Nokia Siemens Networks Lte Analyst Webcast Dec10


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Nokia Siemens Networks Lte Analyst Webcast Dec10

  1. 1. Nokia Siemens NetworksLTE UpdateDecember 6, 2010Thorsten RobrechtHead of LTE Business
  2. 2. Summer and autumn 2010LTE is gaining momentum… 113 LTE network operator commitments in 46 countries GSA: Evolution to LTE report (October 26, 2010) +77% 64 LTE network operator commitments in 31 countries GSA: Evolution to LTE report (April 7, 2010)2 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  3. 3. LTE Business: Strong Growing global Market Key highlights LTE 2H10 Market: • New market opportunities in Russia, Japan, India, Korea and Australia • FDD / TDD share stabilizes at 2/3 vs 1/33 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  4. 4. Summer and autumn 2010LTE highlights from Nokia Siemens Networks Commercial network launches Pilots, trials, showcases • 800 MHz • 1800 MHz • TD-LTE 20 commercial LTE deals • 18 LTE radio access • 10 EPC Deutsche Telekom • 1 IMS for VoLTE ... 2010-07-19 Announcement: Nokia Siemens Networks to Acquire Certain Wireless Network Infrastructure Assets of Motorola for US $1.2 Billion4 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  5. 5. Nokia Siemens Networks LTEMeasurements from Telia’s commercial network Peak data rates Gothenburg, • Downlink: 102 Mbps Sweden • Uplink: 40 Mbps End user “stability” experience • FTP connect time: 40 ms • Accessibility: 98.7 % Average throughput • Handover success rates: 97.6% (drive tests) • Downlink: 44 Mbps … as the detailed results of this report • Uplink: 23 Mbps confirm, the overall performance in the Gothenburg network (NSN) was better than the performance in the Stockholm LTE by Nokia Siemens Networks network (ERICSY). • 20 MHz bandwidth Source: Signals Research Group, Signals Ahead - LTE Drive Test Revisited - • 2.6 GHz carrier frequency Part 1. Full report available from here: www.signalsresearch.com5 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  6. 6. LTE 800 in Germany August 30, 2010: 1st LTE “Nokia Siemens Networks has already basestation in Germany live demonstrated its technological leadership in LTE. In addition its expertise in services has convinced us: It can ensure the rapid, high quality network roll-out we want and have planned." Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, Director Technology Telekom Deutschland 4G coverage at Kyritz 3G coverage at Kyritz “LTE Plug & Play”: State Secretary Tina Fischer and Deutsche Telekom CEO René Obermann take first LTE-Site in Germany into operation by plugging in magenta transport cable to a Nokia Siemens Networks Flexi Multiradio Basestation. Source: Deutsche Telekom6 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  7. 7. NSN Live LTE network in Hong KongLTE coverage in extremely dense urban area Queens Road Central Business District • 2.6 GHz @ 10 MHz (15MHz) • Latest RL10 release • 29 eNodeB • Street canyons in dense urban area7 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  8. 8. Leading Maturity & StabilityMIIT Field Trials successfully completed • Stable 80 Mbps in DL Inter eNB HO • U-plane delay < 14 ms • HO success rate 98% Intra eNB HO • Excellent coverage Inter eNB HO Inter eNB HO Test route8 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  9. 9. High interest in TD-LTE demonstrations May31, Shanghai, Taipei – TD-LTE HD-video call Oct 11-15, PT-Expo Shanghai World Expo NCTU trial network, Taipei • TD-LTE coverage at booth • Samsung dongle9 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  10. 10. Holistic: Unique global and end-to-end approach Global End-to-end • Centers of competence in • RAN – transport – core… all LTE lead markets • GSM / 3G / LTE • 25+ trials with leading • IP transformation CSPs around the world • Network Implementation – • All frequency bands Optimization – Operation (paired and unpaired) • Smart Labs End-to-end with leading device vendors ...10 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  11. 11. Holistically driving the TD-LTE ecosystem:Industry’s 1st TD-LTE Open Lab • Leverage Hangzhou R&D facility • Smart phone and terminal testing facility Hangzhou, China – April 16, 2010 • Practical know-how sharing Industry’s first TD-LTE Open Lab to • Interoperability and Functionality of devices Accelerate TD-LTE Ecosystem across TD-LTE networks • Expert pool of interoperability testing (IOT)11 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  12. 12. Addressing India’s BWA marketTD-LTE lab at Bengaluru Bengaluru, India - Oct. 19 TD-LTE in 2.3GHz band with 110Mbps on commercial hardware TD-LTE lab at Bengaluru • R&D facility • Addressing the special needs of the Indian Broadband Wireless market12 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  13. 13. Smart: Unique efficient solutionsfor delivery of best customer experience Products Services • Common platforms • Global presence • Software defined • LTE-trained • Leading efficiency • Experienced Global footprint and experience • 13 I-HSPA references (as of August 2010). already to HSPA+ networks • 270+ 2G/3G/LTE packet core references with 90+ direct tunnel projects • 180+ WCDMA/HSPA radio references • 320+ GSM/EDGE radio references • 100+ IP backhaul migration projects • 200+ Communication Service Providers worldwide have the Flexi Multiradio BTS13 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  14. 