New                         wslette Dec                               er: cember 2012                                     ...
The serial killer Ted Bundy, said "We a your so                    d        s        are     ons, and we are your husband ...
   Visionary type - they believe that visions or voices guide their actions      Mission-orientated type - they believe ...
Hand              dling the violent crow at t Ga                    t              wd the ate“Unity in Diversity” is the u...
 Close the gate and display warning boards in local language in front of main gate in Red  color. Keep rioters at bay / ...
One shou have a proper intelligenc system in anticip           uld                            ce                    pating...
5.        Hea alth, safety and env                          y       vironmenta risks                                      ...
Bhartiya Kala Prak  kashan ha recently publishe magnum                              as          y         ed         m-opu...
We nev  ver know when an where accidents will                                                                      nd     ...
Geoorge Phillip an elde man, from Vanco                                          ps,        erly       f            ouver,...
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News letter dec 12


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You will be happy to know that this e-zine goes to more than seven thousand select security professional in the world as direct mail and is also placed in our web-site of ICISS. The link of the web-site is given below –

I actively encourage you to join ICISS Group at ‘LinkedIn’ and also
motivate other security professionals likewise. I am confident that by
becoming active member of the ICISS Group, not only you professionally will be benefitted; the profession itself will be benefitted by your active support and contribution. The link to the ICISS Group at LinkedIn is given below –

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News letter dec 12

  1. 1. New wslette Dec er: cember 2012 r Let’s profe ’s ession nalize the pro t ofessio onals… … http://w /sbtyagi/iciss s Ihhave been attending various seminars world-ov for ove two dec g ver er cades an someho it strik me tha too man people t nd ow kes at ny talk a goo game in this od n inddustry bu when p ut, push com mes to shove, they y’re not around whhen it reaally matte ers! The ssecurity sector nee s eds to he itself. Attendance at elp crucial connferences is part of that self-help. Improvem o ment does not s haappen by magic! It happens by learn t s ning and, thereafte putting that er, g lea arning into practice o e.There ha ave been many annual sem inars and other ev d vents org ganized which focu on ustraining a and skill d developme of sec ent curity prof fessionals The org s. ganizing bodies of t b theseseminars having m s marshaled all their skills of appealing and exh d r hortations have do s one atremendo ous job so far, spea o aking with genuine passion about wh the industry needs to h e hyunlock its skills po s otentials and profes a ssionalize the profession!There are also Key Note Add e y dresses d iscussing the impo g ortance of this indus stry in nat tionaldevelopmment and need for skills dev velopment in the in t ndustry. O top of that, ther are On reexcellent presenta t ations from various experts on trainin and de m s ng evelopment for sec curityprofessio onals.Why, then, I despa that this year als there will be man conspic air s so w ny cuous abs sence as in thepast? My despair is brought on purely by looking around the conf y t y d ference ro oom itself. Last .year and years be d efore that the atte ndance in such se t n eminars h has rather left muc to chdesire! W Where are the ‘Ma e anaging D Directors’ and ‘Chief Execu utives’ of the guardingcompanie where are the Solution P roviders and where are the s es, S a e self-procla aimed SeccurityConsultaants? The Top Honcchos! The decision makers!It is all v very well to recogn nize the s security professionals and m make sure that they are e yawarded for they h have workked so ha ard! It is positively time for the Train y ners also t be torecognize as so f they weren’t rec ed far w ceiving their well-de eserved aaccolades and ‘glitt teringtrophies’! Cap S B T pt Tyagi For IC CISS The ultimate measure o a man is not where he u m of s stand ds in moments s of comfort c and conveenience, but where he stand at time of b e ds es c challenge and contr a roversy. T The essenc is whether ce he provide security or needs it! h es y s - Ma artin Lut ther King Jr. g,
