perso o ons, Admiral Sunil M Mehta should know this an also rem nd member tha if one wa at ants to do things bes it is best to do one st, t eself! However, “the fact that the bo used b the terr oat by rorist to en nter Mumb was undetected f 72 bai for hours doe not augur well for India’s se es ecurity. Unmolested by any nav action to intercep the b val t pt, terrorists sailed leis surely towa ards Mumb There were no signs of wa bai. s warships, co onducting radar conjointly w with the Navy and C N Coast Gua run Dornier surv ard veillance sorties or more s sweeps c intensive searches seaward by the na aval and coast gua vessels writes Bharat Ka ard s” arnad, r al y re cy ch. Professor of Nationa Security Studies at the Centr for Polic Researc t Terror’s T Third dime ension – by the land air and now sea! b d, It has be een often t times said that the Mumbai terror attacks were unexpecte as muc as d t ed ch audacious since s s sea approa ach was used to reach Mumbai. This migh appear so but as any old warht sk d nd m he es horse an he will confirm that th chance of successes of any o s operation are directly related to the a y t quantum of the aud dacity an operation h o has. The frontal f attack is generally considere to be m ed most dangerous rarely tried. But, when it is a decision n and theref fore very r that is req quired to b taken by the Fed ayeen terr be b rorists then there are very high chanc that th least pra e ces he actical and least expected route will be chosen for that re n eason alone. The air sp pace for te errorism ha been us as sed in 9/11 and ever after The Tam Tigers had got ho of aircr r. mil h old rafts – Murdered cr M rew leader of Kuber (the that too f fighter airc crafts! It will be mat w tter of time that boat hijacked by terroris e d sts) other vari ious categ gories of aircrafts ar also use by a re ed the terror rists. Ther are unm re manned a aircraft suc as ch Predators in the bo s order areas to take care of. Then there are remo controlled toy air s T ote rcrafts laden with IED with timer devi h ices or des signed to explode on impact. S e n Suddenly sky seems to be s not friendl any mor ly re. 4
  5. 5. Business verticals of terrorism: out s ourcing s s The mid-sixties sa smuggl aw ling of go turning out to be very lu old g b ucrative business o the b of underworl It soon became th narcotic which was most so ld. he cs ought after item for smuggling. Soon r arms, nar rcotics and hawala trading be came lethal combina d t ation and small time smuggle no e ers more ope erated inde ependently They we used by the bigy. ere b -timers to w work for them. And soon corporate culture wa emulate by the s as ed smugglers. The D - C Company h run its business from far away land using its front men and small time has s s a operatives Thus sm s. muggling and mafia a activities in India and elsewher are run like a corp n d re porate business. The terror rism have also starte undergo ed oing the sa ame chang and if early indica ges e ations are to be believed, t LeT, JeM or man other te the ny errorist outf operatin from Pa fit ng akistan nee not ed get its ca adre directly involved as local ‘talent’ is easily ava d ailable. So ‘terrorism is being outo m’ g sourced a any ‘Co as orporate’ will out-sou rce house-keeping and mainte w a enance ser rvices. Sim milarly terrorists are also m more and more gettin involved in real es m ng d state, hawa trading and smug ala ggling as their b business v verticals so that loss of one business ca be abs o s b an sorbed by other bus siness activities o one bus or siness can be funde by the profits of other busin n ed p o nesses – mostly the terror m operations in theirs case! s I said tha first! at Aftermath of terroris attack on Mumbai saw how the big tim politician and adm h st n t me ns ministrator alike r tried to take the clai for givin early w im ng warnings. The Chief Ministers, M T M Ministers, Secretaries and S s Director G Generals a clamore to take credit of ‘I-said-that-first’. One would wo all ed e onder that if so t many peo ople knew so much and so mu in adv uch vance then what all t they did! Beside twid B ddling their thum and no taking the claims of giving warning to concerne they did sweet no mbs ow t w o ed, d othing as if doing nothing w their basic duty. The saga of usurper false-cla g was b rs, aimants an pretenders is nd slowly unf folding and it is ama azing that without an remorse