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Team agoa discovery questions

  1. 1. Stanford  Engineering  E245  –  The  Lean  LaunchPad  Team  Agora  -­  Customer  Discovery  Questionnaire  General  Customer  Discovery  Questioning  principles  Ask  open-­ended  questions:  • Tell  me  more  about…  • What  do  you  mean…  • How  so…  • Why  is  that…  • What  are  your  thoughts  on…  • Elaborate  more  on…  • Give  me  some  examples…  • Say  more  about…  Then  follow  up  by  asking  about:  ▪ Impact  –  what’s  the  impact  of…  ▪ Examples  –  What  would  be  some  examples  of…  Quantifying  questions:  ▪ How  would  you  quantify…  (e.g.  ease  of  use  -­‐  if  customer  says  ease  of  use  is  important)  ▪ How  did  you  come  up  with…  ▪ How  would  you  measure…  ▪ What  was  your  thinking  behind…  ▪ What  was  their  thinking  behind…  Only  ask  one  question  at  a  time.    Stanford  Lean  LaunchPad              Team  Agora  –  Customer  Discovery  Questions                      Page  1  of  1  
  2. 2. Questions  for  Buyers  in  Startups  Things  we  want  to  find  out  ▪ How  much  do  you  spend  on  cloud  infrastructure  per  month?  ▪ How  fast  is  the  expense  growing?  ▪ Have  you  thought  of  optimizing  it?  If  so,  what  have  you  tried?  If  not,  why  not?  ▪ Why  did  you  choose  your  current  cloud  infrastructure  provider?    What  are  the  main   factors  in  your  decision  making  process  when  choosing  a  cloud  infrastructure  provider?    How  easy  is  it  to  evaluate  and  purchase  cloud  services?  ▪ How  does  the  purchase  process  work?    Who  is  the  end  user?    Who  is  needs  to  approve   the  decision?    Where  does  funding  come  from?  ▪ How  is  your  experience  working  with  your  cloud  service  provider?    Is  there  a  single  point   of  contact  for  all  your  needs?    Are  you  happy  with  their  service?    What  would  it  take   (  much  savings)  for  you  to  consider  switching  to  a  different  provider?  ▪ How  are  the  service  priced?    What  is  the  unit  of  trade?    How  much  capacity  did  you   purchase?    How  much  did  you  end  up  using?    Did  you  overbought?  Specific  questions  to  ask  ▪ Tell  me  about  how  you  use  cloud  infrastructure  in  your  business.  ▪ Could  you  give  me  an  example  on  how  you  handle  demand  variability?  ▪ How  do  you  manage  the  infrastructure  cost?  Stanford  Lean  LaunchPad              Team  Agora  –  Customer  Discovery  Questions                      Page  2  of  2  
  3. 3. Questions  for  Buyers  in  Established  businesses  Things  we  want  to  find  out  ▪ What’s  your  IT  strategy  regarding  cloud  infrastructure?  Are  you  using  it  in  any  way  today   –  as  a  pilot  or  for  production?  ▪ What  are  your  frustrations  or  concerns  with  cloud  infrastructure,  if  any?  ▪ How  do  you  manage  your  cloud  infrastructure?  ▪ Are  there  any  tools  that  you  have  built  in-­‐house?  ▪ How  does  the  purchase  process  work?    Who  is  the  end  user?    Who  is  needs  to  approve   the  decision?    Where  does  funding  come  from?  ▪ What  are  your  cloud  infrastructure  goals  for  2011?  Specific  questions  to  ask  ▪ If  they  are  already  using  cloud  infr,  ask  the  following:  ▪ Tell  me  about  how  you  use  cloud  infrastructure  in  your  business.  ▪ Could  you  give  me  an  example  on  how  you  handle  demand  variability?  ▪ How  do  you  manage  the  infrastructure  cost?  ▪ If  not,  ask:  ▪ What’s  your  IT  strategy  regarding  cloud  infrastructure?  ▪ What  impact  do  you  expect  it  to  have  on  your  business?  ▪ Tell  me  about  any  concerns  you  have  around  adopting  cloud  infrastructure.    Questions  for  General  Buyers  ▪ If  there’s  an  online  market  for  you  to  procure  cloud  infrastructure  services  from  multiple   vendors  to  reduce  cost,  and  you  can  seamlessly  move  your  workload  across   different  clouds,  would  you  use  it?  What  value  do  you  see  in  such  a  market?  What   else?  ▪ How  are  cost-­‐saving  projects  justified  in  your  organization?    Stanford  Lean  LaunchPad              Team  Agora  –  Customer  Discovery  Questions                      Page  3  of  3  
  4. 4. Questions  for  Sellers  –  Public  clouds  Things  we  want  to  find  out  ▪ How  much  does  utilization  vary  (peak  to  trough)?  ▪ How  do  you  respond  to  variability  in  demand?  ▪ What  do  you  do  with  unused  capacity?  ▪ Would  you  consider  a  solution  that  helps  you  sell  unused  capacity,  and  you  pay  only  if   there’s  a  sale?  Why  or  why  not?  ▪ If  such  a  solution  works  for  you,  could  you  consider  using  it  for  more  than  just  selling   unused  capacity?  e.g.  use  it  to  drive  additional  customers  to  your  cloud?  ▪ Do  you  have  a  direct  salesforce  to  sell  your  cloud  service?    Would  you  consider  doing   sales  thru  other  channels  such  as  selling  them  on  an  exchange?  ▪ Who  would  have  authority  to  sell  the  capacity?    How  are  they  compensated?    What  are   their  goals  in  their  job?    What  issues  are  top  of  mind  for  them?  Specific  questions  to  ask  ▪ How  do  you  create  demand  for  your  service?  ▪ How  do  you  handle  demand  variability?  ▪ How  do  you  determine  how  fast  to  scale  your  supply?      General  Seller  Test  Questions  ▪ If  there’s  an  online  market  for  you  to  sell  unused  capacities,  would  you  use  it?  What  value   do  you  see  in  such  a  market?  What  else?  ▪ How  are  projects  like  this  move  ahead  in  your  organization?    Sellers  –  private  clouds  Things  we  want  to  find  out  • Why  did  you  decide  to  build  a  private  cloud?  • What  are  your  top  3  challenges  in  building  and  managing  your  private  cloud?  • What’s  the  model  you  use  to  plan  your  resources  needs  (e.g.  a  multiple  of  current  Stanford  Lean  LaunchPad              Team  Agora  –  Customer  Discovery  Questions                      Page  4  of  4  
  5. 5. production  load  with  a  X%  of  buffer)?    How  much  buffer  do  you  usually  allocate  to   account  for  your  computation  needs?    How  much  unused  resources  do  you  current  have   in  your  cloud?  • How  much  does  utilization  vary  (peak  to  trough)?  • If  there’s  a  mechanism  to  monetize  your  unused  compute  capacity  to  offset  your   infrastructure  cost,  would  you  consider  it?  Why  or  why  not?  • Would  there  be  additional  cost  to  operate  these  unused  compute  capacity?    If  so,  how   significant  are  they?  • Would  you  be  willing  to  lend  your  infrastructure  for  3rd  party  usage?    Would  there  be   any  security  concern?    Specific  questions  to  ask  • Why  private  cloud?  How  do  you  scale  and  manage  the  cloud?  • How  do  you  manage  infrastructure  cost?  • How  are  cost-­‐saving  projects  justified?      Questions  for  Technology  Partners  ▪ What’s  your  go-­‐to-­‐market  strategy?  ▪ Tell  me  about  your  sales  model.  ▪ Do  you  see  any  benefits  to  partner  with  a  marketplace  exchange  that  leverages  your   technology    Stanford  Lean  LaunchPad              Team  Agora  –  Customer  Discovery  Questions                      Page  5  of  5