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Diagnosly day one

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  • 1. Diagnosly DIAGNOSLYTEAM MEMBERS Thomas Tracey Jonathan MelissaWingard Nina Tandon Tim Berry Vladimir Achenbach Phillips VinogradovDegree program Global EMBA – Global EMBA – Global EMBA – PhD Biomedical Global EMBA – Global EMBA –and A&E ‘13 A&E ‘13 A&E ‘13 Engineering, A&E ‘13 A&E ‘13Department/Majo EMBA NY ‘12rProvide your http://www.linke http://www.linke http://www.linke http://www.linke http://www.linke http://www.linkeLinkedIn public din.com/in/thoma din.com/pub/jona din.com/in/mwpa din.com/pub/nina din.com/profile/vi din.com/profile/viprofile URL stracey than- ustin - ew?id=26112345 ew?id=5535043&t achenbach/32/63 tandon/15/953/3 &trk=tab_pro rk=tab_pro 7/459 5Are you the Yes Yes No Yes No Nosubject matterexpert (SME) forthis team?Pick a role you Product Picker Designer Hustler Hustler, Designer, Hustler or Designerthink you most Designer Product Picker Product Picker or Picker Designerlikely will play on Hackerthis team (Hustler,Hacker, Designeror Product Picker)Anything * Psychology Electrical • Working in Tissue Real estate Master of scienceinteresting we major, studied Engineer, Certified Dell’s M&A Engineer,Certified entrepreneur and in appliedshould know pre-med, then in Medical group. yoga instructor father of 3 mathematics andabout you (be worked in tech Regulatory Affairs, • Lived in physics,brief) startups Spends spare time Singapore and Experienced in * Fascinated with fly fishing or East Timor. M&A singularities. skiing.
  • 2. Diagnosly FILL OUT ALL 9 BOXES OF THE CANVAS IN ORDER 1 THUR 9• Diagnostic and • R&D Get customers: Patients monitoring device OEMs• Lab-on-chip OEMs • Tech support • Partnerships Problem / Need – Device Makers• Health networks • Partner sales & • Online marketing Physicians Medical diagnostic• Testing labs Keep + Grow:• Clinical research support tests cannot be Payers • Customer support • Quality service and Researchers companies conducted effectively • user experience• Online health service outside of a hospital or providers clinic. What they want: • Fewer hospital Getting from them:• Hardware to conduct Key Features – visits (spend less diagnostic tests Provide an easy way time, and money)• Access to customers for diagnostic devices • On-demand testing Payment process to connect to the • Frequent testing Online (direct) • Access to test data internet, so that Giving them: • Industry experts Physicians• A platform patients and • Integration with Engineers and Hospitals• Mobile connectivity physicians can run other health data designers• Data mgmt tests and access their Clinics • Privacy, security• Integration with online • IP experts data from anywhere. Health networks health ecosystem • Privacy experts • Lawyers • People (R&D) • Tech infrastructure • Testing fees (per test) • Customer acquisition • Monthly subscriptions