or empa ny athy for the victims o the e of carnage, these fam mous perso onalities no stack claims for their prio knowledge of imm ow or minent ack mbai thoug about w gh which they did nothing d g! terror atta on Mum Lessons for Sec s curity Fo orces: Be ever r ready! It pays to be ‘battle ready’ as ‘shahadat of Karka t’ are, Kamte and Salus skar has proved. If o is p one ty eed o ctive to the verge of being e on securit duty, do not forget to secure self! No ne to be over protec coward, b ensure that reas but e sonable pr recautions are taken ‘Dead he n! eroes’ are part of h e history whereas living ones are the National Ass s sets! Remain in control of the situ uation… Do not let the situat t tion contro you! NS G has pro ol oved it mor eloquen re ntly. Soon afte they took charge, not even f a minu it appea er for ute ared to tho ose watching the whole scene in front of T e TVs that they were lo osing cont trol. They neve appeare to be ha er ed assled and at receiving end an through d nd hout the opera ation main ntained high level of profess sionalism. One of the cherubic NSG Com mmando when ask w ked what was toug ghest part of operation, nonchala antly comm mented tha “nothing is difficult or tough for at t them!” Think out t-of-the bo ox! The terror rists’ strate egies cann be taug in the class room from train not ght c ning books. Th convent he tional tactic and stra cs ategies are for the co e onventiona warfare for conventional al f armed for rces. Terro orists use almost eve ry time the most audacious and impractic approac for a e d cal ch 5
  6. 6. that reaso alone! The secu ons urity forces need to think out-o s of-the box! The wate ! er-front wa not as used by th terrorist as approa route s far. But it never was a guara he t ach so t w antee for no future use by n them. Wh they did use it, no one was prepared. We have to start th hen s e hinking the ‘impossib as e ble’ surely som meone is c capable to convert it iinto ‘possib ble’. o But Security Force! No hurry, take time! B be timely!! It takes time to acc climatize with the gro w ound. No security for or com s rce mmando op peration ca be an undertake without proper pla en anning invo olving the reconnaiss r sance of th e area to have ‘feel o the h of ground’. O Only fools r rush-in! Th delibera and pru he ate udent plann ning takes time as failure endangers precious l lives and n readym no made ‘one-s size-fits-all’ solution can be ap pplied to al the situa ll ations. However once the c course of action has been dec s cided the entire oper e ration mus be conducted st with time and precis sion. f ecisions Power of taking De The Political Leade ership take time to decide, in fact the specialiization is in delaying the es o i eir decision taking and therefore expecting quick or tim mely decis sion is askiing for too much. It is time s that the o onus of tak king the de ecision is d divested fro the pol om liticians an invested in the he of nd d ead “Anti-Terr rorist Federal Agency which n y”, needs to be created sooner. Ti me is esse e ential ingre edient a ge ons and quicker dec cision also means h o higher for successful anti-terrorist, anti-hostag operatio rate of suc ccess. NSG Dep ployment If present Nationa Security Guard ( tly al y (NSG) is expected to handle terrorist strike, hostage e situation e then w must it remain ba etc. why t attle ready at all majo NSG hu y or ubs. If NSG is expect to G ted react to a any situation occurri ing in any part of In y ndia, then it must b strategically locat be ted in various w connec well cted cities preferably the metro y opolises. By the time the NSG team rea B G aches e the site of their operation, the least loca police ca do is to barricade the area, ensure sm f al an e mooth traffic mov vement for ambulanc and veh r ce hicles of se ecurity forces. Reliable & Timely C Communication Communication thro ough Ham Radios, ‘blogging’ and ‘twitte m ering’ can be very im mportant fo common citizens a network are know to jam or n as ks wn in such si ituations. K Keeping th citizens informed is very important in he such situa ations as ru umor-mongering will not only demoralize them but d may cause anothe law-and er d-order pr roblem wh hich law enforcing agencies can ill affo at the time. ord Take time but be ti e imely! For the se ecurity forc ces, the dile emma very often is to pinpoint when it is y too early to too late to move- in host e -in tage like