Kandroid 4th Seminar Design The Life 22 Oct2009


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Korea Android 4th Seminar 2009
Android Mobile Product Planning

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Kandroid 4th Seminar Design The Life 22 Oct2009

  1. 1. 2009 제4회 Korea Android 세미나 ANDROID MOBILE PRODUCT PLANNING Design The Life | Namkook Kim Namkook.kim@gmail.com
  2. 2. Contents Android Mobile Products in Market Consideration in Android Mobile Product Planning Difference between Proprietary and Open OS Planning Conceptual Android Mobile Product Proposition
  4. 4. Smartphone OS Market Share 40.9 Million Units “Smartphone sales were strong during the second quarter of 2009, with sales of 40.9 million units in line with Gartner's forecast of 27 per cent year-on-year sales growth for 2009.” Forecast Android in 2012 “Android OS will jump to 14.5 percent in next three years and will be the second-most-used smartphone OS by 2012.” ANDROID 2% - Gartner ETC Design The Life MS 9 % 6% APPLE 13.3 % SYMBIAN RIM 51 % 18.7 % http://www.gartner.com/it/page.jsp?id=1126812 4th Korea Android Seminar http://www.afterdawn.com/news/archive/19809.cfm
  5. 5. Android Smartphone 12 Models are announced Since HTC Dream has been available in market, various manufacturers introduce Android smartphones in 2009 Design The Life 4th Korea Android Seminar
  6. 6. Characteristics in 2009 Various Players HTC are eager to lead the android market with abundant devices. The other player who would like to seize the market must be Samsung. Interestingly we can see Acer and Huawei as new players. Volume Driver With the help of chipset price reduction, many players try to secure more volume with mid-tier devices. Display Differentiation In the beginning of the market, HVGA(480x320) 3.2 inch display has been dominant. To differentiate their own devices, many players try different size, resolution and technology. UX Differentiation As we guess, UX differentiation is the first thing that players can choose to make a device look different. Design The Life 4th Korea Android Seminar
  7. 7. HTC Android Roadmap UX Evolution Just like HTC WM Touch UX strategy, HTC differentiates its Android Touch phone with evolved Touch UX on top of Android OS. Design The Life 4th Korea Android Seminar
  8. 8. HTC Hero – Stay Closed Design The Life 4th Korea Android Seminar
  9. 9. Samsung Android Roadmap AMOLED & Slimness Players have no choice but to leverage their own strength that has been effective in market. Samsung keeps focusing on hardware and design differentiation. In addition to that, Samsung’s Touch UX named TouchWiz joins Android Touch UX evolution. Design The Life 4th Korea Android Seminar
  10. 10. LG & Motorola Android Roadmap Youth Message LG makes use of Android OS in Youth Messaging Market. Not like HTC and Samsung, LG targets very specific market and tries to strengthen its brand power in youth messaging devices. Motorola also targets Messaging Market with Android OS. The different thing from LG is to aim the premium position in overall messaging devices. Design The Life 4th Korea Android Seminar
  11. 11. Acer & Huawei Android Roadmap The More Performance, The Less Price Maybe the role model of Acer and Huawei must be HTC which found the opportunity to expand its business in the smartphone market. Acer and Huawei prove the potential of Android platform that demolishes the barrier of digital manufacturing industry. Design The Life 4th Korea Android Seminar
  12. 12. Competitive Edge Comparison HTC HTC HTC HTC SS SS SS LG Moto SE Acer Huawei Model Dream Magic Hero Tattoo I7500 T939 I5700 GW620 MB220 X3 Liquid Pulse Design Not Launch 2008.10 2009.04 2009.07 2009.09 2009.06 2009.11 2009.11 2009.4Q 2009.10 Disclosed 2009.11 2009.10 Data HSUPA HSUPA HSUPA HSUPA HSUPA Not Not HSDPA HSUPA HSUPA HSUPA HSUPA Network 2Mbps 2Mbps 2Mbps 384Kbps 2Mbps Disclosed Disclosed 7.2Mbps 2Mbps 2Mbps 2Mbps 2Mbps Dimension 117.7 113 112 106 115.9 ? 106 114 116 115 116 Not 55.7 55 56.2 55 56 ? 55 58 62 62.5 63 (mm) Disclosed 17.1 13.7 14.4 14 11.9 12.9 12 15.6 12 12.5 13.5 HVGA HVGA HVGA HVGA HVGA HVGA QVGA HVGA HVGA 852x480 HVGA HVGA Display 3.2” 3.2” 3.2” 3.2” 3.2” 3.2” 2.8” 3.0” 3.1” 4.0” 3.5” 3.5” AMOLED AMOLED AMOLED Camera 3MP AF 3MP AF 5MP AF 3MP AF 5MP AF 5MP AF 3MP AF 5MP AF 5MP AF 8MP AF 5MP AF 5MP AF MSM MSM MSM MSM MSM Not Not Not MSM QSD QSD MSM Chipset 7201A 7201A 7200A 7225 7200A Disclosed Disclosed Disclosed 7201A 8250 8250 7200A Battery 1500 1420 Not 1150 1340 1350 1100 1000 1500 1500 Disclosed 1350 1500 (mAh) 1st 1st Multi FM FM 1GB Powerful Multi TouchWiz TouchWiz USP Android Android Touch Radio 8GB UI UI Radio MOTO UI HW Acer UI Touch Qwerty Touch Sense UI Sense UI 3D Panel The information can be incorrect depending on sources in the internet Design The Life 4th Korea Android Seminar
  14. 14. Consideration in Product Planning Why Android First of all, we should ask ourselves why Android is indispensable for a product that we would like to plan. There should be reasons and advantages to make use of Android. To answer this question, we should consider the unique strength of Android. Expandability The most powerful aspect of Android is the expandability of platform. Most of OS has been limited to mobile devices, but Android can be adopted to a variety of products like Laptop, Desktop computer, PMP, MP3 player, Set-Top Box, TV or Refrigerator and so on. Design The Life 4th Korea Android Seminar
