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Demented story board

  1. 1. DEMENTEDTHE STORY OF A JILTED BRIDE… what goes around must come back around
  2. 2. Characters• Jane – jilted bride/ murderer• Jonathan – fiancé• Husband 1- Joe suffered from cancer and died• Husband 2- killed by Jane
  3. 3. StorylineThe main storyline is a woman called Jane possesses evil powers whenevershe wears the wedding ring of her dead husband Joe whom was taken awayfrom her as he suffered a long term battle with cancer. Since the incident shehas never been able to love another man, and unfortunately for them everytime they get to close she gets rid of them and the ring takes control.
  4. 4. Camera movementEstablishing shot of the alleyway whichleads to the garden. There will be anarrator in the background providingdialogue which will bring the storytogether but still having the audiencequestion what will happen next.There will also be an over the shouldershot showing the back of Janes head witha bucay of flowers in her hand as well asthe ring on her finger. The mise en sceneshould make the audience bracethemselves for what is about to come andbuild up fear.I wanted to create as much realism aspossible, we took a long shot
  5. 5. Tracking shot- as Jane walks down thealleyway, there will be an extreme closeup of her face before she turns the corner.My crew and I took a long shot of the alleyway.
  6. 6. Camera angle and movement This will be a medium close up. Within the ring of candles we will see all four husbands at different times. Diegetic sound: there will be dialogue between the victims and Jane as well as drums which start off very slow and slowly build up and the scene goes on. This is intended to create suspense for the audience and uncertainty. Medium shot of one of Janeshusbands in the ring of candles
  7. 7. Cameraangles, movement, soundClose up shot of the ring in Janes handsas it changes colour and changes her.DialogueJane chants about the power and beginsto act hysterical, husband are screamingout for mercy.We also see a flashback of her husbanddying and as the audience we try tounderstand the meaning for Janes“murdering ways”. Medium close up of the ring
  8. 8. Camera movement and angles, and the story progression High angled medium close up- one of the husbands tied up begging for mercy. All husbands will be in the exact same place and position as the one that died there before them, the intention is to scare the audience but also for them to sympathise with the victims. Sound- there will be diegetic sounds of screaming and dialogue between Jane and her victim but also non diegetic sound of drums and background music to build up tension. The camera will pan around the whole room to create the illusion that its spinning Medium close up
  9. 9. Shots, sounds and angles Extreme close up- this will be a the end of the teaser trailer. At this point we will hear Jane screaming, this will be diegetic sound. However throughout parts of the trailer Jane will also narrate her story, this will give us a better idea of her character Extreme close up of Janes eyes