situations. If it is too curity forc ces will su uffer the losses! If it is too late, the early, sec innocents may die! W s World over security f forces take time to ac e cclimatize with the g ground situ uation. No security f force or co ommando operation can be undertak ken witho out prope er planni ing involv ving the reconnais ssance of t area to have ‘fee of the gro the o el ound’ and to have ‘P Plan B’. On fools rush-in! nly The delib berate and prudent planning ta p akes time as failure endange preciou lives an no e ers us nd ready-made ‘one-siz ze-fits-all’ solution ca be applied to all th situation s an he ns. Therefore expecting the com e g mmandos t rush-in the moment they r to reach the venue of their f operation will be rather foolish They willl not immediately afte their arriival swoop the whole area h. er p e and neutr ey ralize the te errorists in a jiffy! The will tale deliberate time. How e e wever, onc the cour of ce rse action has been dec s cided the entire opera e ation must be conduc t cted with t ime and pr recision. 6
  7. 7. Rushing like fools, ending li angles , ike s! It is part o Indian culture not to criticize someone who is no more to d of o defend him mself. But, in the st case of se ecurity and armed fo d orces, if pas botched d-up operat tions are n examin thread bare, not ned no lesson will eve be learn This po ns er nt! ost-event examinatio involves analyzing the dee e on s eds or misdeeds of deceas s sed. Kamte was noto orious to always kee loaded AK 47 on the floor o his a ep of car. Salas skar was s sharp shoo known to always move full prepared Karkare was extre oter n s ly d. e emely efficient o officer know to mov with ful l complem wn ve ment of sec curity! But when all three met their t t nemesis … …. The sequence of ac ction leadin to death of Karkare, Kamte and Sala ng hs e askar need to be do in ds one right earnestness th only we will com e to know why all three of the traveled in one vehicle to hen n the place of their e encounter if they ca me from three different place and ass t es sembled a one at location? One also needs to know why their indiv k vidual vehic cles and s security contingent di not id y V i K g follow them. We all repeatedly saw a TV footage in which Karkare wa s unhurriedly putting on a helmet, b but, this fo ootage obv viously is of differen place and time. W nt What abou others? One ut ? wonders where the helmet were if not in the eir ts f t Qualis or on their bo odies and also what happened to their bulle et-proof jac ckets. The are sile murmu ere ent urs that they rushed- in carelessly to the sc n cene of their encounter ill prepared and le r, east expec cting the kind of attacks they came under! s e Lessons for Med s dia: on’t mess-up with security pe s ersonnel! Please do The media people have to realize th even when they have hat w y important duty to pe erform, their duty is st not mor importan than till re nt that of s security fo orces. In their eag gerness of ‘me-first they f t’ sometime enter the area wh es here they h have no bu usiness to be in. Their pres sence in s such situat tion not on hinders the activi nly s ities of the secur person rity nnel, they also beco ome the lia abilities of those security p personnel w were risking the ir own lives to save others. who r o The foolh hardiness of one su uch corres spondent surely mu not ust have mi issed the attention of TV viewers when some e V s ndent was shown tel lling with b bravado of having gone to f correspon the area w where from he was re m escued by the NSG commando c os! Media Eth hics, what is that? t The TV c channels a known to have gone ove are n erboard in such n situation i past and this time was also no exception. It was not in e o appreciate by the TV channel while liv telecast ed ve ting the talk with the terror that it was almost verging at “offerin a platfo rist ng orm to espouse t their cause A fact was overloo e”. w oked by th channel that a he ‘legitimate reporting duty’ of the cha e g f annel may jeopardiz the y ze innocent lives, creat law-and-order situ ation or incite some part of te the societ for more violence. ty e I ndian Me edia walk king, s standing, touching and d destroying evidence and the c clues at the site of crime! The s G Great Indian Media circus… M Don’t be naïve, we are the te errorists! Very naively one of the leadin English daily desc f ng cribes a ty ypical ‘Feda ayeen’ as “armed with an assault AK-47 rifle, a 9 mm pistol and s several Ch hinese mad hand gr de renades, with spare bullet w 7
