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Android As A Mobile Platform V2
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Android As A Mobile Platform V2


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Korea Android 4th Seminar 2009 October …

Korea Android 4th Seminar 2009 October
Android as a Mobile Platform

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Android for convergence device platform 2009.10.22 LG CNS S/W 2009 4 Korea Android
  • 2. Agenda Difference of Android platforms How to compete with each other How to evolve together Big opportunity with Android
  • 3. It’s All Android, All the time
  • 4. 1. Acer A1 2. Compulab Exeda 3. Dell Ophone mini3i – Benzine 4. Geek Phone One 5. General Mobile DSTL1 Android Phone 6. 7. Haier H7 HKC Pearl 8. HighScreen PP5420 9. HTC Click – Fiesta – Tattoo – October 10. HTC Desire 6200 – October 11. HTC Dream – T-Mobile G1 12. HTC Hero – G2 Touch 13. HTC Lancaster 14. HTC Magic – Sapphire – T-Mobile myTouch 3G – Google Ion – Dopod A6188 15. HTC Passion 16. HTC Predator 17. Huawei U8220 – T-Mobile Pulse – October 8th 18. Huawei U8230 19. Innocomm Skate 20. Kogan Agora 21. Koolu Freerunner 22. Lenovo O1 Ophone 23. LG Etna 24. LG GW620 Eve – November 2009 25. LG GW880 26. Motorola Heron 27. Motorola MB200 28. Motorola MB300 29. Motorola Morrison – Cliq – DEXT – October 30. Motorola Sholes – Calgary – Tao – Droid – December 17th 31. Openmoko GTA02 32. Philips V808 33. Qigi i6 34. Samsung Behold 2 T939 35. Samsung Bigfoot 36. Samsung Galaxy i7500 37. Samsung Galaxy Lite i5700 – 2010 38. Samsung Houdini 39. Samsung InstinctQ m900 – October 11th 40. Samsung m850 Q 41. Sciphone N12 42. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X3 Rachael 43. Sunno S880 – October 15th 44. Tiger G3 45. ZTE Android
  • 5. Android Devices 1. Archos 5 Internet Tablet – September 15th 2. Cloud Telecomputers Glass 3. Creative Zii Egg 4. ENT ET-M4301 5. eviGroup Wallet MID 6. GiiNii Movit Maxx 7. GiiNii Movit Mini 8. Hard Kernel ORDROID 9. RAmos T11 10. Skytone Alpha 680 11. SMiT Android MID-560 12. Touch Revolution NIMble
  • 6. What is a difference in terms of Google?
  • 7. The bigger strings option or the no-censorship They include a range of Google applications that the carrier and handset maker agree not to remove from the phone. The carrier and handset maker also agree not to censor access to the Android market.Of the phones coming out this year, five or six belong to this category
  • 8. The small strings option Manufacturers sign a distribution agreement to include Google applications on the phone.Of the 18 to 20 phones coming out this year
  • 9. The obligation-free option The manufacturers cannot preload popular Google applications, like Gmail or Google calendar
  • 10. How to compete with each other?
  • 11. Google Standard Phone Android Powered Phone Android Based Devices Three kind of Android Platform
  • 12. Standard Resolution (HVGA, WVGA) Standard Form Factor (Touch, Slide Qwerty) Standard API maintained by Google Limited UI Customization Differentiate with Design & Price Mass & Global Market for 3rd Party Google Standard Phone
  • 13. Acer Liquid LG GW620 HTC Dream More compelling Design
  • 14. HTC Magic Samsung Galaxy Price War begin
  • 15. Limited variant of Form Factor Customized Home Screen Own Brand UI & Software Own Brand Services Own Brand Platform with new API would not be Niche Markets Android powered phone
  • 16. General Mobile DSTL1 Compulab Exeda HighScreen PP5420 Limited variant of form factor
  • 17. HTC’s Brand UI & Customized Software
  • 18. Samsung Behold 2 HTC Hero T-Mobile Pulse Customized Home Screen
  • 19. Not just a Custom UI Not just a Custom Home Screen Not just a Custom UI & Software Not just a embedded software Moto’s own Brand Services Working with own Server Own Brand Services MOTOBLUR
  • 20. Customized Software in MOTOBLUR
  • 21. Social Home Screen Address Sync with SNS Apps with SNS Push Mailbox Free FInd MyPhone Synced Calendar Integrated Services with SNS
  • 22. Own Branded Platform OPhone OS
  • 23. LG GW880 Lenovo O1 Dell Mini 3i OPhones for China Mobile’s 498M Customers
  • 24. Various types of Device Normally not including Google services Own Brand Platform Niche Markets or Not? Competition across the market segment Android based devices
  • 25. Hardware Platform HDTV Output Media Rich AP ZiiLab’s Egg platform
  • 26. Accelerated video, graphic and imaging Full integration with SurfaceFlinger OpenGL ES 3D graphics 1080p HD video output High Quality Audio Enhanced User Interfaces Image Processing Accelerated web browsing Zii Egg with Android
  • 27. OESF with Android
  • 28.
  • 29. Requirements for Convergence device platform
  • 30. Time to Market Performance Open source Fastest Web runtime Mash-up centric Scalability Perspectives for Biz & Tech
  • 31. Android as Convergence device platform
  • 32. RAD with Eclipse 2D Graphics with SGL Partners with open source Webkit runtime Mash-up with Google Scalability from Linux Perspectives for Tech & Biz
  • 33. How to evolve together with HTML5
  • 34. geolocation
  • 35. app cache & database
  • 36. Big Opportunity with Android
  • 37. Three Platforms in Android natives platform, java, web platform
  • 38. Compelling ROI for 3rd party Single Marketplace for Cross OEM, Carrier Single dev tool for Cross devices Single developer groups for Cross devices Single Framework for Cross devices
  • 39. Convergence platform Advisor : u-Platform