Impact of Learning Power at Bushfield School


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Talk given at the University of Bristol Festival of Education, June 2012, as part of the launch of the Learning Warehouse platform

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Impact of Learning Power at Bushfield School

  1. 1. The impact of Learning Powerat Bushfield Primary SchoolSimon Buckingham ShumChair of Governors, Bushfield SchoolVisiting Fellow, Graduate School of Education, University of BristolSenior Lecturer & Assoc. Director (Technology),Knowledge Media Institute, The Open UniversityCo-Founder,
  2. 2. The original University of Bristol research project thatstarted it all… What makes children good learners? 2
  3. 3. …translated from academia into practical training 3
  4. 4. …translated from academia into practical training 4
  5. 5. Pupils place their logos on the Managing Distractions scale 1-4
  6. 6. “CollaboratingMuscles” are brokendown into constituent practices
  7. 7. Noticing muscles, Wondering muscles and Linking muscles,combined in a problem solving strategies poster
  8. 8. Since adoptingLearning Powerin 2009,Bushfield hasbeen one of thefastest and mosteffective schoolsto embed BLPinto its daily life 14
  9. 9. 15
  10. 10. 6 month TLO audit of BLP embedding 16
  11. 11. Ofsted 2010: HMIs recognise dispositional impact 17
  12. 12. Impact of BLP @Bushfield? Teachers learn what it feels like to give much Visitors regularly comment on more autonomy to pupils how well pupils can work independently and in groups Self-regulation means we can explore inquiry-based learning with more confidence We have a language for learning which is part of what it means to learn and teach at Bushfield The language spills out from the classroom into other contexts, inc. home 18See also The Learning Powered School, by Guy Claxton 2012
  13. 13. Going deeper with Learning Power… How to assess personal and collective Learning Power more systematically? What happens when you apply Learning Power to the curriculum?... Personal Inquiry 19
  14. 14. Yr6 mapping BLP learning musclesto ELLI dimensions
  15. 15. Yr6 mapping BLP learning musclesto ELLI dimensions
  16. 16. Now piloting ELLI with Yr 6, inconjunction with personalised AIPs “Authentic Inquiry Projects”
  17. 17. Scaffolding authentic inquiry with a blog:OU/Bristol’s EnquiryBlogger adds ‘learningplugins’ inc. ELLI 23
  18. 18. Scaffolding authentic inquiry with a blog:OU/Bristol’s EnquiryBlogger adds ‘learningplugins’ inc. ELLI 24
  19. 19. Teacher’s dashboard for EnquiryBlogger 25
  20. 20. towards...“Learning Warehouse 3.0” 26
  21. 21. Learning Warehouse 2.0 User experience: Research-validated assessment tools Researcher interface Learning Communities Analytics: Real time ELLI Analytics reports Bespoke research reports Datasets: >40,000 ELLI profiles (data from other hosted apps)
  22. 22. Learning Warehouse 2.0 Learning App Store Learning Communities Learning Analytics Data Sets
  23. 23. Learning Warehouse 2.0 (3.0) Learning App Store Learning Communities Collective Intelligence Learning Analytics System Simulations Recommendation Engines Data Sets + Data Streams
  24. 24. ELLIment: scaling up ELLI mentoring onlineThomas Ullman, KMi: 30
  25. 25. ELLI-based analytics for a social learningplatform
  26. 26. Could we generate an ELLI profile not from whatyou say, but from what you actually do whenyou’re learning? How I see myself as Learning Analytics a learner through on what I do as a ELLI self-report… learner… 32
  27. 27. Using ELLI dimensions to classify online activity§  Time-spent in different parts of applications §  Might repeated attempts to pass an online test load onto Resilience? §  Might the sharing of good resources from eclectic domains load onto Meaning Making?§  Discourse analytics to detect ‘exploratory talk’ and argumentation in online spaces §  Might the presence of questioning and challenging in discourse load onto Critical Curiosity?§  Social network analytics §  Might different SNA patterns in different contexts load onto Learning Relationships? 33
  28. 28. Modelling complex learning systems Can we model learning systems inwhich we vary differences in agents’ learning power and other key variables? 34
  29. 29. To join the global community… 35