  8. 8. magazines in his pouches an knapsack, apart from dry fruits and other eatables to sustain ..” This caricature of Fedayeen terrorist is far from truth. The terrorists are not like soldiers of conventional armed forces that they will be always in ‘battle order’ when in battle. They have in past and will be in future too ‘dressed for the occasions’! the terrorists will dress as per the time and location related to their action and will be equipped as per the need and as per the Just because terrorists this time were equipped and accoutered like this doesn’t mean they will be similarly seen in future also. Most likely they will be looking different for the reasons that their appearance of similar type will draw attention in future. Credibility of Media News: Mom no homework! Common people must understand the most of the media people are ‘generalist’ journalist and being in young as most of them are, are not supposed to know all, even when they pretend otherwise. Their reporting may not be factually accurate or they might not have recourse to cross check the veracity of the facts when reporting live. In one case Kamte was referred as ACP and Additional CP in same breath! In other case, NSG Havaldar (NC) – Non-commissioned Officer) was referred as senior officer! In both the cases the reporters had shown their very poor knowledge of rank structure of police and armed forces. Understand the effect on the police force of the news of death of Additional Commissioner of Police (Addl. CP) when actually Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) died. Similarly people will tend to agree more with the news when it is reported that sources of the information is very senior army officer whereas it was actually a head constable! So, morale is that take the media reporting with pinch of salt. They are known to be wrong some times. Lessons for people Private Public Partnership – what happened to that? What happened to the concept of Public - Private Partnership which was talked about only a year back! There are so many ex-serviceman in pink of their health and at peak of their life, compelled to earn daily wages or get contract security guards employment whereas they can be used for private policing – a concept popular in European countries but only talked about in India by the politician! There are more than 60,000 strong security personnel employed by the private security agencies across the country. This trained manpower can be utilized for law-and-order duties and police can be used for crime investigations and against terrorism and organized crimes. This will be in conformity with the dust gathering report of the committee constituted by the government for suggestion on police reforms. Mr. Ten Percent galore in India The ignominious title which Mr. Asif Ali Zardari got stuck with is embarrassing - to say the least. There are many worthies of such titles in India. The corruption in security and armed forces’ procurement departments has made deep inroads as a result of which no procurement done is without allegation of corruption. There are rumors that the bullet proof jackets used by Maharashtra ATS were of sub-standard and rejected twice in past. While valiant soldiers and commandos are treated no more then security guards by the politicians, their lives do not mean much to them. The realization that secured security personnel can only secure them provably has not occurred to these politicians who want their share from every arms deal. The morale and ethics of these politicians have stooped to so lowly levels that total overhaul of the system is needed to be undertaken. Sooner the better!! 8
