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Employee engagement   cipd (leicester branch) presentation 3rd december 2009
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Employee engagement cipd (leicester branch) presentation 3rd december 2009


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Presentation to the CiPD

Presentation to the CiPD

Published in: Business, Education
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  • 1. Employee Engagement Slides to illustrate and support the presentation delivered to the Leicester branch of the CIPD - 3nd December 2009 The majority of the models are derived from extensive transformation work at Rolls-Royce Aerospace 1997 to 2001 and 33 other transformation projects conducted over two decades For further information and to receive access to additional resources please e-mail (c) Bozeat Consulting
  • 2. What we do Principles How we do it Inspirational Research Leadership (Discovery) Programme Trusting management Relationships Sales Personal Success Development Sustain -ability Customer Behaviour change Journeys Service Excellence Guerrilla Goals and Proven Coaching Accelerating Techniques Results change Consulting Guaranteed results 12/9/2009
  • 3. Three steps ‘Engage’ Communicate the benefits of the new world and the downsides to the present Respect heritage Spot the pioneers and early adopters ‘Enthuse’ Get people excited! Change only ever happens when people are emotionally involved ‘Enrol’ Give people jobs to do that create momentum “Change is about 100s of people doing one 1 thing differently NOT 1 person doing 100s of things” 3 (c) Bozeat Consulting
  • 4. Four LITE steps guaranteed to deliver change 1) Listen and learn Discover the heritage and people’s pain, immediate needs and aspirations 2) Inspire Create the mindset where people are motivated to learn new ways of working 3) Tools and techniques Train an coach people in skills proven to deliver outstanding results 4) Embed Refresh and repeat until new habits 4 are evident (c) Bozeat Consulting
  • 5. 10 steps to a successful transformation 1. The organisation has significant pain and a compelling reason to change 2. Bring a powerful coalition together who will drive the change agenda 3. Create a compelling vision that inspires people 4. Develop a comprehensive, practical, understandable and flexible plan and route map with key milestones 5. Communicate, communicate, communicate! 6. Equip the leaders with the change agent’s toolkit 7. Generate and celebrate a series of small wins 8. Confront resistance and ‘change the people or change the people’ 9. Sustain momentum by taking on bigger challenges 10. Embed the changes until they become habits 5 (c) Bozeat Consulting
  • 6. World class organisations work on both sides simultaneously L Vision R Logical Creative Right Strategy We help you Objectives Right Values work on the Values right side so Strategies the left side is Right Actions consistently Right delivered Behaviours Actions Behaviours Outcomes Results © Bozeat Consulting 6
  • 7. Changing the culture of an organisation From:- To:- ‘command & control’ ‘stretch & support’ bureaucratic & rigid flexible & responsive communication top down communication top down, down up functional silos & side to side escalation upwards cross functional teams (matrix training for training's sake thinking) ‘them & us’ blame culture escalation sideways boring & stuffy business focussed training change only from the top ‘who cares as long as the job gets done!’ no consequence for poor performance fun & exciting people give themselves permission to implement change peak performers rewarded, poor performance swiftly addressed 7
  • 8. Changing the culture of an organisation From:- To:- focus on results focus on results and process appraisals annually continuous feedback appraisals top down feedback from peers, direct reports & the boss focus on finding fault focus on celebrating same job for life success management multi-skilled focus on now leadership we know best focus on now and tomorrow ‘I've failed’ we’re here to learn from others ‘get it right first time or ‘i’ve had a little learn’ don’t do it at all’ ‘accept that we will not always be right and take rational risks’ 8
  • 9. From the old world to the new OLD WORLD NEW WORLD •Stable markets •Markets changing •Economy based on manufacturing •Economy based on service •Jobs for life •Globalisation •Security •Average life of a company •Clear lines of accountability reducing •Generalists •Specialists •Boss ‘wields the brain’ •Hundreds of niche players •Many big corporations •People wanting balance •High loyalty to company between work and home •People put up with a low quality of •Everyone encouraged to work life continually learn •Little post school education •Empowered workforce Pioneers Supporters Majority (c) Bozeat Consulting
  • 10. Active Well Pioneers Poisoners Level of involvement Old Settlers Dogs Passive Negative Positive Orientation towards change (c) Bozeat Consulting
  • 11. Active Well Poisoners… Successful pioneers … Find ways to sabotage Have vision, are energetic, take and/or delay advances by risks, challenge conventional talking much and doing thinking, are impatient, sometimes Level of involvement nothing, setting up committees lack a detailed approach, that promise much & deliver recognise that they need a high little, spread unhelpful rumours, quality support team around discredit people, intentionally them, move on once a challenge avoid taking responsibility & find reasons why not. Can be terrific has been met, find reasons why allies if they can be ‘turned.’ you can. ‘Old dogs’… Settlers… Lament about how good Feed the pioneers with the things were in the old physical & emotional days, keep their head resources they need, are down, when necessary more conservative by nature, Passive align themselves with the often have a more ‘Well Poisoners’ in order to methodical and detailed preserve the status quo. approach, warn pioneers of potential dangers, come to the rescue when necessary. Negative Orientation towards change Positive (c) Bozeat Consulting
