Ion express lecture 8 resources


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Ion express lecture 8 resources

  1. IonExpressShiva Portonovo (EL) Jason Poulos (M) Jacob Schmidt (PI)
  2. Reprod. Beta Assay dev L PharmaInst. mfrs. Fast Feedback Install/demo S/M PharmaCells Winning Low cost KOLs Service Govt ctrsAmplifier Easy to use Direct,Software new targets partner CROs/ Univ IP, cells LabsInj. mold Direct low run cost Distributors Low cost One Time Recurring Recurring Inj. mold Instrument Consum. Maint Inst. assembly One Time Recurring Recurring warranty Software Train.
  3. Partners• Our platform involves – Instrumentation • Liquid handling system • Motion Control • Electronic Amplifiers – Software – Cells – Consumable plates• Potentially we could partner for all of these – What do we need? – What makes sense? – What about partnering with someone to assemble the whole system? (since we project low volume maybe this doesn’t make sense?)
  4. Partners• Definition: – Shared economics – Mutual success / failure – Co-development/invention – Common customer
  5. Partners: Instrumentation• From our revenue projection (capturing 5% of big pharma market in 5 yrs and 10% of all else), we will have 113 systems deployed and 123k plates/yr sold in the 5th yr. – Not much of a shared economic incentive for fluid handling and motion control partners, they sell >>20-25 systems/yr • Perhaps for multichannel amplifier partner – Fluid handlers and motion control hardware is relatively big ticket and they can work toward custom solutions as SOP• For each of these elements our needs are not really much beyond off the shelf standard hardware (with the exception of software) – Co-development and co-invention not needed
  6. Partners: Instrumentation• Amplifiers: Tecella and Warner Instruments have expressed an interest in working together – We don’t need much for the amplifier beyond an off the shelf system – Warner doesn’t have anything at all right now, just plans – Tecella brought up partnering on an 8 channel system in the near term – We need SOFTWARE and neither of these guys have something good
  7. Partners: Cells• Unknown at this time if we need anything special from our cell supply• Don’t want to limit ourselves to one cell supplier (we’d want our instrument to work with all cell sources/types)• One of the strengths of our platform is that we use much less cells than APC – Economic benefit to cell partner low
  8. Partners: Consumables• Consumables are simple to manufacture – Need just an injection molder and to assemble pieces – Not doing this at volumes that would warrant a partnership – Many prototyping/small scale injection molders are comfortable with 100k/yr scale of part manufacture
  9. Partners• Tecella is the only plausible/viable partner for us right now – They make OEM equipment for other APC companies • We couldn’t get them to be exclusive (would we want them to be?) – We wouldn’t want to be exclusive with them – They are looking for ways to expand their business (APC sales are steady and relatively small) – We want to sell direct and expect to in low volumes, so no clear that their sales/distribution network is needed
  10. Software• Software circles back to “easy to use”, a comment voiced by virtually every customer• Warner doesn’t make their own software for their amplifier• Tecella does, but their software is poor – The APC companies Tecella provides amps to make their own software – For academic users Tecella steers people to different shareware software useful for up to 8 channel systems• Looks like we need software to be developed – Not our core strength – This may be a good reason to partner with Tecella? – Partner/license the shareware software