  9. 9. What do w do wit the polit we th ticians? Throwing them in th Indian Sea is the easiest option! A lo has bee said an written a he e o ot en nd about them – ab bout their shameless behavior their inse s r, ensitivity, their lust, g t greed and corruption We n! are well a aware that these chi ministe and ministers are all paid s t ief ers e servants and unlike other a regular em mployees are entitle lifelong pensions even whe they ma serve fo one and half ed en ay or d years! Then what a about their accountab bility? How is it that they only resign on moral gro w ounds and are not sacked due to inefficienc and the service are nev terminated on o cy eir es ver official grounds? Shamelessly they increase their sala aries witho discus out ssion and dither on pay n increase of armed forces. These are same politicians who want to make armed f T e w t e forces subservie to them and also expect the m to make supreme sacrifices while prote ent e e ecting them m. Our leade shy aw even naming Pa ers way n akistan as country be ehind terro orists activ vities and o sly on name it a ‘neighb as boring coun ntry’ when actually they shou name it as Pakistan. Terr n uld rorism cannot be eliminated by tough talks; it c be elim e h can minated only by tough actions. Taking dec h cision is the mos difficult p st part; action are eas ier for secu ns urity forces to take. I s there any doubt tha the s at training ca amps in P Pakistan ar the bree re eding grounds for se erial blasts Isn’t this what we have s? s been telling our un n-named neighbors s since deca ades? Why are our leaders shy or afra of s aid naming Pakistan? If Pakistan is training the terroris then it must feel t heat an pain! f sts the nd Finally, we need a t e tougher He of Stat - With due respect to the the Hon. Pr ead te t en resident of India f Mrs. Prat tibha Patil – her sa on the whole episode seemed more of a gen ay e neral message. ‘Address t the Nation’ with Zo to ombie like glazed loo and mo oks onotone - d devoid of any feelings and a emotions cannot instil the tru and co nfidence of the citiz ust o zens in the national leadership We e p. would exp pect more, at least one public assurance on Natio , o e onal TV, th governm he ment’s plan on ns how to pre event such things ha h appening in the future Let’s hav a strong leadersh at the C n e! ve g hip Centre so that he / she can issue orde and ex e ers xecute plan to preve such thiings in the future. ns ent e Conclus sion armed but all this is o no use unless it is countered at the roo level and it is of u d ot Forewarned is forea orces took a long tim coming from their base me a tragedy that even with this inputs the Special Fo r s they had to wait trav t veling by b n as the air strip was used for VIP and t bus and in the meantime damage w being d was done at the place of attack in Hotels and Jew Praye Home. e H er These po ostmortems and stories do no appeal to common people anymore and they feel s ot e e y ashamed that in sp of all the inputs the Force could not reach i n time due to ego o the pite t es e of andling the whole episode an so many people lost their lives and their fam e nd e r milies people ha orphaned and there eafter no firm efforts are taken to stop further attac cks! Bomb blasts at w in will many plac in the Country to place a the cu ces ook and ulprits roam free due to attitude of the diff m e ferent Agencies handling t this issue. God save the innoc e cent people of the Co e ountry at all times of their a f needs and keep the safe. d em     http p://timesofin ndia.indiatim ia/SIMs-plan nted-by-IB-he elped-nail-Pa akistans-role e-in-26/11Mumbai-attacks/articleshow w/26436020 0.cms http p://www.ind om/news/ind dia/mumbai-terror-attack-terrorists-w wanted-by-india-307 775.html?pag ge=11 http p://www.firs mumbai/pho otos-people-pay-homage e-to-martyrs-victims-of-2 2611-terroratta acks-1252309.html http p://www.sify /26-11-cong g-dismisses-b bjp-s-charge-of-diplomatiic-failure-news-nationalnl0u u4dcbffb.htm ml#fullstory-article-comm ments-wrapp per 9
  10. 10. (Times of India New Delh Edition – 1st Nov.13 a, hi 3 Washingto Reuters The US Federal Av on, s: viation Adm ministration (FAA) said on Thurs d sday it will allow airlines to expand the use of por e rtable elect ronic device in flight to include s es smartphone tablets a ees, and readers, e ending a lon standin ban. "Mo commercial airline can toler ngng ost es rate radio interference from e portable el lectronic de evices," FAA Administra A rator Michae Huerta sa at a pres meet at Reagan Na el aid ss ational Air-port ne Washing ear gton DC. "It's safe to read down nloaded ma aterials, like e-books, calendars a e c and to play game These a es." activities are expected to be perm e mitted during all phase of flight, including ta es ake-off and landing, on the va majority of US fligh he said. In-flight ce ast y hts, . ellphone talk king is not approved, H a Huerta said, noting that this c g continues to be govern ed by the Federal Com o F mmunication Commiss ns sion. However, passengers will be able to conn s nect with an