Photocatalysts lecture 2 bus model canvas

Photocatalysts lecture 2 bus model canvas






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Photocatalysts lecture 2 bus model canvas Photocatalysts lecture 2 bus model canvas Presentation Transcript

  • PHOTOCATALYSTS for WATER REMEDIATION (nanocatalysts) PI: PerenaGouma Assoc. Professor Lead: Jusang Graduate Student Lee Mentor: Clive Director of Industry- Clayton University Center (SPIR) and Professor• Aim to commercialize our visible light activated nanocatalysts(Nanogrids™ © )• Invented breakthrough nanotechnology offers inexpensive,extremely fast and efficient hydrocarbon decomposition• Uses in oil decomposition and environmental remediation (c) copyright 2011
  • •New product •Water remediation •IP validation (replaces toxic •Expanding their companies •Building a brand surfactants) services •Coast Guard •Pilot studies•Industrial nano- •Green •Continuous/long term •Shipping •Marketingmanufacturing Photochemistry •As-needed leasing industry •Distributionproviders • Fully •Refineries decomposes oil •Oil service industry•Suppliers of •No energy cost •EPAprecursor to use •Federal groups onmaterial •IP protection •Speed of remediation • R&D capability deployment •Individual / •Direct sales home use •Brand •Recoverable and/or leasing •Expertise •Customization (e.g. pool cleaning) •Partner •Risk reduction distribution •Convenience/us channels ability •Shipping •Sale of nanogrids™ © per square foot •Per use charge (leased) •Marketing • First to market; premium revenues •Licensing otherIP (c) copyright 2011
  • Testing the HypothesesBuilding Blocks TestingCustomer Segments Municipal, Industrial, and Government EntitiesValue Propositions Municipal, Industrial, and Government EntitiesKey Partnerships Contact has been made with BASF; still to explore other potential manufacturersKey Resources Seek partnerships with precursor suppliersKey Activities IP portfolio validation, prototypingKey Resources UseNDAs to talk to potential partners, expand R&D facilitiesChannels Following on establishing partnershipsCost Structure Assessing partners and in-house development efforts and product demonstrationsRevenue Streams Use surveys on current remediation costs, assess IP strengths
  • Market Size Estimates• Total available market for environmentalnanotechnologies: In 2010 was estimated at $6.1b In 2014 is projected to reach $21.8bServed Available Market is the environmentalremediation market that is 40% of the total marketTarget Market –Gulf oil spill $1b and the servedavailable market totaling about $8bRef: F. Boehm, Nanotechnology in Environmental Applications, BCCResearch, 2006;NOAA, Gulf Spill Restoration, 2011
  • Nano CleaningTechnologies NCT PerenaGouma, PI Jusang Lee, Lead Clive Clayton, Mentor