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  • Vision: of maximizing the way people experience their favorite events by transforming how event-organizers and marketers interact and learn from their customers – in real-time. Mission: reduce the inefficiencies and inconveniences that people face while attending their favorite events (sports, concerts, amusement parks, and corporate events).
  • There are several other channels for acquiring users as well.
  • Team e intellievent

    1. Ezra Kebrab Mark ElbadramanyNumber of CustomersDay 0: 25Day 1: 12Day 2: 19 Lean LaunchpadDay 3: 13Day 4: 16 Event Analytics Company maximizing the way people experience their favorite events byWeek Total: 85 transforming how event-organizers and marketers interact and learn from their customers – in real-time. Karen Kwan Emile Barraza John Daniels
    2. Customer Discovery>44 EVENT GOERS 4 PARTNERS15 EVENT ORGANIZERS 2 MEDIA RIGHTS COMPANIESProspective Customer Name & Title Outcome Ryan Oppelt  Love it! Awaiting Prototype. Assistant Exec. Director -  Extended invitation to present to National Kraft Bowl; FBA Committee Football Bowl Association Governing Member Committee  Definitely interested! Marc Badain Chief Financial Officer –  Awaiting prototype Oakland Raiders  Opened personal contact book Sandy Barbour  Waiting for a solution like this! Director - Berkeley Athletics  Upcoming meeting with CTO and COO
    3. Mobile app improves the in-game experience resulting in increase attendance and increase spending Concessions Venue Merchandise Navigation & Parking Real-time Team & Seat Event Info Upgrades & Stats Deals, Social Specials &Network Promotions
    4. Intellievents™ dashboard provides event organizers the necessary data andtools to earn incremental revenue and better manage customer relationships Concessions, Direct Target Merchandise Marketing & Parking Real time In-event Fan Seat engagement Upgrades & Security CorporateCRM, Data & Sponsorships Analytics & Advertising
    5. Business Model Canvas: Day 1
    6. What We ThoughtScalable across four industries One App for Event GoersSports Events Amusement ParksLive Concerts Corporate Tradeshows All information about event venue All tools to stay connected toTwo Customer Segments events and to enjoy amenitiesEvent Goers Event Organizers/VenuesPartners for Mobile App ContentEvent Organizers Vendors One Platform for EventSponsors OrganizersRevenue Streams from Event Data driven customer insights Organizers, Vendors, & Sponsors Direct, targeted marketingSetup + hosting Commissions from sales New revenue generationBegin with Columbia AthleticsEasier to implement in small community
    7. Business Model Canvas: Day 2
    8. Business Model Canvas: Day 3
    9. Business Model Canvas: Day 4
    10. What We LearnedDay 2 Day 4Tradeshows and amusement parks Broadways venues would benefit from cannot be a customer segments due product but more research is needed to the logistic difficulty of execution in targeting specific venues (focus in depth research on collegiate Columbia athletics is not a great athletics) environment to launch pilot run ofPartnering with major ticketing, application/need to find athletic inventory, and CRM systems would program with right characteristics significantly increase value of Professional sports will likely benefit the platform largest from multifaceted platformDay 3Simplify revenue model to setup fee to subscription service contractVendors including concessions, parking, and merchandise provide value added and new customer segment
    11. Business Model Canvas: Day 5
    12. Intellievents Ecosystem Money Audience data B2B web dashboard Event Mobile app Sponsors OrganizersEvent Attendee Third Party Vendors
    13. Customer Archetype• Event Attendee Survey • The Customer: – 44 total participants Christopher Doyle – 34 participants under – 24 years old age of 30 – CBS student – 3 season ticket holders – Male – 31 male participants – Non-season ticket holder – 26 students (casual sports game goer) – Likes socializing at games
    14. Competitive Environment Ticketing Inventory Manage CRM ment Systems SystemsSecurity / Social Incident Media Systems Content Business Manage Intelligen ment ce System
    15. Event Organizers market e-VENTS app directly to customers Rapid Adoption Event CustomerOrganizer InsightsPromotes Drive Direct Revenue Marketing
    16. Sales Funnels Event Attendee Event Organizer relationship building by Set up fee and sales force contract for share of revenue Event Present caseEvent organizer studies fromorganizer provides other clientspromotes incentive Salesmobile to activate forceapp