airline's Wi-Fi netw a work and ca use Blue an etooth accessorie such as wireless mouse and h es, headphones As a prac s. ctical matter cellphone should be kept r, es e in airplane mode duri flight, he said. With e ing hout this se etting, cellphones wou continue to search vainly uld e for a signa while alo draining batteries. Huerta said the guida al oft, d ance applie to US Airlines throu es ughout their dome estic and int ternational routes. r The next s step is for a lines to submit pla ns for imple airementation after testin to make sure aircra can ng aft tolerate thi kind of ra is adio interfer rence. Huer said he sought updated guidan on the matter, sinc the rta ce nce current pol licy was put in place ab t bout 50 yea ago. ars Will flyers in India so be able to use th electro s oon heir onic device - barring mobile phones - in most es g phases o a flight including take-off and land of t, g f ding? With the Am merican Fe ederal Av viation Administra ation (FAA recently lifting the A) y ese over 50- year-old restrictio 5 ons last week, the Indian w Directorat General of Civil Aviation (D te A DGCA) ha also begun study as ying if India carriers can an s allow flyer to use th electro rs heir onic device (barring mobiles) with very fe restrictions. es w ew Softwar upgrade for AI Dr re e reamliner US aircraft majjor Boeing will give software upgrad to Air Ind w de dia's Dreamliner as these aircra have been constantly developing snags, leading to frequ t aft y g uent fligh delays an cancella ht ations. Aviation minister Ajit Singh said he raised r nd this issue with Boeing when he wa in Seattlle, US, last week to t s h w as t take deli ivery of AI's tenth Drea s amliner. Inci identally, alll airlines glo obally using the g Boe 787 are facing technical issue and the p eing e es problems are not isolate to e ed AI alone. a At presen Indian c nt, carriers ask passeng ers to swit off their electron ic equipme during takek tch ent off and lan nding while mobiles have to be either sw e e witched off or kept in n network mode. Since it o no k is humane imposs ely sible for cr rew to che if phon eck nes' networ setting iis off or no switchin on rk ot, ng mobiles e even in airc craft mode is frowne at. The US FAA also had siimilar restr e ed a rictions in place for 50 yea but ha last week allowed use of electronic devices (b ars ad d e d barring mobiles) durin all ng phases of flight, exc f cept when the comma ander wan them sw nts witched off f. "Most com mmercial a planes can tolera radio in airate nterference from port e table electr ronic devic ces. It is safe to read dow o wnloaded materials like e-boo and ca oks alendars, a and also to play games," foreign ag gencies had quoted FAA admin F nistrator Mi ichael Hue as tellin reporters last wee erta ng ek. For the full report, log o to www.ti on imesojindia.c com 10
  11. 11. Upcoming Event In the wake of increase threat pe e ed erception and ever d increasing concern fo security in recent times, or the Global Digital Su urveillance Forum (G GDSF), scheduled on 18-19 D December, 2013 at Hot tel Le Meridian, Ne Delhi co mes as a relevant se ew eminar, bringing together Securiity Experts, Policy make and ers Large Scale end-users of Electro e s onic Security from y Private sect and Go tor overnment / Public sec ctor, to discuss and exchange iinsights on better utiliza b ation of Electronic Security / Surveillance technology and S e y systems to achieve optim a mum security of Infrastru y uctures and public/ industrial/ crit tical) assets. Delegate Re egistration fo r GDSF New Delhi Confe w erence is now open. Registratio fee for atte on ending the tw day wo Conference is Rs. 7,00 00/- per Dele egate (inclus sive of 12.36% Ser rvice Tax), which includes access to all sessions du uring the Co onference, Lunch, Tea/ L /Coffee and Refres shments se erved during the netw g working breaks. The Interna ational Cou uncil of Se ecurity & S Safety Managemen is event p nt partner for this seminar r. For Delegate Registrat tion and Sp ponsor / Sp peaker opportunities please con s, ntact: kushal.sharm ma@india.m essefrankfur Tel: +91 22 6757 5980 6 Sug ggestions & feedbac may be sent to us on e-ma onlinei ck e u ail: icissm@g P.S. - If y you don't like to receive our newslette we apo r er, ologize fo botherin you. Please or ng let us kno your m address and we will mov it out fro our co ow mail e ve om ontact list, thank you! , 11