  2. 2. The serial killer Ted Bundy, said "We a your so d s are ons, and we are your husband and we grew w r ds,up in regu families” ularCriminological psychology is the applica ation ofpsychologgical princ ciples to criminal a activity, especially ecriminal b behavior and it’s effe on crim preven ect me ntion, riskassessme ent and the criminal justice system. Criminalpsycholog can be applied to many a gy e t areas like thieves,dacoit, se erial killers, rapist, inc cluding fam violenc prison mily ce,psycholog and the treatment of crime. gyHow are c criminals made? Th investig he gations, datting backto the eaarly part o the twe of entieth ceentury throough theexaminations of the belief th crimina just were crimin e hat als w nals becauuse of the family traits, eirchromoso omes and DNA, env vironmenta factors, economics through to the cur al s rrent belie that efcriminals occur because of biochemical imbalance and neurological d e defects in the brain. It has tbeen note through the use of MRI, tha serious criminals have diffe rent reacti ed h o at ions to stim mulusthat non-c criminals. W Whilst the causative factors tha lead to criminality will possib indicate that at bly emany, if n all thes factors do indeed have a cu not se umulative effect on a person’s vulnerability to sbecome a criminal, it is a fact that crimin nals exist and that ma continu to escape justice. a any ueAs indicated by Haarrower ‘w all have a genet inherita we e tic ance or g genetic po otential, b in butorder for that pote r ential to be release there have to be some en b ed h e nvironmen ntal trigge ers. Italso seem clear that the roots of a ms antisocial behavior lie in ea l r arly childh hood and that dcertain e events in childhood can inc crease an individu n ual’s psycchological vulnerab l bility.These wo ould inclu ude: insecure attach hment; a weak sens of self; a dysfun w se ; nctional faamily;coercive or indiffeerent pare enting; ph hysical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect the l o t;death of a parent low fam f t; mily incom an ac me; crimonious separati s tion or divvorce and low dacademic achievem c ment.’Profiling, t traditional investigative proced ures and evidence gathered at the scene of crime are e g t es esfew tool w which can be applie to nab criminals. In the absence of hard phy n ed f ysical evidence,profiling ccan open up new leads of investigat tion, but it is a to that ca be use in ool an edapprehending the of ffender.We will d discuss he only about Seria killers, who are of a differen breed an have ex ere al f nt nd xistedfor hundre of years. Ill famo Nithar i Case of Noida (UP) is glaring example of serial killer in eds ous N ) gIndia. The area of c e criminal psychology t that appea to captu the ge ars ure eneral publics imagin nationis the stud dying of se erial killers; however t there exist many diffe t erent categ gories.Mass mu urderers kill a large number of p n people in one inciden Examplles would include Thomas o nt. iHamilton in Dunbla ane (1996, 18 dead including 16 children, a tea d g acher and Hamilton) and )Michael R Ryan in Hu ungerford (1987, 16 dead, incl luding Ryaan). It is ty ypical of th type of killer his fthat they m make no aattempt to hide thems h selves and will often die by the end of the incident, e e eitherby their ow hand or by the po wn olice.Holmes and DeBurg have id ger dentified fo types of serial kille our f er:
  3. 3.  Visionary type - they believe that visions or voices guide their actions  Mission-orientated type - they believe that they have to remove a certain group from society  Hedonistic type - includes many types of killer who derive pleasure or gain from the killing  Power/ control-orientated type - enjoy controlling their victims with some sexual satisfactionThe Federal Bureau of Investigation has identified two other types of serial killer:The organized killer is considered to be socially competent, intelligent, a planner, generallytargets strangers, someone who uses restraints, has sex with their victims and uses a vehicle.Typical characteristics would include living with a partner, follows the crime in the media, plansthe killing, the victim’s body is hidden; evidence is often absent, may return to the crime sceneand anticipates police questioning.The disorganized killer is often socially immature who may know his victims and killsspontaneously. The disorganized killer is often sexually inhibited, harsh childhood discipline,lives alone, knows victim, sloppy crime scene, evidence present but shows no interest in themedia and does not change their lifestyle as a result of the killing.As an additional categorization of serial killers, mobility can be a significant factor as to thenature of their crimes. Traveling serial killers, who move around