14. Nokia Siemens NetworksWe make LTE radio access most efficient with Flexi Multiradio BTS • Software Defined Radio (same modules for all technologies) • Smallest & most compact BTS • Highest energy-efficiencyWinner: Best Technology weatherproof outdoor & indoorAdvance 2009 • All-IP – all integrated, speed IPSec We are delighted that Nokia Siemens Networks is showing leadership in the sector by developing more energy-efficient products Juniper Jean-Paul Jean-Renaud Winner 2009: Research Head of WWF Business and Industry Relations Green Network Hardware Gold Award Winner 2010: and Infrastructure Green Infrastructure European Operator GSM modernization case Flexi BTS saves annually: > 55 tn CO2 ( = 15.000 cars) > 8 Mio. Euro power bill
  15. 15. Demand for multiradio migration to LTE 2.6 GHz LTE 2.1 GHz WCDMA/(I-)HSPA LTE 1.9 GHz GSM/WCDMA LTE 1.8 GHz GSM LTE WCDMA/(I-)HSPA 1.7/2.1 GHz WCDMA LTE 1.6 GHz LTE 900 MHz GSM LTE WCDMA/(I-)HSPA 850 MHz LTE 800 MHz EU Digital Dividend LTE 700 MHz US (DD / Public Safety) LTE
  16. 16. Flexi Multiradio BTS - also the multiradio transport solutionSW-defined radio and SW-defined transport Embedded….Backhaul technology and … ATM / TDM / IP TRS Backhaul and … Radio Synctopology evolution … IPSec (>1 Gbit/s) Radio evolution by SW … iHSPA • LTE via software • IP via software RNC Compact and flat WCDMA I-HSPA LTE • Wirespeed IPsec built-in network architecture GSM Simplify Flexi Multiradio BTS Full packet LTE NodeB RNC backhaul Ethernet Harmonize for 3G and LTE Corporate Internet access DSL gateway LTE E1/T1 Hybrid backhaul BTS BSC Lower for 2G and 3G NodeB Ethernet cost RNC I-HSPA Optimizing BTS BSC E1/T1 2G and 3G Optimize GSM/WCDMA NodeB RNC networks Vodafone Newbury, LTE Roadshow 2010 ----------- Customer Confidential
  17. 17. OPEX reductions with Nokia Siemens Networks SON Suite(Based on European WCDMA operator case) Network Deployment Network Operation User Service Quality Leading SON Suite 15 % “Nokia Siemens 60 % 50 % 50 % from 12 80 % Networks SON Plug and Play proven to be weeks the most advanced down to and technically mature solution available 1 week in the market.” Michael Sawallisch, Senior Expert Radio Networks O&M Design, Deutsche reduced reduced reduced faster nw- reduced reduced cell Telekom (Oct.2010) rollout effort effort optimization call drop overloads time/BTS cycle time rate affecting download Plug & Play, Mobility robustness optimization, Automatic Neighbor Relation real-time load balancing Drive test minimization, coverage and capacity optimization, cell outage compensation
  18. 18. Nokia Siemens NetworksWe make LTE EPC most efficient with Flexi NG and Flexi NSFlexi NG Flexi NS• GGSN & S/P-GW • SGSN & MME • Evolution of field proven SGSN• Highest efficiency with 4D scaling Commercial • Leading signaling capacity: 22 k trs/s • Leading throughput: 360 Gbit/s LTE launch • Leading session density: 21.6M • Leading signaling capacity: • Simultaneous 2G/3G/LTE operation 108k trs/s • ATCA based platforms • Leading service intelligence Leading in all LTE relevant criteria“EPC product platform will need to scale control-plane capacity, and specially that thetransaction rate (i.e. signaling capacity) of the platform will be the key to systemperformance” Heavy Reading (11/2009) on Evolved Packet Core
  19. 19. Nokia Siemens NetworksLeading LTE voice strategy Fast Track VoLTE  First announced at the Mobile World Congress, February 2009  InfoVision award at the Broadband World Forum, September 2009  Frost & Sullivan’s 2010 European Competitive Strategy Innovation Award Smooth transition to LTE technology LTE broadband for IMS for enriched IP Fast-Track VoLTE high speed data multimedia services LTE LTE LTE VoIP VoIP HSPA HSPA HSPAIndustry initiative — ‘One Voice’ MSS NVS I-HSPA EPC I-HSPA NVS MSS I-HSPA IMS 2G/3G 2G/3G EPC EPC Nokia Siemens Networks joined forces to build a common LTE voice ecosystem Introduce NVS VoIP solution Evolution to IMS VoIP solution • Simple upgrade of MSS Initiative readyness announced during ‘LTE Americas‘ on • Main focus on LTE data • Fallback to 2G/3G CS with NVS (VoIP) function • Fully IMS compatible • IMS-centric service architecture 4 November, 2009 access for voice • Re-use existing MSC Server system for voice reuse of CS infra- structure for LTE VoIP capable handsets • Rich Communication Services with full multimedia telephony • Seamless 3GPP voice • Support for any access Commonly agreed ‘One Voice’ profile for voice and SMS service continuity over LTE published on the same day 9 © Nokia Siemens Networks
  20. 20. Nokia Siemens NetworksLeading the LTE market with 20 commercial LTE deals • Single vendor World’s first • 40.000 eNB commercial LTE network • Build&operate Finland Denmark Nordics Estonia Sweden USA (IMS) USAAgri-Valley Deutsche TelekomCommunications Germany Japan Saudi Arabia USA selected as global LTE-supplier Bahrain 1st LTE deal in Middle East Africa
  21. 21. Nokia Siemens Networks’ unique position in LTE Unique efficient delivery Unique global of best customer end-to-end experience approach Smart Holistic LTE by Unique track record in LTE world’s firsts, commercial deals and live networks Proven21 © Nokia Siemens Networks