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Brotenlevinezhou friday

  1. HomeHealthHubTRUSTedCareMonitoring and streamlining the caregiving process Nick Broten Joe Levine Kevin Zhou Number of people we spoke to yesterday: 22 Number of people we spoke to total: 36
  2. Software engineering. 1. Active retail investors whoComputing infrastructure Free 1 month trial period to do significant research before(Amazon Cloud). How do one decide whether attract users. buying or selling: “stock Marketing. to buy or sell a stock ? nerds.”Financial time series data Possible referral rewards. Information overload!providers. 2. Corporate financial(instantaneous, high time analysts. Assumption: Investors wantresolution) to take historical events into Both groups want to organize account when buying and diffuse historical information,Driving traffic to news selling stocks. to make good buy/sellwebsites. decisions. No convenient tool exists to aggregate or visualize this information. Engineers, news recommendation algorithm We provide a single, development. Customers want a clean, customizable dashboard to easy-to-use, customizable store and display historical web interface. data. Personnel. Marketing. Monthly customer subscriptions. Technical computing infrastructure. Tiered? Subscriptions to paid financial content.
  3. Business Model Canvas v2Key Partners Key Activities Value Propositions Customer Relationships Customer SegmentsComputing(amazon) Save investors time by organizing Two potential customers: & curating news.Financial 1. “Active” retail providers 2. Professional investors.Key Resources ChannelsAlgorithms & expertiseto classify and rank news.Cost Structure Revenue StreamsSubscriptions to financial data.Technology infrastructure Many existing news aggregatorsPersonnel using human curated news.
  4. Demographic TrendsThe elderly population is growing rapidly. Number of new nurses has remained steady.
  5. Vetting caregivers. We provide a Reputation scores Elderly patients trusted online and management who want to stay at Handling payments source of home for caregivers. home, and their from patients to health care. families. caregivers. We connect Nurses and other caregivers to hard home caregivers. to reach clients. Network of trusted To patients: caregivers. hospitals To caregivers: Advertise at schools.Customer service personnel, insurance, Percentage or fee per transaction.sales team. Secondary markets, advertising.
  6. What We Learned• The caregiver-patient matching market is crowded – (109M venture funds, modern infrastructure) – Intel® Health Guide – Offline incumbents• Matching markets don’t solve the key problems associated with the caregiver-patient relationship (abuse, trust, communication walls)• PRESCREENING AND REVIEWS CAN’T PREVEN’T ABUSE (opportunities for abuse develop over time, trusted caregivers sometimes overstep their power)
  7. Demographic TrendsThe elderly population is growing rapidly.Hypothesis: existing players arewaiting for demographic trends to steady. Number of new nurses has remainedproduce a larger web-savvycustomer base
  8. Community organizations Vetting caregivers Legal protection from (Possible) checkups Elderly patients who wantand churches fraud Setting up contracts to stay at home, and their An easy to use app to Robust customer relations with financial and legal families.Financial institutions manage and monitor the staff oversight. Managing caregiving process payments between Access to discretionaryMedicare patients and providers. spending for elderly patients Nurses and other caregivers Hospitals, financial Independence and institutions empowerment as a Network of trusted caregiver Matching sites like caregivers Legal fees, direct sales, customer relations staff Subscription service? Secondary markets, advertising.
  9. Caregiver Trust Fund • Caregiver fees • Household expensesCaregivers Families
  10. Caregiver Trust Fund • Caregiver feesPatient oversight • Household expenses Web/mobile system faciliating: • Expense management  Groceries  Home repair  Patient discretionary spending • Integration between multiple caretakers • Checkups and bill payment • Patient-family- caregiver communication Legal agreement limiting caregiver access to Caregivers external account Families
  11. THANK YOU!WHAT’S NEXT?• More customer discovery• More learning on distribution channels and legal issues