to find their victims; localkillers, who kill in their region and the home killer may need to be considered. Traveling serialkillers are often difficult to track due to the separation of police jurisdictions and the lack ofpattern recognition.Most serial killers will fall into a pattern, either of modus operandi, location, victim type, motive,etc. it is often the patterns of their activities that allow the police to track and apprehend thekiller.Where do they come from and what outward signs are there? Serial killers come fromeverywhere and there are, very often, no signs of the activities that an individual undertakes.Killers are often described as ‘normal’, ‘very chatty’ and ‘a good neighbor’.Using MRI and other brain scanning techniques, scientists now believe that treatment is almosttheoretically possible. The imaging indicates that psychopaths have difficulty in processingemotional stimuli. Whereas Prof. James Blair believes that the amygdale in the brain is the rootof the problem as this is where emotional processing and generation is located. Defects infunctionality within this structure, i.e. pathology, could lead to psychopathic.However, any treatments may be years in the future and in the meantime, serial killers willcontinue to be imprisoned for public safety. Sometimes even adverse effect of counseling andtherapy has resulted in increase of re-offence rates. As a final point, it is worth noting that serialkiller are predominantly male, within their twenties or forties, kill within their surrounding and aremiddle class. So do watch out daily news on type of killing and take precautionary measuresaccording to that particular area. All it requires for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing! - Edmund Burke, Anglo-Irish statesman said nearly 250 years ago
  4. 4. Hand dling the violent crow at t Ga t wd the ate“Unity in Diversity” is the unique fea ture of th rich Ind ” he diancultural h heritage. HHowever, the ever-s t spreading violence andcommuna alization o society in the llast two decades has ofperforated the noo d oks of our culture and civilization, wh hichaccommo odates mu ulti langua ages, mu ulti culture and multi es mreligions. There ha been a spurt of communa riots in the as alrecent hisstory. Many a time civil police f y failed to co ontrol the flare fof commu unalism for one reason or the. The preva r ailing scenariohas appa arently man nifested th need fo a specia he or alized internalforce to tackle the violent mo efficien till the arrival of law ob ntlyenforcing machinery The inab y. bility to tac ckle such a situation waswdue to the lack of p e proper train ning, efficieency, profeessional skkills,equipmen and will power. There was a long-s nt l T s standing demand to constitute an ideal and o eindepende riot con ent ntrolling fo orce. We s hould know before hand – the communa riots and their w h al dimpact on the soc n ciety, police percept tions and communa alism, mob psycholo b ogy, sanct tity ofhuman rig ghts, mora values an religiou toleranc etc., For controllin violent crowd people of al nd us ce r ng cimmature minds, pe eople who are easily provoked are not good choic y d g ces. One should be f of s fullstamina, eenergetic a enthus and siastic.Reasons for crowd turning violent: d v - Distrust, la of goo will and lack of und ack od derstanding - Apprehen nsions, susspicious ou utlook - Political in ntervention ns - Illiteracy, Poverty - Leaderles situation etc., ss nGoals and aims of security plans duri p ing such situation: s To collect inform mation and intelligen d nce of the area of responsib e bility relating to Mis schief Mongers, crimina who spr als read comm munal, regional and linguistic ha atred, throu evil pla ugh ans. Also to collect in o nformation about an past or present history of c ny h conflict beetween diff ferent groups. Our team must be sensitized. m s . To dev velop close rapport with respo e w onsible peo ople of the area and win their confidenc by e d r ce organizzing medic camps, friendly ga cal ames/matc ches. To prot tect the co ompany fro theft, fr om raud, maliccious dama and o age other crime committe by es ed the viol lent crowd. To prottect the emmployees of the comp o pany from security ris arising o of viole crowd. sk out ent To provvide reasonable prote ection to th property of employees while at work. he y e To idenntify security risks and determin the desired levels of security ne y. To reguularly revie the risk areas. ew To mak all empl ke loyees awa of the s are situation so that they are not ca o y aught off-guard.Action at the gate: t  An individual may be laamb when a alone and becomes a tiger amo mob. ong  Act tivate intelligence.
