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AlumVest Team4

  1. Team: Ling Chen, Hanzi Wang, Jo-Anne Suriel, Donnel Baird Customer Segment Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Entrepreneurs 10 3 3 2 Individual Investors 9 3 8 8 VC Funds 0 6 0 0 Academic Resources 3 2 0 0 Daily Total Meetings/Calls 22 14 11 10
  2. • Website Development • App(s) Development • Startup investor pitching and competitions • Business development • Marketing (online + event marketing) • Managers at external Relationships • CBS Executives in Residence • LinkedIn • Crunchbase • Alumni Database • Media such as Tech Crunch • Student startup groups such as CEO, CORE etc. • Alumni entrepreneur groups such as DukeGen and CVC • Incubators and accelerators such as YC, TechStars and DreamIt • University Tech Transfer Offices • Partner with government startup centers & foundations that support startups • Email • Cold calls /face 2face interviews • Survey • Attend startup and investor Networking events Investors • Curated selection of highest-promise opportunities • Co-share due diligence with other alumni & trustworthiness of school networks • Streamlined investment process to invest in someone you can trust & share a common bond a promising idea • Leading angel has carried interest • Give back & support your alma matter by investing in the next generation entrepreneurs • Mentor/mentee program • Board advisor for startups • Video interviewing alumni entrepreneurs about their success stories • Communal review s • Social recognition • Elite Status on AlumVest as gold, platinum investors etc. • LinkedIn startup/alumni investors groups • Startups/investors Meetup groups • Alumni newsletter • Investor pitch and startup Competitions • Word of mouth • Fundraising fee • Ancillary service • API, Data monetization • Event and investing/startup education fee • Ads, corporate sponsorship revenue Investors • Young alumni (age 24- 39) who are accredited investors and successful alumni (age 65+) who want to give back • Successful Alumni entrepreneurs • Older Startups • Fundraising, free marketing & validation Startups • Top Med & Dental /Engineer /Business schools • Founders (under 35) from leading schools with innovative startups • From top schools in remote areas such as CMU, Michigan & Duke • Angel Investing groups such as NY Angels • Alumni investing clubs/groups such as HBS Angel • Corporate recruiting team
  3. What Happened This Week? • What We Assumed • Entrepreneurs would appreciate as much funding as possible • Investors have a natural affinity for their alma mater • Investors have more confidence/trust in start-ups founded within same school network • What We Did • Spoke to Customers—Entrepreneurs, Individual Investors, VC Funds & Academic Resources—to find out their needs & pain points • What We Discovered • Entrepreneurs • Need to access accredited investors, mentors, advisory channels • Are not yet willing pay for access to the platform • Individual Investors and VC Funds • Need “quality” deal flow • Affinity with school is not a necessity, but can give rise to “shared due diligence” and “collective” vetting processes • Academic Resources • Are cautious about sharing their alumni lists; concerned about competition
  4. What changed? • Narrowed our target customer segment • Entrepreneurs: Focus on those who desire funding and auxiliary services (consulting, legal, marketing, etc.) • Investors: Focus on those who share that alumni affiliation (ie. recruiting teams) • Academia: 20+ investors indicated that donations & investments as 2 distinct activities • Refined our key value proposition (still in progress) • Entrepreneurs: Alumvest is an exclusive channel to seek rewards and/or equity based funding, and receive coaching from an advisory board • Investors: Alumvest is as an exclusive channel to identify quality start-up’s through peer- to-peer ratings and domain expert commentaries • Academia: Alumvest can help to strengthen individuals’ ties and involvement with their schools, and vice versa
  5. What We Are Going to Do Next US focus or cross border? Alternative Revenue Model and Pricing How to lower investor acquisition and retention cost?
  6. To Be Explored What would incentive them to rate, review startups on AlumVest? With a group of recognized investors/advisors, will they pay a subscription fee to join after the completion of fundraising? Shared revenues, mandated donation from fundraising or future revenue share, how to make it work from the operation standpoint?