Dream figures final


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Dream figures final

  1. DreamFiguresProviding Customized 3D Statues of Video GameCharactersTotal Customer Interviews: 71Interested Customer Signups: 60 Mario Alvarez Shane Molidor Osman Khwaja
  2. The Big Idea
  3. Inspiration:● 4000 Product orders within 12hrs of Site going Live ($520,000 in Sales)● 5,000 orders processed per month● No plans for expansion
  4. Why Bother?Market Estimates 11. Total Addressable Market: MMORPG/RPG ~ $8 Billion ● MMO Subscriptions - 20 Million (1) 2 ● Estimated 80 million copies of RPGs sold (2) 3 ● Estimated $80 spent on lifetime of game (purchase at $60 plus DLCs and subscriptions)2. Served Available Market: Skyrim (3) ● Over 10 mill Skyrim copies sold ● $620 million in sales Sources:3. Target Market (1)-http://www.alteredgamer.com/pc- ● 5% of SAM ~ $30 million gaming/35992-mmo-subscriber- populations/ (2)-http://www.statisticbrain.com/xbox-360- best-selling-games-statistics/ (3)-http://www.statisticbrain.com/skyrim- the-elder-scrolls-v-statistics/
  5. Core Hypotheses1.) Gamers want a tangible product tocommemorate the (hundreds of) hours they putinto their games.2.) Stock figures (mascots) do not quench thedesires of gamers for RPGs that featurecustomizable characters.3.) Gamers are willing to pay top dollar for aquality statue of their avatar.
  6. Experiments: Interviews Hypothesis 1Question: Customer Responses:Interested in a Skyrim "I would love, love,statue? love this." "I will definitely be watching this."
  7. Hypothesis 2Question: Customer Responses:Interested in a "Incredible idea, justpersonalized Skyrim the thought ofstatue? having a personalized statue of my character makes me excited."
  8. Hypothesis 3Question: Customer Responses:What would you be "I would paywilling to pay for a upwards of $100 forhigh quality statue? a 7in statue" "$130-$170 is fair for a totally unique, custom figure, IMO."
  9. Sam the Student● Male, 18-25● Avid gamer● 300+ hours of gameplay● Not wealthy but will spend on products that really excite him
  10. Will the Worker ● Male, 25-40, employed ● 300+ hours of gameplay ● Obsessed with lore of the game ● Financially stable and easily willing to spend over $100 on his passions
  11. Aligning the Supply Chain
  12. Once we have a licensing agreement...Rights to use in-gamemodels fromCreation Kit
  13. 10% of Wholesale$30 - 35 CAM Price (Royalties)+ $30 (?) Labor $150 - 170
  14. Distribution and Advertising MVP Website Splash Page - 60 Signups - 950 Unique Visitors - CAC: $0.76
  15. The Next Steps● Prototypes● Approach Bethesda with Lloyd Mintz● Build software● Start shipping!
  16. A Case Study in Failure: Team Notes Online video note-taking application Study group collaboration service PDF markup environment Teacher assessment toolProblem: Nobody demanded any of them
  17. Lessons Learned...● Customer is King● Building a Product is not Building a Business● Do not hesitate to make tough decisions● TALK TO PEOPLE! Learn about a new industry -- it doesnt take long to sound like an expert (or at least 1/2 an expert...)● Dont be afraid to admit ignorance
  18. A Look Back: The Business Model Canvas
  19. Business Model Canvas 9/24
  20. Business Model Canvas 10/3
  21. Business Model Canvas 10/10
  22. Business Model Canvas 10/17
  23. Business Model Canvas 10/24
  24. Business Model Canvas 11/7
  25. Business Model Canvas 11/14
  26. Business Model Canvas 11/28
  27. Business Model Canvas 12/5
  28. Business Model Canvas 12/12
  29. Keep Moving Forward... The Future and Beyond...