  5. 5.  Close the gate and display warning boards in local language in front of main gate in Red color. Keep rioters at bay / at a distance. Post adequate security personnel at the gate. Do not permit them inside at any cost. Establish rigid access control so that none sneaks in. Know mob psychology. Don’t get panic. Don’t provoke them. Do not allow employees to gather/assemble near the gate where the situation is tense and explosive. Ask all employees to display identity cards in person Make arrangements with the help of police escort for the movements of employees to and from the plant. Keep Controlling Authority informed of all developments on a regular basis. Barricade and cordon the area. Do not discuss with them collectively. Trouble shooters/instigators/ring leaders to be identified and inform police to enable them prompt round up all such undesirable elements. Inform police and civil authorities and maintain close liaison with them. Watch the situation closely. Identify reasonable/level-headed person—summon for them and discuss separately in- camera and order for dispersal. Rioting/obstructing and assaulting is a cognizable offence and police can arrest rioters. Therefore, know the law. We have to be extra careful if women rioters are present for obvious reasons. Inform police about the strength of mob and whether any ladies are also there. Have all communication facilities in hand. Have a mega phone ready and announce if anyone is trying to have a forceful entry. All gadgets and protective equipment should be serviceable and in readiness ( like shock-batons, polycarbonate batons, helmets, locks, sirens, shields, rucksacks, stun guns, tear gas smoke, water cannon, fire-fighting equipment ,trauma pads, first-aid ,rescue relief equipment, ambulances , medical equipment to provide rescue operation relief in emergency etc.,) Establish a control room for monitoring the situation and further appraisals to all concerned. Intensify patrolling. The presence of anti-social elements, urchins and hooligans among the assembly of violent crowd at the gate constitutes a dangerous situation since they would exploit the situation by deliberately causing damage and destruction to company property. Security personnel become the target of violent crowd. Don’t challenge them, argue with them, and remain calm and collected. Ignore abusive slogans and remarks of bad taste. Exercise utmost restraint while dealing with them. Handle situation intelligently to diffuse the situation. While dispersing the mob, we should not forget its moral and human duty to provide assistance to the victims of stampede and riot injuries.Prevention is better than cure: It is not only curbing and tackling which is important but also prevention as well.
  6. 6. One shou have a proper intelligenc system in anticip uld ce pating trou uble and lack can prove ldisastrous For example, the managem s. ment of Ken ntucky Frie Chicken restaurant at Bang ed n galorewas taken by comp n plete surpr rise and coould do no othing to prevent da p amage to its property and ybusiness when an unruly mob stormed its premis and in d ses ndulged in furious vaandalism. Goodcombat in ntelligence and its proper use enabled Hannibal cross the Alps and invade an p e ncientItaly; the l lack of it defeated Naapoleon at Waterloo and Lee at Gettysbu t a urg. There efore any fo ollow-up action after the d damage is similar to locking the stable aft the hor has bee stolen. What e ter rse enwent wron in this case is th ng here is lac of intelligence in the extern environ ck nal nment. The is erealways sm moke or sp park before a fire and its timely detection is what s e d y n security cover is all a about.The exter rnal enviroonment is generally r g related to the prevailing law an order situation, h nd s hostileattitude of neighbors and serio dispute with outs f s ous e side organized/ unorgganized boodies. Ther reforewe must a always feel the pulse of enviro es onment aroound us.We must determine what violence may impact the firm, who is likely to be part of it, how they e t ware likely to occur an when th nd hese may b expecte to occur This ana be ed r. alysis provi ides a pictu of urethe violence pressur to whic our firm is subject to. res chAs a secu urity manag we must prepare an elabor ger e rate plan to prevent v o violence. For this we must Fhave the knowledge of the en e nvironment criminals etc., with t, s, hout this it is like a boxer in the ring b ewho has b been blind folded.Limitations of secu urity perso onnel: - N vested w legal powers Not with p - N jurisdicti towards search, s No ion seizure and detention n - D to gran of Right of Private S Defen to ever citizen Due nt o Self nse ry - U of force is prohibi Use e ited. - To operate with limited resource d es1. Acccess to res serves: po olitical co nstraints and comp petition fo proven or rese erves Our global mu r ulti-sector survey fouund that oil and gas responde o s ents were mor likely t re than those in any other sector to re e eport diffic culties in mannaging the risks assoociated wit h the expa ansion of government role. t’s2. Unccertain energy polic cy Ene ergy policy is in a continued s y state of flu in many key-geog ux y graphies. Meanwhile the e, consequences of last ye s ear’s oil sp in the Gulf of Mex pill G xico continu to be fe in the debate ue elt ove deep-water regulat er tions.3. Cos containment st At p present, ris sing costs are being d a driven both by cyclica factors a the end of “easy oil.” h al and4. Worsening fiscal termss “The use by governments of tax claims, re or not, as a pre e eal , essure poin to coerc oil nt ce com mpanies ap ppears to be increasi ng,” said one panelis b o st.