  15. 15. Consideration in Product Planning Flexibility As you know, Android is the Open Source platform. That means you can modify Android and establish your own differentiated platform. Even though this factor is highly related to resources, this help manufacturers differentiate their devices more effectively. SVC Integration A good example is HTC Hero UX that you saw. By integrating SNS service into Contact application, it creates a differentiated user experience and strengthens its competitiveness. Nowadays many players think of the way to integrate SNS service into their UX and applications. But we should consider who is behind this platform. Why don’t you leverage various Web services of Google or the other dominant service provider in your product more aggressively? Design The Life 4th Korea Android Seminar
  17. 17. Product Concept Value Differentiation Principally Product Concept consists of 4 components in itself. The main concern of product planners is how Differentiation to extract differentiated factors that are bound in the current technology and appeal to customers. Technology Differentiation that is directly linked to customers’ value and supports Product Concept is the key factor to make a successful product. Trend / Needs Design The Life 4th Korea Android Seminar
  18. 18. Differentiation Contents / SVC Proprietary OS Conventionally Design and Price are the most User Experience important factors when customers consider to buy products. Proprietary OS product is especially affected by those factors. Therefore Design comes to be the basis of competitiveness. Software In addition to that, features that support the product concept are needed to make a whole product concept Hardware and satisfy customers’ needs in a specific segment. Design The Life Design / Mechanics 4th Korea Android Seminar
  19. 19. Differentiation Contents / SVC Open OS Even though Apple doesn’t intend to support Open User Experience OS, Apple has brought the ground which customers start to expect Open OS. As Apple has educated customers the capability of downloading applications in mobile devices and its touch experience, User Software Experience and SVC come to be the most important differentiation factors. Especially the Web Service integration will be the key Hardware differentiation factor in Open OS products. Design The Life Design / Mechanics 4th Korea Android Seminar
  21. 21. DESIGN THE LIFE ‘STREAMLINER’ Industrial Design | Kihyun Kim Product Planning | Namkook Kim
  22. 22. Streamliner Product Planning Android & Differentiation Streamliner follows the principles of basic product planning. As explained, we should think about the merits of Android and create the unique selling propositions with 5 differentiation components. Based on the utilization of Android, Streamliner emphasizes on Design, User Experience and SVC integration especially. Design The Life 4th Korea Android Seminar
  23. 23. Streamliner Product Concept Streamline Design First of all, the subtle streamline design expresses its unique and sophisticated entity by itself. Node UX Node UX reflects users’ interactive behavior and automatically arrange the most frequently accessed people, features and web SVCs on the front UI. This UX consists of three major axes that are People, Applications and Web SVCs. In the previous touch UX, applications are the most important component on the front UI. But as the mobile phone is mainly for communications and the importance of SVC is getting bigger, People and Web SVC are placed at the same level of Applications. Cloud SVC Streamliner tries to leverage Google’s SVC strategy as much as it can. As the result, Users store many kinds of data they have on Cloud servers and synchronize their data on Cloud with different electronics that adopt Android OS. Design The Life 4th Korea Android Seminar
  24. 24. Streamliner Product Concept Volume Streamline Design With left and right side views, you can enjoy sleek and elegant Streamliner design. It is Menu enough to fascinate consumers by just Hold watching this product. Design The Life 4th Korea Android Seminar
  25. 25. 4 Color touch menus Streamliner Product Concept 4Color Touch Menus Streamliner has 4 unique color touch menus which characterizes and differentiates its product concept. They help to accentuate its differentiated UX concept and beautiful streamline touch design. They are dedicated to Menu People, Applications, Web SVCs, Cloud SVCs in sequence. Touch Menus Design The Life People, Applications Web SVCs, Cloud SVCs Home Back 4th Korea Android Seminar
  26. 26. 4 Color touch menus Streamliner Product Concept Google’s Cloud SVC Google’s SVC helps users store their data like documents, calendars, photos or movies on the web easily. Streamliner guides users use Google’s powerful SVC in a mobile device. Menu Design The Life Google’s Cloud SVC Document, Calendar Picasa, youTube, Sync Home Back 4th Korea Android Seminar
  27. 27. Streamliner Design Design The Life
  28. 28. Streamliner Design Design The Life
  29. 29. Streamliner Design Design The Life
  30. 30. Streamliner Specification Display HVGA 3.8” Camera 5MP AF Battery 1500mAh Dimension 115 x 65 x 10.9 mm Streamline Design USP Color Touch Node UX, Cloud SVC 4th Korea Android Seminar Design The Life
  31. 31. Contacts Design The Life
  32. 32. THANK YOU
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