  • 12. We shorten and lessen the depth of the change curve 12
  • 13. Challenges of the Change Agent change VISIO betrayal search for solutions identity crisis denial (c) Bozeat Consulting
  • 14. Challenges of the Change Agent Shock! Change VISIO betrayal search for solutions Defeat Curiosity identity crisis denial Reactive Sophistry (c) Bozeat Consulting
  • 15. The classic objections to change ‘We haven’t got the time/it’s not high enough on my list of priorities’ ‘My boss wants it but I don’t’ ‘I want it but my boss doesn’t’ ‘We tried that before & it didn’t work then’ ‘It might have worked for xyz department/company but we’re different’ ‘We’re already doing that’ ‘I can’t see how all the effort will have to put in will bring us the results we’re looking for’ ‘I just don’t have the resources’ The job of the change agent is to find out which of these mask the real reasons and which have merit (c) Bozeat Consulting
  • 16. Robert Dilts change model X Beliefs + Capability + Behaviour + Environment Confusion Culture Behaviour Actions Here & Now Mission + X + Capability + Behaviour + Environment Gradual Change Vision Behaviour Actions Here & Now Mission + Beliefs + Capability + Behaviour + X Frustration Vision Culture Behaviour Actions Mission + Beliefs + Capability + X + Environment o Change Vision Culture Behaviour Here & Now Mission + Beliefs + X + Behaviour + Environment Anxiety Vision Culture Actions Here & Now Mission + Beliefs + Capability + Behaviour + Environment SUCCESS Vision Culture Behaviour Actions Here & Now (c) Bozeat Consulting
  • 17. How we work I 1. We recognise that in the majority of cases you know what to do, it is the implementation that you are struggling with 2. We have an engagement process that assesses your readiness and reactions to change 3. We only deliver interventions that will make a positive and long term difference 4. Every assignment normally results in you becoming increasingly willing to seek, accept and act on expertly delivered feedback 5. We help you define what great looks like and then enable you to get there 17 (c) Bozeat Consulting
  • 18. How we work II 7. WYSIWYG ‘What you see is what you get’ 8. We deliver less consulting more support and help 9. We lead people through a process of doing and learning in order to achieve a specific business/organisation goal 10. We train internal change and performance consultants to achieve a sustainable result 11. We intervene when there are problems that need to be solved 12. We ask the difficult questions and you reveal the answers 13. We leave you with sustainable capability 18 (c) Bozeat Consulting
  • 19. Beliefs and . . . ‘The One-Way System’ TECHNIQUE BEHAVIOUR / TALENT BELIEF RESULTS 19 (c) Bozeat Consulting
  • 20. ‘Dynamic 360’ Willingness to embrace and act on feedback Participants active in regularly seeking and acting on feedback from multiple sources. Written 360 degree feedback. Dialogue with a trained coach. Personal Development Plans. Boss and peer feedback, ad hoc dialogue. Annual appraisal feedback only top down. Frequency and richness of feedback 12/9/2009
  • 21. Who we’ve worked with: What some of our clients say: “You are one of the very few [coaches] who can light the • Business Post lamp in the mind of the student and make it clear.” • Camping & Caravanning Club Alan - Senior Engineer, Rolls-Royce Aerospace • Corporate Express • Department of Work and “We had seen over ten training companies and individuals in the last ten months, we chose you for a Pensions number of reasons. Firstly because of your very • Ford Motor Company professional approach, you took the time to listen. Also • Genesis Communications because of your strong sales background you could fully understand our issues. Finally we were impressed • GPT by your ability to hold the audience in the palm of your • Institute of Directors hand.” Keith London - Managing Director - ACT • Geldards LLP • HBOS “Thank you for the two day workshop, everyone without • HBOS GSI exception enjoyed the experience and is now • IVAX pharmaceuticals enthusiastic to initiate a change. A comment from all the participants ‘nice guy, changed my views about • Job Centre Plus consultants’ ” • Natural History Museum William Martin - Managing Director - GT Martin • Opal Telecommunications • Rolls-Royce Aerospace “In just 6 weeks I have decreased my working week by 25% and increased my income by 33%!’ • Siemens Noreen Vines - Medical Specialist • SPS Technologies • Swan National “Simon is unbelievably incredible. I am in awe watching • St James’s Place him during delivery and amazed at how far he has • T-Mobile moved the team on during the short time he has worked with them" Julie Laporta, Human Resources Manager, Corporate Plus many SMEs and Express 21 micro-businesses (c) Bozeat Consulting
  • 22. A rigorous 7 step approach to deliver results 1. Discovery – extensive research 2. Agreeing goals and outcomes 3. Developing a solution 4. Mobilising commitment 5. Implementation 6. Monitoring performance improvement 7. Closure and sustainability 22 (c) Bozeat Consulting
  • 23. Offices: Prospect House Chapel Street Oakthorpe DE12 7QT Web: E-mail: Office: 01530 271272 Mobile: 07989 673095 23