  7. 7. 5. Hea alth, safety and env y vironmenta risks al Hea alth, safety and envir y ronmental issues hav risen on the oil an gas ind ve n nd dustry’s age enda, refle ecting both increased public pre h d essure and more com d mplex oper rational ch hallenges.6. Hum capital deficit man Tweenty-two pe ercent of oil and gas respondents indicated a lack o qualified personne was o of d el imp pacting thei operation ir ns.7. New operatio w onal challe enges, inc cluding un nfamiliar environme e ents Thre years ago, this was a “be ee w elow the ra adar” risk in our rep port. The threat has now s mov onto th radar, and is still r ved he a rising.8. Clim mate chan concerns nge Thoough the C Copenhage summit of 2009 fa en ailed to ac chieve a bbreakthroug pressu on gh, ure com mpanies ca arise fro other s an om stakeholdeers. Risks related to climate concerns ca annot be f fully manag solely as a regullatory compliance iss ged sue.9. Pric volatilit ce ty The unrest in the Middle East and North Af e e d frica region in the firs half of 2011 result in n st 2 ted an oil price s surge. Of course, giiven the in ncrease in exploratio and pr n on roduction c costs, atility on the downside poses an equal or greater ch vola n hallenge.10. Commpetition from new technolo gies w In a addition to new techn nologies fo exploration and pr or roduction, the sector is impacte by r ed broa ader techn nological advancem ments, such as alternative poower gene eration and the d elec ctrification of energy delivery. Precau utions: W When firing tak plac kes ce…While you are at w u work / walk king on a s street, and if firing takes plac please be mindfu of d t ce, ulthese thin ngs.  Lie ddown to th ground immedia he d, ately.  Do n show unwanted curiosit The criminal ma not d ty. ay feel threatene and sho at you ed oot u.  Whe possib en ble, move to a s e safer placce, slowlyy, withhout draw wing attention to y yourself. Take cove T er behi ind solid o objects lik a car or a wall. ke r  If yo can see the crim ou e minals from your hid m ding place e, try t note and memories their d istinguish to hing featur res.  If yo are out of sight of criminal call up 100 and inform the Police. ou o ls, e  If yo are with earsho try to re ou hin ot, emember their conv versation. .  Do n disturb the scen of the c not b ne crime.In case p policemen are chasing a crim inal...  Giv way to the police immedia ve e ately.  If p possible, note dow the num wn mber if the escapin vehicle and the identity o the ng e of occcupants.  Reemember t entry and exit ro the a outes of th crimina he als.
  8. 8. Bhartiya Kala Prak kashan ha recently publishe magnum as y ed m-opus of Capt fPran Ran njan Prasa titilled “Safeguard ad “ ding Herita age: A Mon numental GGlory”.The book is master k rpiece on the entire r t range of security of monumen ts and sarchielogical sites. W Wriiten wit passion and in en th n nglish easy to under y rstand,the book is must re for thos involved in the se ead se d ecurity and preserva d ation ofmonumen and arc nts chelogical sites of im mportance Having spent more then e. s etwo decad in Arc des chiological Survey of India, Ca Prasad is an exp f apt d pert inmanageen of herita sites fr nt age rom securty point of view. y vCaptCommissi ioned in AArtillery, Ca apt. Prasaad‘s transfo ormation from being ‘Gunner, to ‘Writer has f g r’seen him holding im mportant as ssignment in ASI’s security set-up whe he held the position of ts ere dChief Sec curity Offic and als he was made res cer so sponsible for comput f terization of ASI. He was o ealso associated with ASI Team to set-up the Muse h m p eum of Punnjab Regim mental Center at Ram mgarh.He is Fellow of Inte ernational Institute of Security & Safety Manageme nt and ass M sociate me emberof All India Management Asso ociation (A AIMA) and Computer Society of India (CS He has also f SI). sserved in UPSC an Nationa Monume nd al ents Autho ority (NMA He is c A). currently Chief Exec C cutiveOfficer of S. K. K. Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd. He can be contacted at pran.p e d prasad@ya ahoo.comThe book explains every asp k pect for maaintaining foolproof security a nd safety at the heritagesites, mon numents and museums as wel l as the ne ecessity an importan of sec nd nce curity perso onnel.Underscooring that the heritage is to be preserved and prote d ected for p posterity as an invaluable atreasure of the nat tion, the book is re b ecommend ded to those securit professionals who are ty oengaged in the field of security of monu d uments, museums and heritag sites. Th book ca be m ge he anbought onnline at follo owing links – s  http p:// k/Safeguardin ng-heritage(a a-monumenttal-glory)-cap pt--pran-ranja an-prasad- /978881809019773  http p:// guarding-He ritage-A-Mon numental-Glo ory-Capt-Praan-Ranjan-Prasad- /39004962530755?pt=IN_Books_Magazin es&hash=ite em5aeb63f4993
  9. 9. We nev ver know when an where accidents will nd s happen to us OR people a R around us. Read on and n hope th piece of informat his o tion may help any of us when thhings do happen to our self, our friends and h o s our love ones. ed One day while in a lift, it su y, uddenly bro down and it oke was falling from le evel 13 at a fast spee Fortun ed. nately, I rememmbered wat tching a TV program that taugh you V ht must qu uickly pres all the b ss buttons for all the le evels. Finally, the lift stop pped at the 5th level. e .When you are facing life and death situa u ations, whatever dec cisions or a actions you make de u ecidesyour surviival. If you are caugh in a lift b ht breakdown, first thoug in mind may be waiting to die... ght dBut after r reading be elow, things will definiitely be diff s fferent the next time y are caught in a li you ift.First - Qu uickly press all the dif s fferent leve of butto in the lift. els onsWhen the emergenc electricity supply is being activated, it will stop t e cy t the lift from falling fu m urther.Second - Hold on tight to the handle (if t there is an ny).It is to su upport you position and preve you fro falling or getting hurt when you lost your ur ent om tbalance.Third - Le your ba and he agains the wall forming a straight lin e. ean ack ead st f sLeaning aagainst the wall is to use it as a support fo your bac u or ck/spine as protection s n.Fourth - BBend your kneesLigament is a flexible, connec ctive tissue Thus, the impact of fractured bones will be minim e. o d mizedduring fall l.Lastly - Y will NO use lift if building iis on fire. You OT i Globa Energy Securit Confer al y ty rence 20 013 4-6 March Kualalum h, mpur, Mal laysiaFor more detail ple e ease conta – actManaging Director, PCS Train g ning Consu ultantLipata, Miinglanilla, C Cebu, Philippines, 60 046T: 0063- -260-05-57 7 M: 0063-9064 4116749 IP: 1-7 777-88-74- -421E-mail: po olly.secreta aria@pcstc, Web: www.pcstc w consultant. .com
  10. 10. Geoorge Phillip an elde man, from Vanco ps, erly f ouver, B.C was goin up C., ng to bed, when his wife told him that hed left the light on in the garden shed, b d h whic she cou see from the bedro ch uld m oom window George opened the back w. e doo to go tur off the light, but saw that ther were people in the shed or rn re e aling things . stea He phone the police, who as ed sked "Is sommeone in your house? He said "No," but some peop are y ?" s ple breaking into my gaarden shed and stealin from me Then the police disp ng e. patcher said "All patro are d ols busy. You should loc your doo and an o u ck ors officer will be along when one is a b available." George s said, "Okay. He hung up the phon and coun ." ne nted to 30. Then he ph T honed the police again. . "Hello, I j just called y a few seconds ag because there were people ste you s go e ealing thing from my shed. gs Well, you dont have to worry ab u e bout them n now becaus I just sho them." an he hung up. se ot nd u Within no times all the staff and even th choppers were at the site! a he When you confront a problem you beg to solv it. n gin veSuggestions & feedback ma be sent to us on e-mail: sb ay t btyagi1958 8@gmail.c comP.S. - If y you dont like to receive our newslette we apo r er, ologize fo botherin you. Please or nglet us kno your m address and we will mov it out fro our co ow mail e ve om ontact list, thank you! ,